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Products for men to get instantly coming, hard and long lasting erections, and to solve problems with lack of erection snall and weak ones and erections that cease too early. Further down on this page there are also information about erectile dysfunctions and how to solve these.

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Welcome to this presentation of products to help for erection problems or to boost your erections into a real ecstatic experience. Pleace click on the banners to learn more or to buy. You also will find information about the causes and mechanisms of erection problems and ways to treat such dysfunctions.

OILS TO APPLY ON THE PENIS TO STIMULATE ERECTIONS AND FEELINGS Erection oils are viscous emulsions ment to be smeared on the penis head or other sensual areas in the male intimate zone. Erection oils are generally based on water as a medium, and with fatty substances like squalane or natural fluid fat types dispersed as small drops. This way of making the basic medium avoids the oils to be greasy. The oily substances are also such natural susbtances that are good for the skin health. They also make the surface of the skin smooth so uhat impleasant friction is avoided during sex.

The physiologically effective substances are dissolved in the water and in the fine oily drops. Both the water and the oily ingredients will penetrate some way into the skin and deliver the effective substanser to the skin tissues. The oily substances chosen are of a kind that easily penetrate into the skin and deliver its active substances. Then the blood stream and tissue fluid streams will carry the effectors along and distribute them in the whole genital zone.

The effective substances are emostly extracts from herbs that a long experience has shown have a stimulating effect on the physiology of the male intimate zone, and especially on the effectiveness of erections.

The erection oils are very effective, and only very small amounts are enough each time they are used. They stara to work almost immediately after application.

Erection oil suits when a man wants a very quick and strong stimulating effect on the erctions  that lasts 2-3 hours.

VigRX oil - Gives instantly coming, intense and long erections - Oinment to smear on the penis head or other sensul points. Gives intense erections that comes quicqly and stay a long time. Enhances the sexual feelings. It also lubricates and smoothen the penis head. A couple of drops is enough .

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Maxoderm - to make great erections and orgasms - Oil for the penis to produce larger erections, longer lasting erections and more powerul orgasms.

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ProSolutionGel - to get erect instantly and to stand erect the time you want - This gel to be smeared on your most intimate penile areas will make your penis erect very swiftly, and you will be able to maintain the erection the time you want without being interrupted by a too soon ejaculation.

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VigRXDelaySpray - serum to spray on the penis to help delay orgasm and ejaculation till you have got the full excitement and it is due for an ample orgasm - By using this serum to be sprayed on the penile head, you can stay on having fun the time you wish and delay the orgasm till the time you like it to happen. During this time your excitement will grow immensely and you will get an intense orgasm when you decide the time has come. By use of this spray you will get rid of excessive sensations stopping the erections too soon, but keep all good sensations.

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These oils and emulsions are primarily ment to ease intimate massage and give a greater sensual experience during massage, and the massge will then enhance erections. They make the skin surface smooth and gives a good glide for the massage movements.  They also often contain arousing scents, or arousing tastes.These oils can usually be used both ny men and women.

These oils are usually based upon high quality natural oils form the plant or animal kingdoms. Massage oils are ment to be used in larger amounts than the erection oils.

Good sources of intimate massage products - Please check these two good internet-based sex-shops where you can find intimate massage media of all kind. All kinds of oils, lotions, balms and equipment for relaxing body massage, massage to tease up the sexual feelings, massage to build up a total erotic ecstacy, or to stimulate to a full explosive orgasm.  Massage articles for heteros, lesbians, gay partners or to use on yourself. Here are two good store ehere to find massage oils and other item for sexual massage and play. The site you get into is an adult one, so you must be at least 18 years old to enter.

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Lubricants are another type of fluids that are fabricated to increase the smoothness of movement during the sexual act. Some of them are composed to be used by both sexes and others are meant especially for men or woman. Some of these fluids are wholly neutral, but others contain sensual smells and scents, and some contain substances to stimulate the feelings in the genitals or to stimulate reactions in the intimate zones of the man or the woman, for example engorgement and erections.

When applying these oils, one can of cource do it by using sensual massage techiques to the penis and to the woman's vulva.

They may be watery based emulsions or wholly based on oils. Products of good quality are based on natural ingredients like squalane, herbal oils or oils from marine sources.

Some of these oils will dissolve the fabric in condomes, other will not do so. If you want to use a condome after pplication, you must chose a product that do not destroy the condomes. Those are usually wholly water-based.

A good source of genital lubricants - These links leads to collections of silkysoft lubricating fluids, some of which also have added ingredients to make you horny through scent, taste and sensual stimulation in the genital region. You also find all types of sex toys for genital play, anal play, breast play or for sexual role-play. The site you get into is an adult one, so you must be at least 18 years old to enter.

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These are pills or capsules based on herbal ingredients and often also on vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. They are ment to work in four simulateous ways: They stimulat the general arousal so that more erctile impulses are sent from the brain to the genital sone. Substances distributed by the blood stimulate directly reseptors in the bloo vessels in the the penis and genitals so that they fill with blood.

Substances that stimulate tissue regeneration help mend damages to the blood vessels in the genital zone, so that the ability of erectio increases. Substances distribute dby the blood stream help the general blood supply in  the genital zone to work more effectively.

The pills have a more comprehensive effect than erection oils, but they take longer time to have effect. If the pills are taken regulary, the effect will however be more or less permanet the whole day and night.

The pills also have a general stimulating effect on a man's health.

The pill suit when a man wants an erection stimulant that have a long lasting effect, and also want a general stimulating effect on his vitality.

MagnaRx to produce larger and harder errections and enhance stamina - In addition to producing larger and harder erections, a great effect of these pills is enhanced edurance during sex, and better ability to control your physical reactions, so that the play lasts the time you want and you can plunge into a satisfactory fulfillment at the time you want.

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ProSolution Pills - Pills to enhance erections and sexual lust - These pills make your penis able to pump itself up much faster, to hild itself firmer and stronger and to be large a longer time. They also enhance your feelings of lust.

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ExtenZe - potency and male lust pills - These pills make you erect bigger and firmer than before. You will be capable of having an erection more often. The pills greatly enhances the intensity and length of your orgasms. You will be ebale to perform and enjoy during a  long session. You will get aroused and lusty for play much more easily, like a teenager.

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VigRxPlus - To give big and frequent erections - These pills make your erections much bigger. Thay also make you able to get erection much more feequently. Apart from these two most prominent effects they also have a general vigorizing effect on other properties of your sexual life.

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These are patches to be fasted near the genital organs. The effective substances in the patches spread through the skin and distribute temselves throughout the genital region. The substances stimulate the sensorial points in the blood vessels so that they respond by filling themselves with blood. They help tissue regeneration to help restore the ability to erect, and they improve the general blood circulation in the genital zone, also helping the erection potency. The patches do not have effect outside the genital zone, and the concentration in the genital zone of effective substances get fairly high. They make a slower response than erection oils, but the effect lasts longer and are more permanent.

Erection patches suit for men that want a permanent effect in the genital zone, but do not want any general effect on the body.

Proenhance - for big and frequent erections
- These patches make your penis grow to a much bigger size during erections. They will also make you able to erct much more frequently. They akso have a general vigorizing effect of other functions in your intimate zone.

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Penis are made of three main parts. One is a round cylinder with an open end to be placed over the penis, and with the open end thight towards the area around the penis base. The other is a mechanical or electric pumping device. The third component is a flexible tube between the cylinder and the device. Good penis pumps also have a manometer that measures the underpressure in the cylider when it is in use.
br> When used the cylider is placed over the penis and evacuated to some extend. Then the penis will engorge and become erect because of the under-pressure inside the cylinder. One must not use a greater under-pressure that 10 mm Hg, since a greater sucking action to the penis can tear blood vessels and damage tissues also otherwise.

Penis pumps are often used together with penis rings. The ring is fitted around the base of the cylinder. When the penis have the wanted size and hardness, the ring is pulled down and around the penile base. This helps preserve the erection effected by the pump.

Penis pumps can also be used to increase the size of the penis. To achieve that result it must be applied around 15-20 minutes every day for an extended period, and with a fairly great under-pressure, but never so great that it hurts the penis. If yoused this way, the pump should have a gauge so that you can measure the under-pressure accurately.

Penis pumps and other sex articles - Here is a good store where to find penis pumps and other items for sexual improvement. You can use penis pumps to help your penis grow just before the act. Thereafter you can use a penis ring to maintain that big erection. Used in a consequent but cautious way in a time period a good penis pumps can be used to increase the volume of your penis. The use of the penis pump can be integreated as an act in the forplay and by iteself be an exciting ingredients that augments the sexual tension. The site you get into is an adult one, so you must be at least 18 years old to enter.

A great collection of penis pumps to help erection and extend the penis


Penis rings are elastic rings to be fitted around the base of an allready erected penis and to be tightened so much that the blood stays inside the penis. Thus the erection is preserved.

Some rings are not tight enough to hold the blood inside the penis, but has only the purpose of stimulating the feelings. Some rings are also combined with a vibrating device to stimulate the feelings.

Penis rings should ideally not be used more than ca 30 minutes a time, since a longer time of use may stop the blood circulation in the penis so long that damage occur. The site you get into is an adult one, so you must be at least 18 years old to enter.

Penis rings and sexual toys - Here is a good exhibition of penis rings and toys for sexual massage and play

Penis rings and other sexual help products and toys

Even more herbal sex products and genital enhancemant items for men and women - Better sex mall - Through this link you will enter a shop where you can find most of the products presented above and also a lot of others. The site has special guidances so that you more easily can choose the right product. If you are looking for something that you did not find above, you will probably find them here.

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Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is the inability of a man to achieve or maintain an erection that is sufficient to have sexual intercourse. It does not mean lack of sexual interest or desire, and the man may or may not be able to have orgasms or ejaculate. Erectile dysfunction can occur at any age. Occasional episodes are considered normal and often do not mean there is a serious problem. Health professionals prefer the term erectile dysfunction over impotence.

Most erection problems are caused by combined physical and psychological factors.

The erection mechanism

Erection occurs by stimulation of a mans senses so he get arosed sight, sound, taste, touch, or smell. The central nervous system then sends nerve impulses that open blood wessels to let more blood flow to his penis. At the same time the blood vessels that drain blood from the penis are blocked enough so that blood stays in the penis, maintaining the erection. This makes the penis fill with blood and get errected.

Normal erection depends on the following:

- An intact nervous system that receives external stimulus signals and sends arousal signals to the penis

- An intact system of arteries and veins (vascular system) that allows blood to flow in and out of the penis

- Valves in the furnishing blood vessels that relax to keep blood flow into the penis.

- Valves in the draining blood vessels that close to keep blood in the penis.

- Normal smooth muscle in the penis, which are able to relax so that the penis can fill with blood.


Pictures showing penis in flaccid state and different degrees of erect states (A free picture from

Physical causes of erection problems

Physical causes of erection problems may be.

- Organic diseases or damage in the brain parts responsible for erection impulses, caused by accidents, strokes, brain tumors or brain surgery.

- Injury or diseases in the spinal cord that leads the impulses down to the genitals or Injury to the nerves from the spinal cord to the penis. Common causes of nerve injury are accidents and neurologic diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

- Physical damage of the blood vessels leading to the penis so that their capasity of relaxing and widening is reduced. This may be caused by diseases, accidents or surgery. Artheroscerosis caused by age and unhealthy living is a common disease attacking these vessels.

- The blood vessels in the erectile bodies may be injured. A common cause is accidents towards the perineal area or penis.

- Problems with the structure of the penis or surrounding tissues. Such structures problems may be congenital as for example hypospadias and epispadias. Complications from circumcission causing the penile skin to be too thight, causing extensive scars or to loose elasticity is another causing factor.

- Medication side effects, such as from medications taken for high blood pressure or depression.

- Hormonal factors or a zinc deficiency.

- Age, particularly over age 50.

- Heart disease.

- Diabetes causing problems with the nerves and blood wessels to the penis.

- High blood pressure (hypertension).

- Liver or kidney disease.

- Alcohol or drug abuse or withdrawal.

Psychological causes of erection problems

Psychological causes interfere with the erection process by distracting the man from things that would normally arouse him or by lessening the effect they normally have on him.

Psychological issues account for about 40% of erection problems. Erection problems in men under age 50 are more likely to be caused by psychological issues.

Psychological causes of erection problems include:

- Depression or psychosis that hinder the brain from sending erectile impulses to the genitals.

- Continous worrying

- Sometimes a man is steadily worrying about not getting an erection, and this vorrying actually hinders his erections, and his lack of erections enforces even more his worrying.

- Emotional upset, such as grief, anxiety, or depression.

- Relationship problems, for example when the woman has differnt preferences of sexual practice than the man.

- A man who looses sexual interest in or desire for a particular partner may develop erection problems.

- A man who has been widowed recently may have erection problems.

- Some men have difficulty having sexual intercourse with their partner after she has given birth because he does not like the changes that the birth process has caused to the woman's body.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction and unsatisfactory erection

Psychological conflicts hindering the erections must either be solved, or the man needs to learn techiques to set the conflicts aside when having sex.

When there is a specific organic cause of erection problems, like hypertension, injury, atherosclerosis, diabetes and depression, the strategy of treating erectile problems will be to treat these causes first.

If there is a distinct blood vessel blockage, vascular surgery can help to solve the problem.

If there is a lack of male sexual hormones in the body, hormone replacement is a possible therapy.

However, often the medical causes cannot be cured or compensated for completely, so that the problems with achieving a good erection persist, and sometimes a specific cause is not found. And even if the original causes are cured, they may have led to changes in the erectile mechanism that still persist.

In these cases it is possible to apply pharmacologiocal and herbal medication that compensate for the malfunctions leading to erectile disturbances, or herbal products with the aim of stimulating tissue repair in the genitals.

Viagra (sidenafil), Cialis (tadalafil) and Levitra (vardanafil) are medicines that work by inducing higher secretion of the tissue hormone nitrogen oxide. Nitrogen oxide then stimulates the blood vessels in the genital area to react stronger and give a better blood filling of the penis. However, nitrogen oxide is not produced if there is a lack of nerval impulses to the genital that ultimately comes from the lust centres of the brain. Therefore these medicines give little help if the problem is a lack of excitement.

Aprostadil (prostaglandin E) is a medicine that help the smooth muscles in the genital area to relax, and thereby helps the blood filling. The preparate is admistered either by injection or by placing it into the urethra.

Herbal preparates can help in different ways. Erection oils have ingredients that diffuse through the genital skin and stimulate directly the erection mechanisms in these organs, and they may therefore help against erection problems even though the impulses from the brain are not good enough.

Herbal pills typically contain ingredients that stimulate at different levels: at the lust centers in the brain, at the blood vessels in the penis and surroundings, and at repair and regeneration processes in tissues of the genitals.

It is also possible to improve erections by means of penis pumps combined with a penis ring. When using such devices, one must be careful not to pump up the penis too hard and not to apply the ring more than half an hour. Penis pumps are tools with a cylinder to be placed over the penis and then some of the air is pumped out of the cylinder so that the penis is filled with blood and rises. Penis rings are rubber bands that can be strapped around the base of the pump and then pushed down over the penis base when the penis has got filled with blood and therefore is stiff.

If the erctile mechanism is totally without responce, a semi-rigid implant into the penis can be used as the last option.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information is nutritional in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.