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Car equipment and tools for garage work

Welcome to this online store of car products. By clicking at the banners you will find a huge collection of equipment for all car models. Further down on this page there is also information about compressors and an article about the greenhouse effect and global warming.

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Comodities to use in your vehicle and on journeys - a lot of electronic comodities, workshop tools and security equipment - All types of comodities that are useful in your car or on journeys: Bags, containers, lights and lanterns, audio/video, coolers, heaters, seat covers, grooming and cleaning equipment.  Also a lot of car parts, equipment to install in your car and workshop tools.

A few of the brands you can find in this store are: Turtle Wax, Vizualogic, Autolite, Anco, Auto Xray, Bendix, AutoLock, Auto Meter, Catch-All Mats, Chevron Techron, Chilton, Duplicolor, EBC Brakes, EDGE, Equus, Fram, Glasscapes, Covercraft, Mechanix Wear, Meguiar's, CoverKing, Dashmat, Gliptone, Haynes Manuals, Hella Lighting

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Partdgeek - All types of techical car parts for rapair or for higher performance - All types of  quality equipent. Exterior, interior, styling, transmission, stearing, wheels, electric system, radio, fuel system, motor, trimming and performance parts, driving computer, navigation, seats, doors, locks, glasses, brakes, suspention, exhaust system, driving security and more.

A few of the brands you can find in this store are: Accel, Access, AllViewMirror, American Racing, Autotecnica, B&G, B&M, Behr, Bendix, Best Electronics, Bestop, Better Built, Denso, DiabloSport, Digi-Tails, Dorman, Dynomax, Replacement Alloy, Replacement Cover, Replacement Engines, Revtek, Roush, Rugged Mat, Russell. S&B, Sachs, Vtech, WAAG, Wade Auto, Walker, Warn Winch, Weapon R, AFE Intake, Aftermarket, Agricover

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All kinds of equipement for the internal and external of your car. Map systems and GPS navigation units - By clicking at the banner below, you will find a great collection of accessories for your car, like  lanterns,  antennas, auto radio / stereo / music, communication electronics, security equipment, GPS nevigation equipment, dashboard equipment, car body parts, washers, window accessories,  interior styling, bags, tool boxes, interior lights, seat equipment and more.  There are also tools and performance parts.

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Low price store with car electronics - GPS navigators, audio/video and much more - This store sells advanced products from many fields for reduced prices. The stores have a great inventory of car electronics and security products. Here you can find all types of security, survaillance and tracking equipment for vehicles, homes, workplaces and persons. You can however find products of any type in this store.

Some of the products from the sites presented - especially air compressors and jump starters

POD Portable Air Compressor

POD Portable Air Compressor

Jump Starters by POD. POD Portable Air Compressor Features - Enhance your emergency kit with a POD Portable Air Compressor. Housed in a hard plastic case for easy transport. 12V portable air compressor suitable vehicle and bicycle tires. Includes 3 adapter nozzles to work with tires, basketballs, rafts, pools and more. Available as a kit with a powerful POD X5 power source to charge all your electronics. POD Portable Air Compressor - FREE SHIPPING!

VIAIR 90P Portable Air Compressor

VIAIR 90P Portable Air Compressor

Air Compressors & Air Tanks by VIAIR. VIAIR 90P Portable Air Compressor Features - Bring along a fully-operational air service station wherever you roam with the VIAIR 90P Portable Air Compressor. Take your VIAIR 90P Portable Air Compressor on all your outings-ideal for off-roading, river getaways, camping trips, bike treks, and more. Use your VIAIR 90P Portable Air Compressor to fill tires up to 31". Simple to use-just connect the press-on chuck to the valve stem, connect the power cables to your vehicle's battery, and flip it on. At just 5.78 lbs, your light VIAIR 90P Portable Air Compressor is convenient to carry along anywhere. VIAIR 90P Portable Air Compressor - FREE SHIPPING.

Tirol Portable Air Compressor Heavy Duty 12V 150 PSI Pump Tire Inflator Car Tool Car Care

Tirol Portable Air Compressor Heavy Duty 12V 150 PSI Pump Tire Inflator Car Tool Car Care

Features:Made from high quality metal and rubber, durable and long lasting.150 PSI mini compressor and fast inflation of tires, rafts and sports equipment.Little handy unit, great for outdoor sports, camping and much more.Easy-to-read pressure gauge and easy to use.10 ft. cord with cigarette lighter plug, great mobility for road-side assistance.

Maradyne Junior Jet Air Compressor MJJ150 Junior Jet Air Compressor

Maradyne Junior Jet Air Compressor MJJ150 Junior Jet Air Compressor

Air Compressors & Air Tanks by Maradyne. Maradyne Junior Jet Air Compressor Features - Blast your way to instant air with the Maradyne Junior Jet Air Compressor. Portable, 12-volt compressor inflates truck, SUV, car and bike tires, and other inflatables. 9' power cord plugs right into your vehicle's cigarette lighter. Equipped with 27" high-pressure air hose and quick-release thumb twist valve connector. Heavy-duty, gearless, direct-drive motor delivers massive air flow.

Pulsar Air Compressor

Pulsar Air Compressor

Air Compressors & Air Tanks by Pulsar. Pulsar Air Compressor Features - Enjoy unlimited airflow with a Pulsar Air Compressor. Available in multiple motor and tank sizes and flow rates. Easy-to-adjust pressure control knobs provide superior accuracy. Soft grip handles for improved comfort and easy transport. Steel tank is painted with a durable high-gloss electrostatic paint. Pulsar Air Compressors - Horizontal, Vertical, Twin Tank. For the top selection of Pulsar Tools & Tool Storage shop online today.

Wolo Tiger Air Tank and Compressor

Wolo Tiger Air Tank and Compressor

The Tiger Tank and Compressor is an easy to use two2 piece air supply system consisting of an air storage...

Superflow 12V Rechargeable Air Compressor

Superflow 12V Rechargeable Air Compressor

Powerful enough to inflate a truck tire in less than 4 min. and a passenger car in only 1 min. Comes...

SuperFlow Dual Cylinder Air Compressor

SuperFlow Dual Cylinder Air Compressor

The Q-89G Dual Air Compressor is ideal for off-road vehicles with 35 inch or larger tires. It can inflate...

CTA Valve Spring Compressor

CTA Valve Spring Compressor

Designed to work in areas of difficult access using direct action compressor lever for better visibility...

16800mAh Multi-Function Portable Mini Car Jump Starter with Auto Air Compressor Toolbox Power Supply Emergency Pack for Phone Laptop Camera Outdoor Travel Camping

16800mAh Multi-Function Portable Mini Car Jump Starter with Auto Air Compressor Toolbox Power Supply Emergency Pack for Phone Laptop Camera Outdoor Travel Camping

Features:High capacity, 16800mAh.With a auto air compressor, convinient to inflate the tire.The jump starter is equiped with safty hammer and seat belt cut knife, useful for emergency situation.Can Start most 12V gasoline-powered and diesel-powered vehicles quickly in all weather condition.Charging/power supply for mobile phones/tablets/laptops.3 modes for LED illumination (Normal/Blinker/SOS).Also a power supply for 12V electronic products like cameras, DV, etc.Patent technology and light weight, easy to carry.Multiple safety protection design, support quick charging and low self-discharging.Great for outdoor power supply, such as traveling, camping, and expedition.

2 pcs Car Start Booster Cable 750 A

2 pcs Car Start Booster Cable 750 A

2 pcs Car Start Booster Cable 750 A

2 pcs Car Start Booster Cable 1800 A

2 pcs Car Start Booster Cable 1800 A

2 pcs Car Start Booster Cable 1800 A

ePower360 eFlex Portable Jump Starter

ePower360 eFlex Portable Jump Starter

Jump Starters by ePower360. ePower360 eFlex Portable Jump Starter Features - Travel with your own service station: the ePower360 eFlex Portable Jump Starter. It's both a powerful 1000A peak output jump starter and a 100psi air compressor. Powered by a self-contained 12V lead acid battery for years of dependability. Features a 400W modified sine wave power inverter with two 120V AC outlets-plus a 5V 2100mA USB port to charge mobile electronics. A pair of LED flashlights is built -in for powerful illumination under the hood. ePower360 eFlex Portable Jump Starter - FREE SHIPPING.

ePower360 eGen Jump Pack Portable Jump Starter

ePower360 eGen Jump Pack Portable Jump Starter

Jump Starters by ePower360. ePower360 eGen Jump Pack Portable Jump Starter Features - Generate and go with the ePower360 eGen Jump Pack Portable Jump Starter. Contains a rechargeable 12V, 10,000 mAh lithium ion battery. Efficient 300A, 3-second peak power output. Powerful, compact, mistake proof and safe car jump starter. Dual 5V USB ports charge cell phones, tablets, lights, etc. ePower360 eGen Battery Jump Starter - eGen Jump Pack.

1700 Peak Amp 12 Volt Jump Starter With Onboard Air Compressor

1700 Peak Amp 12 Volt Jump Starter With Onboard Air Compressor

1700 Peak Amp 12 Volt Jump Starter with Onboard Air Compressor The JNCAIR takes multi-function professional...

AAA Road Adventurer Emergency Kit

AAA Road Adventurer Emergency Kit

Our premier 73 Piece AAA roadside emergency kit comes standard with heavy-duty 8 gauge 10 foot jumper...

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About Compressor Technology - an overview

A compressor is basically a pump for air, other gasses, water or other liquids that excerts such a high pressure that the substance is pressed into a smaller volume in the outlet end. The volume reduction is great for gasses, smaller for liquids. If the compressor presses hard enough, a gas can possibly be compressed to a liquid state. The term "compressor" is of latin origin and means "together-presser".

The purposes of a compressor can be several. One can use compressors to press great amounts of a gas into a small volume so that it can be handled and transported practically. The pressure in such a gas will also drive the gas out of the container by own force, so that a pump will not be needed when the gas shall be used. A compressor can propell gas or liquids along with a high speed and hence high kinetic energy. The speedy substance can then be used to do several types of work. If the substance is projected in form of a thin ray, one can cut objects with it or clean objects for dirt. By letting the substance pass turbines it can drive machines of various kind. An example of such a turbine driven device is a dentist's drill.

The effect of a compressor depends upon the size of the internal mechanism, the volume of the inlet, the internal volume and the volume of the outlet. It also depends upon how fast the internal mechanism mooves. There are three basic compressor types in common use:

A piston compressor has one or several cylinders with pistons. The piston sucks the substance into the cylinder when it moves one way and presses it out by the opposite movement. Such a compressor also has valves in the inlet and outlet that hinder flow in wrong direction. Such a compressor has the advantage that it can exert high pressure even when it moves slowly.

A turbine compressor is basically one or more fans on a pivot inside a round holster. The inlet is situated in one side of the fan and the outlet at the other side. Such a compressor may or may not be equipped with valves. Such a compressor is effective only when run by high speed.

A centripetal compressor has a fan-like device on a pivot in a disc-like holster, but the blades of the fan stands horisontally on the pivot, not querely like in the turbine type. The inlet is at one side in the middle of the holster and there is one or several holes in the periphery of the holster serving as outlet. There may also be a round disc fixed to the fans at the opposite side of the inlet that makes the construction more robust and helps to avoid leaking of substance around the blades. When the pivot is moving around, the blades press the substance towards the periphery and out of the outlet. Also such a compressor may or may not have valves. Centripetal compressors also need high speed to be effective.

Whether such devices shall be called compressors or only pumps, depend upon the robustness of the construction and upon the power of the driving mechanism. The basic construction of pumps or compressors are the same.

The Greenhouse Effect - Fact or Fiction

According to many scientists and political organizations the production of greenhouse gases by human activities and the consequent global warming is a serious threat to the whole global environment and thereby to every one of us. But many actors have never really believed this scenario and several scientists are beginning to doubt it in some way or another after having been believers. Let us look at the facts to get to a conclusion, or at least a tentative conclusion.

The burning of fossil material like oil and coal by human activities take away some oxygen from the atmosphere and produce carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide (CO2) absorb much more energy from the sun rays than other components of the air, and convert that energy to heat. Thus the atmosphere is getting steadily hotter if not other factors counteract the heating.

A hotter environment can furthermore melt permafrost in northern America and Siberia and then captured methane and carbon dioxide in the frozen soil will escape and accelerate the heating process.

The hotter environment can furthermore cause melting of glaciers and the polar ice and make the sea level rise and overflow populated land areas. There are also hypotheses and speculation that the warmer atmosphere will disturb all types of meteorological processes and cause disastrous weather conditions of all thinkable types.

There are however factors counteracting this doomsday scenario and there might also be some possible good effects of global warming.

First of all will much of the produced carbon dioxide dissolve into the sea and lakes and be converted to carbonic acid.

The carbon dioxide will also be utilized by algae and plants in the sea, in the lakes and in forests to grow and proliferate, and the extra produced plant material will further be utilized by animals. In other words will much of the greenhouse gas be taken out and converted to living material so that the earth actually gets greener and more living. The increased living material may be good or bad, but it will take away much of the extra carbon dioxide produced by human activities.

Industrial activities do not only produce CO2, but also finegrained dust that is the poured into the air. This dust can shield for the sunlight and reduce the amount of energy taken up from the sun rays. Increased temperature can also increase the vaporization of water from the sea and make a thicker cover of clouds, which also will reduce the uptake of energy from sun rays.

Then there is a factor seldom taken in consideration during debates about global warming, but is very prominent in the everyday political debates elsewhere. Fossil fuel is a limited resource that the globe soon will be depleted of. Therefore there is a question whether the remaining amounts of fossil fuel really can rise the global temperature to a threatening level, and perhaps rising prizes of fossil energy will take away the threat even before the remaining fuel is consumed.

After having listed the possibly threatening factors and the counteracting ones, the time is come to see if the amount of atmospheric greenhouse gases is really increasing and if the global temperature averaged over all areas and over the year is really increasing. The time is also set to rise the question weather such a temperature rise really is a threat or instead a good thing.

Since 1959 the amount of carbon dioxide has been measured continually on the top of Mauna Loa at Hawaii, a place where no nearby source of pollution is disturbing the result. The measurements are plotted in a published graph, named the Keeling curve after the supervisor of the project David Keeling. The measurements show that the averaged atmospheric CO2 concentration has increased steadily from 310 ppm to 390 ppm from 1958 to now.

Before 1958 one does not have good enough data to draw any firm conclusion. The newer figures seem to be significant, however, and one must conclude that there is a probable increase in the CO2 concentration. Since one does not know about any other great enough source of this increase, combustion of fossil materials by human activities is the most probable source.

But has really the average temperature also increased? The year-average surface temperature on Earth is said to have increased from - 0.6 degrees C in 1880 to 0,6 degrees C in 2010. From 1977 such measurements have been done by data obtained from satellites with extremely accurate methods that are calibrated through direct observations made at surface level.

The temperature evidence has however great problems. Before 1979 the calculations were based on data from unevenly distributed weather stations and ship positions and many measurements were done near cities that will always generate a higher temperature than land areas.

The average measurements also vary greatly from year to year and do not show a smooth curve like the concentration of carbon dioxide. In the periods 1880-1920 and 1940-1980 has the temperature declined somewhat instead of increasing. Looking at the evidence on a whole one is still inclined to conclude that there is a global temperature increase going on.

But have the temperature increase had practical consequences? Will these consequences be serious, or will they on the contrary be mainly beneficial? The last years the weather have been wild and unstable in many parts of the globe, with hurricanes, abruptly fluctuating temperatures, brutal showers and thunder, extremely dry and hot local periods, extreme local frost, floods, avalanches and the like. But such brutal weather incidents have come and gone throughout the whole history, and they can hardly be taken as evidence for disastrous effects or the global warming.

More significant is the gradual reduction of the north pole ice, Greenlandic glaciers and Himalayan glaciers throughout the last decades. Since 1979 the area of the North Pole Ice cap has shrunk more than 20%, for example. The sea level height also seems to gradually increase.

These changes have a clear negative effect upon the habitat of certain polar animals. But what is negative at one hand, can be good at another hand. The reduction of the ice can open new living areas, new food sources and new opportunities for economical exploitation both for humans and animals. The general temperature increase might also make the condition of living better for people in northern areas, and make these areas more fertile.

As seen by the above summary, there is probably a global warming effect so far, and this effect will likely increase. But it is by no means certain that the effect will get overwhelmingly negative. The overall effect for the human population might as well be positive.

It is also a great question whether the remaining fossil energy sources are great enough to give a huge impact upon the global environment at all.

What You Need to Know About Air Compressors

By Bill Harris

Perhaps the most important question of all when it comes to thinking about buying an air compressor is do you really need to buy one? If you use an air compressor for an odd job every now and then, youíre probably much better off simply renting one when you need to. If you use an air compressor often, though, then you probably should go ahead and buy one, since those rental fees or leasing fees do add up over time.

When you start planning for your actual air compressor purchase, youíll want to first consider what types of jobs youíll be using it for. Since air compressors are rated and sold according to horsepower, you need to know what horsepower is needed for the particular tools youíll need be using the air compressor with. Donít start your shopping until you know this or you may end up buying more horsepower than you needóor can really afford.

Which brings us to step two in purchasing an air compressor: set a budget for your purchase. There are a multitude of air compressors out there, and the price range varies significantly. If your budget is small, you may want to look into used or refurbished air compressors. Often, this a great way to get a terrific buy on a top brand name one that you couldnít otherwise afford.

Once you know exactly how much horsepower your air compressor should have and how much you can spend, youíre ready to start shopping. The place to start is on the Internet. You can easily find air compressors for sale online. You can also find product reviews on them that can be of great assistance to you in making your purchase.

You can also do some comparison shopping for used air compressors at auction sites like eBay. Sites such as this are a great way to buy a high quality air compressor at an affordable price. Still, donít buy more horsepower than you need or you may find your air compressor is not compatible with the tools you want to use it with.

And stick to that budget! When shopping around, itís easy to either get overwhelmed and just buy something or to get carried away and buy something you canít truly afford. Thatís why itís essential to know what youíll be using your air compressor for and to have a budget in place. Research is always a good idea to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Which is, after all, the point! Remember, you want to get the best air compressor possible, while spending the least amount of money possible and still purchase a high quality air compressor. So do your homework. Youíll be glad you did when you see how much money youíve saved on your air compressor purchase.


Bill Harris is a retired foreman who spends his spare time as a freelance writer for sites like  Ė a resource site for all things industrial. If you need information about air compressors, flow meters and expansion joints, is the place for you.