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Welcome to this presentation of nutrients and supplements useful for people performing body building and also for  those that simply want to reshape their body.

Further down on this page, you will find some information about whey protein and about craetine. You will also find a 24 weeks bodybuilding plan and other bodybuilding tips. The plan and tips are suited for people wanted to gain in musle mass and at the same time reduce excessive fat on their body.



Nutrient supplements for body-building and performance sport - products for men and women - All kind of supplements of proteins, carbohydrates, essential fattty acids, vitamins, minerals, performance stimulants, growth stimulants and weight-gainers for body-builders and athletes of performance sports. Please click on this banner to see the products.


These supplements are designed to accelerate muscle growth and recovery after training by making the muscle matabolism more effective or by stimulating the body's own production of growth hormones (HGH), testosterone and other growth factors. Even though the exhibited products here are categorized as muscle growth stinulators, some of the products also will make you feel more energy and enhance your endurance, for example testosterone releaser and HMB products. A good effect of both HGH and testo produts is the increased elimination of unneccesary fat deposits in your body. By clicking at any of the links you can also find many other supplement of this category than the products exhibited at this page.

Ultra T Gold Free Testosterone Booster 60 capsules: HF

Ultra T Gold Free Testosterone Booster 60 capsules: HF

Ageless Foundation - Ultra T Gold All-Natural Free Testosterone Booster - 60 Capsules Ageless Foundation Ultra T Gold All-Natural Free Testosterone Booster is a natural solution for increasing free testosterone levels and promoting healthy libido, immune function and muscle mass. The result? The quality of life you expect! Ageless Foundation Ultra T Gold All-Natural Free Testosterone Booster contains clinically studied levels of Testofen. Ageless Foundations Testofen is a natural solution for boosting free testosterone levels, as well as increasing libido and immune functions. In human trials, Testofen was shown to: •Increase free testosterone levels by 98% •Improve sexual cognition. arousal and experience •Increase muscle mass •Improve general energy levels Ageless Foundation Ultra T Gold All-Natural Free Testosterone Booster also contains proprietary Male Enhancement blend of L-Arginine and beneficial herbs, such as Saw Palmetto, Astragalus, Tribulus and Asian Ginseng, to help support enhanced male health and well-being.

HMB Fuel 250Mg 120 Cap: HF

HMB Fuel 250Mg 120 Cap: HF

Advanced Anti-Catabolic Formula Promotes Lean Muscle Mass Helps Maintain Healthy Muscle Cells Enhances Performance Gluten Free HMB Fuel is an advanced anti-catabolic formula that has branched chain amino acids (BCAA) metabolite B-Hydroxy B-Methylbutyrate Monohydrate (HMB) to promote lean muscle mass. Clinical studies show HMB supports the body's ability to minimize protein breakdown, helps maintain healthy muscle cells and improves performance during intense resistance exercise.

Growth hormone releaser- to stimulate muscle growth and drive back aging symptoms - These pills helps the body to produce more growth hormone. This will stimulate the body to gain muscle mass, to get rid of aging symptoms of the skin and the rest of your body, and help the skin and the muscles to regain a youthful thickness.  They will help the body to win back a youthful ratio between muscle and fat mass, and a youthful distribution of body fat.

Glutamine supplemenst to boost muscle gain - Glutamine is an amino acid and as such also a building block for the muscles. It also hinders muscle brakdown after hard training, stimulates growth of muscle mass and helps the immune function.

Here you can find good glutamine Supplements




These are only examples of the many stimulating supplements to be found.  By clicking at any link, you can find many more products of this category than those here exhibited. This type of products make you feel more energetic and make you better able to use the energy resources in your body for training and other types of activity. They also make you better able to adapt to various kind of stress you encounter during training and daily life, and to recover from impact by the various stressors.   This category of products often contain the herbs Rhodiola Rocea or Ginseng that have a very long and proven use in many cultures for this purpose.

A remedy to help you release energy for workup - Jack3d Micro by USPlabs - This product helps you to release the energy you have stored so that you can train more effectively. It contains citrulline which gives this effect.

Go here for Jack3d Micro by USPlabs

Nature's Herbs Power Herbs Korean Ginseng 50Caps

Nature's Herbs Power Herbs Korean Ginseng 50Caps

Nutritionally Supports Healthy Adaptogenic Function Description : Panax Ginseng. Nutritionally Supports Healthy Adaptogenic Function. Certified potency Korean ginseng contains a balanced and preferred concentration of active saponin glycosides including the Ginsenosides and panoxasides, and retains the entire optimum biological activity of the whole natural root including the complex co-factors which are so significant in natural herbs. In addition to supplying the preferred 7% Ginsenoside concentration, ginseng-power also provides you the proper balanced ratios of the different Ginsenoside groups rg and rb. Our certified potency Korean ginseng is the highest quality, most potent and most effective form of preferred Korean ginseng root enhancing all the whole-plant synergistic benefits, thus making it not only one of the world's finest and purest plant extract, but also faster-acting and more assimilable than standard Korean ginseng. Other Ingredients: In a base of Wild Countryside Korean Panax Ginseng powder.

Creatine supplements for more effective workup and muscle gain - Creatine helps you use better your resources som that you ge stronger and can endure more, which will make your training more effective so you faster gain muscle mass.

Please click here for good Creatine Supplements


Here are some good protein supplements exhibited. These are only examples of the many to be found by clicking at any links. Each supplement comes in several taste variants like natural, strawberry, vanilla, lemon, orange, etc. They also come in packages of various sizes.

Proteine supplements are based on proteines from natural sources with an amino  acid composition similar to that in human muscle tissue. The proteins in the supplements can be whole molecularly, can be hydrolyzed to peptides or amino azids, or be a blending of whole and hydrolyzed proteins. What is best to use depends upon the training regime and diet. Hydrolyzed proteins are absorbed very quickly right after the consume. Whole proteins are absorbed during longer time.

A pure whey protein bar - Quest Bars By Quest Nurtrition - This bar contains pure whey proteins, with no gluten and minimal fat and carbohydrate content. Whey protein is taken up from the digestion in a speed optimal for muscle growth.

Click here for Quest Bars By Quest Nurtrition

Good whey protein supplements - Whey protein is good as training supplement because it is digested and taken up in the same speed as it is used for muscle building.

Please go here to find high quality supplements of Whey Protein

Branched chain amino acids to gain more easily muscle mass - Your ordinary diet tend to contain less amino acids with branched chains than optimally needed - Leucine, Isoleucine and valine. Especially vegetarien diets tend to have too little of these amino acids. These amino acids are important building blocks for muscle mass.

Go here for BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acid) Supplements at Bodybuilding.com - Lowest Prices on BCAA Products!

Top protein Shakes - Protein powder to shake out in water, juice or milk are practical and tasty to consume. Find the best protein shakes here.

Through this link you can find the Top Protein Shakes

Protein supplements of all types - Bodybuilders prefere different kind of proteins or combination of proteins, depending upon their aim for the training and their ordinary diet - whey, casein, beef, or vegetable. They also prefere different methods of consuming the proteins, like by bars, shakes or premade drinks. Find it all here.

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An extra boost of easily absorbed carbohydrates can make you able to work out more effectively. Pure sugar is however not good for this purpose, since it does not containg minerals and vitamins necessary for a good utilization of this energy source. The absorbtion rate shall neither be too fast, but so that you steadily get the energy you need during training and just afterwards. Here are some products formulated to give you a carbohydrate surplus in the right way during your training session. These are only examples of the many energy supplements to be found. Each supplement comes in several taste variants like natural, strawberry, vanilla, lemon, orange, etc. They also come in packages of various sizes. By clicking at any link you can find any variant you want.

A bar with complete nourishment for your training - Protein Carb Conscious Bar - This bar contains whey proteins, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Please go here to find Supreme Protein Carb Conscious Bar

Universal Nutrition 230158 2.2lb Carbo Plus  Natural Flavor

Universal Nutrition 230158 2.2lb Carbo Plus Natural Flavor

Highenergy complex carbohydrate drink. Scientificallybalanced 100 pure complex carbohydrates (from superior glucose polymers). 100 Natural. High performance complex carbohydrates. The number one premium Energy fuel. Universal s Carbo Plus is the leading complex carbohydrate formula. For longlasting energy increased endurance and maximum performance nothing gives you a better competitive edge than Carbo Plus. It is more potent more readily absorbed and more easily digestible than any other brand. Designed for serious athletes Carbo Plus fuels your body with the purest and most premium complex carbohydrates available (consisting of granulated medium length complex carbohydrates (glucose polymers) extracted from selected grain sources and maltodextrin)without any added sweeteners preservatives simple sugars or artificial flavors.

Mega Pro International 120005 3lb Carbo Hit Powder

Mega Pro International 120005 3lb Carbo Hit Powder

Dietary Supplement. All Natural 100 Pure Complex Carbohydrates. Results matter. High Energy Glucose Polymers. Carbo Hit by Mega Pro is formulated with 100 pure grain sourced carbohydrates called maltodextrins. These easily digestible carbohydrates come from natural corn grain. Maltodextrins are chains of glucose called glucose polymers. Glucose polymers taken preworkout are used for energy. Taken postworkout glucose polymers replenish glycogen stores after intense training. Glucose polymers are far better than sugars like sucrose (table sugar) and fructose (common sweetener) which are link to insulin resistant carb cravings increased body fat and other health problems. Carbo Hit contains no sucrose fructose sugar fat protein fiber or malt. You get nothing but pure high quality glucose polymers.


Lecithine is an important blending of substances with many types of use in the body. Lecithine is a building substance in the cells and therefore of importance in the same way as proteines. Lecitin is also used to build neurotransmitters and hormones of many kinds and ist thus important for the function of the nervous system. Lecithine also helps to improve the health of the blood circulation.

Lecithin Granules 16 oz: HF

Lecithin Granules 16 oz: HF

Lecithin consist of Choline, Inositol, Linoleic Acid, and has been used as a fat emulsifier in preventing arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, brain function, proper nerve function, and maintains proper electrical energy and nutrients transfer across the cell membranes. Fearn Lecithin Granules contain 97% Phosphatides, the highest concentration of any lecithin product available.

Liquid Lecithin 32 oz: HF

Liquid Lecithin 32 oz: HF

Fearn liquid lecithin contains as much lecithin in one tablespoon as twelve 1200 mg lecithin pearls or 1½ level tablespoons lecithin granules. Add lecithin to sauces, salad dressings and gravies, simply mix 1 Tbsp. of liquid lecithin into hot sauces and gravies, or replace 1 Tbsp. of oil use in salad dressings or baked goods. Liquid lecithin may be whipped into softened butter, margarine or peanut butter.

Coq10 100 Mg Time Released 30 Tab: HF

Coq10 100 Mg Time Released 30 Tab: HF

Co-Q10, also known as CoEnzyme Q-10, is an essential component of our cells which promotes energy production. Numerous studies have shown CoEnzyme Q-10 plays a key role in promoting cardiovascular health. As we age, our body's natural production of CoQ-10 slows down, making it harder to convert fats and sugars into energy. Natrol® CoQ-10 is a natural antioxidant that helps cells work more efficiently in the heart and throughout the body.

Ultra CoQ10 100 mg 60 capsules: K

Ultra CoQ10 100 mg 60 capsules: K

The powerful antioxidant Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) protects the body from free radicals and helps preserve the most important cholesterol antioxidant, vitamin E. Numerous hospital studies have shown CoQ10, concentrated in the heart and liver, to be useful for congestive heart failure, heart muscle diseases and heart arrhythmias. CoQ10 relieved exercising angina patients of pain, apparently due to its ability to increase the efficiency with which the muscles use oxygen. This has been useful to people suffering from muscular dystrophy and Alzheimer's disease. CoQ10 has repeatedly, in double-blind studies, been shown to reduce blood pressure in people with hypertension, after a course of treatment lasting 3 to 5 months. Higher Potency. Twinlab Ultra CoQ10 capsules are easier to swallow and assimilate and are specially formulated for enhanced bioavailability. Well tolerated by most highly allergic individuals. This product is manufactured at our own state of the art facility.


VITAMINS/MINERALS - A natural comprehensive vitamin and mineral supplement - This product is an excellent source of vitamins, trace minerals and antioxidants for persons with an average need. The product contain iron, but by going through this link you can also find the product without iron.

Super Multiple II (90 medium/large tablets)

Super Multiple II (90 medium/large tablets)

A powerhouse multi-vitamin with green super foods. Super Multiple II is a complex formula that supplies essential nutrients and co-factors for improved health and well being. Pro Health's unique formula contains over 50 vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids, as well as 850mg of green super foods to bring you a balanced source of complete nutrition.

CALCIUM SURPLUS - Coral Calcium: Calcium is a mineral needed in more than just trace amounts. Therefore most people wil benefit from an extra  intake of calsium. Coral calcium gives you this extra needed amount. Coral calsium is taken up extreemely easy from your digestive system. Coral calcium also regulates your body Ph to a favourable alcaline level. Most people have a too acid ph, which is very unfavourable to the general health.

Only Natural's Coral Calcium 700mg 60Vcaps

Only Natural's Coral Calcium 700mg 60Vcaps

Helps Support Proper Absorption of Calcium and Minerals Description: We use only the finest Sango, (coral mineral powder) certified 100% uncut from Japan. Encapsulated in Vegi Caps and combined with other natural supplements, which provides a unique coral calcium complex. This formulation will help support proper absorption of calcium and other minerals throughout the body. Harvesting of the marine coral is done under the supervision of the Japanese Government so that there is no damage done to the coral reef. This process actually helps the reef to flourish. Supplement Facts: Serving Size: 3 Vegetarian Capsules Servings per Container: 20 Calories less than Calories from Fat 0 Protein 0 g *Carbohydrate 0 g *Coral Calcium (Sango coral mineral powder) 1500 mg *Vitamin D 133 IU *Magnesium 180 mg *Boron Chelate 2 mg **Daily value not established. Directions: 3 Capsules Warnings: Pregnant or lactating women, diabetics, hypoglycemics, and people with known medical conditions and/or taking drugs, should consult with a licensed physician and/or pharmacist prior to taking dietary supplements.

OMEGA-3-FATTY-ACID-SUPPLEMENT - Omega Daily The daily diet often contain too small amounts of Omega-3-fatty acids. In the diet these are a component of omega-3-oils.  These acids are important for many physiological functions, and for the health of the heart, circulatory systems and the joints. Omega-3-fatty acids have been proven to help prevent coronary heart disease, to ammeliorate joint inflammation and rheumatic diseases and to help keep the body young. A supplement can therefore be useful, and especially if you do not often eat fish or seafood. In the following are presented two omega-3-products made from high quality sources:

This supplement is produced using the New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel as a raw material. The mussels have been a valuable diet ingredient by the Maori People in New Sealand for centuries, containing proteines, vitamins, minerals and extremely valuable Omega-3 fatty acids.

Click here to learn more or buy - Omega daily

CONJUGATED LINOLEIC ACID - CLA  - This is a fatty acid that is good for your body in many ways when supplied in smaller doses daily, around 2-8 g. It helps take away unnecessary fat on your body, helps to build muscles , is good for the skin and is a general anti-aging remedy. Through this link you can buy this and other CLA products.

Natural Max's SuperTone CLA 1400mg 120Tabs

Natural Max's SuperTone CLA 1400mg 120Tabs

Natural Max's SuperTone CLA 1400mg 120Tabs

VITAMIN SHOPPE - Some persons have special requirements for vitamins and minerals because of specific demanding training activities or have health conditions that requre supplements of specific vitamins and minerals in specific amounts. Some persons also have a specific philosophy of vitamin and mineral intake they want to follow. If you have specific needs for individual composition of your vitamin and mineral iontake, you will find the needed supplements here.

Vitamin and Herb Products


Quality cosmetics and products to reduce wrincles and skin aging - Take away skin problems. Products for prevention or cure of skin conditions or to ammeliorate symptoms of cronoic skin diseases: Aging symptoms of the skin, scne, scars, rashes, sun-damage, cellulites, thin skin, edema, miscolored skin, rosacea, psoriasis, etc. This shop also has a huge variety of make-up and fragrance products from all good fabricants in the world.

Natural medicines against many ailments - Urinary tract infection, yeat infection, acne, vitiligo, aging symptoms, AIDS, allergies, Alzheimers disease/dementia, angina, arthritis (osteoarthritis), arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis), asthma, attention deficit disorder (ADD), breast cancer, burns, carpal tunnel syndrome, cholesterol, cronic bronchitis, chronic cough, chronic fatigue sydrom, cognitive problems, colds and flue, congestive heart failure (CHF), Crohn`s disease, depression, diabetes mellitus type 1, diabetes mellitus type 2, eczema, edema, endometriosis, fatigue, fibromyalgia, hair loss, herpes simplex, hyperlipidemia, hypertention, obesity, otitis media

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Please click on this line to see products to maximize sexual pleasure, improve the genitals organs and optimize performance - for men and women

- Pills to maximize arousal, ecstacy, virility and endurance

- Pills, patches and traction devices to make penis bigger and better shaped

- Erotic toys and items for sensual body massage

To see noni, mangosteen, goji, acai juices and, glyconutrients - please click here

Set the right goal for your body-building - Decide how you will be looking

Everyone should do some regular body.building. The goal of the body-building is not necessarily to get enormous muscles, but can simply be to get a nice and sexy body that works properly. The goal of bodybuilding consists of several objectives: Get bigger muscles, get more effective or stronger muscles, loose excessive fat, get an optimally working body, get better condition and get the body proportions you like.

The objective about body proportions is very important, and is often ignored by many body-builders. If you ignore it, you can end up having an enormous upper body combines with minimal buttocks and calves, having a thick and bulging stomach even though you are not fat, having massive muscles at the front side combined with a weak back  or looking like a massive cylinder from top to toe. Having a massive lower body combined with a weak upper body is of cource also possible, but that variant is seldome seen.

Those misleaded body-building results often originate from being too eager building big muscles in the arms, breast, wings and abdominal muscles, and ignoring the lower body and the back. If you want to get enormous arms and wings, then this must be balanced with round buttocks and ample thighs and calves, not only because of esthetic reasnons, but also to have a body that is working properly. Strong muscles in the breast and the belly must also be balanced with a strong back. The abdominal muscles must not be too strong, since then you will look fat.

Before you begin a body-building plan, you must decide how you will look. You must decide which body parts you want to be most ample and round, and which you want to be more moderate. Then the muscles in those part of the body you want to be most ample, must get the most training.

A complete fitness plan with muscle building, condition training and flexibility training

In this plan you train 30-60 minutes each time. The first weeks, you have only sessions of 30 minites, but gradually you prolong the sessions. As you get stronger you also gradually increase the weight and straining.

When doing exercises you should be somewhat cautious about producing a too hard strain or impact on the non-muscular parts of your body, like the joints and the structures holding your spine together. These structures are generally weaker than the muscles and can be hurt if you do a too heavy exercise or if you do not ballance your body parts well when doing your exercises.

Also these structures will however get stronger from to the exercises, but at a slower rate that the muscles. Gradually these structures can endure grater strain without being torn asunder, but you should allways keep in mind that your muscles actually are stronger than some other central functional structures of your back, neck, pelvis and limbs.

It is important to warm up in the beginning of each session. The customary way of doing this is to run or cycles some minutes. It is probably better to warm up by doing de same exercizes as in the rest of the session, but slower and lighter and gradually increase the work hardness during the session.

1. DAY - Muscle training with moderate weights

This is a day for muscle building, with moderate weights, but with many repititions so that you feel tired in youe muscles after each series. The exercises this day are only done with the help of your own body weight, a couple of manuals and a chair. Therefore thay can easily be done at home.

You repeat the following series 5 times. Begin by using light weights and add weight at each time you do the series nbtil you do the last two times with 60% of the weight you can manage:

a - 15 lifts of your lower body with the help of your legs. You lie at your back, flex your knees up while having your feet at the floor. Then lift up your lower body as high as possible by pushing down weith your legs. You can increase the intensity by laying some weight upon your stomach. Have some thick cloth between your stomach and the weight. You can alo increase the intesity by only pushing with on leg and having one leg stretched out and then doing the other leg.

b - 15 curls with your arms using manuals: You can stand or sit. Hold your elbows at the sides of your torso. Then curl up your arms with a manual in each hand.

c - !5 squats: Stand straight and squat as deep as you can by flexing your knees: Do the squats with both legs without weights for low intensity, with one leg at a time or with manuals in each hand for higher intensity.

d - 15 lifts of your body with your arms: Sit with your knees flexed up and push down against the floor so that you lift your body.

e - 15 Pushups: - Hold your horisontal with your front side down. Push yourself up and down with your arms. By leltting your knees touch the floor, the work gets light, but with only your toes and hands touching you must use more power.This will exercise your breast muscles and your shoulders.

f - !5 Leg curls using a chair: - you lay on your back, have your legs lifted and your knees bent in a right angle. Place your heels upon a chair. Then lift your torso up by pressing with your heels at the chair seat. For greater intensity use only one leg at a time.

f - 15 Stomach curls: The stomach can be trained in a lot of way. Lie down at your back and lift your upper body. While doing this you can let your legs lie along the floor or having them flexed up.

g - 15 Lifts of weights over your head: You stand straight. You lift two manuals or a weight bar from the hwight of your eara so high that your arm reaches. This exerise is good for your upper arms and your shoulders.

Between each round you take a pause to stretch out a little all the body parts where you feel msot tired. When all 5 rounds are done you should stretch out some minutes all the parts of your body.

2. DAY - Condition training

This is a day for condition training. The best condition training are outside activities like running, cycling, swimming or skiing. Ball play also gives gode condition. You should begin by warming up with some meoderate intensity. Then you gradually increase the intensity. There are two basic approaches to condition training: The first way is one long session where you gradually increase the intensity and slow down again at the end. The other way is interval training where you begin with a couple of short rounds with moderate activity. Then you have 5-10 rounds with high intensity. You should variate betwwen these two approaches from time to time. When the active training is done, you should stretch out some minutes all the parts of your body.

3. DAY - Muscle training with heavy weights

The exercises this day are essentially the same as those of the first day, but with heavier weights and fewer repititione. These exercises are best done in a gym studio, but you can do them at home with some adjustments.

You repeat the following series 8 times. Begin by using light weights and add weight at each time you do the series until you do the last two times with 90% of the weight you can manage:

a - 8 Leg pushes in halfly laying position: Pushing againt resistance in a partly lying-sitting position.

b - 8 Arm curls: You sit or stand. Your elbows should be at the side of your body or lay at some firm point in front of your breast. You hold two manuals or a weight bar and curl up your arms while lifting the weight.

c - 8 Squats - For easy warming up or if you are untrained, you can do them just without carrying extra weight. To make the squats harder, you can carry manuals in your hand, use a weight bar on your shoulders, or do them with one leg at a time.

d - 8 Downpulls with your arms: Gym studios usually have some equipment for downpull. As an althernative to downpulls you can sit with your knees flexed up and push down against the floor so that you lift your body.

e - 8 Hyperextensions: This i an exercize where you use your back and buttock muscles to lift your torso up from a hanging position. By holding some weight with your arms, you will make the exercize heavier and also train your shoulders and upper back.

f - 8 Leg curls: Leg curls will train the back side of your legs. They can be done in sitting position or laying on your stomach dependent on the equipment you have.

f - 8 Stomach curls: You sit and curl your torso foreward against reistance using some equipment for thsi purpose in the gym studio. Annother way is laying on your back with your legs pointing upwards and then curl up while pointing your fingers towards your toes, and if possible touch your toes with your fingers.

g - 8 Lifting of weights over your head - This exerise is good for your upper arms and your shoulders. You can lift manuals or a weight bar.

Between each round you take a pause to stretch out a little all the body parts where you feel msot tired. When all 8 rounds are done you should stretch out some minutes all the parts of your body.

4. DAY - Stretching exercises and meditation

At this day you rest form hard training, but stretch out, relax, do some meditation and stress down. Here are the principles for the stretching exercises you do this day.

- You should stretch out al parts of your body. When stretching out, you should bend or twist in all the natural movement directions and angles for each body part.

- It is good to begin the stretching session with some active exercises with moderate stretching effect to make your muscles and joints warm. You swing, bend, twist and roll with your arms, legs, shoulders, torso and pelvic region so that every movement gives a moderate stretching effect.

- Then you do slow exercises with a stronger stretching effect. You swing, bend or twist each limb and your torso until you feel resistance and a little more so that you feel the stretch, and then hold the stretch in 30-50 seconds. You can make this stretching even more effective by doing it together with a friend and helping each other. Repeat each stretch at least 3 times with a pause between.

- When beginning a slow stretch you begin by emptying your lungs completely for air, and then breath deeply in when you go into the stretch. When holding the stretch you breath effectively, but in a calm manner. In this way the exercise vil also benefit your chest wall, lungs and diaphragm.

As slow stretching ezercizes you can also use yoga exercises. You can find descriptions of many exact stretching exercises in specific books or web-pages. But you can also use your creativity and compose exercises that specifically fit you, as long as you use the principles listed above, and you can also improvise during each session.

At this day you must also do something to get complete relaxations mentally and physically. Yoga also has methods for body relaxation. Meditation is a good relaxation method both for the mind and body.

Please go here to find detailled descriptions of stretching exercises.



Whey is the stuff remaining of the milk when the protein casein (cheese stuff) has been taken away.

100 g whey contains 5.14 g carbohydrates, 0.36 g Fat, 9.846 g protein and 47 mg calcium.

Whey is produced by a process called curding. In that porcess one adds to the milk an acid like citric acid or acetic acid or lemon juice or  winegar,  or the enzyme rennet produced in the stomach of mammals.

By adding one of these substances the casein coagulates and precipitates to the bottom and can be filtered off. The filtered liquid is the whey. Whey is used to make brown diery products like ricotta, brown cheese or prim.

About whey protein

The protein component in whey is commonly called whey protein. Whey protein is all the proteins in milk that will not coagulate by the action of acids or the enzyme rennet.

It is typically a mixture of beta-lactoglobulin (~65%), alpha-lactalbumin (~25%), and serum albumin (~8%).

Whey protein is often produced by filtering whey and then drying the protein content filtered off.

Whey protein is often used as a protein supplement for bodybuilders. It is especially useful for this purpose because of several properties.

- It has an amino acid composition that resambles that of muscle mass.

- It is easily solluble in the digestive organs and therefore easy to digest.

- Whey protein contains much branched-chained amino acids like leucine. These amino acids stimulate syntesis of body protein and hence stimulate muscle building.

Whey protein is manufactored and sold in three forms.

- Whey protein concentrates conaining also some fat and sugar. The protein content can vary from 39% to 89 %.

- Isolates are very pure protein, over 90%. However isolates lack some useful nitrients that high quality concentrates contain.

- Hydrolysates are protein which has been cleaved to smaller fragments and are very easily digested and absorbed in the intestines.

Besides being good for muscle development, whey protein may also be useful for other health purposes. These properties have been proven in animal research, and reaearch on humans to get a firm conclusion is going on.

- Whey protein may alleviate inflammations and that propery can be useful by rheumatic conditions and conditions in the circulatory system.

- Whey protein may help prevent cancer.

- Whey protein seems to increase the cellular level of glutation, a substance with strong anti-oxidant and cell protecting properties.

About the natural stimulant creatine

On the market you can find many natural stimulants that can help to build muscles. They are broadly divided in two main types. The first are performance stimulators. These help you to exercize harder and thereby you will get more muscle building effects from your training.

An example of performance stimulators is creatine. Creatine is a helper substance in the utilization of energy in the muscles and nerves.

Chemically cratine is a nitogen rich compund with both acidic and basic properties with the formula (NH=)(NH2-)NH-CH-COOH.

The body gets energy from the substance adinosine triphosphate which is the working storage of energy. In the first place ATP has been produced by the release of energy from oxidation and decomposition of fat and sugar. When energy is needed, phosphate groups are released form ATP. When the first phosphate group has been cleaved off, the rest is called adenosine diphosphate. One action of creatine is an immediate delivering of a new phosphate group to ADP so that ATP is restored. Thereby energy stored in the creatine molecule is transfered to ATP and can be utilized immediately in the body. Thus creatine enhances the energy available for immediate work by muscles and other organs.

The dietary sources of cretine is meat and other food from the animal kingdom. Kreatine is also syntesized in the body from the amino acids arginine, methionine and glycine.

A supply of creatine may help to increase training performance. Creatine is also useful against muscle weakness caused by several neuromuscular disorders. It can also help to improve cognitive functions and memory.

The increased performance level effected by creatine can be used to perform more efficient training. The increase of power and work made possible may then effect a higher building up of muscle mass.

Creatine may also cause mucles to store more water than normally and thereby give an increase in muscle size that do not originate from added tissue mass. This component of muscle growth will go back when one stops using creatine.

The tendency of nuscles to take up water can cause some dehydration of other body parts. This is not concidered as a severe side effect, but one should provide enough to drink after having taken creatine.

Creatine is usually sold in a configuration bound to crystalline water, creattine monohydrate, which is a white pouder somewhat heavily solluble in water.  An often recommanded dose of creatine monohydrate  the first 7 days is 15 grams per each 50 kilo of muscle mass. Practically this means that most average weighted persons can take just 15 grams.

The next 30 days a much lover mainainance dose is required, around 4 grams per each 50 kilos muscle mass, or 4 grams a day for a normallyweighted person.

The recommanded dose is not a firmly fixed value, and can vary. Use the dose recommanded at the package of the product you buy. To utilize the daily dose without spilling it in the digestion, the dose must be divided into smaller doses several times a day, for example before each meal and before training. As a minimum, the dose must be divided it two porsions.

The mineral magnesium increases the effect of creatine, and a dosis of magnesium is recommanded to be taken together with creatine. Magneseium also has many positive effects of its own, and can itself enhance the muscle strength. A study from 1992 showed that 7 weeks of magnesium supplements (8mg/kg/dag) increased the strength of men about 20%. It is believed that magnesium stimulates protein synthesis, which practically transforms to more muscle mass.

About protein synthesis

Protein synthesis is a key process for bodybuilding. The proteins taken in through the food and supplements are broken down in the digestive system to amino acids or simple combinations of amino acids and reassambled in the mucles to new proteins of the right kind and that protein is used to build up the cells to greater size. Protein syntesis also requres energy, and that energy is obtained by braking down carbohydrates and fat.

Protein synthesis takes place on ribosomene, small bodies spread through the cytoplasm. Information about how a protein is to be built up, are found in DNA molecules in the nucleus. The relevant information must be carried to the ribosomes before the synthesis can begin.

DNA molecule (deoxyribonucleic acid) in the cell nucleus is made up of units arranged in a chain,  and each unit is again made up of asugar molecule, a phosphoric acid molecule and a nitrogen base of which there are foud -  adenine, thymine, cytosine and guanine. Three such units, called triplets containing a combination of three such bases, code for an amino acid in the protein that the part of the DNA-molecule inform about.

Since we have four nitrogen bases and it takes three to make a triplet, we get 43 = 64 combinations. There are only 20 amino acids, therefore more that three triplet types serve as codes for the same amino acid, while others may be "start" and "stop" codes.

The DNA-chain is actually double, and the bases of the two threads bind to each other. The bases adjacent at the same place in the two chains are not the same, but complementary to each other.  Adenine form pairs with thymine and guanine with cytosine.

Inside the nucleus the portion of the DNA molecule that contains the appropriate protein recipe (the gene) is copied. The copy is called a m-RNA (messenger-ribonucleic acid) and the base sequence in the m-RNA is similar to one of the chains in the DBA.

The main difference between DNA and RNA is that the DNA thread is double, where the RNA thread is single, and that the RNA has the nitrogen base uracil instead of thymine.

M-RNA then moves through the nuclear membrane into the cytoplasm, where it attaches itself to a ribosome.

In the cytoplam there are amino acids bound to a small RNA-molecule called trasnfer-RNA (t-RNA). The t-RNA have a triplat that is coding for the same amino acid and thus complementary to that coding for the amino acid in the m-RNA. The t-RNAs bind to the right places on the m-RNA on the ribosome and the amino acids are coupled together to form a protein molecul chain. Later the chain is folded together to form the protein molecule with the right shape.

Amino acids bind to its specific t-RNA (transfer-RNA). There is one type of t-RNA for each amino acid. t-RNA has codes that are "mirror images" of the codes on m-RNA. Since only adenine can form pairs with thymine or uracil and guanine with cytosine want eg. guanine on the m-RNA binds to cytosine on the t-RNA. Amino acids linked together so that way m-RNA decide. As ribosomet moves across the m-RNA thread, growing chain of amino acids and the formation of a peptide. Peptide is sent into the endoplasmic network and receive a special three-dimensional structure that is crucial for the properties. There has been a functional protein. Changing the base sequence of DNA, called a mutation.

How to Eat to Build Muscles Effectively

Gerneral principles for muscle building nutrition

When you are training to get bigger muscles, the effectiveness of the muscle growth depends on the training intensity and the amount of building material you furnish. Also structures like joints, tendons and bones will grow to support the bigger muscles and these body parts will also need building materials. The growth occur all the time day or night, but perhaps most during night, so you need a constant supply of building material from your digestion. In addition the body needs stuff to repair wearing in the tissues and a child or teen needs material for growth. You must also furnish energy for the training activity, basic energy for the life process and energy for all other daily activities.

The necessary building materials for muscles and supporting structures are mostly protein, but also to a certain extent lecithin, essential fatty acids, calcium, magnesium and other minerals. The food you eat should give you protein with an amino acid composition that is so near to that of your muscles as possible. Fish, poultry, lean meat, eggs, mushrooms, seafood and diary products are good protein sources for muscle growth. Just before training it is best to consume proteins that you easily digest and absorb, like in fish, eggs and seafood. Do not eat very much read meat and eggs, however, but more fish and seafood instead, since that is best for the health.

Much of your energy intake should be from carbohydrates, mostly starch, that are taken up slowly from the digestion. Full corn bread and cereals, peas, beans and potatoes are good carbohydrate sources with this property. Some of your energy should also be supplied with the healthy kind of fat, which is a combination of chemically unaltered monounsaturated fat, omega-3-fat and omaga-6-fat. Fat will also be taken up slowly from the intestines. Good fat sources are fat fish, almonds, sunflower seeds, other fat seeds, olive oil, rape oil and flax oil. The slow uptake of these energy sources give you an even supply of energy all the day.

You will also need some energy that is taken up quickly, mostly sugar, especially just before your training session. Good sources of sugar are sweet fruit and fruit juices. Carbohydrate concentrates especially made for training can also be used.

All meals should contain some water to drink, and some water during training, or just after is good, but do not swallow the food down with water. It is not necessary or can even be dangerous to sip water all the day and all the time during training. Chew your food well before swallowing. Also avoid a lot of added salt and sugar, and avoid snacks, cakes and sweets in significant amounts.

A plan for your daily meals to achieve effective muscle building

A meal plan for maximum muscle growth will differ from the traditional diet you can find in any country, It is however not necessary to eat a lot of meals every day to get a constant supply of nutrients, as many believe, because what you eat at each meal will stay in your digestive system and be utilized the following hours. How much you eat will depend upon your training intensity and your activity level otherwise, but you must eat so that you feel fed at each meal.

Here is a meal plan for implementation of the above mentioned principles based on 4 meals each day. It is possible, however, to distribute the same amount of food in 5 or 6 smaller meals also if you wish.

- Early each day you eat a meal composed of three principal parts in an equal amount. One part consists of protein rich elements like fish, lean meat, eggs, seafood, poultry, lean cheese or mushrooms. The other part consists of food types rich in carbohydrate or fat like full corn bread, peas, beans, potatoes, almonds, sunflower seeds and some plant oil. Try to compose this part so that you get most carbohydrates and less of fat. The third part are vegetables and fruit, preferably raw. This will make you well furnished with nutrients several hours.

- Later in the day you also eat a meal with a similar composition, but vary with other food sources than in the morning. This will secure an even supply of nutrients until evening.

- In the evening should eat most of the protein rich food, and less of food rich in carbohydrates and fat. Try to eat other food types than you ate earlier in the day to get variation. You should have a rather large portion of vegetables and fruit in this meal. In this way you get enough material to grow muscles during night, but less energy, because you do not need so much energy when you are sleeping.

- Just before training you should eat a smaller meal with proteins and carbohydrates that you easily absorb from your digestion. You can base this meal upon fish or seafood, very sweet fruit and fruit juice, which all are easily utilized. You may also use protein and carbohydrate concentrates in this meal. A supply of lecithin, minerals and essential fatty acids will also be useful at this time.

- This meal will come at different parts of the day, depending of when you do your training session. If you train at a time when you ordinarily should eat one of the main meals, you just schedule your main meal to earlier or later.

More about the nutrients needed to reshape and build up your body

Here are some simple advices of how you must eat to fulfill your goals

The meals: Eat several moderate or smaller meals each day, instead of a few big ones - 4, 5 or 6 meals.

Have a meal right after each training session. It is also useful to eat some easily absorbable carbohydrate source right before and during the training to get energy, like honey, sweet fruit¨ or special training drinks.

Proteins: You must eat enough protein of high quality in each meal. Muscle building creates a need for more proteine. Choose some lean source as fish, lean meat, low-fat diary products, poultry or sea-food. To increase the speed of muscle mass building, a high quality protein supplement can be useful.

Carbohydrates: You must also consume some carbohydrates at each meal. Those shall be from sources like: Whole grain bread or cereals, beans, peas, potatoes, root fruits or sweet fruit. After a training session,  honey or sweet juices that contain rapidly absorbed carbohydrates are useful. Avoid sweet cookies, or drinks loaded with refined sugar.

Fat: You must consume some fat at each meal, but not too much. The fat you consume shall be from healthy sources like: Olive, olive oil, faxseed oil, fat fish, almonds, peanuts, nuts, sunflower seeds or other fat seeds.  Variate between all these fat sources to get a variety of essential fatty acids, and to avoid getting too much of some. Do not consume too much butter, fat diary products, fat meat, soy oil and the like.  Avoid altogether unnatural fat like that in fat cookies, snacks or margarine.

To eliminate excessive fat: If you intend to get away with excessive fat together with muscle building, you must reduce the amount of fat and carbohydrates you consume. But you must not cut out all fat or carbohydrates, because some is needed for muscle building.

Should your energy come form fat or carbohydrates: There are proponets of law carbohydrate diets that claim that the same amount of energy from carbohydrates are more likely to make you fat than the same amount of energy from fat and reccomand that most of the energy you take in should be from fat.  This advice is probably bad if you want to build up muscles, and even worse if you want to increase your condition. Fat is utilized slower than carbohydrates because it must be broken down in the intestines to fatty acids and these must be carried in a complicated way in the blood stream integrated in lipoproteins. Fat will therefore not give you the peak working performance you need for hard training. Besides that, the slimming claim may be right for some people but the opposite for other people. Fat contains however more energy per mass unit than carbohydrates. It is therefore easier to get more energy than needed that will deposit itself in the fat tissues.

Fruits and vegetables: Some raw or carefully cooked fruit or vegetables must be a part of each meal. If you cook  it, do not spill the water after cooking. Drink it,  use it in a soup or use it otherwise, because the watwe will contain valuable vitamins and minerals from the cooked vegetables or fruits.

Vitamins, minerals ,essential substances: Some supplement of vitamins, minerals, lecithine, essential fatty acids or glyconutrients can be useful in a body building program. By serious training the need for such working substances is higher than by people not engaging in heavy training.

A supply of the fatty acid conjugated linoleic acid may help you to loose fat and build muscles.

Natural stimulants Herbs or herbal products that stimulate your working performance and the muscle building mechanisms can be useful, like products containing Rhodolea Rosea, ginseng or HGH releasers. Some people feel that a creatine supplement also can help.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information is nutritional in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.