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Erotic oils and creams for women and men

For massage, lust, arousal and wonderfull orgasms. Also tips about how to intensify the sexuel excitement of a woman

Welcome to this online store with a collection of erotic oils for women and men to enhance sexual lust, maximize arousal, boost the erections  and maximize the orgasmic pleasure.  Pleace click on the product banners to learn more or order the quality products Vigorelle, VigRx Oil and more. Further down on this page there is also an article about female orgasm and how to sexually stimulate a women.

Creams for women to increase sexual feelings and enhance intimate functions

Vigorelle - lust and arousal cream for women - A herbal cream for women that maximizes the erotic lust, her sexual excitement, her good genital feelings and her orgasmic pleasure. It gives instant arousal on contact, more intene and delicious sensations, lubes the clitoris and between her lips, stimulate vaginal secretions and promontes powerful orgasm Please klick on the banner to order Vigorelle.

Vigorelle is a cream to use in a woman's most intimate and sensual areas, as for example on the clitoris and between her genital lips. The cream will turn her un instantly and increase her genital reflexes like a Viagra for women.

The women applies it to her most intimate parts before or during lovemaking, or her lover massages it into her most sensual spots. Then expect intense physical sensations and climaxes that tresspasses earlier experienced boundaries.

The women applies it to her most intimate parts before or during lovemaking, or her lover massages it into her most sensual spots. Then expect intense physical sensations and climaxes that tresspasses earlier experienced boundaries.

- Instantly turns on her physical feelings.

- Stimulates the blood to flow into her vulvar regian, genital lips and clitoris, giving her an exciting intimate engorgement.

- The more intense physical reactions will trigger a higher mental arousal.

- Delights her with deeper, mightier intimate sensations than ever before!

- Allows more tantalizing touches than she's ever before experienced!

- Takes her into explosive orgasms.

- Induces her pantings for more of the same.

Hersolutiongel - for instant good intimate feelings, effective lubrication and stronger sexual functions: To immediately give more good feelings in the pelvic zone, strengthen lubricating vaginal secretion and amplify orgasmic reactions. This cream to apply in the genital zone will be of immense help during periods of poor vaginal secretions to bring back the secretion needed for an ample lubrication in your vagina and vulva. It also enhances the sensuality for erotic touch by your partner and by your own hands. The enhanced good reactions in your vulva and pelvic area will make signals to your central nervous system that also give you an amplified mental and general arousal.

Creams for men to give instant erections and enhanced feelings

VigRXoil - oil to apply on penis head - Makes the erections longer, more intence  and more pleasurable, and thereby increases the total sexual satisfaction for the man himself and his partner. Pleace klick on the banner to order VigRXoil.

The VigRX oil is based on herbal oils and herbal extracts. It is applied to penis head. It gives real hard rections, erections lasting longer, erections with intence plesure, or better erections seen from a total viewpoint. It also gives you extreme exitement. The rock-hard , longer lasting erections are due to natural ingredients that stimulate sensor systems in your penis skin and pubic area. The product is developed by dedicated scientists that combine traditional health practices with modern science to help men reach their sexual peak or overcome sexual concerns through safe, natural means. Ingredients of the product are: Epimedium Leaf Extract, Cuscuta Seed Extract, Ginko Biloba Leaf, Asian Red Ginseng - Panax Ginseng, Saw Palmetto Berry - Fructus Serenoae, Muira Pauma Bark Extract, Catuaba Bark Extract,  Hawthorn Berry - Fructus Crataegi. The total effects of VigRXoil are:

- Induces immediate erections

- Makes the erections big and solid as rock.

- Makes oversized physical arousal that developes into a total arousal including also the mind.

- The orgasms attend Double Strength.

- You get the power to stay for a long ride.

- Maximum Sexual Health

Maxoderm - for extended erections and sweater orgasms: Cream for the penis to get larger erections, longer lasting erections and more ample orgasms.

Prosolutiongel - for instant solid and big erections, and enhanced feelings on your way towards and during the orgasm: This delicious gel enhances the production of nitric oxide inside your genitals, which is the signal substance that boosts the whole process of erection. Gives erections of big size and and make you feel intensely in your genital area, including enhanced peek feelings during the orgasms. It helps you stay erect the whole time you want and avoid interruption of the act by cessation of the erection and feelings prematurely.

VigRX Delay Spray - to delay the orgasm and ejaculation the time you want until you are ripe for an intense climax - This spray will delay the orgasms. You will therefore be able to have active sex as long as you want. During this time your feelings will grow to an intense level, and then you decide when an ample orgasm shall occur.

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Information about sexuality and sexual techiques

We have a lot of information resourses to use by our visitors. A complete list of the resourses is given HERE.

Here we present an article about the sexual reactions of women and how to stimulate a women to a peek arousal and induce her to orgasm.

About female sexual reactions and orgasm

What happens during a female orgasm?

During sexual arosal, the famale organs get filled with blood and somewhat erected, just like a mans penis. This is spesially thrue about the clitoris and the breast nipples.

During sexual arosal, there is also a fluid of some thick consistence excreted by the vaginal wall. This is happening in order to to lubricate the vagina.

In an arosed state a women just like a man will tend to do rhytmical undulating movements with her pelvic area. These movements may be more or less authomatic or also willfully controlled.

A woman approaching orgasm, will often tense nearly all the muscles in her body, a reaction called hypertonicity, lasting from a minute to more than twenty. When the women is excited over a certain limit, a combined psychological and neurological orgasmic trigger start to work.

This is bacically a neurological loop, the physical stimulation sends impulses to the brain, and the brain sends orgasmic impulses back. But more superior parts of the brain also gets impulses from the stimulation, and these parts are in charge of the neurological loop and decides the threshold of excitement neccessary for orgasm to occure.

If the neurological loop does not get the necessary controlling signals from the psychological parts of the brain, orgasm will not occure, or occure too late, or too early.

During orgasms there will be a series of strong contractions of the vaginal wall.

Sensations during orgasm will vary, and several sensational moods will mix together: Women may tell about: A rush of hot feelings, pleasure explotion, ecstatic lust waves throughout the body. A constant core component is the waves of physical pleasure during the muscular contractions of the pelvic floor. A good way to describe an orgasm is therefore this: A series (six to ten) of strong muscle spasms combined with intense waves of pleasure in the genitals at each contraction, the pleasure waves increase for each contraction and reaches a peak of intensity, and then the feelings and contractions decline gradually. At the same time the women feels a psycological ecstacy that also reaches a peek before declining again, and she feels waves of lust radiating from the pelvic organs into nearly every part of her body.

A woman who has never experienced orgasm can get a small sample of that experience by rhythmically contracting her pelvic floor muscles. Then imaginarily multiply these sensations by one hundred!

For many women, there will also be uterine contractions during orgasm, but many will not feel these unless pregnant. Following a hysterectomy, some women report a change in their orgasmic experience, but others will not.

There is also a period of relaxation and warm feelings of contentment that follow an orgasm, and this is often called the afterglow. Some women are capeable form going from this state into a new orgasm, and even several times.

While some believe a woman can learn to be multiply orgasmic, most who are, never remember having learned it. Some just have the ability.

There seem to be two kinds of orgasms, a clitorial orgasm where the peek feelings recide in the clitoris, and a G-point orgasm with a peek in the G-spot and the rectal area. However, most orgasms probably have a component of both even though one of them predominates.

For many women, intercourse alone is not enough to trigger an orgasm. If that is the case, stimulation after the intercourse by fingers or some object on the clitoris, inside the vagina against the G-spot may be necessary. Also stimulating inside the anus up towards the vaginal area may be of grate value.

Female ejaculation, known on the street as squirting, is a kind of an adjunct to G-spot stimulation. One may however have a G-spot orgasm without squirting, or even just squirt a little.

This fluid comes out of the urethral opening, and is often mistaken for urine. The urethral sponge contains glands that fill with fluid when one is turned on. So by ejaculation, it's the contractions of the orgasm forcing that fluid out through the urethra.

How to bring a woman to an orgasm


The importance of foreplay for the total pleasure and erotic ecstacy, and further to the orgasmic experience both for the man and the woman, cannot be overemphesized.

Foreplay is anything before the act of intercourse that gets you excited. It takes women a lot longer than men to get aroused. A woman needs a lot of kissing caressing, and caring words. Wherever you begin, make sure it's comfortable and private. You want no interruptions.

How important is kissing?

Kissing is a great form of foreplay. It can also be widely exciting in itself. Start your kissing slow and gentle, but be firm and authoritative. Don't immediately open your mouth. Focus on using your lips to kiss her cheeks, her chin, and her neck. Then you can draw her lower lip into your mouth and run the tip of your tongue across her teeth. Caress her while you are kissing her. When you start to use your tongue try to keep your tongue slightly pointed and play little games with her tongue. Try focusing on teasing her a little. One thing you also might want to do is explore her gum line a little. That area can be very sensitive.

What should I do with my hands when I am kissing her?

What you do with your hands is very important in arousing a woman. As the kissing goes on fondle her through her clothes. Gently caress her breasts and locate her nipples through the garment. While you are kissing her lips and massaging her breasts, begin to unbutton, unzip, or slip down the top of her garment. As you are pulling her garment down, kiss along her sensual areas. The key to undressing is to take a lot of time with each item of clothing and as you remove each part of her clothing show special attention to that area. Where are her erogenous (sensitive) zones?

Each body part is an erogenous zone, so treat it accordingly. Take it portion by portion. Rushing shows little confidence, so take it slow. Remember the best takes time. Pay special attention to these sensitive areas: Toes, lips, lower back, gums, teeth, tongue, nipples, earlobes, eyebrows, buttocks, ears, temple, inside of thigh.

Why is teasing important?

A woman wants self control in a lover. Bringing her slowly to what she wants sexually is the key to all female pleasure. Be patient and wait until she is delirious, craving and begging for you. Women love it when a man takes time to get to the point and just simply delays for a while. Until a woman's desire is intense, she enjoys being touched non-directly. For example, before a man should touch her breasts, he first should circle them for a while, getting closer and closer. Instead of just touching a woman in her most sensitive places, a woman wants to be teased or led up to the place where she is longing to be touched. You need to remember and focus on delaying direct stimulation to increase a woman's pleasure. You should never touch a woman between the legs until you are sure she is wet. A skillful male will first stimulate a woman's least sensitive areas first, defined above. The best way to tease a woman is by giving a little and then backing up to start over again.

What happens physically to a woman when she gets sexually aroused?

When you first excite a woman, her body goes through a number of physical changes. The most noticeable change you go through is the erection of your penis. A woman's vulva becomes congested with blood, just as your penis does. The labia majora swell and this causes them to draw back, exposing the inner lips and the entrance to the vagina. The inner lips may swell and change to a darker pink. The clitoris may also swell and stiffen. Another noticeable effect of sexual excitement in a woman's body is the secretion of lubricant by glands inside the walls of the vagina. This prepares the vagina for the insertion of your erect penis. Your partner's nipples will may stiffen and her breasts can swell. Her vagina will relax and deepen to give your penis plenty of room.

How can I tell if she's having an orgasm?

She will first feel her orgasm in the lower section of her vagina. The vagina will begin to contract rapidly and her anal muscles will contract involuntarily. Her urethra muscles go through the same spasm. During your partner's orgasm, her nipples will remain erect. Immediately after orgasm, her vagina will become very juicy with lubricant. The nipples gradually soften and the vulva loses its swelling.

Mastering the Touch of the Female Clitoris

Where can I find the clitoris?

To find the clitoris, peel apart the labia minora, the small lips, with the tip of your finger and slide it upward until you reach the little pink bump of flesh in the front. If you are in front of her, you can find it where all the whorls and folds of skin come together at the top of the vagina. The clitoris is about the size of the tip of your little finger. This is the most erotically sensitive spot in a woman's body.

How is the clitoris similar to my penis?

The clitoris is the exact equivalent to the penis, even though it is a lot smaller. In the early stages of fetal development, a penis develops in the male from the same tissue that develops into a clitoris in the female.

Methods to Give Your Partner a Great Orgasm

Method A: 1. First you need to lie directly between her legs.

2. Spread her vaginal lips far apart.

3. Locate her clitoris beneath the clitoral hood.

4. Using only your tongue, lick very gently up and down or side to side.

5. While licking the clitoris you can slowly insert your finger into her vagina, twisting in and out.

Method B:

1. You need to first wet two fingers using your saliva.

2. Insert your fingers slowly but deeply inside her vagina.

3. Now very quickly slip your fingers out of her vagina and slide them over her clitoris again.

4. Place your fingers back into her vagina again.

5. Repeat, but prolong your contact with her clitoris.

6. When you feel her having an orgasm, pull out of her vagina and focus on her clitoris.

Method C:

1. You need to first obtain an erection.

2. Use your hand and press the head of your penis using a circular motion against her clitoris.

3. Slide it down to her vagina with no penetration then slide it back again.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 several times before penetrating only the head of your penis.

5. Finally, when your partner is very excited and wet you can enter the vagina with your penis.

Method D:

"The Delayed Orgasm" You first need to tell her you want her to lie back as still as possible while you lick her clitoris. The object is for her to resist having an orgasm as long as she can. Why does this work? You are relieving her of all the pressure of having to perform. She doesn't have to act because she has enough time to orgasm.

A picture showing the female genital organs. You can see a structure going all the way from the clitoris to the urerhra. This structure continues on both sides of the urethra to the vaginal wall, The whole of this structure is sexually sensitive. The part atound the urethra and near the vagina is often called the G-spot. (This picture originates form the and is therefore free to copy.)

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