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Natural pills for men to give big strong long lasting erections, intense sexual feelings, ample orgasms and amplified general potency - click here

Natural pills for women to give strong sexual sensations, good lubrication, amplified genital engorgement, intense orgasms and ample general potency - clik here

More products to itensify sexual satisfaction, increase penile and breast size, solve problems with genital shape, and solve sexual function problems - Please click here

General online store of innovative items - health, wellness and technology. Translation services, strategy consulting. Please click at the links under here to go to the different categories.

Hobby - remote control models, electromics and mechanic building sets, chemistry and science kits, airsoft guns, magic sets

Electronic equipment - PCs, audio, video, ipod, mobile phones

Anti-aging medicine, natural cosmetics, fashion, skin-care

Clothes, fashion and apparel

Books and learning materials

Smart things for your home

Health items - innovative help against common diseases, vitamins, minerals, etc

Affordable car parts and accessories

Boat and marine equipment

Loans, insurances, finances

Erotic drugs and equipment for men and women - for sexual pleasure, to solve sexual problems, add potency and enhance erections, penis and breasts

Flight and hotel room reservation

Watches and jewelry

Sport equipment and nutrient supplements

Web hosting, telephone and internet items

Sales, news and bargains - find actual offers and news from many online stores

Music and music instruments

Consulting - Translation (Scandinavian - English), web design and editing, market analysis, technology analysis, other consulting services

Pantera Consulting - Scandinavian version

Mail: aquila_grande@yahoo

Webmaster: KnUt Holt

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Superb wines to your doorstep - Quality wines for discounted prizes. The wines are selected by experts after testing and offered on this online shop. The wines are brought to your doorstep after your purchase.

TestRX - this product makes you secrete more testosterone, which can strengthen your inner sexual functions, your sex drive, your virility and your ability to get results out of training.

Instantwriclereduser - a serum for the skin to instantly reduce wrincles and give it a smooth young look, by relaxing muscle spasms in your face that wrincle up your skin and by supplying moisture.

Natural medicine to amplify your brain function, making you more awake, helping you remember better, giving you better logical abilities and taking away mantal exhaustion - Brain Pills

Natural products to help by Hemorrhoids, lymphedema, poor memory and concentration, blood circulation issues, thyroid problems and other halth issues - Special nutrients and herbal extracts can be of help to overcome several specific health problems in specific organs, as well as more general bodily weaknesses, or to make life more easy by chronic conditions. Through the following link you find an exhibition of blendings of herbal extarcts and nutrients that research and experience has shown to be useful by specific conditions like:

Urogenital problems as Urinary tract infection, yeast infection, PMS, endometriosis and prostate issues.

Skin problems as; acne, vitiligo, rosacea and eczema, vitiligo, hair loss, herpes simplex

Endocrine problems or problms with generalized symptoms as: Hypothyroidism, diabets, AIDS, edema, fatigue, obesity

Issues in the musculosceletal apparatus like: Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome.

Psycological or neurological issues as: Depression, poor memory, poor sleep, dementia, ADD/ADHD, concentration difficulties.

Digestive distrurbanses as: Intestinal inflammations and irritations, diarrhoea, constipation, hemorrhoids.

Cardiovascular issues as: Congestive heart failure, lipid and cholesterole problems.

Issues in the respiratory tract and related areas as: cold, influenza, ototis media, asthma, hay fever, bromchitis, chronic cough, allergies.

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Affordable medical products for hospitals, doctors' offices and home use - Diabetic equipment, incontinent supply, blood pressure devices, termometers, orthopedic supply, stetoscopes, surgical instruments, training devices, nursing supply, urolgic equipment, cardiologic products, endoscopic equipment, enema devices, otoscopes, respiratory equipment, injection syringes, catheters, wound care products, microscopes, lightings for medical use, first aid sets, pediatric equipment and much more.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor

Mabis HealthSmart Standard Automatic Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Sport Personal Massager

Sport Personal Massager

Thumper Sport Personal Massager



Core Jeanie Rub Massager with 220V Single Speed

Remote control models and other hobby gear: These are two collections of hobby items like: wireless models of aircrafts cars and boats, electronic sets and components, telescopes, science sets and a lot more. Products in all size and prize cathegories, and suitable for all ages. Electric driven models that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and extreme speedy gas driven models for the advanced modeller. The stores are strong in somewhat different categories.

- This is a great store of electric and nitro RC models of alll kind and all other hobby items. You can also find things like working tools, scooters and cars for kids, cosmetics and aparel here:

Trend Times has the latest and greatest toys

- HobbyTron - A general hobby store. Great collections of RC models, airsoft guns and electronic items.

Visit - Where Awesome Happens

P51 Mustang Ready To Fly RC Airplane - 4 Channel

P51 Mustang Ready To Fly RC Airplane - 4 Channel

P51 Mustang Ready To Fly RC Airplane - 4 Channel

Remote Control (RC) Spy Drone Live Video Camera W/LCD Screen FPV Real Time

Remote Control (RC) Spy Drone Live Video Camera W/LCD Screen FPV Real Time

Remote Control (RC) Spy Drone Live Video Camera W/LCD Screen FPV Real Time

Chinook Remote Control (RC) Army Helicopters - Easy To Fly

Chinook Remote Control (RC) Army Helicopters - Easy To Fly

Chinook Remote Control (RC) Army Helicopters - Easy To Fly

Remote Control (RC) 4WD Nissan 350Z Drift Racing Car

Remote Control (RC) 4WD Nissan 350Z Drift Racing Car

Remote Control (RC) 4WD Nissan 350Z Drift Racing Car

Home remedies, advanced RC models, electronics, cameras and other things for law prizes - In this store you can find many technical products for a very reasonable prize. A lot of tools for mechanical works, carpentry, electronic and building. Radio controlled nitro and electric cars, helicopters, airplanes. Computing, cellphones, audiovisual. You can find things both for hobby use and professional applications. If you are looking for some technical product of any kind, it is useful to look here.The shop also has a lot of jewelry and apparel.


Natural weight reduction medicines and medicines against many common health issues - Herbal medicines to help increase the metabolization of fat and sugar and to help against a too eager craving for food and these ways helps you to loose weight.

To find further advices about weight reduction, please go here

Rejuvenation products for your appearance, physical capacities, sexual potency and mental functions At this site you can find productst to restore structure and function after injuries and to reverse aging changes. There are products for the whole body and there are specvific products for the skin, the digestion, the joints, the muscles, the mental functions and the sexual apparatus.

Techical products and information - Car parts and accessories. Security systems for cars, buildings and areas. Airsoft guns. Michroscopes, telescopes and binoculars. Remote controle models of helicopters, vehicles and boats. Chemistry and electronic sets. Radio transmittors. Electronic components of every kind.

Make your own clothes - English page

Tegn dine egne klesplagg - Norwegian page

Rita dina egna kläder - Swedish page

Gelstalen Sie ihre kleider selbst - German page

Scandinavian pages

News and other featured products - is the most complete guide to information about Self -Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide


Antiaging - The aging changes has specific causes connected to lifestyle and environment. One does not age because of an authomatic process. It is impossible to avoid those impacts totally, but the ageing process can be retarded conciderably, and many age related changes can be driven back. In this section you can find products and advices to fight aging.

Hair solutions - In the anti-aging section you can find some of the best heir growth solutions on the market of today. Hair loss is not only a problem for men, but also for women. Instead of getting graually greater bald areas, women experience a stedily decrease of hair density. You can also find solutions to remove unwanted body hair. Use these on areas where you want a hairfree skin. You get rid of hair permanantly without waxing - for both men and women.

Designer fasion - Designer fasion for men , designer fasion for women ,  french italian fasion for men french  italian fasion for women: Armani burberry Christian Dior Diesel Fendi Gucci Hogan Jimmy Choo Prada René Caovilla Stella McCartney Ungaro Vesace Yves Saint Lorent Cavalli Costume Nationale Homme Diore Homme Dirk Bikkenbergs  Dolce & Gabbana Dries Van Noten Dsquareds  Helmut Lang Jil Sander Prada

Cars and car equipment - The car department sells cars of every brand , for example .BMW Ford Mercedes Bentz Crysler Audi Volkswagen Opel Renault Peugeot Citroen Seat Fiat Skoda Jaguar Bentley Ferrari Alfa Romeo Lexus Toyota Mazda Maserati  Equipment like turbos , compressors,  chip trimming , auto electronics , auto radios , navigation equipment , styling sets ,auto equipment ,  colors and more.

Health items - At the health links you will find an online pharmacy. You will find items to maintain good health based on vitamins, minerals and anti-oxydants. Here are also alternative  medicine against specific common diseases. And you will find affordable dental and health insurance plans.

Watches - At the link for watches and clocks, many brands are present like: Citizen , Casio , Chase-Durer , Hamilton , Movado , Oakley , Pulsar , Seiko , Suunto watches.

Sport equipment - The sport link contains every kind of sport equipment like for: football . soccer , snowboard , skiing equipment ,skis , surfing diving swimming scuba equipment, hockey sport clothing , bicylces and cycling equipment , outroaders , jogging items , sport data and calculation items and more

Electronics - At the computer, data and electronics department you can find computers , hardware , software , accessories , cables ,  hard disks , backup equipment , CD rom drivers , ethernet cards , communication cards , modems , scanners , printers , memory cards and chips , monitors , plasma screens , TV sets , video sets , radios , hi fi equipment , microphones , projectors , and more, rom , ram.

Hobby - The hobby department contains items such as model aeroplanes blimps and other flying things  , hobby electronics , model boats,  model cars , telescopes , mechanical toys . and a lot more.