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Pantera Consulting offers consulting services for the Scandinavian and the international market. For our international customers, we offer the following services in the fields web-design, translation, IT, technology and market analysis:

Translation of documents English - Scandinavian- English

We translate documents from Scandinavian to English or from English to Scandinavian.  The Scandinavian countries speak nearly the same language, but have three writing standards: Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. As a customer you may choose the standard that best suits your public. If the text is intended for the whole Scandinavian community, it is strictly not necessary to make three translations. In this case we will recommend translating it into a Norwegian version that is slightly adjusted to suit also a Danish and Swedish public. Our speciality is documents related to IT, science, technology and medicine.

Translation of web-pages English - Scandinavian - English

We also translate web-pages and adjust the pages for a new public. We can limit our work to a strict translation, or we can also adjust the appearance of the pages to suit the standards, the psychology and the culture of the other public.

Market analysis

We perform market analysis for technological products intended for the Scandinavian markets. We can estimate the amount of potensial customers in the different Scandinavian locations. We can find potential key customers or business partners, and we can also evaluate the products of our customers to suggest necessary adjustments to make the products optimal for  the Scandinavian market.

Surveillance of technological development, market behaviour and  competitors

Every business has to be aware of key technological developments, not only in its own field, but also in complementary technology fields. It also needs to know what changes occur in the market, and about developments by its competitors.

Knowledge of these changes must then be used to incorporate new technology into the products, pursue new opportunities in the market, or respond to threats from competitors.

We can do surveillance and analysis of technological sectors, market segments or competitor segments specified by our customers in order to track key developments. We can do this globally or in the European or Scandinavian geografical fields.

How to engage us

To engage us for some work to be done, just send a description of the work by mail. We will then respond by a prize offer, time estimate and terms of payment. For orders of some magnitude, we will negotiate a formal contract text to be signed by both parts.



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Some thoughts about translation technology

- The need for a formalized intermediate language

Translation technology has made major leaps foreward in the recent years. It is by now possible to get an automatic translation between the major world's languages and also between many other languages.

However, these translations are still imperfect, and they must allways be proofread before being used. It is also costly and requiring major work to imply transaltion capabilities for new languages, and uptdate exiting capabilities.

In order to enhance the quality of automatic translation, and to make the work of producing and maintaining tranlator programs, there is a need for a standardized intermediate language.

Such a language cannot be English and any other existing language, because these are too irregular and ambiguous, both in the grammar and vocabolary. Such a language is not primarily ment to be used in speech, but to be used as a tool in automatic translation. It should be used in such a way:

For every real life language, there should be a standard vocabolary that tranlates each term in the real life language into corresponding terms in the standard language.

For each real life language there should also be a standardized grammar that describes the gramatical structures from the real language into corresponding structures in the standard language.

The standard vocabolary and grammar should be free or free to purchase from a non-profit organization taking care of the task of maintaining these for each national/regional real life language.

By automatic translation, material shall first be translated to the standard language, then translated from the standard language to the target language. By this translation the standard vocabolary and grammer shall be used.

The terms in the standard vocabolary must however be defined in the first place, that is there must be a prototype that define each term by means of a term in an existing language. To define the vocabolary from the ground, English can be used, that is every term in the standard vocabolary is explained by means of english terms.

That does not mean that the standard vocabolary shall be a copy of the English vocabolary. The standard vocabolary should be strictly devided into subject areas that together constitute a tree or network structure. The place of each term in this structure should be determined by the generality or concreteness of the term and the exact subject area it belongs to.

The terms (stems or words) in the standard vocabolary can be given Englsh names in those cases where it is possible to explain them by one single english word. In other cases a combination of two englsih words can be used. But to achieve a high enough degree of exactness, some system of indexing or numbering is necessary, so that the index or number constitute a part of the term.

Also the structures of the standard grammar must be explained by terms from an existing language, and also here English is convenient to use.

The intermediate language must be unambiguous. Therefore the grammatical structure must have means that connect the elements in each sentence to each other in an unambiguous way.

A way of doing so is by using paranteses to clearly indicate what belong together as a unit and what does not. Between each units confined by paranteces there must be conjunctions defining the logical relationships. On a higher level, there ust be case elements that define the relationships within the whole sentence. These can be prepositions, postpositions, prefixes or endings.

It should also be possible to connect whole sentences together into higher order sentences by means of paranteses, conjunctions and case elements.