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The penis and the components in the penis

The PENIS  is the main male organ of coitus. This is considered the core symbol of masculinity. It is made of three bodies & covered with  skin This varies in size from man to man in flaccid state, the normal length  of a grown man is 7 cms to 11.5 cms,and 12 to 21cms when erect.The circumference ranges from 7-5 cms to 10.5 in flaccid condition and in erection it is about 8.5 to 12 cm.

The GLANS  - the pad-like tip of the penis is known as glans. It is an expansion of the corpus spongiosum. The base of the glans projects out from the main body of the penis and this projecting margin is called corona.

ERECTILE BODIES  - These are bodies in the inside of the penis having a dense network of blood vessels. When these blood vessels get filled, the penis swells, rises and get stiff. There are three erecyile bodies. The corpora cavernosa are two bodies at the upper side of the penis. The corpus bulbospongiosum is the body at the underside of the penis and in the head of the penis through which the urethra goes.

CORPORA CAVERNOSA (singular Corpus cavernosum)  - These are the erectile bodies at the upper side of the penis.

CORPUS BULBOSPONGIOSUM  - This is the erectile body at the underside of the penis, through wich also the urethra goes.

FORESKIN OR PREPUTIUM  - This is the hood over the penile head consisting of two folds of skin with a very soft tissue between. Because of this structure the foreskin can be withdrawn by erection and by hand.


The scrotum, components in the scrotum and components originating from the scrotum

SCROTUM — the pouch of skin of the external male genitals that encases the testicles

TUNICA DARTOS — The inner layer of the scrotal sac, composed of smooth muscle fibers and fibrous connective tissue

TESTES or TESTICLES  - Singualar: testis. The male gonads. These are the glands producing the sperm cells and the male hormone, testosterone. They are situated in the scrotal sack, or scrotum that hangs just under and beneath the penis. They are  fairly uniform in size, about 4-5 cms in length, 2-5 cms in breadth and 3 cms in width. Inside the testes there are about 250 glandular lobes. Tiny tubes, spermatic ducts, in these lobes collect the sperm cells (spermatozoa), and eventually they enter the epididymis where a maturing process usually occurs.

SEMINIFEROUS TUBULES — thin, highly coiled structures in the testicles in which sperm are produced

INTERSTITIAL CELLS — (Leydig’s cells) cells located between the seminiferous tubules that are the major source of androgen in males

VAS DEFERENCE — a sperm-carrying tube that begins at the epididymis at the backside of the testis, passes by each of the seminal vesicles on both sides of the prostata and goes further from the seminal vesicles into the urethra.

EPIDIDYMIS - is in an elongated object within the scrotum attached to the backside of the testis. Spermatic ducts enter the epididymis from the various parts of the testis. The interior of the epididymis consists of coiled segments of these ducts. The sperm cells are stored in these coiled ducts and gradually they are moved through the epididymis into the tube called vas deference. The vas deference bring the sperm cells out and into the urethra.

SPERMATIC CORD — a firm, rubbery tube that contains the vas deferens and blood vesels to the testicles and under which which a testicle is suspended

INGUINAL CANAL — During the fetal development the testes develope inside the abdominal cavity and are located in a sack-like extension from the peritoneum just over the scrotum. Just under this extension there is a canal leading down into the scrotum, the inguinal canal. Late in the fetal development or early in the infancy the testicles glide through the canal into the scrotum, and this sack wraps itself inside-out in that process. The opening of the canal will then normally close and the testicles will hang down in the scrotum at the end of the sack which is wrapped inside out and down into the scrotum. The sack which are  wrapped down into the scrotum will take the shape of a thick cord, the spermatic cord.


Components in the deeper parts of the male perineum and components that extend from the deeper parts of the perineum and outwards

THE PROSTATE - is a gland that also appears to be a sexual organ. It is located at the base of the bladder whose secretions comprise about 30 percent of the seminal fluid released during ejaculation. In animals which have seasonal sexuality, it is noticed, that the prostate enlarges during a mating season & then shrinks until the next. In the grown up human male, it is about 4 cms across at its base and is the size of a chestnut. The prostate is composed of muscular and glandular tissue. Its secretions pass down about 20 small ducts which lead to the section of the urethra that pierces  the prostate gland, but their purpose is not yet fully understood.

COWPER'S GLANDS — (bulbourethral glands) two pea-sized glands located alongside the base of the urethra in the male that secrete an alkaline fluid during sexual arousal

EJACULATORY DUCT — two, short ducts located within the prostate gland

SEMINAL VESICLES — two small glands adjacent to the terminals of the vas deferens that secrete an alkaline fluid conducive to sperm motility  The fluid is blended by the sperm cells from the testicles and the prostate secretions in the urethra.

CILIA — hairlike filaments that line the inner walls of the vas deferens

URETHRA — the tube through which urine passes from the bladder to the outside of the body

EJACULATION — the process whereby semen is expelled through the penis to the outside of the body

URETHRAL BULB — the portion of the urethra between the urethral sphincters in the male


Some aspects of the functions of the male genital organs

EJACULATION — This is the expulsion of semen from the penis. It consists of fases effected by contractions in the seminiferous vescicles and the muscles around the urethra.

EMISSION PHASE — the first stage of male orgasm and ejaculation, in which the seminal fluid is gathered in the urethra all the way to the urethral bulb.

EXPULSION PHASE — the second stage of male orgasm and ejaculation, during which the semen is expelled from the penis by muscular contractions

PRECUM - This is a fluid that often drips out of the penis when a man is excited. It consists mostly of prostate secretions.

SMEGMA - This is a lubricating substance on the penile head and the inner part of the prepuce, consisting of oily secretions, expelled skin cells and bacteraial components. The smegma is a useful substance, but daily wash is necessary so that old smegma does not accumulate and give unvanted bacterial growth and excessive odor.

SPERM  - is the protozoa-like cells in the semen. This is a male cell, which is capable of penetrating the ovum. Each sperm has an oval shaped head, a centre portion & A long tail. They are generated by testes and once shot into  female reproductive tract, they live only a few hours. Many sperm hit the  ovum before one of them pierces the exterior by means of enzyme action & penetrates it.Once one sperm enters the ovum,another sperm cannot enter in it.

RETROGRADE EJACULATION — process by which semen is expelled into the bladder instead of out of the penis

CREMASTIC REFLEX — involuntary contractions of the major scrotal (cremasteric) muscle, causing the scrotum to draw closer to the body

NOCTURNAL ERECTIONS — involuntary erwctions during night sleep. The purpose of these is to maintain the penis healthy and maintaining erection capasity. The purpuse is also to furnish the penis with blood and oxygen neccessary to develope. Therefore these erections also accures by little boys, preteens and early teenagers.

NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS — involuntary ejaculation during bight sleep, also known as a "wet dream".

SEMEN — a fluid ejaculated through the penis that contains sperm sells (spermetozoa) and fluids from the prostate, seminal vesicles, and Cowper’s glands. When a man reaches climax in sexual play, semen starts coming out of the penis with pressure. Each time in two days  about 2 to 6 ml of semen comes out when man reaches orgasm.

CUM - This is the full semen that is ejected out of the penis with all its ingredients. It consists of prostate secretions, sperm cells and some fluid from the testicles.

ERECTION — coordinated by the autonomic nervous system, the process whereby the three erectile chambers of the penis engorge with blood causing it to increase in size



CIRCUMCISSION — Surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis. This is done for religious reasons in some culturesm sometimes for treatment of conditions in the prepuce and sometimes because of hygienic or aesthetic standards of families and societies. The advantages contra disadvantages of circumcission are strongly debated.

PROSTATITIS — inflammation and enlargement of the prostate gland as a result of various infectious agents

VASECTOMY — male sterilization procedure that involves removing a section from each vas deferens


This picture shows the male perineum and the sexual organs of men

The picture originates from wikipedia org and it is therefore free to copy and reuse

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