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Welcome to this online presentation of erotic items for men and women, like:  Toys to play with your sexual organs. Erotic clothes and sexy apparel. Tools for erotic role-play. Herbal stimulants to increase your erotic arousal and joy. Products to improve sexual abilities and for genital development. The presentation have links to three great collections of sexual toys.

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Articles for the penis and for play with the male organ

Penis rings - Elastic rings to put around the penis base to keep an erection.

Condoms - Rubbery elastic coatings to thread around your penis for protection against germs and pregnancy prevention.

Penile enhancers - Holsters to have around your penis to give a thicker shape. Also balms, drinks or mechanical stimulators to make your penis grow thicker during the erection.

Penis extentions - Conical devices to put onto your penis that give an extended length to your penis.

penis pumps - Vacuum devices to pump up your penis to an erect state, often used together with a penis ring.

vaginas to put your cock into - Devices with the shape of a female pussy with vagina to fuck inside.

Dolls - Dolls with a natural human shape and with vagina and anus that can be used to fuck through.

Toys mostly for the cunt, the vagina and female organ play

Dildos - Long conical or penis-like devices to stimulate inside the vagina or the anus.

Vaginal eggs - Balls or oval objects to put into the vagina or possibly the anus and have there for stimulation.

vibrators - Tools to stimulate the clitoris, the vagina, the anus or other sensual area through vibration, many of whom are vibrating dildos

Toys for the butt slit, for the anus and for rectal play

Anal toys - Plugs, conical devices, long tubelike devices or chains of balls to stimulate inside the anus or even up into the colon

Enema bulbs, pumps and syringes - Tools to fill the anus or colon with fluid and to flush out the content of the anus or colon for the sake of sexual stimulation.

Erotic and sensual massage articles for men and women

Massage oils, ointments and tools - Kama Sutra and others - Manual and electric tools to give sensual massage to any body area or sexually stimulating massage at erotic points Fluids or semi-fluids to make the massage run smoothly and stimulate by means of an aromatic scent and by a chemical stimulation on the skin.

Sexy jewelry, lingerie, strap-ons

Jewelry - Adorns to have on intimate body areas and to stimulate these areas mechanically.

Lingerie - Underwear that have a sexy look and gives erotic stimulation to the wearer for example against the lips of the cunt, around the scrotum or cock or inside the butt cleft.

Strap-ons - Belt arrangements to have around your genital zones and where you can attach dildos and other devices to stimulate yourself or your partener.

Erotic DVDs, videos, games, mags, gagifts

Sex magazines - Printed materials with sexy pictures and stories.

Videos - Videos showing sexual acts and stories.

Dvds - Videos showing erotic happenings and stories.

Gaggifts and sexual fun toys - Toys you can use for sexual comic and jokes.

Games - Games that contain sexual acts, revards or punishmnt.

Toys for bondage and fetish play

Bondage - Belt or frame arrangements to strap up or spread open your partner or yourself in a sexually stimulating way.

Fetish toys - Tools, instruments or clothes that are used in professional setttings at the body for other purposes than sexual, but also have a strong capacity for erotic stimulation and therefore can be used as sexual toys.

Toys for couples

Toys for couple play - Toys to stimulate sexual zones of both partners simulatanously or for two partners to use in a mutual roleplay.

Accessories for erotic play

Items for grooming of your body before and after sex play - Products to make you clean, smooth and smell erotically

Lubricants - Fluids or balms to make your vagina, your butt hole or your penis smooth and make the act glide smoothely. They can also contain erotic scents and ingredients to stimulate the skin.

Video head cleaners - Ordinry cleaners for video heads and display equipment.

Batteries - Batteries useful in vibrators, other sex toys and any device with the same electrical specifications


Nexus Pheromones - fragrant for men to attract women - Smear a little of this substance upon your skin, and get a fragrance that instantly arouses, attracts, excites, and seduces women and greately improves your attraction power.

An exhibition of erotic fragrants for women and men - There are a lot of erotic perfumes on the market that will give an sexual attraction on other humans by the content of deepworking pheromones or by the mere sexual scent of the product, or both. This link leads to an exhibition of many of those products.

Please go here to see an exhibition of a lot of erotic fragrants and perfumes for women and men

Vigorelle - fluid stimulant to intensify the female sexual feelings and the genital reactions - Smear a little of this oily serum in your genital zones and the good feelings will increase immensely. The fluid will lubricate your genital parts, but you will also produce more of your own lubricating secretions. You will feel a good warming sensation due to a stronger blood supply in your vulva, and your clitoris and genital lips will enflate well. These reactions will in turn make you stronger excited in a general way and intensify your total satisfaction of the sex act.

Hersolutiongel - to tease up her physical lust - This topical product is to be placed on the most senual zones in her vulva. It makes her blood fill into her intimate areas. It smoothly lubricates the entrance to her inside.  It instantly turns on strong physical feelings and contribute to an intense orgasm.

Please click here to learn more or buy - HersolutionGel

Maxoderm - stimulating salve for men to intensify your erections and orgasms - Topical stimulant for the penis to get bigger erections, erections of longer duration and more ample orgasms.

ProSolutionGel - will get your cock solidly erect at once and it will stand sturdy during a long and ample act - This gel to be smeared on your most intimate penile areas will make your penis erect very swiftly, and you will be able to maintain the erection the time you want without being interrupted by a too soon ejaculation.

Please click here to learn more and order - ProSolutionGel

Natural drug to give you a solid testosterone level which enhances your energy, sexual abilities and sexual excitement - Sometimes men have potency problems, low general energy, poor muscle status and poor sexual sensations caused by too little production of testosterone, which will typically occurs after age 45, but can happen to any man being exposed to stressful impacts in their life. For men with idle sex hormone production, these pill will stimulate more hormones to be produced and one will get the following benefits: stronger erections, more physical energy to be used during sex and other activities, more muscle mass, elevated mood, stronger sexual appetite and feelings, stronger bone structure.

More natural sex drugs for men and woman - also health and beauty products. - Through this link you can find natural drugs and product kits to make the penis of a man or the breasts of a woman bigger, firmer and better shaped. You can find pills for men to boost libido, erectile power and orgasms. There are pills for women for libido enhancement, bigger orgasmic response and stronger sexual physiology. You also find products to improve the health in the skin, the blood circulation and the joints. There are innovative slimming products and products to help gain more hair or to take away unwanted hair. And there are even more stimulation salves for women and men to put in the genital zones.

Products for men and women to increase potency and sexual satisfaction, for health gain and beauty care - please click here

Innovative rejuvenation drugs for women and men - These produts are formulated to stimulate rejuvenation processes in yous skin, muscles, sexual physiology and your general physiology. They all work generally, but with a peak effect on the aspects indicated here:

A generally working growth hormone production increaser for men and women:

This drug is formulated to restore the body and mental capabilities of men from the middle ages and older:


P-Rock Prostate Massagere - A fairly thick smooth and rubbery-soft  banana-shaped device to be inserted through a man's rectal opening and suited to reach in front of, upon and behind the prostate or to stimulate through the rectal wall up into the bladder region. The other end is curved so it can ticle you also at your scrotum. and testicles. May-be a woman also can use it as a G-spot massager with simultaneous stimulation at the clitoris and lower stomach or as a combined anus-cunt massager.

Ultimate Clit Massager Lavender - A solid smooth massager with a ball-shaped head to be used between any body clit or just at the entrance of any body opening. Of cource it is suited in the pussy clit, but both women and men also have other clits that would benefit from massage by this device.

Intimate Organics Massage Oil Energizing Orange & Gingerroot 4 Oz - This oil helps to lift your spirits, relax your muscles and renew your vigor. This energizing massage oil blend contains certified organic extracts of aloe, orange, and gingerroot. All you have to do is warming the balm in your palms, then apply moving your fingertips in long, firm strokes, while enjoying during application and also afterwards.

My mini miracle massage wand
- A smooth egg with adjustable vibrating capacity at a flexible neck on a practicle slender grip. Fine to stimulate your clitoris, penis or scrotum or to caress within any intimate cleft. Since it is water-proof you can use it in the bathroom and in the water.

Female masturbation private parts shrink dumbbell clitoral stimulation of the vagina good smart ball for vaginal g-spot AV vibration hengli

Female masturbation private parts shrink dumbbell clitoral stimulation of the vagina good smart ball for vaginal g-spot AV vibration hengli

Female masturbation private parts shrink dumbbell clitoral stimulation of the vagina good smart ball for vaginal g-spot AV vibration hengli

Nolen Niu Hong Kong vaginal balls vibrating remote control inverter mini cute vibrating egg sex vibrating egg Lady Nalone

Nolen Niu Hong Kong vaginal balls vibrating remote control inverter mini cute vibrating egg sex vibrating egg Lady Nalone

Nolen Niu Hong Kong vaginal balls vibrating remote control inverter mini cute vibrating egg sex vibrating egg Lady Nalone

Female masturbation clit tide blows telescopic transfer beads vibrate charging adult erotic swing AV Nice dildo

Female masturbation clit tide blows telescopic transfer beads vibrate charging adult erotic swing AV Nice dildo

Female masturbation clit tide blows telescopic transfer beads vibrate charging adult erotic swing AV Nice dildo

Baile sexy anal G stimulating vibration massage great unisex anal masturbation anal sailazhu

Baile sexy anal G stimulating vibration massage great unisex anal masturbation anal sailazhu

Baile sexy anal G stimulating vibration massage great unisex anal masturbation anal sailazhu

Five beads anal chain hoist anal big anal saidalazhu anal masturbation vibrator anal spread

Five beads anal chain hoist anal big anal saidalazhu anal masturbation vibrator anal spread

Five beads anal chain hoist anal big anal saidalazhu anal masturbation vibrator anal spread

Postage total electricity consumption for men and women shake anal sailazhu anal g-spot stimulation Massager anal masturbation

Postage total electricity consumption for men and women shake anal sailazhu anal g-spot stimulation Massager anal masturbation

Postage total electricity consumption for men and women shake anal sailazhu anal g-spot stimulation Massager anal masturbation

Baile vibrating beads small anal plug female masturbation devices G stimulating anal anal dilatation

Baile vibrating beads small anal plug female masturbation devices G stimulating anal anal dilatation

Baile vibrating beads small anal plug female masturbation devices G stimulating anal anal dilatation

Postage medical silicone anal plug anal Petite anal suppository used long-wear for men and women g-spot anal lazhu

Postage medical silicone anal plug anal Petite anal suppository used long-wear for men and women g-spot anal lazhu

Postage medical silicone anal plug anal Petite anal suppository used long-wear for men and women g-spot anal lazhu

Sinclair Select Onyx Prostate Wand

Sinclair Select Onyx Prostate Wand

Perfect For Poppin' Off Prostate Orgasms!Men ?? enter the backdoor for truly body-quaking orgasms. The smooth glass of the Onyx Prostate Massager is shaped for finding your "P-Spot" and stimulating it ?? until you come like a geyser! Your favorite lube will feel even more slippery! This 5 3/4" x 1" CyberGlass? massager can be heated or cooled for spine-tingling pleasure. And the Onyx Prostate Massager is hygienic: boil or place in top rack of dishwasher. The Onyx Prostate Massager is brought to you by Sinclair Institute Select, a trusted source of sex information and sex toys since 1991. With the Onyx Prostate Massager you'll discover:? Beautiful CyberGlass? prostate wand provides smooth, comfortable insertion?

Hitachi Wand Massager

Hitachi Wand Massager

Packs a wallop you'll appreciate - over & over again! Possibly the most well known vibrator on the market, the Hitachi Wand was delivering intense multiple orgasms to its lucky users long before the rabbit vibrator became popular. The simple design, incredible power, and long-lasting quality have made it a favorite bedroom tool in bedrooms all across America! This pleasurable massager/vibrator needs no batteries and features a 6 foot long power cord for easy and comfortable enjoyment. Best suited to those who enjoy deep, powerful vibrations, this wand can be enjoyed by beginners and advanced users alike.

Adam & Eve L'Arque Prostate Massager

Adam & Eve L'Arque Prostate Massager

Wicked Prostate Vibe Sets Off An Explosion Of Pleasure!Introduce your P-Spot to Adam & Eve?s revolutionary prostate vibe.What happens when you combine ultimate ergonomic control with orgasmic power? You get Adam & Eve?s revolutionary prostate toy: the L?Arque! Add lube to its silky-smooth silicone surface and indulge in the perfect amount of anal penetration. A raised ergonomic handle keeps your grip comfortable for intense, long-lasting play. Experience 3 speeds and 4 functions of vibration that?ll leave you gasping. Rechargeable.? Adam & Eve L?Arque Prostate Massager?

High Intensity Vagina Pump

High Intensity Vagina Pump

Full, Beautiful Lips + Better Sex Sensitivity!If he can use a penis pump to make his cock more sensitive ?? then why not a pussy pump for her! Just place the smooth plastic chamber over your vaginal area, squeeze the pump bulb and watch your pussy swell with pride! Increased blood flow makes nerves tingle with new sensitivity for better sex!Don't worry, like an erection, the swelling will gradually go down and you wouldn't be able to tell you ever used a pump.

Mini Winachi Massager

Mini Winachi Massager

Mini Wand Massager For Tired Muscles & Orgasms! Massage away tension, stiffness, and inhibition with the satisfyingly deep vibrations of this portable discreet massager! The Mini Winachi Massager does double duty as both a vibrator sex toy and a traditional massager, relaxing and stimulating at the twist of a dial. A smaller version of the popular Winachi Massager, this mini vibrator can travel anywhere and looks like a therapeutic massager to keep your passions secret. Vibrator has Firm Plastic Shaft And Soft Silicone Tip Powerful Multi-Speed Dial Base Control Vibrator has a Flexible Neck To Fit Your Body s Curves Waterproof For Enjoying this Vibrator Underwater Vibrator Uses 2 AA Batteries (sold separately) Fun for Beginner,

Icicles No. 14 Glass Anal Massager

Icicles No. 14 Glass Anal Massager

Glass makes a rare backdoor treat! Made by hand to create a unique piece of art! Reward your prostate and give yourself stronger orgasms with this exquisite glass anal massager! This item may not be eligible for all discounts.

California Exotic Novelties Miracle Massager

California Exotic Novelties Miracle Massager

Miracle Massager Is A Soothing High Intensity, Powerful Massager With Maximum Torque And 2 Perfect Speeds Of Vibration. This Wand Massager Has An Angled Ergonomic Shape For Ease-Of-Use And A Flexible Head That Moves With Your Body. The Ez Grip Handle Makes It All Effortless. My Miracle Massager Is Ideal For Couples And Can Be Used On Any Part Of Your Body.

Njoy Pure Wand

Njoy Pure Wand

Must Be 18 Years Or Older To Purchase The Njoy Pure Wand Provides A Direct Connection To Your Favorite Spot G Or P Or Whatever Feels So Good. The Pure Wand Is Crafted With Perfect Curvature And Ample Reach So You Can Lay Back And Relax While You Pleasure Yourself Or Your Partner With Firm, Controlled Massage 24 Ounces Of Pure Medical-Grade Steel 1" And 1'1/2" Balls For Versatile Play Possibilities 10" Along The Curve For Ample Reach To 'Hit The Spot' We Cannot Accept Returns Due To The Nature Of The Product.

Pipedream Wanachi Rechargeable Multi-Speed Massager

Pipedream Wanachi Rechargeable Multi-Speed Massager

Enjoy Soothing Vibrations Anywhere You Go With This Cordless Rechargeable Massager. Powered By A Whisper-Quiet Motor And Rechargeable Battery, The Wanachi Massager Is The Premier Choice For Revitalizing Tired Muscles. Choose Between 2 Levels Of Soothing Vibrations And Enjoy The Freedom Of Wireless Stimulation. Plug In The Ac-Adapter For A Quick Recharge And The Wanachi Is Ready For Portable Action. The Relaxing Vibrations Relieve Tension And Reduce Muscle Fatigue, Giving Your Aching Body The Recharge It Deserves.

To see more erotic toys-please click here

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The effects you can achieve by using toys for sexual play

Sex toys are of many different kinds. They can be used alone by oneself or together with a lover or play partner. Erotic toys can give many exciting effects:

They can give types of stimulation at erotic points that is not so easy to achieve by hands or by using each others sexual organ. Vibration is such a stimulus. Vibration give a special kind of sexual tickling at the spot where you point the vibrator. The vibration also spreads through the body tissue inwards and outwards, and thus give stimulation to a great ara. These spreding waves give a special kind of ecstatic or aroused. backgrownd feeling in a great area.

Sexual toys, for example a thick dildo, can also be used to stretch the vagina or the anal opening in a greater degree than by ordinary intercource. Or to achieve the opposite, to give a more gentle stretch than ordinary intercource. The sexual body openings have a strange property regarding physical feelings. To insert a thin object that give a gentle stretch give feelings that are as strong as the feelings you get when you stretch the openings wide open, but the feelings are vey different. By stretching your openings out with different degrees, you will experience a long range of different feelings.

Dildos and other sex toys can also be used to gradually widen your vagina or anal opening, if you whish these openings to be wider or more elastic to ease intercource, or for some medical reason.

You can also use toys to reach hidden points in your intimate area you cannot reach other ways, and thereby get acsess to the ritchness of feelings these hidden points can give. Examples of such points are the women's g-spot, points deeply hidden inside the rectum, or the prostate area that can be stimulated by means of toys inserted into the rectum and then directed upwards.

Furthermore sexual toys can give you an opportunity for gentle and quiet sexual stimulation when you simply are to tired to do more vivid sexual activities, but still feel a cripling lust in your intimate area. Then you can use a toy to stimulate yourself in a easy and gentle way.

You can even use toys to stimulate yourself automatically without you having to do anything. For example can a women insert a vibrator egg in her vagina and just let the vibrations do the job with herself laying passively just enjoying. A man and or women can do the same thing in their rear opening.

There are also toys you can install in your intimate openings and have them inside during your daily life, and thus get a permanent sexual stimulation during the whole day. Vaginal eggs are an example of such toys.

There are also toys you can install around your genitals or your whole intimate area that gives you a constant sexual feelings during the days. Special kinds of underwear or chastity belts for men or women are examples of toys giving this opportunity.

Some degree of pain at special spots on the body can give many people a sexual arousal. There are a great variety of toys that can be used to give a very controlled amount of pain at special points without hurting.

The form and colour of sexul toys can give many special psychologtical stimulations that ordinary intercource cannot.

Toys can be used in roleplays betwen two or more persons. The role setting will then give a psychologically induced arousal in addition to the physically produced excitement.

How to use sex toys


Condomes are often regarded only as contraceptive measures, but they can also be used as sexual toys to give added excitement to the sex play. Many condoms have structures like ribs or knots. These structures give your partner extra sensations when they are dircted outwards. Structures that give a physical influence the other way towards the penis will give a mechanical stimulation to the man wearing the condome.

Penis rings

Penis rings or similar products are to be threaded around the base of the erected penis. One purpose of penis rings is to help the blood remain in the stiff pensi so it keeps itself stiff and hard for a longer time. Penis rings must not be used too long, because a hindered blood strem in the penis in a longer time can hurt the penis. Penis rings also stretches and stimulate sensitive points at the penile base and in the surrounding of the penis and can therefor be used add pleasure and excitement. Some penis rings have small connected vibrators. The vibration will propagate through the penis and the groin area and thereby greatly stimulate a big area.

A penis pump is often used before the penis ring is mounted to give as great erection as possible.

Vaginal dildos and vibrators

With the help of a dildo you can reach many sensual points in the vagina. Common standard knowledge tells that the vagnal wall itself do not have much sensitivity. However, the tissues around the vagina have a lot of sensual areas. With a dildo in the vagina it is possible to excert pressure and msage these surrounding areas, either with the tip of the dildo, by stretching out the areas with the inserted dildo or by bending the dildo in certsain angles. Thin and thick dildos give different possibilities of duing massage and excerting stretch at these areas. By useing dildos wich are bent in suited directions, it is also stimulate certain surrounding areas.

On of these areas is the G-spot (G-point) or Grafenberg spot. There are some conroversy regarding the existanse of this area. The reason for this, is partly that there are many areas at the upper side of the vagina that can give sexual pleasure upon mechanical stimulation, and therefore it is not clear what area or spot shall be given this name. However, there is an area reaching all the way fron the upper side of the vagina, surrounding the urethra and up to the clitoris. The lower part of this area is what usually is called the G-spot.

Many dildos have vibration power. The vibrations make waves in the whole area around the vagina and stimulate all the sensual points in the pelvik region.

Vaginal eggs

These are round or ovoid smooth objects made of plastic or metal to be inserted into the vagina. Some of them may also be used in the anus. They can be used during masturbation, or you can have hem inside sever hours during day or night and get a constant sexual pleasure from the steady teasing excerted by the vaginal egg. The eggs usualy have a ciord attached to them so that tyhey can easily be pulled out again.

The egg usually has some mechanism that add extra stimuli. They may have an extra ball inside that will move around and give exciting vibrations. Others have electricly driven vibration mechanisms inside, powered by an outside battery.

By clenching with the pelvic muscles, the egg inside the vagina or anus give extra sensations. Objects that are permanently plased in the vagina or anus for some time also have a very strange effect. They stimulate nerves that send impulses to the spinal cord and from there to the whole pelvic region and stomach region. These impulses are not felt as a direct stimulus in the vagina, but build uo a solid and peristant arousal with a nearly mystical flavour.

Anal dildos and vibrators

By means of an anal dildo is it possible to reach a lot of sensitive point in the rectum. The ring muscle around the anus and the further surrounding area is very sensual, and the insertion of a dildo will stimulate the nerve endings and sensorial body in this region. The rectal and anal region is so sensitive that even a very gentle insertion and inside stimulation with a thin dildo will induse strong feelings. A harder play or a thicker dildo will give other types of feelings, but not necessarily give stronger sensations.

You can masturbate your rectal and posterior pelvic area by gently pushing and pulling the dildo in and out. Variate how deep you insert the dildo during this rectal masturbation and also the angle you use so that different areas get stimulated.

A gentle prolonged caress of the inside of the rectum with a dildo or other objects will often after some time give strange feelings of pleasure in the whole pelvic and stomach region and a strange mental ecstacy that is very difficult to describe.

Butt plugs

Butt plugs are objects of various size and shape that shall be held in plase in the anal opening. The base of the plug is outside, The part that goes through the opening is less wide than the base. The part inside has a conical shape. Te butt pligg shall be kept in plase for some time during sexual activity, or even during rest. The wider base will stimulate the buttocks at each side, the plug will stimulate the anal opening by stretching, and the inside coniical part will gently stimulate the rectal walls. The continous stimulatioj with a butt plug will gradually build up ectsatic physical and mental feelings that reach far away from the anal opening.

Many playing toys have such a shape and such a size that they can be used both as a butt plug or as a dildo. These toys can be kept in place for a longer time, but can also be mooved to stimulate the rectal region actively.

Anal beads

Anal beads are long flexible toys of various kind that can reach into the depest parts of the rectum and even up into the colon. By genle insertion a lot of secret sensible points can be reached and gently stimulated. You can also keep the anal bead in place for a longer tine, at the same time as you masturbate your cock or other zones. It is also possible to just lay still relaxing and let the bead stimulate your inside passively. After some time solid feelings of pleasure emanate from the rectal region in all directions into your pelvic zone and stomack, and simulatnously inducing a solid mystical mental ecstacy.

A way of activly using anal beads is to gently push an pull the bead some way in and out, and this way you actually masturbate your rectum and lower colon.

Erotic enemas and the like

Enemas and colonic irrigation can be good for the health. By doing it in a gentle and erotic atmosphere, they can also give a lot of sexual pleasure. Erotic enenas are most exciting when one person plays the role of the care taker and the other the role of the pasient. The position of the patient is important for the erotic value of the procedure. Positions with the legs pred in various way and the whole intimate area exposed for view is perhaps the most arousing.

Chastity belts and the like

Traditionally a chastity belt were a device that women wore during the day in order to hinder rape. They were also compulsivly mounted by husbands, parents or authorities on women or girls both to hinder rape and to hinder the gril from engaging in sexual play or intercource. Similar devices for young boys have also been used, mainly to hinder masturbation. However, such devices will by themself effect sexual stimulation when worn. Therefore chastisty devices can be worn during the day in order to get sexual stimulation and enhance the arousal before sexual activities. You can for example choose to wear the belt some hours before you play with yoursekf or play together with your partner. You can construct certain rituals to be used when the belt is taken off before sex play and the way the belt is taken on and reclosed whwn the play time is over.

Erotic lingerie

Erotic lingerie can greatly enhance the sexyal excitement when two persons have fun with each other or also if one only have fun with oneself. These intimate clothes attract the attention towards the most sensual areas, and they make it easy to open up for the entrance when the time has come. They are also generally constructed to physically grip hold of, support and stimulate the intimate zones of the man or women before they are opened or taken off. They are constructed to press the female lips together so that they embrace the clitoris in a stimulating way. Every time the women mooves her legs her lips that taightly closes around her clitoris will caress it with alight gentle movements. Lingerie for a man are generally made so that the penis is held taightly and firmly up towardsx the stomach and get carressed by the cloth and his nether belly area. They are also generally constructed to hold firmly, but still gently aroud his scrotum. When he moves, his gentital skin is gently pulled downwards and pushed upwards and stimulate the inner parts of his genitals.

The clothes for both men and women are so formed as to follow the curvarure of the buttocks into the cleft and caress the intimate area around the rectal opening at also tirectly at the anus. Also sexy preast holder grip firmly around the tits and stimulate the breast nipples. This is a stimulation both a woman and a man can get from breast lingerie fit to ones own anatomy.

When the lingerie is taken out or opened,. the intimate zones get into the colder air. The cold breath felt against these sensitive zones, as they are exposed to open air also stimulates the arousal. The cooling effect generally make the small muscles in the skin around the airs contract and these contractions are felt as an exciting ticling around the genital zones.

BDSM equipment

BDSM equipment is to be found in great variety. Such equipment is generally authority tools more or less resambling tools used by aithority profeesions, like police, teacher, military officers, doctors, nannies, nurses,etc. To get the beswt excitement from use of these tools, som kind of roleplay with some degree of authentic setting and behaviour is necessary.

Erotic massage equipment

Every electric massager can be used in some way to stimulate erotic feelings. Usual therapeutic massage equipment is however too brutal to be used directly on the genitals. They can however be used at the buttocks, the tighs and the stomach near the genitals and by means of the vibrations and stretching actions stimulate sexual feelings and excitement. There are however more gently massagers that also can be used directly on penis, on the anal area, on the lips of the cunt and in the area between the legs.

A vibratig dildo can be used as an erotic massager, There are also small vibrators that is made to do gentle massage upon the outer genital aream between the cunt lips, on the clitoris or directly upon the anus.

When doing erotic massage, it is best to begin massaging the areas at some distance from the intimate area, and then gradually circling in against the intimate zomes. Eventually the most sensual and intimate points are stimulated. by the massager. It i also best to tease up with a very gentle touch at the beginning, and gradually massage harder at special sensual points around the genitals. When you massage the most sensual and intimate points like the penis head and the clitoris, you must alleays do it ve5ry gently. The anus however can take a somewhat stronger treatment.

Erotic massage oils

Use of erotic massage oils during erotic massage can enhance the experience considerably. The oil permits the massage movements to glide better along. Many oils also have an arousing scent. Many oils also have compunds that dissipates through the skin, increases the blood circulation and stimulates nerve endings. These effects will in turn give bigger physical sensations, larger arousal and greater libido.

Erotic massage oils have a long tradition in many cultures. Many oils or oil sets are based on these traditions or inspired by them, for example the Kama Sutra erotic massage oil series.