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Some definitions about fashion and clothes

Apparel - Apparel is anything a person wears on himself in such a way that it is held in place by its position and covers a part of the body. Things that are actively held by hand are accessories, not apparel strictly speaking, even though these things also are often called apparel. Jewelry and watches are neither apparel, strictly speaking, but the word apparel is often used about these things too.

Clothing - Clothing is anything a person wears on himself in such a way that it is held in place by its position and covers a part of the body. The concept is basically the same as apparel, but the word clothing is usually used in a stricter sense than apparel.

Design fashion - This expression is sometimes heard, and it usually means mass produced fashion mede with standard measures designed by some famous designer and usually made in a limited number and for a limited time period.

Dress - A dress is a clothing that covers both the upper body and the lower body, and where the part covering the lower body is not separated in two parts for each leg. This kind of clothing is mostly used by women, and the use by men is strongly tabooicized. The word may however.

Fabric - Fabric is easily foldable sheets of any material of any physical construction that can be used to make clothes. Usually clothes are used of the class of fabric called tecstile which are produced by weaving, but can also be animal skin, plastic sheets, rubber sheets, or even paper for clothes of one time or few time use.

Fashion - Fashion is clothes of a high artistic quality, or intended to be of high artistic quality, of a new and interesting or spectacular design and that are meant to be produced for a limited time. Clothes with a long traditional design are not fashion, even if the artistic quality is superior. Fashion are however often inspired by traditional designs from various cultures.

Tecstile - Tecstile is easily foldable sheets, or fabric, of any material that can be used to make clothes. In addition, in a tectile the fabric consists of threads that are made into sheets by making them cross over and under each other in two or more directions, a pocess called weaving. Usually the threads are again made of thinner fibres of one or more materials spanned or crossed together into a thicker thread.

Fibre - The fabric of a clothing is typically woven from threads, and the threads are usually composed of more elementary threads spun together. The most elementary thread in a fabric is called a fibre. A fibre can be animal hair, for example wool. These kinds of fibre consist mainly of proteins. It can be hairs from the plant kingdom, for example cotton. It can also be structural fibres from plant stalks, for example hamp. Plant fibres consist mainly of carbohydrates. It can also be fibres made by chemical reactions, for example nylon and polyester. Chemically produced fibres are more simply composed than fibres form living species and are mostly composed of giant molecules or polymers made from simpler molecular unists, monomers.

Garment - A garment is simply any piece of clothing, but not shoes or gloves. The word is however often used about clothing that do not suit specific definitions like dress, skirt, sweater, throusers and the like.

Haut couture - Haute couture is the most exclusive and artistically most advanced fashion. Haut couture clothings are typically made unique or in a small number and the houses making haut couture typically make a new collection each year that is exhibited on special shows and sold to an exclusive audience.  The style of each years haut couture shows also tend to serve as a standard for the style of clothes subsequently made by houses making fashion for the great markets. Haut Couture houses also typically compose creations for mass production.

Throusers (pair of throusers) - This is a clothing for the lower body that splits into two parts for each leg.

Pret a porter - This is a desinance for fashion clothes that are mass produced according to standard measures. This group of clothes can be made after models of famous fashion designers, often the same as those designing haut couture clothes or they can be designed wholly by the produsent. Haut couture designers typically also have their own pret a porter design and production line to make clothes for the mass market. Nowadays haut couture alone is not economically profitable and serve mostly as an experimental laboratory for new ideas and as marketing of the designer's standard collections. The models in the standard collections are often haut couture models made artistically more moderate than the haut couture versions, but with tha same high quality standard.

Skirt - This is a funnel shaped clothing for the lower body that does not split into two parts for each leg.

Suit - A suit is a clothing composed of at least two pieces, one for the upper body and one for the lower body. A suit is a formal clothing worn for business applications. Traditionally a suit consists of three pieces, a coat, a waistcoat and a pair of throusers and is worn by men. Nowadays suits for women is commonly worn in business environments and these may have a skirt instead of throusers.

Sweater, pullover, jumper, jersey - This is a thick and elastic clothing to cover the upper body, including the arms. Tipically a sweater is made of wool or fabric of the same appearance. It is typically made as one piece without splits so that it must be pulled over the head to get on. The word pullover ismost often used for similar clothings that do not have parts to cover the arms.

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