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Treatment for warts, corns and calluces

Welcome to this presentation of carefully selected medicines and tools to take away warts. Pleace click on the brand labels to learn more or order.

Also an article about fat, health and beauty at the bottom of this page


Help against warts (Verrucae) and other benign manifestations growing in the skin

Freezing tools for wart removal - These tools spray a liquid onto the warts that vaporates immediately. That causes the temperature inside the wart to fall below the freezing point so that the wart gets destroyed. The inactivated wart will then fall off after some time.

Compound W freese off disposable applecators  wart removal system - 8 ea

Compound W freese off disposable applecators wart removal system - 8 ea

For the removal of common warts as well as the removal of plantar warts on the bottom of the foot.

Compound W freeze off plantar wart removal system disposable applicators - 8 ea

Compound W freeze off plantar wart removal system disposable applicators - 8 ea

For the removal of common warts as well as the removal of plantar warts on the bottom of the foot.

Professional system for removal of warts and other benign unwanted elements in the skin - Here is a small and a big freezing set for wart removal exhibited. It is cleared to treat 21 benign skin lesions including common warts, plantar warts, genital warts, skin tags, age spots, and many more. They are identical except for the size.

CryoSurgery Verruca-Freeze Kit, 95 ml

CryoSurgery Verruca-Freeze Kit, 95 ml

Verruca-Freeze™ is the coldest portable cryosurgical system freezing at -70°C (-94°F). A 3-6 second spray freezes for 25-30 seconds making it a quick, self-anesthetizing and easy procedure. The 95ml Kit Includes: * 35 freeze canister of cryogen. * Set of 5 soft tipped limiting cones (3, 5, 7, 9, 12mm). * 15 CryoBuds™ (5 small, 5 medium, and 5 large). * Cryo insulator for the canister. * Extender tube. * Practice media. * Training DVD. * Instructions. * Patient Information Sheets.

CryoSurgery Verruca-Freeze Kit, 162 ml

CryoSurgery Verruca-Freeze Kit, 162 ml

Verruca-Freeze is a simple, safe, and effective alternative to liquid nitrogen. It is available in 2 kit sizes, 35 freeze or 65 freeze.

Serums and salves to take away warts

Well In Hand's Wart Wonder Super Potent 2 Oz

Well In Hand's Wart Wonder Super Potent 2 Oz

Well In Hand Wart Wonder Super Potent Description: Natural Herbal Care. Natural Wart Wonder?Welcome to the natural world of Well-In-Hand!? WART WONDER for DELICATE PLACES is created by herbalist Linda Doby, so relief is Well-In-Hand!?. No cutting. No freezing. No harsh chemicals! Guaranteed! Other Ingredients: Olive oil, apple cider vinegar, super-infused extracts of Creosote leaf, Bloodroot, and pure essential oils.Directions: External use only. Shake well with each use.Complete instructions are inside the box.

Well In Hand's Wart Wonder Delicate Places 2 oz

Well In Hand's Wart Wonder Delicate Places 2 oz

Well In Hand Wart Wonder Delicate Places Description: Welcome to the natural world of Well-In-Hand!? WART WONDER Delicate Places is created by herblist Linda Doby for her own 5 year old son, so relief is Well-In-Hand!? No Cutting. No Freezing. No harsh chemicals! GUARANTEED.

Conventional cutting and freezing treatments are invasive. Then after all the bleeding, pain and expense, the warts grow back around the scar! Our customers are well educated by virtue of having tried everything. They report results within weeks of using Wart Wonder without scarring or wart re-growth and are thrilled to have discovered the gentle power of Wart Wonder! ? No unpleasant chemical preparations. ? Non-sting formula. ? Non-invasive formula. ? Feels like water! ? EZ to Use! ? No burning it off! ? No cutting it off! ? No freezing it off! ? No need for harsh chemicals! ?

Quantum Herbal's Wart Salve 1oz

Quantum Herbal's Wart Salve 1oz

Quantum Herbal's Wart Salve 1oz


Patches to take away warts

Pharmaderm Trans-Ver-Sal AdultPatch Wart Remover, 12mm, 40/pk

Pharmaderm Trans-Ver-Sal AdultPatch Wart Remover, 12mm, 40/pk

Features of the Pharmaderm Trans-Ver-Sal AdultPatch Wart Remover: Simple, effective removal of common warts, easily recognized by distinctive cauliflower-like appearance with rough texture on the surface. A controlled, continuous delivery of medication is administered with each application. When used as directed, the nonirritating formula is gentle on surrounding skin. Unique, controlled, site-specific delivery of medication. Easy, no need to soak. Painless, simple and convenient overnight application. Effective, specified by thousands of physicians. Patented hydrogel dermal patch technology. For medium warts on hands and feet.

Medline Curad MediPlast for Corns, Calluses and Warts, 2 x 3, 150/cs

Medline Curad MediPlast for Corns, Calluses and Warts, 2 x 3, 150/cs

Features of the Medline Curad MediPlast: CURAD MediPlast is an ideal product for corns, calluses and warts. The cut-to-fit pads are convenient and easy to use. The active ingredient in MediPlast is Salicylic Acid(40%), the ingredient widely recommended by physicians and pharmacists for the removal of corns, callouses and warts.


Good skin-care, cosmetic and medical stores

Professional medical equipment - also professional wart treatment devices - by clicking at this banner you can find proffesional medical products for a good prize for the treatment of skin problems and all other purposes. Among other things you can find surgical devices to treat warts and other irregularities in the skin.


Famous quality cosmetics for good prizes and products to treat many specific skin conditions  - This collection contain all products of high quality form the leading companies in the world.

If you have specific needs not covered by products presented at this page, you will find something that fits you  by clicking at this bannes. Here you can find creams, balms and serums for prevention and cure of any type of skin problems: Acne, eczema, rashes, sun-damage, cellulites, thin skin, edema, rosacea, miscolored skin. You can also find cosmetic and make-up products that also treat skin problems.  


Valana Minerals - High quality cosmetics and skin care for dark skinned women - This collection of luxury skin care products are made of wholly natural herbal ingredients and mineral powders for color tuning. The products are made to suite colored skin or light skin that needd to be tuned to a deeper color.


GENERAl MENU OF SKIN CARE PRODUCTS - products against most skin and hair problems


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Help or support against many common diseases: This collection contains herbal pills to help for specific diseases in all body regions. There are specific products for diseases in the urinary system, the genitals, the respiratory system, the digestive system, the muscles and joints, the heart and circulatory system, the skin and the nervous system. There are also products to help for hormonal problems and problems affecting the body as a whole, like over-weight or fatigue. Examples: Pills for hemorrhoid treatment, pills to correct a sluggish thyroid, pills to help for depression , yeast infection treatment, urinary tract infection treatment.

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Some educational resources  Here you find an article about right amount and types of fat in the diet. To find other articles about skincare, please click here. To find other articles about health click here.


The importance of the right fat for the health

What is a fatty acid and what is fat?

In the molecules of a fatty acid, there is a chain of carbon atoms. At one end of the chain, there is a carboxylic group -c=o(oh). There can be single or double bonds between the carbon atoms. Each carbon atoms has 4 bonds, and those bonds not used to chain the carbon atoms together, have a hydrogen  atom attached.

A fatty acid with only single bonds are called saturated or alifatic. If there are bouble bonds, they are called unsaturated. Unsaturated fatty acids also has fewer hydrigen atoms than saturated, since there are not so many bonds to bind hydrogen atoms.

The carbon atom at the end opposite to the carboxyl group is called the omega (W) carbon atom.

Fat is a compound made up of 3 fatty acids units and one unit of glycerol.


The fat types and the effects they have on your health

High consumption of  fat or of the combination fat and carbohydrates causes obesity. However the different types of fat have very different effects on the health. Here is a survey of the different fat cathegories and their effects:


Mono-unsaturated fat - This type of fat has one double bond in the fatty acid molecules, usually at the carbon atom 9 (W9).

This fat cathegory helps to avoid heart disease and circulatory problems, and may be of help to cure cardiovascular problems. It is also good for the skin health. This type of fat also reduces inflamatory reactions. Therefore it reduces the risk of cancer, intestinal inflammations and rheumatism. Oils containing this type of fat, for example olive oil, also have a high amount of vitamin E that have an anti-aging effect.


Omega-6-poly-unsaturated fat - This fat type has the first double bond  at carbon atom 6 (W6), and has usually 2 double bonds.

This fat type helps to avoid heart disease if you do not consume too much of it. However it causes inflamatory reactions. These types of reactions are useful when they are moderate and when they are provoked to fight disease. But a constant high inflammatory response is dangerous, and can cause rheumatism, heart trouble and cancer. A very high consumption of this type of fat is therefor dangerous.

By many skin problems, inflammation often produces distinct symptoms. These types of fatty acids therefore can worsen skin problems by a too high consume. However, you need omega-6-acid. It is the very common exagerated consume that is dangerous. Also special omega-6-acids have special beneficial effects on the skin and on inflammatory  conditions:

-Gama-linoleic acid helps for many inflamatory conditions, including rheumatic conditions and cardiovascular problems. It helps especially against dry skin irritations with itching as a prominent symptom, since it helps to prevent water loss from the skin. Blackcurrant seed oil, Evening primrose oil and borage oil contain much of this acid.


Omega-3-poly-unsaturated fat - This fat type contain fatty acid molecules with the first double bond at the carbon atom 3(W3) and has usually 3 double bonds.

This type of fat prevents disease in the heart and blood circulation, and reduces inflammation. Therefore it reduces the risk of cancer, inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract and rheumatism.

By many skin problems, inflammation often produces distinct symptoms. Omega-3 fatty acids therefore can help to improve the skin health. The following beneficial effects are among those found:

- Fish oil containing the omega-3 acid eicosapentaenoic acid has shown to help the skin protect itself against sun damage.

- Eicosapentaenoic acid supplements also seem to help against outbursts of psoriasis.

- Flaxseed oil seems to help against acne. This oil contain most of the omega-3  acid alfalinoleic acid.


Saturated fat - Saturated fat is probably not dangerous in moderate amounts. In higher amounts, saturated fat gives high cholesterole levels, causes clogging of the blood vessels, increases the risk of coronary heart disease,  infarctation of the heart, brain stroke and thrombosis of other organs.


Trans-fat - This type of fat is chemically altered by processing to yield specific mechanical properties. Margarine often contains this type of fat. This type of fat is dangerous, and is a probably a causal component for heart disease and cancer.



What is wrong with the fat intake of the averidge European and American diet?

The averidge American and European diet genereally contains too much fat and carbohydrates combined. The fat consumed is generally a mixture of trans fat, saturated fat and omega-6-poly.usaturated fat.  This fat misconsume causes overweight and is probably a major contributing component for the incidence of heart disease, cancer, intestinal inflammatory diseases, rheumatism and other inflammatory conditions.



How much fat should be consumed in the dayly diet?

A common recomandation is to let 25-30 % of the energy need be covered by fat, and the rest by carbohydrates. However, experts do not agree at his point. Some recomand a low carbohydrate diet with much fat, and others recomand high carbohydrate diets with low fat amount.

In either case, the combined intake of fat and carbohydrates should not be much higher than your daily energy consumption if you have a normal or wanted weight. If you want to loose weight, this combined amount must be lower. If you want to gain weight, it should be higher.


The most healthy combination of fat types in the daily diet

The right mixture of different fat types is as important as the amount of fat in the diet to keep good health. However, you must not take the percent ratios given here too literally, since there is much unagreement about the exact ratios that should be recomanded. Forthermore, if you have an active lifestyle that demands much energy, this is best achieved by increasing the amount of charbohydrates and mono-unsaturated fat.

Mono-unsaturated fat - Ideally as much as 35% of the fat consumption should be from this type of fat. You can find this fat in olive oil, raps oil and walnut oil.


Omega-6-poly-unsaturated fat - 30 % of the fat consumption should be from this fat type. You find it in soya oil and corn oil.


Omega-3-poly-unsaturated  - 20 % of the fat consumption should be this type. You find it in fish oil and in fat fish.


Saturated fat - Not more than 15 % of the fat consumption should be saturated fat


Trans-fat - This type of fat should ideally not be a part of the diet at all. There is however one exeption, conjugated linoleic acid, a trans fat acid  that is naturally occuring in milk and diary products, seems to be beneficial for maintaining normal weight and for the skin health. This fat oil can be bought as a nutritional supplement, and it may be useful to consume a small dayly dose of conjugated linoleic acix.


Conjugated linoleic acid - This is actually a trans fat acid, but it has still  been proven to be good for the health in small quantities. It has specially beneficial effects upon the skin, it supports skin regeneration from damage, and hence supports beauty.  It also helps in a slimming process and helps to prevent some types of cancers.

Bacteria in cows' digestive tract produce this acid from lineoleic acid, and CLA is blended into the milk from the cow. Therefore fat diery products and milk with full fat content contain CLA. The production is most effective in cows having fed on pastures, and less effective in cows fed on processed food.




The fatty acid composition of several oil types (Per cent of weight)

Name of oil or fat Mono-usaturated acids


Omega-3-poly-unsaturated acids Other un-saturated acids Omega-6-poly-usaturated acids Saturated acids

C18, D1,W9

Acid (LCA)


Eicosa-pentanoic acid(EPA)


Docosa-hexanoic acid(DHA)




Acid (LC)


Caprylic acid












Almond Oil 69         17         7 2
Avocado oil 70         10           20
Beech oil 54         32           8
Brazil oil 70         24           24
Butter of cow milk 29 1       2   3 3 11 27 12
Butter of goat milk 27 1       3   7 3 9 25 12
Human milk fat 35 1       9   2 5 8 25 8
Canola Oil 62 10       22         4 2
Cashew oil 70         6           18
Chia oil   30       40            
Cocoa Butter 32         3         25 38
Cod Liver Oil 22 10 6 5 8 17
Coconut Fat 6         2 9 6 49 20 8 3
Corn Oil (Maize Oil) 28 1       58         11 2
Cottonseed Oil 18 1       53         25 3
Flaxseed Oil 21 53       16         3 7
Fish oil (salmon) 15 1 9 11 37 2,5       5 14 3
Grape seed Oil 15 73 8 4
Olive Oil 76         8           16
Palm Oil 40         10       1 45 4
Palm Olein 46         11     1 37 4
Palm Kernel Oil 15         2   4 16 8 3
Peanut Oil 48         32         11 2
Pork fat 44         10       2 26 14
Rape oil (raps oil) 54 7       30           7
Safflower Oil* 13         78         7 2
Sesame Oil 41 45 9 4
Soybean Oil 24 7       54         11 4
Sunflower Oil 19 1       68         7 5
Tallow from beef 43 1       3       3 24 19
Walnut Oil 28 5       51         11 5
Weatgerm oil 25 5       50           18


Explanations: C denotes number of carbon atoms, D detotes number of double bonds, W shows on which carbon atom the first double bond is.



These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information is nutritional in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.