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About steam driven cars

Stem driven cars were the first cars ever built. The first steam cars were built early in the 1800ths, but these were very heavy and unpractical devices. Around 1900 the steam engines for cars, the boiler and other equipment had evolved som much that the steam car was a very practical vehicle.

The internal parts in a stem driven car consists of the engine, the boiler, the fuel tank, the water tank and equipment to controle the combustion process in the boiler.

In addition to the throttle that controles the steam output, there are also automatic throttles for feeding of water to the boiler and feeding of fuel so that the pressure in the boiler is allways high enough.

Advanced steam cars also have a condencer so that the water can be reused continually.

Advanced steam cars have small boilers that continually produce the steam used so that very little steam is stored. This construction improves security and holds the boiler at a low weight.

A steam car do not need a gearbox or a clutch, since the steam engine have a torque allready from a low turning frequency and  operates smoothley at all turning speeds.

Steam cars were actually more practical to use and more powerful than internal combustion engine cars up to around 1925 and in many parts of the USA, steam cars were prefered a long time.

A stem engine with a size to be fit into a car where and still is more powerful than a combustion engine of the same size. A main reason for this is that a steam engine can be constructed for double action and thus be driven by steam pressure both above and belove the piston and because steam engines will get new steam to drive the piston at each cycle.

The problem with  steam cars is a bad utilization of the fuel, a high weight that increases fuel consume and that it takes a fairly long time to start it. These are the main reasons why steam cars went out of fashion. The boiler, water tank and condencer are the parts that add weight.

Beacuse of the power an agility of steam engines, there are however still projects going on to construct new steam cars for commercial sale. If the problems of fuel econimics is solved, stem car might get into fashion once more. The problem of long time to start is however practically solved technically.

Stanley Steamer steam car 1923 model

A Stanley Steamer - a popular steem car from 1923 ( A free picture from wikipedia).