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Welcome to this online store of equipment for cars and other vehicles. By clicking at the banners you will find a huge collection of equipment for all car models. Further down on this page there are especially featured some products for rust protection and treatment against rust and also some other products. Further down on this page there are also articles about rist protection auto maintenance.

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Examples of the many products available - especially rust protection and removal items for cars, boats and domestic properties

Griot's Garage 3

Griot's Garage 3" Random Orbital Buffer - Three Inch Orbital Polisher

Orbital Buffers & Polishers by Griot's Garage. Griot's Garage 3" Random Orbital Buffer Features - Tackle the tightest waxing spaces with the Griot's Garage 3" Random Orbital Buffer. Easiest way to remove swirl marks in small, tight areas. Perfect companion to the Griot's Garage 6" Random Orbital Buffer. Also great for polishing paint, metal, plastic, glass and applying waxes or sealants. 3" hook-and-loop backing plate accepts all 3" pads. Griot's Garage 3" Random Orbital Buffer - FREE SHIPPING. For the top selection of Griot's Garage Auto Detailing Supplies shop online today. The Griot's Garage 3" Random Orbital Buffer - FREE SHIPPING

Griot's Garage 6

Griot's Garage 6" Random Orbital Buffer

Orbital Buffers & Polishers by Griot's Garage. Griot's Garage 6" Random Orbital Buffer Features - Get a flawless finish every time with the Griot's Garage 6" Random Orbital Buffer. This 3rd generation Griot's buffer is the best one they've ever built. Convenient speed control and power switch placement. 6–position adjustable handle boasts a soft, rubberized grip. Front palm grip is domed and rubberized for maximum comfort. Griots Garage 6" Random Orbital Buffer - FREE SHIPPING! For the top selection of Griot's Garage Auto Detailing Supplies shop online today. The Griots Garage 6" Random Orbital Buffer - FREE SHIPPING!

Makita Premium Electronic 7" Polisher & Sander Kit

Makita Premium Electronic 7" Polisher & Sander Kit

Pre-set speed setting dial from 600-3000 RPM for maximum control Electronic speed control maintains...

TruAP Fan Clutch Wrench Set

TruAP Fan Clutch Wrench Set

Engine Tools by TruAP. TruAP Fan Clutch Wrench Set Features - TruAP Fan Clutch Wrench Sets make it easier to finish your work on water pumps or fan clutches. Each component within this 24-piece set is crafted from steel alloy and painted for rust-resistance. Can also be used for installation and removal of serpentine belts. Tools are easy to transport and keep safe thanks to a plastic carrying case. Your TruAP Fan Clutch Wrench Set is covered by a 1-year warranty. TruAP Fan Clutch Wrench Set - 24 Piece Kit - FREE SHIPPING!

Rubicon Express Crossmember Kit

Rubicon Express Crossmember Kit

Control Arms by Rubicon Express. Rubicon Express Crossmember Kit Features - Kick your Jeep's suspension into high gear with the Rubicon Express Crossmember Kit. Front control arm mounted for an OEM-quality fit and outlasting performance. Allows for full, flexible motion of XJLA unibody. Black powder-coated for a long-lasting, rust-free finish. Rubicon Express Crossmember Kit requires some welding. Rubicon Express Crossmember Kit - Designed for XJ Long Arm Kits! For the top selection of Rubicon Express Suspension Systems shop online today. The Rubicon Express Crossmember Kit - Designed for XJ Long Arm Kits! will improve and personalize your vehicle.

2009 Chevy Colorado Belltech Flip Kit

2009 Chevy Colorado Belltech Flip Kit

2009 Chevy Colorado Belltech Lowering Kits. Belltech Flip Kit Features - For the most radical rear-end drop available, go with the Belltech Flip Kit. Custom configured for a perfect fit on your rig. Repositions your axle on top of the leaf springs, making room for up to a 7" slam. Every component is built tough from meaty steel and powder coated to fend off rust. Steel C-section brackets included with most kits. Belltech Flip Kit - FREE SHIPPING from AutoAnything. For the top selection of Chevy Colorado 2009 Belltech Suspension Systems shop online today. The Belltech Flip Kit - FREE SHIPPING.

Black & Decker 500 Amp Low-Profile Jump Starter with Inflator

Black & Decker 500 Amp Low-Profile Jump Starter with Inflator

The 500 AMP Low-Profile Jump Starter with Inflator is a must have for all vehicles. It instantly provides...

3M Rust and Paint Stripper

3M Rust and Paint Stripper

3M Paint and Rust Stripper removes rust scale and old paint from metal. Attaches easily to an electric...

Gunk Radiator Anti-Rust & Water Pump Lubricant 11 oz.

Gunk Radiator Anti-Rust & Water Pump Lubricant 11 oz.

Gunk Radiator Anti-Rust & Water Pump Lubricant is ideal for all types of water cooled engines. Stops...

Permatex 10 oz. Aero Rust Treatment

Permatex 10 oz. Aero Rust Treatment

Provides one-step rust treatment that destroys old rust prevents new rust. Just brush or spray it on....

HinderRust Lubricant & Rust Blocker Spray 8 oz

HinderRust Lubricant & Rust Blocker Spray 8 oz

Hinder Rust is a rust inhibiting lubricant that is solvent free non aerosol based and odor free. Hinder...

Krylon Rust Tough Rust Preventative Enamels 12 oz.

Krylon Rust Tough Rust Preventative Enamels 12 oz.

Stop rust before it happens. Spray Krylon Rust Tough Rust Preventative Enamels directly on your metal...

Bell Chemical Roll Off Cleaner & Stain Remover Remover; Gallon

Bell Chemical Roll Off Cleaner & Stain Remover Remover; Gallon

Bell Chemical Roll Off Cleaner & Stain Remover Remover; Gallon . Formulated for general cleaning from the waterline up; uses for this all-purpose cleaner include removal of dirt and grime; exhaust stains; rust stains; bird and spider droppings and vinyl and canvas tops.

Leland Rust And Corrosion Protection Vci Tool Bag

Leland Rust And Corrosion Protection Vci Tool Bag

Leland Rust Corrosion Protection Vci Tool Bag . Protect tools; fishing gear; screws; nuts; bolts and more from rust with these heavy-duty; specially lined; zip-close polyethylene bags that work without messy oil. They are lined instead with odorless corrosion inhibitors that volatilize and form a protective molecular layer. The process does not leave a residue-so tools and other stored items are ready to use the moment you remove them from the bag. Set of three bags measuring 6'' x 8''; 8'' x 10'' and 12'' x 18''. Made in the U.S.A. Suggested uses: Fishing hooks and lures Hand tools Hardware screws; nuts and bolts CO2 Re-arming kits for PFDs

3M Green Corps Fiber Disc 5''; 24 Grit; 20 Pk

3M Green Corps Fiber Disc 5''; 24 Grit; 20 Pk

3m Green Corps Fiber Disc 5''; 24 Grit; 20 Pk . Used for grinding door skins; MIG welds or any kind of metal or fiberglass grinding. Other applications include paint; rust; and weld removal and metal work. 3Ms highest performing fibre disc. Abrasive Backing Type Fibre Abrasive Mineral Type Cubitron(TM) ANSI Grade 50 Center Hole Diameter 7/8 Inch Color Green Diameter 5 Inch

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Here are some advices about car maintainance. To find other information resources, please go to this page

About Rust and Rust Protection

Rust is a compounds of iron (Fe) and oxygen (O) and often also hydrogen (H). According to the composition rust may be yellow, reddish, brownish or blackish. Since the rust is not strong as the iron itself, but breaks away and leave holes and areas with reduced thickness, rust is a sort of corrosion.

Ommo components of rust are hydrated iron(III) oxides Fe2O3·nH2O and iron(III) oxide-hydroxide (FeO(OH) and iron-hydroxide Fe(OH)3). Rusting is the common term for corrosion of iron and its alloys, such as steel.  In these oxides iron has the valence and oxidation number III. These kind of exids are mechanically weak, tend to draw more water into themsleves and flake off.

Rust is a major problem of constructions composed of iron or ferrous materials. In certain metals compounds of metal and oxygen form a water-tight and air-tight layer that prevents further corrosion inside the metal. Stainless steel is made with alloys so thet such layers are formed.

The rust on iron, however, form flakes that loosen and crack so that oxygen and humidity reaches steadily further into. Finally there will be holes or the material breaks apart.

The presense of humidity and oxygen together disposes for formation of rust. If the matrial is often worm it will rust faster. Presense of dissolved salts, sulphur dioxide or carbon dioxide in the water accelerates the rusting heavily.

Treatment of cars to hinder rusting and repair for rusting

Rust can often be prevented by galvanization where a lyer of another metal is deposited onto the iron. This is done either by electolysis or by dipping the iron in melted metal. The metal used must be of the kind that form oxygen layers thet are unpermeable to water and air, for example zink or crome.

Rust can also be prevented by alloying the iron with a metal that form a tight oxygen layer at the surface. Iron-based metals with such composition is called stainless steal.

In cars it is not practicle to make the whole vehicle of stailess steel, because of the costs and because that kind of steal do ot have the right mechanical prpperties. Galvanizing all parts or specially exposed parts is a common procedure.

Alternatively, iron constructions can be protected with petroleum-based products, particularly for cars. 

Old cars often do not have galvanized constructions. When a car is some years old, there will often also be injuries to the galvanization covering the iron parts.

In these cars vital parts that bear the construction should be protected by some oil-based product or some protective anamel paint.

If there allready is rust present, all loose rust must be scrached off. Then you must use a product upon the rusty parts that combines with the remaining rust and make a strong protective layer.

Then you can paint upon the treated parts or you can use an oil-based sheet for further protection.

Chemical reactions during rusting

By rusting electrons are tranfered from iron to oxygen and under combination of the resulting oxygen ions with water to  OH-,

2 Fe > 2 Fe2+ + 4 e−

O2 + 4 e- + 2 H2O > 4 OH-

These reactions are strongly accelerated by low Ph. Then the resulted iron ions react once more with oxygen to form Fe3+.

2 Fe2+ + O2 > 2 Fe3+ + O2−
Then the ironIII-ions and OH- ions combine to form one component of the rust, iron-III-hydroxide.

Fe3+ + 3 OH- > Fe(OH)3.

Then also this reaction will occur:

Fe3+ + O2- + OH- > FeO(OH).

Additionally, the following multistep acid-base accelerated reactions affect the over-all result:

Fe2+ + 2 H2O > Fe(OH)2 + 2 H+
Fe3+ + 3 H2O > Fe(OH)3 + 3 H+
as do the following dehydration equilibria:

Fe(OH)2 > FeO + H2O
Fe(OH)3 > FeO(OH) + H2O
2 FeO(OH) >  Fe2O3 + H2


Perform Your Own Automobile Maintenance

By: David Maillie

Today’s cars can typically be expected to pass the 200,000 mile mark with consistent automobile maintenance. With the price of automobiles, you will want to protect that investment by performing regular maintenance. If you can do much of the work yourself, you will save a lot of money in labor. Invest in a good set of tools and choose quality parts when performing your own automobile maintenance.

If you have some skill, but want to learn more look for courses in general repairs and maintenance. These can often be found at your local community center, Community College or an automotive technical school in your area. Consider investing in a good repair manual for your car, such as a Chilton’s manual. The internet is a good place to look for articles and information. There are many sites devoted to auto repair and maintenance.

You will want to keep track of all maintenance performed on your car. You can do this in a log, a notebook or on your home computer. There is software available to help you keep track of maintenance. These programs track repairs, maintenance, replacement parts used on the vehicle and fuel consumption. You can use the same software for multiple vehicles.

Most software allows you to create a service schedule and will remind you when it’s time to perform maintenance tasks on each vehicle in your household. The software contains a wide variety of tips for car care. In addition, many have reference and diagnostic tools to help you diagnose various problems with your cars. Many companies offer a free trial that can be downloaded on the internet. This allows you to try out the program before investing your money.

Your owner’s manual will give you some basic information about when certain maintenance tasks should be done. Most tasks will be listed according to the mileage on the car.


3000 Mile Maintenance

Change the oil in your engine every 3000 miles. The filter should be changed at the same time. Newer synthetic oils are said to last longer without breaking down. When you change the oil, check the fluids, the air filter, tires, hoses and belts. At this time check the battery cables and terminals for corrosion. This can be removed with a wire brush or sandpaper.

5000-10,000 Miles:

Have your tires rotated and balanced every five to ten thousand miles. This helps the tires wear evenly and extends the life. The best tires should be put in the front of the car. Check the tire pressure regularly and check the tread for signs of uneven wear or damage.

15,000 Miles:

Change the air filter every 15,000 miles. A clean air filter improves the fuel economy of your car. A dirty air filter can cause the engine to run rough and stall. At this time you should also check the pads and shoes on your brake system. Check the brake fluid and top it of, as needed. The fluid should be clear. If you notice noise when the brakes are applied or the steering wheel shakes or vibrates, this can be an indication that the brakes need replacing. In this case, don’t wait check the brakes and replace as needed.

30,000 Miles:

Check the fluid level on your transmission. The owner’s manual will have information about the kind of fluid that should be used in your car. The manual should have directions on how to drain and replace the fluid. The pan gasket should be changed when the fluid is drained. Also at this time, give the car a tune up. Replace all spark plugs and wires.

50,000 Miles:

Change the coolant at 50,000 miles. See the owner’s manual for directions on how to perform this task.

Remember to take care of your car’s finish. You want the paint to remain in good condition for as long as possible. Wash the car regularly, even in the winter when salt from the roads can ruin the finish. Apply wax to protect the paint from the sun, salt and weather conditions. Don’t neglect the headlights, which can become cloudy and won’t operate as well. New Lite Headlight Cleaner and Restorer will return cloudy headlights to like new condition. Learn more about this product at


Article Source:

David Maillie is a chemist with over 12 years experience in biochemical research and clynical analysis. He is an alumni of Cornell University and specializes in biochemical synthesis for public, private, and governmental interests. He holds numerous patents including his recently awarded patent for headlight cleaner and restorer. He can be reached at M.D. Wholesale: