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Products against cellulites and skin irregularities


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Natural restoration and anti-aging drugs working generally or aimed at specific organs like blood circulation, joints and muscles, digestion, genitals, mental status, skin and hair. Also good slimming products.

For information about cellulites and about kinesiology - please see further dowm

Products to improve body shape, body strengths and bodily flexibility and to take away cellulites

Welcome to this online presentation of products for treatment of cellulites based on natural biological principles. You also find innovative medicines to help against other skin diseases or skin problems.

Further down on this page there is some information about cellulites and about kinesiology.

Products to treat cellulites

Creams to treat cellulites

Frownies Aroma Therapy Cellulite Cream 118ml/4oz

Frownies Aroma Therapy Cellulite Cream 118ml/4oz

A silky nourishing & anti-cellulite body cream Formulated with 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils Blended with natural caffeine & plankton Helps improve the appearance of hips thighs belly & underarms Reveals firmer smoother & more toned skin

Thalgo Defi Cellulite Intensive Correcting Cream (Salon Size) 250ml/8.45oz

Thalgo Defi Cellulite Intensive Correcting Cream (Salon Size) 250ml/8.45oz

An intensive anti-cellulite body cream Developed with exclusive Oxy Active technology that reactivates tissue oxygenation to reduce the formation of cellulite Formulated with encapsulated oxygen to oxygenate the tissues & promote lipolysis Blended with sandalwood seed that boosts dermal resistance to the appearance of unsightly dimples Restores skin's elasticity & banishes compacted cellulite Unveils a re-defined figure with smoother skin Great for women with visible compacted cellulite

Dr. Brandt Cellusculpt Body Shaper & Cellulite Smoothing Cream 180g/6.3oz

Dr. Brandt Cellusculpt Body Shaper & Cellulite Smoothing Cream 180g/6.3oz

An effective reshaping body cream Inspired by fat smoothing concept in medical practice Contains multifunctional ingredients: enzymatic complex pure caffeine & green coffee extract Plus an applicator that features five stainless steel rollerballs for mechanical-stimulation on needed areas Helps even out the appearance of cellulite Visibly improves skin texture & contours Leaves body skin supple & more toned

Osmotics Cellulite Control Body Glow CC Cream 180ml/6oz

Osmotics Cellulite Control Body Glow CC Cream 180ml/6oz

A multi-action body CC cream Developed with three clinically proven technologies to target dimpled skin edema & cellulite Contains natural actives that visibly reduce localized fat deposits Infused with flavonoids & antioxidants to promote collagen production & reinforce extra-cellular tissue Skin appears sleeker & dimple-free Unveils firmer body contours & a more toned figure

Massager and massage cream for Cellulite treatment and improvement of skin integrity

Verseo RollerCell2 Cellulite Reducing Massage System

Verseo RollerCell2 Cellulite Reducing Massage System - click the buy button to see pictures

Improves the appearance of cellulite. * Improves local blood circulation.* Assists in smoothing and toning the skin.* Gives the legs and buttocks a more contoured look.* Featured on TheDoctors TV show as a viable tool to roll away cellulite.* Interchangeable rollers for different massage treatments. Active air suction provides massage lifting effect between rollers. Deep heat function helps absorb massage gel. Vibrate function for intensive massage. Includes specially formulated Cellulite Massage Gel (150 ml) Kit includes Gel, 120V adaptor and carrying case. * Individual results vary With Verseo's RollerCell2, now you can help reduce cellulite and restore your skins firmness and smoothness at home. A unique multi function massager with advanced features such as specially contoured motorized rollers, active air suction, deep heat and vibro massage.

Verseo Roller Cell Massage Gel (Refill)

Verseo Roller Cell Massage Gel against cellulites (Refill) - can be used with the above masssager or as sole product for massage by hand

Verseo Cellulite Reducing Massaging Gel Features: Verseo Cellulite Reducing Gel can be massaged into your body with the Roller Cell Massage System. Can also be rubbed into your body by hand to help reduce appearance of cellulite. Verseo's Cellulite Reducing Gel has combined a proprietary list of ingredients specially formulated to drastically reduce your cellulite. Gel ontains Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Caffeine, and Pronalen, along with other natural herbs. Caffeine constricts blood vessels and draws moisture out of the skin resulting in a tightening effect. This phenomenon was recently explored on ABC's Good Morning America.

Products to improve skin and body firmness and elasticity

Wraps, garments, patches and creams to shape up body contours and improve connectie tissue firmness and elasticity

Verseo Hollywood Detox Body Wrap

Verseo Hollywood Detox Body Wrap

NOT AVAILABLE TO CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS What is the Verseo Detox Body Wrap? It's an all-natural way to achieve inch reduction, cleaner skin, and an overall body rejuvenation. You'll also notice that the body wrap may help with the break down of your cellulite, reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and tone and tighten loose skin. Your skin will feel softer and smoother than it ever has. Because of the way the wrap fits on your body, fat cells will be repositioned. This results in you losing up to 6 inches Average Inch Loss Waist 2.25 inches* Abdomen 4.0 inches* Thighs 6.0 inches* Buttocks 1.5 inches* Bicep 1.5 inches*

Verseo Arm Wrap Kit

Verseo Arm Wrap Kit

Help to improve the appearance of flabby looking arms. * Unique formula tightens jiggly arms when used in conjunction with the Arm Wraps. * Intense compression helps tone the appearance of upper arms.* Works in just a few minutes a day. * * Individual results may vary

Verseo Chin and Neck Wrap

Verseo Chin and Neck Wrap

Verseo Chin and Neck Wrap Help reduce the signs of aging with this wrap and lotion duo that can tighten the neck, chin and jawline for a more youthful appearance. Worn twice for a total of 30 minutes a day. Apply the lotion all over the chin, jaw and neck. Then position the Verseo chin wrap, adjusting the size using the closures over the head and across the back of the neck. The micro-massage of the wrap and the firming capabilities of the lotion combine to help tighten and lift the skin, both temporarily and long-term effects. * For best application, use twice a day - 10 minutes in the morning, before hair and make-up and 20 minutes at night, on clean, dry skin for best application.* Wrap is adjustable to fit most men and women. Firming lotion size: 2oz.

Verseo Chin and Neck Wrap + Arm Wrap Kit

Verseo Chin and Neck Wrap + Arm Wrap Kit

Verseo Chin and Neck Wrap Help reduce the signs of aging with this wrap and lotion duo that can tighten the neck, chin and jawline for a more youthful appearance. Worn twice for a total of 30 minutes a day, Apply the lotion all over the chin, jaw and neck. Then position the Verseo chin wrap, adjusting the size using the closures over the head and across the back of the neck.

Sauna Sweat Pants

Sauna Sweat Pants

Verseo Sauna Sweat Pants Features: Focus the heat on your trouble spots. Makes you sweat in the areas you need it most. Just wrap on the pants and lay down. Adjustable temperature control and Velcro waist and legs. Fits waists from 28 in to 54 in. Heated pants that produce the soothing benefits of a sauna. Pants are lined with a silicone heating element that adjusts from 95 F to 167 F to induce perspiration and increase blood flow to help reduce inflammation of joints and help soothe tense, sore muscles. A tethered controller allows you to select the temperature. The pants are made from soft polyacrylic with fibercotton fill. The pants can be worn over athletic shorts and they have a hook-and-loop waist strap and leg straps that adjust to provide a proper fit. One size fits most. Excellent for use in relieving tension or sweating away problem areas. *Individual results may vary

Products for massage and physical therapy

Massage and physical therapy equipment to help you relax, improve blood circulation, stimulate tissue regeneration and improve body contours

Many good products for comfort and body improvements - In this online store you can find products to improve body comfort and for relaxation. There are products to improve body contours and muscle firmness. There are also products to rejuenate the skin and make the skin smoother, more elastic and firmer. You also find items that help you clean out vastes from your body and to rejuenate you generally.

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Good massage tools

Verseo Cordless Air Pressure Leg Massager With Heat

Verseo Cordless Air Pressure Leg Massager With Heat - click buy button to see pictures

Air Leg with Heat Dual Calf And Leg Massager The Dual Calf and Leg Massager uses air compression and heat technology to soothe, squeeze and rejuvenate your tired, aching calves and feet. Includes two inflatable cuffs. Wrap cuffs around two calves. Multi-electronic massage patterns. Adjustable intensity level (low / medium / high) Built-in heat function to help relax and soothe away aches. Inflates and deflates automatically to relax tired muscles. Lighted control pad for easy function. Automatic shutoff after 15 minutes. Fits calves up to 20. Plugs into an AC outlet

Hydas 4597 Bendable Body Massager

Hydas 4597 Bendable Body Massager - please click the buy button to see pictures

A compact hand-held vibrating massager that is pleasant and easy to use. It has the unique feature of being able to adjust the angle of the massage head to 45 and 90 degrees to provide an intense massage to hard to reach body parts. Targeted comfortable massage using an extra soft massage head.

The Original Backnobber II, Blue

The Original Backnobber II, Blue

Features of The Original Backnobber II: Natural "S"-shaped design allows user to apply deep, pain-relieving pressure to muscles of the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, and thighs. Made of highly durable polymer composite material for lifetime guarantee. Comes apart for convenient travel and storage. Free 35-page illustrated user guide includes stretching and strengthening exercises. One size fits most.

Thumper Versa Pro Lower Body Massager

Thumper Versa Pro Lower Body Massager

Features of the Thumper Versa Pro Lower Body Massager: Rated the best lower body massage in the world. Ideal for runners and people who spend long hours on their feet. A must for individuals seeking to improve blood flow and circulation in their bodies. The perfect complement to a fitness and wellness program.With 6 speeds; 7 pre-programmed workouts and 184 acu-pressure nodes, the Thumper Versa Pro is specifically designed to massage feet, calves, hamstrings, and lower back muscles. Includes carrying case.

Thumper Sport Personal Massager

Thumper Sport Personal Massager

Features of the Thumper Sport Personal Massager: Thumper Sport is a conveniently priced, portable, "feel good" massager designed specifically for home use. It was developed for active individuals who need to relax their muscles after exercise and for those who don't get enough exercise and need to improve their circulation. It is ergonomically designed for easy self-use. Weighing only 3 lbs., it is ideal for the office, gym, home or anywhere you can plug it in.  

Products to build stronger muscles, better body proportions and rehabilitate body intergrity

Nutrient supplements for body-building and performance sport - All kind of supplemens and drugs to enhance the results in sport and body-building. Also many natural drugs to help solve specific health problems, vitamins, mineras, coffees, spices, kuitchen equipment, gardening tools, camping equipment, hobby items, automotive products. You will see a good search function when entering the site you can use to find what you want

Two good sites where you can browse for smart exercise equipment - In the first of these you can find many more products for relaxation, body comfort and rejuvenation. The other store is a general medical warehouse where you can find all kind of medical products and therapy tools

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Exercise equipment to increase body firmness and improve body shape - or to rehabilitate the body after disease or injury

Thera-Band Aquafins Aquatic Exercise Kit

Thera-Band Aquafins Aquatic Exercise Kit

Features of the Thera-Band Aquafins Aquatic Exercise Kit: The Aquafins™ Aquatic Exercise Kit will introduce you to a whole new way to work out in the water. The unique, one-size-fits-all cuffs and Predator Fins are made of soft Santoprene® rubber for strength and flexibility, and can be worn comfortably on the wrists or ankles for full body conditioning. Each kit contains 2 cuffs, 4 Predator Fins, a mesh carrying case and detailed instructions for toning and strengthening legs and lower back, inner and outer thighs, arms, chest and upper back.

Biosig Body Trim Revolutionary Body Exerciser

Biosig Body Trim Revolutionary Body Exerciser

Body Trim Exerciser Body Trim provides the same complete workout in your own home as you would experience with the expensive machines people use in fitness clubs. Body Trim is unique and effective because it combines the universality of use with simplicity and low cost. Body Trim is totally safe because the tension which helps trim your body and tone muscles is autiomatically provided by your own body.

Thera-Band Wall Station

Thera-Band Wall Station

Features of the Thera-Band Wall Station: The new THERA-BAND® Wall Station is the first compact, total body rehabilitation system designed for in-clinic strength training, and it features the familiar colors and resistance levels of THERA-BAND clip-connect tubing. This comprehensive rehabilitation system for upper and lower extremities features a multidimensional design with three planes of movement to teach patients the same proven THERA-BAND system of progression they will use at home.

Skin care and cosmetics - Treatment for acne, dirty skin, closed pores and more

Argan Oil - A strong medicine for acne, eczema, psoriasis, aging changes and skin damage. - This pure oil from the fruits of the north African Argan tree counteracts acne and symptoms such as whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and scarring by mens of several good effects, for example an antiseptic effect and a tissue healing effect. In addition it is effective both as a protective and healing remedy against many types of skin ailments and injuries.

ROSACEA relief - Rubactum pills: - Furnishes nutrients to help the blood vessels of the skin to react more properly, to reduce inflammation and to heal skin degeneration.

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SKINCEPTION Rosacea relief serum - A clinically proven topical that makes the skin less red, reduces enlared veins. It soothes inflammatory processes and associated symptoms like dryness, thickening  inelasticity and feeling of irritation.

Natural acne treatment pills:
 Furnishes nutrients to stimulate the cleaning processes in the skin and nutrients that nourishe the rebuilding of damaged skin structures.

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ACNE TREATMENT KIT - Complete acne treatment kit with a rinsing solutions for the face, a body rinser, an effective topical facial cream that work against the acne during the day, and oral pills to stimulate the healing processes in the skin and the inner cleaning processes.

Herpes treatment pills - Herdox - According to studies nutrition may provide the best tool for instant symptom relief and long-term suppression of HSV-1 and HSV-2. This multi-faceted anti-HSV formula contains the anti-herpes nutrient L-lysine and other substances providing for significant improvements in immune defence against herpes.

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Eczema treatment - Dermatine pills - Almost 9 million cases of eczema are reported every year. Normal symptoms that were reported include inflammation, itching skin, and dry patches. Dermatin, a new product from Progressive Health, has ingredients that have been clinically proven to reduce inflammation, itching, and scaling.

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Help or support against many common diseases Medicines based on herbs, vitamins and minerals against specific diseases, for ex: Skin problems, hormonal, respiratory, rheumatism, cardio-vascular, genito-urinary, neurologic, digestive, mental, psychological, nutritional deficiencies.

Thyroid stimulant against hypothyroidism, Acne, aging symptoms, AIDS, allergies, Alzheimers disease/dementia, angina, arthritis (osteoarthritis), arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis), asthma, attention deficit disorder (ADD), strengthening support for breast cancer patients, burns, carpal tunnel syndrome, cholesterol, cronic bronchitis, chronic cough, chronic fatigue sydrom, cognitive problems, colds and flue, congestive heart failure (CHF), Crohn`s disease, depression, diabetes mellitus type 1, diabetes mellitus type 2, eczema, edema, endometriosis, fatigue, fibromyalgia, hair loss, herpes simplex, hyperlipidemia, hypertention, obesity, otitis media.

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What are cellulites, causes of the condition and treatment of cellulites

Cellulites are uneven fat deposits under the skin, espceially found on the buttocks, belly and lover limbs. These are seen as orange peel or cottage cheese pattern. Edema in the skin, pale skin, inelastic and lowered skin temperature are also symptoms. These other symptoms often precede the typical pattern seen by cellulites.

Cellulites are most often found in women or male with poor male hormone secretion and people getting cellulites are nearly allways over-weight.

Under the skin there is a mesh of connective tissue and in the rooms in that mesh there are fatty cells. When a person is gaining weight, the fatty parts can bulge out from this mesh and make the typical pattern of cellulites. This most easily happen in persons where this network is more rigid than average and with problems of blood circulation in the skin.

Cellulites are cathegorized in three grades of severity. In grade I there are no external symptoms, but there are connective tissue changes or changes in blood flow. In grade II the skin shows pallor, decreased temperature, and decreased elasticity detected by compression or by muscular contraction. In grade III the typical pattern of fat deposition is clearly seen on the skin.

Women tend to have more rigid connective tissue in the skin and the same happens wjith persons suffering from diseases that make the fibres in th econnective tissue cross-bond. Hormones seem to play a role in these chages in the connective tissue structure, especially female sexual hormones and insuline, but details of this role are pooly understood. There also seems to be a genetic disposition in individuals suffering form cellulites that determines a special connective tissue structure. Some conditions that change the blood vessels under the skin also can predispose for cellulites.

Very tight clothes can impair the blood flow under the skin and change the connective tissue with cellulites as a result.

An important therapeutic measure against cellulites is weight reduction and other measures of good lifestyle. Physical therapies to make the connective tissue more elastic, measures to increase the blood circulation and measures to stimulate tissue healing may help. Among these therapoes are: Iontophoresis, ultrasound, thermotherapy, pressotherapy (pneumatic massaging in the direction of the circulation), lymphatic drainage (massage technique to stimulate lymphatic flow), electrolipophoresis (application of a low frequency electric current) and topical ointments (with blood flow and tissue healiing stimulating ingredients).

About Kinesiology - what is kinesiology

Kinesiology is a diagnostic method where muscle movements, nuscle coordination and muscle tensions in th e whole body are analyzed for diagnostic purposes.

Kinesiology (motion learning) is a method of alternative treatment that combines modern, western physiology, anatomy and movement with the easterly theory about people's life energy, qi, flowing through channels in the body (called meridians).

Kinesiology's basic idea is that a disability or disease in an organ is accompanied by weakness in a muscle. By testing muscle forces in various situations, kinesiologist examines whether there is any mental or physical imbalances or blockages in the energy system.

It is then the therapist's task to help to create a balance, structurally, chemically and mentally. Kinesiologen do not treat diseases or symptoms, as such, but according to the therapists, the life energy is ballanced and its flow facilitated so that it abilitates the person's own healing processes.


There are several different directions within kinesiology, including touch kinesiology, biokinesiology, preventive kinesiology, transformation kinesiology and educational kinesiologi. Common to all directions is muscle testing according to certain principkes.

The tests performed by kinesiologists

The muscular tests performed by a kinesiologist dors not have the aim of testing the physical strength of a muscle or muscle group. The test instead assess how msucles and combinations of muscles are coordinated by the nervous system when a certain simultanous stimulus is applied at various points in the body. The stimulus used are most often pressures at different points.

The kinesiologist apply the stimulus at some point, and then asks the pasient to do some coordinated actions using various body parts, and often several body parts simulatnously. Thereby the therpist can determine if the pation is able to allign the body parts in the right angles adn use the appropriate strengths from the various muscle groups simulatnously.