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EROTIC OILS AND CREAMS - Welcome to this online store with a collection of erotic stimulation and massage products chosen for their quality and good reputation. Pleace click on the product banner to learn more or order a product.for erotic massage, lust and arrosal.

Further down on this page there is an article with masturbation tips for women.


Vigorelle - the female Viagra  - A herbal cream for women that enhances the erotic lust.  Please click on the banner to learn more or order.

Vigorelle is a natural, herbal cream,  sometimes called the women's Viagra. This product has even been described by one woman as an instant  turn-on cream. A women applies it  to her most intimate parts before or during lovemaking, or her lover massages it into her most intimate parts. Prepare for unbelievably intense excitement and climaxes beyond all previous boundaries.


Hersolutiongel - to boost the good feelings in a woman's vulva - This balm shall be applied in the sensibla zones of a woman's vulva. It stimulates strong pleasure in her vulvar zones and promotes strong orgasms. It also provides lubrication and increased bloodflow in the genital zones.

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ProSolutionGel - to get the penis erect fast and stay erect a long time - The effect of this product are fast and solid erections that stay ona long time and a better controle of the bahaviour of your genital apparatus during your sex acts.

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VigRXoil - Oil to apply on penis head - Makes the erections longer, more intence  and more pleasurable. Do you want:

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The VigRX oil is based on herbal oils and herbal extracts. It is applied to penis head. It gives real hard rections, erections lasting longer, erections with intence plesure, or better erections seen from a total viewpoint. It also gives you extreme exitement. The rock-hard , longer lasting erections are due to natural ingredients that stimulate sensor systems in your penis skin and pubic area. The product is developed by dedicated scientists that combine traditional health practices with modern science to help men reach their sexual peak or overcome sexual concerns through safe, natural means. Ingredients of the product are:


Maxoderm - to boost the sexual feelings and orgasms of a man - Cream for the penis to give intense feelings and better erectile response.  Please click on the banner to know more or purchase the product. The oil has effective mechanisms that carry the working substances very quickly deep into the genital skin and from there they spread by the natural circulation to make effects on a wider area. The specific effects of the lotion are:

  • Increased sensitivity

  • A good warming sensation and more intense pleasure

  • Better erections that come more quickly and last longer

  • Greater feeling of firmness

  • Intensified orgasms

Effective ingredients are: helianthus, annus (sunflower), seed oil, glycine soja (soy) bean oil, aloe, barbadensis leaf juice, camellia sinensis (green tea) leaf extract, l-arginine, panax ginseng extract, muira puama extract, lamium album (white nettle) extract, serenoa serrulata (saw palmetto) fruit extract, lepidium meyenii (maca) root extract, erthroxylum catauba extract, rosmarinus officinallis (rosemary) leaf extract, citris grandis (grapefruit) seed extract, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin C)



Vivaxa - for long effective erections - By using this products you wil get faster, bigger and firmer erections. The oil is also formulated especially to help men that suffer from a too soon cessation of the erections. The cause of stopped erections are often oversensitivity for certain unpleasant sensation. The oil helps to decrease these types of sensations without taking away the good feelings.

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VP-RX Oil - gives you big, long erections and intense electrified sensations  - This oil makes your penis swiftly erect, enlarges the erections and makes them stay long. The oil has a strong stimulating effect on the sensations.

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Lubricating balms - and erotic toys - This link leads to a collection of silkysoft lubricating fluids, some of which also have added ingredients to make you horny through scent, taste and sensual stimulation in the genital region. You also find all types of sex toys for genital play, anal play, breast play or for sexual role-play.

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Oils and tools - for massaging the sexual organs and the whole body - All kinds of oils, lotions, balms and items for relaxing body massage, massage to tease up the sexual feelings, massage to build up a full sexual ecstacy, to stimulate to orgasm or massage to relaxe tense muscles and a stressed mind.  Massage articles to use on yourself or your friend.

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Guide to all the available erotic optimizer products

More transdermal oils and other sex enhancement products - penis and breast enhancement - By clicking at the banner below, you will find even more products to improve sexual life than those presented above. Also many of the products presented above will be available through this banner, and there are guidelines that will help you choose the right products for your needs. You will find these other transdermal oil products:

You will also find all other types of genital and sexuality improvment items, as: Penis improvement and enlargement pills, transdermal patches to develop the penis, traction devices to regulate penis size and shape, pills to improve the sexual functions of men and women, pills for men and women to stimulate sexual joy, pleasure, ecstacy and orgasm.




Resources for use by our visitors

We have a lot of information resourses to use by our visitors. A complete list of the resourses is given here:  nnnn

Below we present an article about female masturbation tecniques.



You will get most pleasure from your masturbation if you relax and take a good time to play with your tits, your navel and tummy area, your buttocks, your clitoris, your genital lips and your vaginal opening in a gentle manner before you let your masturabation explode into a full orgasm. Here are some tips of what you can do during the play with yourself.

When doing the following techiques, the use of a stimulating massage cream like those presented above, will greatly increase the pleasure.

Begin by caressing other parts of your body You get the most pleasure from your masturbation if you build up your sexual ecstacy from several angles. Therefore begin by caressing and playing with other body parts than the genitals.

Play with your breast nipples between your fingers. Pull your nipples out with your fingers and slip them several times. Massage around your nipples with your finger tips. Use your whole hands to caress, warm up and massage your tits. Your nipples will get hard and erect. The feelings in your nipples will spread out into your body and help you to get into a solid erotic ecstacy.

Then you can concentrate upon your stomach region, especially your navel and the area between your navel and your cunt slit. Put a finger into your navel, and stimulate your navel inside by rotating movements at the bottom and around the inner walls of your navel. Try to be entirely relaxed and use different degrees of pressure towards the bottom of your navel. You will find that this stimulation gives you funny sexual feelings in your navel area, and these feelings radiate down towards your genital zone.

Then caress and massage your buttocks with your hands. Take one buttock at a time. To comortably reach each buttocks, you can bow  up your  legs, turn your legs to one side and let them lend against a big pillow on that side.

Then grab with a hand around one of your buttocks, strench your buttock to the side, thus opening up and stretching your anal area.

Tapping your clitoris Spread your pussy lips wide open by one hand. Gently tap your clitoris with two fingers of your other hand. Begin by tapping the tip of your clitoris, and proceed by taking the whole of your clitoris between your fingers. Also proceed by massaging your clitoris downwords between your fingers. Use alternatingly different degrees of pressure - a light pressure at the beginning to rise your exitement, and then greater pressure to highten your feelings to climax, and then go back to a lighter pressure, and so on.

Clitorial rolling: Place your thumb and forefinger around the clitoris and gently roll it in between your fingers.  Do this gently and slowly at first, then gradually speed up and use more power. You may also alternate between periods of higher speed and force ending with and orgasmic reaction, and periods with gentler work.

Circular massage: With one or two fingers, massage gently the top of your clitoris. Gradually you can speed up and use greater pressure. In between, make the massage broader so that it encompasses also the sides of the clitoris.

Fingering both your clitoris and vagina: With one of your hands, you massage  your clitoris in the ways indicated above.  With the other hand insert one, two or three fingers into your vagina. Massage the walls of your vagina, using different degree of pleasure form time to time. Press especially against the upper part of that wall, letting the pressure and undulation of the massaging work up in the direction of your uretha and your clitoris. In this way your most sensational areas will get the stimulation from two directions simultaneously.

Fingering your clitoris while using a vibrator:  With one of your hands, you massage  your clitoris in the ways indicated above.  With the other hand you massage various parts of your pussy with a vibrator. You can place the vibrator just between your inner lips, letting its tip point up onto yoy clitoris. You can also massage with the vibrator at the inside of your grater lips, or at your vaginal opening.

Fingering both your clitoris while using a dildo:  With one of your hands, you massage  your clitoris in the ways indicated above. With the other hand you insert a dildo of a size that fits your own size, but is big enough to stretch the walls of your vagina. Move the dildo back and forth at the opening, and gradually insert it deeper and deeper, until it reaches as deep as possible. Push at the depth of your vagina, stretching your inner parts, also rotate the dildo in a circular fasion, and bend it from side to side, thus alternatingly streching various parts of your inside.

You may also just lay with your dildo still inside your vagina, especially if it is great enough to give some streching of it own. Many dildos are equipped with vibrating mechanisms. Having the vibration at a low frequency, you will constantly feel gentle exciting waves emanating from the stimulation of the dildo inside you, and these waves of pleasent feelings will gradually make you extreemely exited and greately enhance the total masturbation experience.

Squeesinging your thights:  Some women can achieve orgasm by simply squeezing or rubbing their thighs together, thus stimulating the clitoris and the rest of the pelvic area indirectly. This is actually a techique you can use secretly and very hideously out in the public. Even if you do not reach the orgasm this way, it will nevertheless make pleasure.

But you can also squeese your thights when masturbating. Press your thights together, and thighten them around your vaginal area a little while. Then relax, and repeat. You can try out doing it in several differnt speeds and find a speed that exites you most. Thight squeesing is a techique you can use during part of the masturbation in order to build up your exitement.

Squeesing your thights around a dildo:  Spread your legs and your pussy lips open. Insert a dildo into your vagina. Streighten out your legs again, and squeeze them together. Then hold your pussy lips slightly apart with your left hand fingers. Ticle and masturbate your clitoris and the area between your inner lips with your right hand fingers.

Stimulating your pussy while having a dildo in your anus:  Spread your legs open and bend them up in a froglike fashion. Insert a well lubricated small dildo into your anal opening. Stretch out your legs again. Let this dildo stay in your rear opening while you play with your pussy. Also squeeze your rear muscles around this dildo in a rhythmical fashion. Caution: Do not use the same dildo in your vagina thereafter.

Alternate between your genitals and other body parts:  Having worked up a solid physical and mental excitement near to an orgasm by stimulating your genital zone, let this zone rest some time, and pay attention to other body parts, like your breats, your navel and tummy region and your buttocks. You can alternate this way between your genital area an other body parts many times, and this way experience several times after each other a reaction that lies very near to an orgasm.

Using vaginal balls or eggs:  You can place vaginal balls or an vaginal egg in your sex opening. You can have hese inside you when you rest or sleep and feel the stimulation of these objects constantly. You can occationally squeeze your intimate muscles when having these inside you to increase the feeelings. You can also go around in the daily life with vaginal balls inside you and feel the constant stimulation from these. Vaginal eggs are often furnished with vibrating mechanism to ehnace the stimulation. You can also have these object inside you to enhance the total experience of your masturbation.


When masturbating more than one erogenous zone can be stimulated, as in this picture of a girl / woman masturbating both her cunt and clitoris and a breast nipple.


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