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Welcome to this online hobby equipment exhibition. This page concentrates nostly on showing remote controle robots, but there are also links to sources of all types of hobby items. Buying hobby articles online, you can get them for a better prize than from your local stores. Often you can also find items or product variants you do not find locally.

By clicking on the banners below, you will enter a specialized online department for each cathegory. There you can learn more about or order each product exhibited on this page, and many other products of the same cathegory.

Further down you can also find some information about programming languages, computer viruses, worms, soyware, adware and other malware.



General hobby stores with fine robot inventories - These two banners lead to good online stores where you can find collection of advanced remote controlled robots and also robots of simpler design. There are kits to build the robot from the individual components and robots readily assambled. Some of the robots can be programmed to individualized behaviour.

HobbyTron - a comprehensive store - Here you can find all kind of rc models of robots, aircrafts, cars and boats. The store is very strong in electronic kits and components, and in airsoft guns.

Visit - Where Awesome Happens

Trend times toys - a comprehensive hobby store - This store is strong in all types of hobby products, but especially rc models of robots, airplanes, boats and cars

Trend Times Toy Store

Examples of the many hobby robots you kan find

By clicking at the link, both simple robot toys and advanced programable robot kits. By clicking at the links you can find many more robots than that exhibited on this page.

2018 Programmable Toy Robot W/Remote Control Shoots Safe Foam Discs

2018 Programmable Toy Robot W/Remote Control Shoots Safe Foam Discs

2018 Programmable Toy Robot W/Remote Control Shoots Safe Foam Discs

DIY Amazing Robot

DIY Amazing Robot

DIY Amazing Robot

Alarm Robot

Alarm Robot

Alarm Robot

Line Chaser Magic Marker Toy Car Robot Race Track

Line Chaser Magic Marker Toy Car Robot Race Track

Line Chaser Magic Marker Toy Car Robot Race Track

Hyper Line Tracker Robot

Hyper Line Tracker Robot

Hyper yes and we really mean it. This cyber bug possesses a sonic tracking system and is fortified with a multitude of sensors: photo transistors to detect a black line Tracking memory to memorize its last track of the black line and two red LEDs that flash to tell you which side of the light sensor is activated. What this all means is that HYPER LINE TRACKER is the fastest line navigator that we have ever seen. HYPER LINE TRACKER follows a course of your own design! By using a light emitter light sensor circuitry and tracking memory it demonstrates how robots see a pathway. Make a path with a black felt marker or black tape and watch how light sensors enable the robots motors to make course corrections.

Robosapien Humanoid Remote Control Robot Man

Robosapien Humanoid Remote Control Robot Man

Robosapien Humanoid Remote Control Robot Man

Interactive AI Robot Artificial Intelligence Talking Remote Control RC Robot Man Tells Jokes

Interactive AI Robot Artificial Intelligence Talking Remote Control RC Robot Man Tells Jokes

Interactive AI Robot Artificial Intelligence Talking Remote Control RC Robot Man Tells Jokes

Mini RTR RC Battle Robot

Mini RTR RC Battle Robot

Battle your friends with this cool RC robot!

BO Cool Bot Electric Robot

BO Cool Bot Electric Robot

Check out this awesome walking robot.

Sumo Robot (Infrared Avoid Attack) (Limited Stock)

Sumo Robot (Infrared Avoid Attack) (Limited Stock)

Now OWIKIT brings the Sumo tradition to your home. The super warrior SUMO ROBOT can be controlled to assail and overpower its opponent or retreat to prepare for battle.

Remote Control Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Style (RC) VS Battle Robot

Remote Control Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Style (RC) VS Battle Robot

Remote Control Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Style (RC) VS Battle Robot

Robot Toy Soldier RC Spy Car Transforms W/Real Cannon

Robot Toy Soldier RC Spy Car Transforms W/Real Cannon

Robot Toy Soldier RC Spy Car Transforms W/Real Cannon

Interactive Robots Meet World Gift Bundle Package

Interactive Robots Meet World Gift Bundle Package

Interactive Robots Meet World Gift Bundle Package

Interactive Talking Remote Control RC Robot Girl Tells Jokes

Interactive Talking Remote Control RC Robot Girl Tells Jokes

Interactive Talking Remote Control RC Robot Girl Tells Jokes

Programmable Robot Rover

Programmable Robot Rover

Kids can become robotic engineers with this simple, programmable roving robot helper.


Please click at the banners and links below to see great collections of hobby gear. Wireless models of helicopters, aircrafts cars and boats. Electronic sets and components, telescopes, airsoft guns, chemistry sets, magic sets, computers and a lot more. Models in all size and prize cathegories, and suitable for all ages. Electric driven models that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and extreme speedy gas driven models for the advanced modeller.

HobbyTron - a comprehensive store for hobby gear - including airplanes - You can also find car and boat models. The store is very strong in electronic kits and components and in airsoft guns.

Visit - Where Awesome Happens

Trend times toys - a comprehensive hobby store - This store is strong in all types of hobby products, but especially rc models

Trend Times Toy Store

Stores with good offers on tecnological products - You will find hobby products of all kind, but also any type of technology for homes and workplaces. Allways some good offers on something you might need or whish.

General hobby product survey - rc models, hobby science, electronics, magics, cameras and optics and more

RC helicopters, propeller planes and jet planes

Music instruments, music records and gaming equipment

Hobby and consumer electronics - electronic kits, computing, cellphones

Information resources for our visitors

Here are articles about programming languages and software design, and some information about malware and Internet tricks. To find other information resources, please go to this page

About programming and programming languages

Programming is producing complex instructions for a computer to execute. A set of intsruction that completes a task is called an algorithm,

A programming language is the code one uses to instruct a computer what to do an how to do it. With that code you write sentences, assamble sentenses to algortithms and again assamble several algorithhms to greater unuits called programs. The instructions you write operate upon data variables. These can be of various types like desimal numbers, whole numbers or integers, boleen variables (True or untrue), letters, text strings and bit sequences. Some variables are composed of sveral smaller component variables. Tables, matrices or arrays is a special type of composed variables.

A program is given a name and is stored as a text assably called a file. Usually there is one program in each file but you can assamble several programs in the same file if the program language is constructed for it. A unit of code that is used by a program but cannot be executed as a independent unit is often called a sub-program or sunbroutine.

In the most modern programming languages assamblies of executable code can be used by any other assamblies and any correctly written assmbly of code can be executed by its own. In that cases one uses the word procedures in stead of program and subroutine. These languages are often made such that a procedure can wrap around several other procedures that again can wrap around still other internal procedures.


Mashine code and high level code

The code that a the mashine can use directly is very primitive and also difficult to read for a human. It consists of primitive instructions like adding, subtracting, moving, bit manipulation, giving values and so on. The entities that are manipulated by the code is binary values stored in a mashine register.

When a person is programming he uses mashine code only in very special instances. Instead he used code that is easier to use, but also contain more flexible and special instructions. Such code is called a high level code. A program written in a higl level code must be translated to mashine-code by the computer and stored as mashine code before use, or interpreated by an interpreter program by runtime. Interpreted code is the must flexible, but somewhat slower than translated code.

ASSAMBLER CODE: The simplest high level code is assambler code. In this code, the instructions are the same as in the mashine code, but they have been given names easy to use.

THIRD GENERATION PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES: In thee codes the instrauctions are more powerful and easier to use. The instructions are ordinary mathematical and code used for non-mathematical purposes that resamble strongly such code. Examples of third generation languages are that are pretty ols, but still in use are: Fortran and Cobol, Lisp and ADA for special purposes. Other languages that are not so much in use any more are Pascal, Algol, Simula. C, C++ and Java are the modern third generation languages.

FOURTH GENERATION PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES: In these languages you have the same sort of mathematical code as in the third level languages. In addition you have code or authomatic generation of program parts for specific tasks. Such tasks can be complex sorting, extraction of data from a text, statistical funcions and database handling. Forth generation programming languages was not any great success. Therefore they have been mostly replaced by new and smarter object oriented third generation languages that are delivered with huges libraries of ready made procedures that can be combined with new code written (C++ and Java).

DATABASES, DATYABASE SYSTEMS AND DATA RETREAVAL LANGUAGES: In modern programming une uses data stored in a systematical way in tables, and the tables are aging assambled into stronger uneits called databases. Une also uses advanced systems or programs to place and retreave data in the database. The modern form of databases and database systems are called ralational database systems. When useing such systems ue make commands with speical languages understood by the database system. The modern languge used is called SQL. SQUL-code can be used manually to retreave data directly from the danatase or can be incorporated into probrams.


Object oriented programming languages

In some programming languages the procedures have some special properties. For example can the same procedure be copied to many copies that are indentified by some parameter and each copy can be executed simultanously.  Procedures that can be copied this way are called objects. All the procedure copies that have indentical code are called a class. The original programming code to copy from is also called a class.

However, in these programming languages classes can be made so that code from another class is automatically copied into them  and then new code is appended also. In these instances the class is called a subclass of the first class. Classes and subclasses can be constructed in several layers.

Object-oriented programming languages usually also have simpler procedures without class-properies when these properties are not needed.

Modern object oriented languages are delivered with huge libraries of ready-made classes or procedures that can be called upon by a class or integreated in a class.

Jave is the modern and most used object-oriented programming language. Java is a further development of the simpler OOL C++ which again is  an object-oriented further development of the third generation language C.  Java is usually translated to a simpler code and that code is interpreted by a Java run-time module.




Viruses, worms and adware are collectively called malware.  They are purposefully written programs, program parts or loadable objects that do damage to the computer and data held within the computer, or excert certain other unwanted actions. In addition they have the ability to copy themselves and spread within the computer and through the network. The damage they do can be of various kinds:

- They may disturbe or shut down functions of in the computer

- They may seriously slow down the functions of your computer.

- They may saturate the net or a part of the net with junk messages.

- They may fill your har-disk with junk.

- They may change data held within your computer

- They may change programs so that the programs do not give the expected output.

- They may present unwanted messages or aderts.

- They may spy on your activities on the computer and in the net, and may send reports of your activities to some instance. An example is picking up bank account numbers, credit card numbers, passwords or pincodes to use these to rob money from you.

- They may copy data from your computer in bulk and this way steal your intellectual properties.

- They may blackmail you to buy some protection software in order to lock up functions shut down. Such kinds of malware often present themselves falsly as protective software.



A virus is a program part that have been introduced into some legal program. If you copy that legal program into your computer, the virus follows with it.

When you execute the program, also the virus will execute. In the first place, the virus will copy itself into new programs in your computer.

In the next face the virus and the copies will begin to do their damage.



A worm is a program that spread itself actively through the net. The worm searches the net for computers open to spread into. Then it makes a copy of itself and sends that copy to the new computer.

There are many ways a worm cans pread. One way is by sending copies of itself as attached objects in emails. If you click to open the attached object, the worm will install itself on the computer.

The worm will change between the activities dealing with spreading themselvs and the damaging activities.

The execution of a worm usually starts automatically. The computer has a so-called registry that tells which programs it shall start automatically or to certain times. The worm will put in statements in the registry that tells the computer to start the worm automatically.


Malware spread through web-pages

Much malwares are spread by executable objects loaded by websites. When you click at such a website, the webpage is loaded. With the webpage there also comes an executable object that fetches one or many malvolent programs and install these in your computer.

The installed programs can then fetch even more malvolent programs from the net and install themselves .

At some time the programs begin to act out their malvolent purpose.


Hybrid type of malware

Most malware are not clearcut viruses or worms. They often use many types of spreading from spot to spot.


Adware and spyware

Any malware that is made in order to spread messages, to solicit products or to blackmail you, are called adware. Malware intended to spy upon you, is commonly called spyware. Adware and spyware capabilities are often integreated into the same program. The malware sends reports of your activities. From these reports, the resceiver can deduse something about your interests. Then they send adverts back to you conforming to these intersets. The adverts can appear as enails or as popups on your screen.


Malware integrated in programs you purchase or loads up

Many types of programs that you purchase have integrated malware modules, usaually of the type spyware or adware. Free programs are nearly allways associated with some malware of one kind or another. Sometimes you can avoid the most annoying malwaare by purchasing a paid version. But do not think that those are alltogether free from malware. Usually also these have some integrated descrete spyware and adware.




How to tweak WINMX settings. in  High Speed connections

Click on bandwidth button.

Set download bandwidth to 10000000 bytes per second

Set upload bandwidth to 50000000 bytes per second

Ensure ticks are in the boxes.

Then set your throttle cycle to 50m/s, this should be good if you have a good  PC with big memory, if not or you have problems reset it back to 250m/s

Throttle controls how much of the computers resources it will use. If you want to do something else while using WinMx, then set your throttle higher and if you are going to leaveit over night then set it lower.

Use the settings and watch your speed increase dramaticaly especially if  the other user has set them the same.

I have gone from an average of 4.5k/s to 30k/s using these settings when other users have them also.


How to block people that are sharing nothing

Some people seem to think our network is a kind of a store a they just pick what they want without sharing anything!

(and other considere our net as a schoolyard where one "trade"... Childish!)


You can help everybody getting rid of them by boycotting them that way:

You "browse" each uploading user.

** If he/she shares more than, say, a hundred files (and NOT in the WinMx directory only,

putting them elsewhere and unshared when entirely downloaded !!!), OK.

NB: a hundred is not a lot but 1- we don't all have a large HDD and some files are big 2- when you begin...!

** If not:

You can send a message to him/her to ask why there is no real share,

or not at all, for they can have forgotten to do so: give them a chance!

The first time, I didn't understand that I had to choose the shared files types,

so I shared nothing, unwillingly. Somebody told it to me in a message.

If no answer and/or still no shared file, you can exclude the selfish beast:

(Thanks to dwhite who gave the modus operandi on the WinMx net)

To block somebody from downloading, add the name to your HOTLIST

(right-click the name then "Add to hotlist") then to your IGNORE list.

You won't receive any messages nor will they enter your queue, during that session at least.


On the contrary, you can help people who share a lot by starting the tranfer when they are in your queue,

or give a higher bandwith