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Welcome to this online store of vehicle parts and comodities, and all kind of tools for car works. By clicking at the banners you will find big collection of car parts and car tools for all models. Down on this page also some other types of products are presented. Still frurter down there is some information about  tire sidewall codes.

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Low price store with vehicle security devices, car electronics - GPS navigators, audio/video and much more - This store sells advanced products from many fields for reduced prices. The stores have a great inventory of car electronics and security products. You can however find products of any type in this store.

Vehicle security products, Comodities to use in your vehicle and on journeys - car workshop tools car elctronic and car security - All types ofcomodities that are useful in your car or on journeys: Bags, containers, lights and lanterns, audio/video, coolers, heaters, seat covers, grooming and cleaning equipment,  Also a lot of car parts, equipment to install in your car and workshop tools. You can find many car security products here.

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All kinds of equipement for the internal and external of your car. Map systems and GPS navigation units - By clicking at the banner below, you will find a great collection of accessories for your car, like lanterns, antennas, auto radio / stereo / music, communication electronics, security equipment, GPS nevigation equipment, dashboard equipment, car body parts, washers, window accessories,  interior styling, bags, tool boxes, interior lights, seat equipment and more.  There are also tools and performance parts.

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Core techical parts for all car fabricates and models - This is an enormous warehouse of all those techical parts that make your car roll and parts used to controle the car, like parts for motor, transmission, suspension, stearing, electric supply, fuel and air supply, wheels, brakes and more. You also find a huge inventory of parts for performance upgrade, cargo conainment and cargo loading.

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Examples of the many products available

100 PSI. Manual Foot Pump

100 PSI. Manual Foot Pump

One of the best things to always have around the garage or in the trunk of any vehicle is a Manual Foot...

Kensun Kensun-PortAir-A Portable Travel Multi-Use Air Pump Compressor And Inflator With Digital Gauge And Work light

Kensun Kensun-PortAir-A Portable Travel Multi-Use Air Pump Compressor And Inflator With Digital Gauge And Work light

Kensun's Travel Multi-Use Air Pump Inflator/Compressor can handle many tasks admirably. From light inflating of pool equipment to heavy duty car tire inflating this machine will handle it all with effectiveness and flare.

  • Convenient carry-case for comfortable portability and storage. Plugs into car cigarette lighter socket
  • Pressure meter - Digital Gauge [PSI/BAR] with auto shut-off
  • Bright LED worklight for night illumination
  • Long-reaching cord 9 ft. 10 in. (3 m) and air hose 2 ft. 7.5 in. (80 cm.)
  • 2 inflation adapter nozzles included

CRC Throttle Body & Air Intake Cleaner 12 Oz

CRC Throttle Body & Air Intake Cleaner 12 Oz

Provides smoother engine performance Provides easier starting Cleans gum and varnish from...

K&N Air Filter Cleaner 32 oz

K&N Air Filter Cleaner 32 oz

Formulated to clean K&N Filtercharger elements Other cleaning solution can void the filters...

K&N 12 oz. Air Filter Oil

K&N 12 oz. Air Filter Oil

K&N Air Filter Oil has been specially formulated to work in combination with the cotton fabric in K&N...

K&N Air & Oil Filter Cleaner Kit

K&N Air & Oil Filter Cleaner Kit

K&N filters come pre-oiled but when its time to clean them youll need both the cleaner and the oil. Simply...

CTA Master Cylinder Japanese Adapter

CTA Master Cylinder Japanese Adapter

Adapter to use with the CTA Pressure Brake Bleeder Can also use with most pressure brake bleeders...

Aerosol Adapter Kit For 3M 8958

Aerosol Adapter Kit For 3M 8958

Cleans intake manifolds valves combustion chambers. Protects against carbon build-up and knock. Restores...

Airaid Ford Excursion F250 & F350 Intake & Filter 2003-2007

Airaid Ford Excursion F250 & F350 Intake & Filter 2003-2007

Airaid intake systems are specifically designed to take full advantage of todays vehicle technology thereby...

K&N Universal Chrome Cold Air Intake Filter

K&N Universal Chrome Cold Air Intake Filter

Universal chrome filter replacement for most Typhoon and other cold air intake systems. Product...

K&N Reverse Conical Universal Filter

K&N Reverse Conical Universal Filter

A unique approach to filter design and concept. With a filtering top that actually inverts dropping into...

Jeep Cherokee XJ 4.0L Polished Aluminum Air Intake Kit 1991-2001

Jeep Cherokee XJ 4.0L Polished Aluminum Air Intake Kit 1991-2001

Application Jeep Cherokee XJ with a 4.0L engine Years covered 1991-2001 Aluminum air intake...

Pilot Honda Civic Air Intake System Tubing 1992-2000

Pilot Honda Civic Air Intake System Tubing 1992-2000

Delivers a high volume of clean air to your engine for increased performance Polished aluminum...

Accutire Racing Tire Gauge

Accutire Racing Tire Gauge

This racing gauge is the most accurate gauge available! It reads extremely low racing pressures and has...

Accutire Wireless RF Digital Tire Pressure Measuring System

Accutire Wireless RF Digital Tire Pressure Measuring System

Displays tire pressure of each tire on avehicle or trailer while driving Works up...

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Informational resources for our visitors - Here is an article about tire codes. To find other information resources, please go to this page

Demystifying The Tire Sidewall Code

By: Debbie Pettitt

So, you need new tires for your car or truck, but how do you know what to buy? What do all those alphanumeric codes printed on the tire sidewalls mean, anyway?

If you're in the market for new tires, you may simply want to replace your worn tires with exactly the same tire it came with. But you MAY want to consider an upgrade. If you know how to read the tire sidewalls, chock full of valuable information, you've got an advantage over most people and are prepared to make an informed decision. So let's get underway!

Tire Size Markings (example: P215/65R15 89H)

Broken down:
P = Passenger
Other designations are
LT = Light Truck
T = Temporary (spare tire)

215 is the width (in millimeters) of the tire from sidewall to sidewall. A wider tire has more grip but the bad news is that you lose fuel economy, hear more noise and the tires don't work as well in the rain.

65 is the aspect ratio
The aspect ratio is the ratio of sidewall height to tire width. With regards to aspect ratio, the larger the number, the taller the tire sidewall. Tall (60-75) is great for a quiet ride but causes howling in turns. Short (35-55) is better for handling--more for sports cars.

R indicates Radial. This means it is constructed with a series of support belts sideways under the tread.
Other designations include
B for Belted Bias
D for Diagonal Bias
The standard, and what you'll see most often, is R.

15 is the wheel (or rim) diameter, in inches.

89 is the load index
H is the speed rating
Speed ratings indicate the top speed under ideal conditions. Higher-rated tires are usually made of softer rubber and will have shorter UTQG tread life. Here are a few of the more common speed ratings: R= 106, S=112, T=118, U=124, H=130, V=149, W=168, Y=186. Along with this speed rating, you have a load index which indicates the approximate weight the tire can carry. Some of the more common load weights are as follows: 85 = 1,135 pounds, 86 = 1,168 pounds, 87 = 1,201 pounds, 88 = 1,235 pounds.

UTQG Ratings

Passenger car tires are accompanied by a UTQG Rating (Uniform Tire Quality Grading, mandated by the Federal Government) which rates the tread life of tires by looking at tread wear, traction and temperature resistance. The UTQG Rating is usually found opposite the tire size markings and will be in three separate ratings: treadwear, traction and temperature.

The treadware grade standard is 100. A grade of 200 means the tread would wear twice as well as a tire graded 100.

Traction grades run from AA to C, with AA being the highest grade and C meaning the tire brakes poorly on both wet concrete and wet asphalt.

Temperature grades rate the tire's resistance to and ability to dispel heat. Those grades are A (resists heat well), B (not as good as A) and C (passes minimum safety standards.) Keep in mind that heavy loads, under-inflation of the tires, and high speeds can all affect the tire temperature.

You should note that these tire grades rate tires measured under controlled conditions. Factors such as driving habits, road conditions, climate, etc., are not considerations and may affect the actual performance of your tire.


DOT (Department of Transportation) indicates the tire is in compliance with applicable DOT safety standards. Next to DOT is an identification or serial number--codes that designate where and when the tire was produced.

You'll also find other information on the sidewall such as the type and composition of the tire, the maximum cold inflation (PSI) and maximum load in pounds.

So as you can see, tires carry a huge amount of information. But it's really not all that complicated once you learn to read the code.

Article Source:

Debbie Pettitt is webmaster for Everything Tires, your tire resource. For more information on tires, visit

What is Electrolysis, the Mechanisms of Electrolysis Explained

Electrolysis is making chemical reactions happen by means of electric current. The basic reactions by electrolysis is cleavage of molecules to price two new substances, but additional reactions can occur than gives a more complicated result.

For electrolysis to occur, the substance treated must consist of electrically charged atoms or atom groups, called ions, wholly or partially. It is the ions that take part in the process. If the material is only partly made up of ions, new ins will be produced in the material during the electrolysis.


By electrolysis you have a positive and a negative electrode immersed in a solution of a material split into ions, or some melted material of the kind, often a salt, a base or an acid.

Positive ions, usually metallic ions, are attracted to the negative electrode, cathode, where they get an electron and are converted to molecules of the substance or to solid metal. The substance can be deposited onto the cathode, escape as gas or get into the solution

Negative ions wander to the positive electrode, anode, where they deliver an electron and are converted to molecules. Again he substance can be deposited onto the anode, escape as gas or get into the solution.

Often additional reactions can occur with one or both of the products, so the end result is not always the direct result of the electrolysis. Often one of the products reacts with water in the solution.


A simple electrolysis is that of of copper cloride, CuCl, dissolved in water or melted. The copper is found as positively charged ions, CU+, that wander towards the cathode, while the negatively charged chlorine ion, Cl-, wanders to the anode. Metallic copper is produced and deposited ar the cathode. Chlorine is produced by the positive anode, that escapes as gas.


Another simple electrolysis is that of of common salt, HCl, dissolved in water or melted. The hydrogen is positively charged ions that wander towards the cathode, while the negatively charged chloride ion wanders to the anode. Hydrogen is produced by the cathode that escapes as gas. Chlorine is produced by the positive anode, that also escapes as gas.

This reaction is somewaht more complicated when occuring in solution, because hydrogen ions that are bare protons are not free, but catched in a water molecule. The complex of a proton and hydrogen, H3O+, is actually what wanders to the cathode where the proton gets and electron to form hydrogen atoms that are combined to molecules, H2, that escape as gas.


Another example of electrolysis, which is more complex, is that of Copper sulfate, CuSO4, in watery solution. Copper will be deposited onto the cathode. At the anode, the produced neutral group so4 will react with water to produce oxygen and sulfuric acid H2SO4 that will dissolve in water.


By electrolysis of sodium hydroxyde, NaOh, in water, the end result is not a consume of NaOh, but production of hydrogen bythe cathode and oxygen by the anode.

Na+ wanders to the cathode, gets an electrone and is converted to NA. But Na is very reactive. There Na-atoms will imediately react width water to produce new Na+, OH- and hydrogen molecules that escape by the cathode.

The hydroxyl ion wanders to the anode where it delivers an electrone to produce OH. There OH groups will react to form water and oxugen.

Because NA+ and OH- is regenerated by the cathode, and less water is produced by the anode than that consumed by the cathode, the end result is consume of water, a steadily more concentrated NaOH solution, production of hydrogen by the cathode and production of oxygen by the anode.