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Further down you can read about technology to supply the motor of the car with enough air for effecient work, especially about air intake principles, turbochargers and compressors.

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Welcome to this online store of cars accessories. By clicking at the banners you will find a huge collection of car parts for an affordable prize. Further down on this page there is some information about air intakes, including cold air intake systems.

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All types of mechanical and electric car parts for repair or for giving your car a higher performance - Stearing, electric system, radio, fuel system, motor, trimming and performance parts, driving computer, navigation, seats, doors, locks, glasses, brakes, suspention, exhaust system, driving security, cool air intakes and more.

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All kinds of equipement for the internal and external of your car. Map systems and GPS navigation units - By clicking at the banner below, you will find a great collection of accessories for your car, like  lanterns,  antennas, auto radio / stereo / music, communication electronics, security equipment, GPS nevigation equipment, dashboard equipment, car body parts, washers, window accessories,  interior styling, bags, tool boxes, interior lights, seat equipment and more.  There are also tools and performance parts like chips and air intake upgrades.

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All types of equipment for offroad vehicles - This is a great store of offroad equipment. Here are presented links to one of the products. If you want to buy this product or to browse the whole store to look at more products, you can go through this link.

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Example of the many products available

Superflow Twin Turbo Portable Air Compressor

Superflow Twin Turbo Portable Air Compressor

Powers directly from your vehicles cigarette lighter or 12 Volt outlet Easy to use Perfect...

Wolo Bad Boy Chrome Air Horn

Wolo Bad Boy Chrome Air Horn

Wolo Bad Boy Chrome Plated Air Horn Diaphragm has a flat shaped chrome cover as well as...

Thermo-Tec Cool-Air Tube Heat Shield

Thermo-Tec Cool-Air Tube Heat Shield

Keep your induction air cool with this unique lace up tube cover. The design of the cover allows it to...

Hella 12V Triple-Tone Air Horn Kit

Hella 12V Triple-Tone Air Horn Kit

Three red horn trumpets Comes with a high performance compressor with relay and...

K&N Reverse Conical Universal Filter

K&N Reverse Conical Universal Filter

A unique approach to filter design and concept. With a filtering top that actually inverts dropping into...

Performance Tool Air Conditioner Manifold Gauge Test Kit

Performance Tool Air Conditioner Manifold Gauge Test Kit

A/C Manifold Test Kit 50 long hose High quality brass fittings 0-120psi low side ...

Volant Ram Air Scoop, Volant - Air Intake Systems - Cold Air Intake

Volant Ram Air Scoop, Volant - Air Intake Systems - Cold Air Intake

Scoops & Snorkels by Volant. Volant Ram Air Scoop Features - Maintain consistent horsepower, torque and fuel economy gains with the Volant Ram Air Scoop. Mounts to your front bumper to draw in colder, denser oxygen from outside your engine compartment. Volant's Ram Air Scoop is custom-made for a seamless fit in your year, make and model. Easy to install-hooks right into your Volant Cold Air Intake Kit, giving you extra energy when you hit highway cruising speeds. Your Volant Ram Air Scoop is constructed from X-Link polyethylene-legendary for its ruggedness and resistance to heat transfer.

K&N Cold Air Intake, K&N FIPK Air Intake (Fuel Injection Performance Kit), K&N - Air Intake Systems

K&N Cold Air Intake, K&N FIPK Air Intake (Fuel Injection Performance Kit), K&N - Air Intake Systems

Cold Air Intakes by K&N. K&N 57 Series FIPK Air Intake (50-State Legal) Features - Boost passing power, pulling torque, throttle response and even MPG with the legendary K&N 57 Series FIPK Air Intake (50-State Legal). Custom-engineered for your specific year, make and model. Powered by a famous K&N Filtercharger cotton-gauze air filter-washable and reusable for the life of your vehicle. Features a custom-molded crosslink nylon intake tube-delivers cooler air than metal tubes on most vehicles. Designed with a parabolic diverter chamber that increases air velocity while smoothing flow. K&N 57 Series FIPK Air Intake (50-State Legal) - SHIPS FREE.

Takeda Replacement Air Intake Filters TF-9001D

Takeda Replacement Air Intake Filters TF-9001D

Air Filters - Universal Fit by Takeda. Takeda Replacement Air Intake Filters Features - Takeda Replacement Air Intake Filters replace your worn-out performance filter. Tuned specifically to maximize your Takeda intake performance. Works with other brand intakes (sold by size). Choose the Pro Dry S oil-free filter or the Pro 5R oiled filter. Pro Dry S: Oil-free media, 2 layers of randomly porous fabric, synthetic construction, 99.2% filtration efficiency, quick and easy to service. Takeda Air Filters, Takeda CAI Filter, Takeda Universal Air Filters.

HPS Performance Silicone Air Intake Hoses

HPS Performance Silicone Air Intake Hoses

Cold Air Intakes by HPS. HPS Performance Silicone Air Intake Hoses Features - Keep it cool and free with HPS Performance Silicone Air Intake Hoses. Replaces restrictive OEM hoses with high-temp reinforced silicone-for racing, off-road and show use only. Smooth internal tubing surface delivers better air flow and air velocity while reducing heat soak in the engine bay. Allows stock air box to perform at a higher, more efficient level. Multiple reinforced layers handle extreme heat and pressure. HPS Intake Hose - Performance Silicone Intake Couplers.

Edelbrock Performer Air Gap Intake Manifolds

Edelbrock Performer Air Gap Intake Manifolds

Intake Manifolds by Edelbrock. Edelbrock Performer Air Gap Intake Manifolds Features - Take the street by force with the Performer Air Gap Intake Manifold. Provides all of the great qualities of their legendary Performer Series Intake Manifold with an advanced, power-building design. Air-Gap design creates a space in between the hot engine valley and intake runners for a denser air charge and more power. Performance designed intake runners provide high velocity airflow for crisp throttle response between Idle-5500RPM. Designed to fit your carbureted 1955-95 small block Chevy V8. Edelbrock Air Gap Intake Manifold - Free Shipping & Reviews on Edelbrock Performer Air Gap Intake Manifolds. For the top selection of Edelbrock Engines & Components shop online today.

BBK Intake Manifolds, BBK - Air Intake Systems - Intake Manifolds

BBK Intake Manifolds, BBK - Air Intake Systems - Intake Manifolds

Intake Manifolds by BBK. BBK Intake Manifolds Features - Strip away your stock manifold and bolt-on a big boost in power with a BBK Intake Manifold. Custom engineered to unleash the maximum horsepower from your specific engine-up to 24 ponies (varies by vehicle). BBK Intake Manifolds are wrought from choice aluminum. Designed for eye-catching looks on top of the tire-twisting energy. Available with a polished, titanium or charcoal finish (depending on your vehicle). BBK Intake Manifold, BBK SSI Performance Intake Manifolds. For the top selection of BBK Air Intake Systems shop online today.

Banks High-Ram Intake, Banks - Air Intake Systems - Intake Manifolds

Banks High-Ram Intake, Banks - Air Intake Systems - Intake Manifolds

Intake Manifolds by Banks. Banks Monster-Ram Intake Features - Larger and less restrictive engineering allows for increased air flow. Made from a strong cast-metal design. Increased air flow provides improved acceleration and fuel efficiency. Backed by a 5-year warranty. Banks Monster-Ram Intake - Banks Power Monster Ram & High Ram Intake Manifolds.

Banks Ram-Air Intake, Banks - Air Intake Systems - Cold Air Intake

Banks Ram-Air Intake, Banks - Air Intake Systems - Cold Air Intake

Cold Air Intakes by Banks. Banks Ram-Air Intake Features - The Banks Ram-Air Intake intensifies airflow for maximum power and efficiency. Custom made for your specific year, make and model vehicle. Amplified airflow bolsters horsepower and torque. Greater engine efficiency improves fuel mileage (if you can keep your foot off the floor). Includes Banks' reusable high-flow air filter--8-plys of premium cotton gauze. Banks Air Intakes, Banks Ram Air Intake - Videos, Installations & Reviews.

Buick Cold Air Intake - Airaid Intake System

Buick Cold Air Intake - Airaid Intake System

Buick Cold Air Intake - Airaid Intake System Features - The Airaid Cold Air Intake System dramatically boosts airflow for great gains in horsepower and torque. Custom-fit to your specific year, make and model. Airaid Intake Systems employ a washable, reusable Airaid Filter that lasts the life of your vehicle. Choose between a high-flow cotton-gauze SynthaFlow oiled filter or an easy-to-clean synthetic SynthaMax dry filter. Available in two intake designs:. Airaid Intake System - FREE SHIPPING from AutoAnything.

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Ways of letting an engine get more air for combustion of the fuel

The more air you can get into an engine, the more fuel can be combusted at each pisto cycle and the greater work can the engine do.

Cool air intake systems and air shielding

One principle of achieving a higher air density is to let the air that goes from the outside far away from the motor so that it can be so cold as possible. Cold air contains more mass of oxygen than warm air in each volume unit, so the engine gets more oxygen this way. Usually cool air intake systems let the air in under the grill.

By letting the cold air intake be heading frontwards pointing in the direction the car moves, the speed of the car will also press the air inside with force and compress it, which means that this effect also increae the supply of air to the motor

By shielding the air hoses with an outer coverage you can also hinder the air of getting hot before the entering the motor. Normally a cool intake system will have shields too, but sucj can also be puchased separately.

Multi-valve systems and other ways of widening the air intake to the cylinders

Another principle is to let the air intake be as wide as possible. Thereby the air going into the engine do not get as easily thinned out by resistance and the air pressure is not getting so easily reduced. Also this effect increases the amount of oxygen the motor gets.

But all of the path of the air into the motor most get wider, including the air intake, hoses, manifolds, filters and valve system. Having greater capacity in just one part, while others are narrow, will only gain just a little.

By letting the motor have many or wide valves, the last hinderance for the air to enter the motor is alleviated, allowing more air to get inside.

Also the air intake must be kept clean to secure optimal motor performance. Filters must be cleaned or shifted regularly, and also the whole of the intake system must regularly be rinsed.

Turbochargers and compressors

A third principle is to press the air into the motor by some compressor device, of which the most usual are turbochargers and superchargers (compressors).

Therefore it is possible to inject more fuel for each piston stroke and get the injected fuel more totally consumed. Because of this you can get more power out of the motor or you can drive more economically when you take out a more average power.

Here are some articles that explaining more about devices to get more air into the mortor.


An intercooler is a heat exchanger mounted after the turbocharger or compressor to take away heat that the compression has produced, which make the air entering into the motor more dense and containing more oxygen per volume unit. This gives the motor more power, but also protects the motor from overheating.

The intercooler contains several parallel tubes the air goes through, and between the tubes cold air or water is circulated to take away the heat and deliver it to the outside.

One will somtimes use a double compressor with the intercooler mounted in the air flow between the compressors, and another fater the second compressor.

Sometimes one will also use an extra intercooler to cool down air let out from the motor that shall be used to drive a turbocharger.

About turbochargers and compressors (superchargers)

These are units that actively press air into the motor so that compressed air enters the cylinders. Compressed air have a greater pressure and contain more oxygen mass per volume unit. Thereby the motor is able to burn more fuel at each stroke cycle and thereby deliver more work. Turbochargers also enable the moror to work effectively at very high revolution speeds.

Turbochargers and compressors difer in the way they are driven.

A turbocharger is a double turbine unit coupled together. The exhaused from the motor goes through the first turbine and drives this round and thereby also the common pivot of the two turbine units. Th air from the outside goes through the other turbine unit, the compressor, before it enters the motor. This unit presses the air further into the motor.

A turbine that is driven by a fluid is only effective when the pressure from the fluid has a certain lower limit, and a turbin used to pump a fluid is only effective when speed of the rotation is over a certain limit. Therefore a turbocharger tend to have no effect at lower speeds and then the effect sets in quite abruptly when the car reaches a certain speed.

The pressure of the air must however not be too high, because that results in detonation of the blending of fuel and air. By detonation all the blending is combusted abruptly without the flame propagating smoothle inside teh belending.

The working rotational units inside the two turbines are usually radial fans.

To avoid this a wastegate regultes some of the exhaust around the compressor when the speed of the turbocharger reaches a certain limit.

A compressor or supercharger is a turbine driven directly by the rotation of the motor using mechanical couplings like gears and pivots, chains or belts. The air goes through the turbine that presses the air into the motor.

A charger increases the effect of the engine, but it consumes energy to drive the charger. Therefore engines with chargers uses more fuel than without any device to compress the air.