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Car spare parts and everything useful for car owners

Welcome to this online store of car parts. Buy clicking at the banners you will find a huge collection of car parts. Further down on this page there is also an article about the importance of maintaining the car coolant level right. There is also an article about steam driven cars and about car engine coolants.

Please look into these online sites to find affordable car parts

Below are presented some good online shops where you can buy spare part and equipment for cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles and other vehicles. All the shops contain most types of vehicle products. The decription indicate some important specialities of the shops.

Core mechanical, electric and engine parts. Also performance upgrades. Original and thirdparty parts for every thinkable car model. A great shop for cargo handling devices.

The Dealer Alternative for Auto Parts

All kinds of equipement for the internal and external of your car. A great shop for car styling and performance parts.

Free Shipping on Auto Accessories!

Comodities to use in your vehicle and on journeys - a lot of audio, video and other electroni comodities. A lor of safety equipment. A great shop for garage tools and vehicle grooming products.

Auto Barn - Shop on-line at our 5-Star Rated Site

A general thechnology store with many good offers in car electronics like GPS map systems, tracking devices and communication equipment


Some of the many products available

Lucas Oil Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer 10001 Oil Additives

Lucas Oil Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer 10001 Oil Additives

Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer One Quart;Increase oil life at least 50% longer;Reduces oil consumption;Eliminates dry starts;Raises oil pressure;Increases power and miles per gallon Lucas Oil Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer 10001 Oil Additives

Flex-A-Lite Heavy Duty Oil Cooler 45251 Transmission Cooler

Flex-A-Lite Heavy Duty Oil Cooler 45251 Transmission Cooler


Jeep Wrangler JK Upper Radiator Hose 2012-2014

Jeep Wrangler JK Upper Radiator Hose 2012-2014

Upper radiator hose 3.6L 2012-2014 Jeep Wrangler JK

Mishimoto Electric Fan Thermo Switches

Mishimoto Electric Fan Thermo Switches

Electric Cooling Fans by Mishimoto. Mishimoto Electric Fan Thermo Switches Features - Beat back the heat under your hood with a Mishimoto Thermo Fan Switch. Custom designed for your ride. Triggers your radiator fan at 80 degrees Celsius, 15 degrees before your stock switch. Perfect for performance-minded drivers. Works with both stock and aftermarket fans. Mishimoto Thermo Switch - Best Price on Mishimoto Radiator Fan Switches - Lower Temp.

Mishimoto Radiator Air Diversion Plates

Mishimoto Radiator Air Diversion Plates

Radiators by Mishimoto. Mishimoto Radiator Air Diversion Plates Features - Cool down your engine block and heat up your engine bay's style with Mishimoto Radiator Air Diversion Plates. Custom designed for a perfect fit on your year, make and model. Traps extra air rushing against your radiator for a boost in cooling performance. Delivers a bold visual punch under the hood. Mishimoto builds your Radiator Diversion Plate from 5052 aluminum. Mishimoto Radiator Air Diversion Plates - Best Price on Mishimoto Radiator Air Dam.

Mishimoto Radiator Caps

Mishimoto Radiator Caps

Radiators by Mishimoto. Mishimoto Radiator Caps Features - Seal your coolant system up JDM tight with a Mishimoto Radiator Cap. Custom made to mount in place of your factory radiator cap. Rated to withstand up to 1.3 bar (19 lbs) of pressure-far more than any factory radiator cap (depending on model). By keeping a lid on your system, a Mishimoto Radiator Cap helps prevent your coolant from boiling over into the overflow reservoir. Finished with the iconic Mishimoto logo to dress up your engine bay. Mishimoto Radiator Cap - Best Price on Mishimoto Custom Radiator Caps.

Astro Pneumatic Mercedes-Benz & BMW Fan Clutch Service Set

Astro Pneumatic Mercedes-Benz & BMW Fan Clutch Service Set

Set allows servicing of different areas of repair that require a specialty tool due to their confined...

CTA Radiator Pressure Tester Kit

CTA Radiator Pressure Tester Kit

Tests automotive pressurized cooling systems up to 30 PSI Kit includes Pump with gauge 12 hose...

CTA Coolant & Heater Core Flush Kit

CTA Coolant & Heater Core Flush Kit

Will outperform other more expensive units Entire flush job will take only 5- 10 minutes working...

Pentofrost A1 Anti-Freeze/Coolant 1 Gal

Pentofrost A1 Anti-Freeze/Coolant 1 Gal

Pentofrost A1 Anti-Freeze/Coolant is specifically adapted for use in alloy engines and formulated for...

Big Vehicle Coolant Return System

Big Vehicle Coolant Return System

Auto Radiator Coolant Return System with OEM Quality Features. Built for 4x4s Vans RVs Trucks & Full...

Wolo Euro Emergency Hi/Lo Twin Chrome Air Horn Kit

Wolo Euro Emergency Hi/Lo Twin Chrome Air Horn Kit

The two super loud air powered 2-tone horn come with a throw switch allowing you to change the tone...

Some more examples: Tread of The Body (Overview), The Brake System (An Overview, The Car and the Environment (Overview), The Catalytic Converter, The Clutch, The Clutch Pedal, Cables and Lever, The Clutch Plate, The Compressor, The Compressor Relay, The Condenser, The Cooling System, The Cylinder Head, The Differential, The Differential (Rear Wheel Drive), The Drive Shaft, The EGR Valve, The Electrical System (An Overview,The Emission Control System, The Engine System (An Overview), The Engine's Lubrication System, The Evaporator, The Exhaust Manifold and Header, The Fan Clutch. Oil Filler Cap Oil Filter Oil Gauge Oil Pan Oil Passages Oil Pump Oil Seals Oil Weight, One-way Clutch Bearings Other Problems Outlet and Inlet Valves Overhead Camshaft (OHC).

Other interesting products

All kind of hobby items - RC helicopters, RC cars, RC airplanes, RC robots, RC boats, airsoft guns, electronics and much more

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Trend Times Toys - a great store for RC models, building kits, airsoft guns and other bonny items, nut also many types of tools and comodities for your home and workplace

Trend Times Toy Store

Hobbytron - a great warehouse for RC models and other hobby items, it has a large inventory of items for hobby electronics

HobbyTron RC Cars

RC Cars

HobbyTron Airsoft guns

Airsoft Guns

HobbyTron RC helicopters

HobbyTron Drones


HobbyTron quadcopters

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Information resources for our visitors Here are some information about steam driven cars and advices about car coolants. To find other information resources, please go to this page

About steam driven cars

Stem driven cars were the first cars ever built. The first steam cars were built early in the 1800ths, but these were very heavy and unpractical devices. Around 1900 the steam engines for cars, the boiler and other equipment had evolved som much that the steam car was a very practical vehicle.

The internal parts in a stem driven car consists of the engine, the boiler, the fuel tank, the water tank and equipment to controle the combustion process in the boiler.

In addition to the throttle that controles the steam output, there are also automatic throttles for feeding of water to the boiler and feeding of fuel so that the pressure in the boiler is allways high enough.

Advanced steam cars also have a condencer so that the water can be reused continually.

Advanced steam cars have small boilers that continually produce the steam used so that very little steam is stored. This construction improves security and holds the boiler at a low weight.

A steam car do not need a gearbox or a clutch, since the steam engine have a torque allready from a low turning frequency and  operates smoothley at all turning speeds.

Steam cars were actually more practical to use and more powerful than internal combustion engine cars up to around 1925 and in many parts of the USA, steam cars were prefered a long time.

A stem engine with a size to be fit into a car where and still is more powerful than a combustion engine of the same size. A main reason for this is that a steam engine can be constructed for double action and thus be driven by steam pressure both above and belove the piston and because steam engines will get new steam to drive the piston at each cycle.

The problem with  steam cars is a bad utilization of the fuel, a high weight that increases fuel consume and that it takes a fairly long time to start it. These are the main reasons why steam cars went out of fashion. The boiler, water tank and condencer are the parts that add weight.

Beacuse of the power an agility of steam engines, there are however still projects going on to construct new steam cars for commercial sale. If the problems of fuel econimics is solved, stem car might get into fashion once more. The problem of long time to start is however practically solved technically.

Stanley Steamer steam car 1923 model

A Stanley Steamer - a popular steem car from 1923 ( A free picture from wikipedia).



If Your Car Engine is Starved For Coolant, it Will "Seize Up", Another Way of Saying "I Quit"

By Ralph Hoffmann

Most of us know from watching the old Western movies that the old steam locomotives had a big cylinder full of water; when it started to boil and the pressure began to rise, the space above the water filled with “steam”, which is really not accurate; it was really full of hot water vapor. Actual steam is invisible. What we call steam is really hot water vapor.

The engine and coolant system is really a simple boiler

Car engines operate on the same principal as a locomotive steam engine boiler. The difference is that instead of heating the water (coolant) with firewood or coal, we heat it with the hot engine where ignition is taking place inside of the cylinders at 2,000oF.


Modern car engine coolant systems are operated at about 220o F; which is above the 212oF that causes water to boil at sea level

As the coolant temperate exceeds 212oF, it begins to turn to steam and the pressure rises.. That means empty areas or volumes above the coolant levels will be filled with pressurized “steam”. The hot engine continues to add heat to the coolant until the coolant reaches about 220oF. The water pump continually moves the coolant around the engine cylinder block until the coolant temperature reaches about 212oF


Now the radiator starts to function

A temperature sensitive value now opens in the radiator, allowing the hot coolant to be pumped into the radiator where the air being pushed out of the way by the moving car will hopefully be enough to cool down the coolant enough to limit its temperature to 220oF. But the pressure in the entire coolant system now is greater than the outside air we are breathing. That means the coolant wants to get out, and it will, through any tiny crack it can find. Eventually some will get out and the coolant supply will decrease. If it decreases enough, the engine cannot be cooled enough and engine parts will expand and “seize”, ruining the engine.


How to avoid an overheated engine

To avoid this problem, the engine system has a clever makeup coolant tank connected to it through a check valve.`


What’s a check valve?

Here’s how to make one in your kitchen and see how one works. Take a throwaway plastic cup and make a round hole in its bottom. Take a round marble bigger than the hole and dump a lot of kitchen cleanser around the hole in the cup; then take the marble and rub it around the hole until it really make a nice round seat in the hole.

Now fill the cup half full of water. If you did a good job no water will sneak around the marble and drip out of the bottom of the cup. Hooray!

Now take your finger and slightly lift up the marble from beneath the cup, raising it slightly above the seat you created by scrubbing with cleanser (do it over the sink) and water will leak out on your finger.


You have just made a one-way check valve
The coolant makeup tank has such a check valve in it but also has a spring to keep the ball pressed down on the valve seat. That side is toward the radiator, so that coolant under pressure cannot push back into the coolant makeup tank, which is under atmospheric pressure.


What happens when the car cools down?

When the coolant in the engine and radiator cools down to below boiling temperature, the steam that was above the liquid coolant will condense (turn back to water or coolant) and the coolant system will have a pressure that is less than the outside pressure of the air you are breathing………………a vacuum will form in the coolant system. Now it gets exciting.


The cycle reverses

While the engine was running, the hot coolant wanted to get out; but now that it has cooled down, the outside pressure (what you’re breathing) is more than the pressure in the coolant system (that includes the entire engine, the radiator and all the connecting hoses).

When this happens, the check value in the coolant is pushed by atmospheric pressure (the radiator side of this valve is simultaneously being “sucked” on by the vacuum in the coolant system), and fresh makeup coolant is pushed into the radiator, thereby replenishing coolant to normal.

So every time you stop and car and let the engine cool down, the whole system automatically restores the coolant level to normal without any driver assistance. Magic? You bet.



Always keep the coolant makeup reservoir at least half full. It’s usually under the hood in a plastic tank, nestled against the inside of one of the front fenders, and the coolant is always colored (in winter) so the level can be easily monitored.

Something to think about: The hot air you arrange to below on your feet, inside the car, is really inside air blowing across a very small radiator, just like the big job in front. It too goes through the same pressure increases and decreases as does the whole coolant system, since it is part of it.

So don’t ever kick with a sharp toe if you’re mad at it while the engine is running, or you will get a free bath of really, really hot, coolant water sprayed all over your feet.


Article author
Ralph Hoffmann graduated from the Univ. of Wisconsin, majoring in Applied Mathematics. He has ten years experience raising venture capital plus added business experience and has used his math and additional business background to develop web site for anyone intending to lease or purchase a new car.

Note: He's completely rebuilt three car engines, hands-on, and knows the difference between hydraulic valve lifters and tappets. He also writes on other automotive issues.

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