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A great exhibition of natural medicines for common ailments in the skin, digestive system, mental status, heart and circulation, muscles and joints, urinary 0rgans, respirtory apparatus, sensorial organs, hormonal and systemic status and more.

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Products to treat problems in the digestive system - enema equipment

Welcome to this online store of natural drugs and equipment to treat rectal problems, colon ailments, bowel diseases and problems in the upper digestive tract. Further down on this page you will also find some guidelines about enamas and bowel cleansing.

Products against problems in the colon

CONSTIPATION - Ectopal - These pills help against constipation by giving the stool a right volum and conistency, by stimulating the bowel and by lubricating the intestines.

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DIARRHOEA, loose stool, watery stool - Advosis - Makes the stool firmer and absorbes irritant substances.

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STUFFED AND CONSTIPATED BOWEL and irregularly working colon - Super Colon Cleanse Capsules This product helps against constipation, against irregular colon and have a detoxyfying effect.  The product contains fibres and herbs that stimulate the colon movements, stimulate the  excretion of digestive enzymes and alleviate inflammation. It also contain seeds for a healthy bacterial flora.

Super Colon Cleanse

Super Colon Cleanse

Super Colon Cleanse 240 Capsules

Colon cleanse capsules that also help to maintain good blood cholesterole levels

Health Plus Colon Cleanse Orange - 9 oz.

Health Plus Colon Cleanse Orange - 9 oz.

Recommended for: low carb diet, weight management*; gentle internal cleansing.* Sugar free and 100% natural. Healthy sweetener without the calories. Helps maintain cholesterol within normal range.* Sweetened with stevia. Soluble fiber from foods such as psyllium husk, as a part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease. A serving of this product supplies 4 grams of the 7 grams of soluble fiber from psyllium husk necessary per day to have this effect. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Natural treatment set set to help for irritable bowel syndrome - a condition with many symptoms like pain, cramps, gas fillage, stomach irregularity and constipation - IBS - This kit has one drug for instant relief of pain and acute symptoms of IBS. .It has a product with seminals for friendly stomach-regulating microbes. It also has a products for daily maintainance of good colon functions, stimulating normal movements and normal internal digestive processes in the colon.

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COMPLEX BOWEL AND DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS - colon cleansing and digestive adjustment package - This 10-day cleansing cure is targeted at complex bowel problems with many or varying symptoms like constipation, bloating, cramps, uneasy feelings, over-filled stomach and symptoms from the rest of the body due to colonic problems. The product helps to reestablish a good microbial content in the colon, to adjust the function of the whole digestive system and to enhance the entire bodily wellbeing.

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IMPROVEMENT OF WELLNESS by chronic inflammatory diseases in the stomach - Ablene. - Chron's disese and other inflammatory diseases in the digestive system often causes deficiencies of nutrient. This supplement has the aim of repairing such deficiencies and thus improve the general condition.

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Products against problems in the rectal region

HEMORRHOIDS - oral pills - Avatrol - This medicine helps for problems like external hemorrhoids, internal hemorroids, red blood in stool caused by hemorrhoids, iching caused by hemorrhoids or pain and swelling caused by hemorrhoids.

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HEMORRHOIDS - Boiron Avenoc suppositories - Suppositories for local treatment of hemorrhoids.  By clicking at the link you will also find ointments and pills to treat hemorrhoids.

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Products against ailments in small bowel and the upper digestive tract

GLUTEN INTOLERANCE CONSEQUENCES OR CELIAC DISEASE - Alorex - The primary treatment by celiac disease due to gluten intollerances is to stay away from food containing the protein gluten. The reaction against gluten can however have caused damages to the digestive system that are not toltally rapaired. These damages can cause impairment in the uptake of nutrients from the intestines. The diet restrictions to treat celiac disease can also cause deficiencies. This supplement has the purpose of repair these deficiencies and thereby improve the general condition.

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ACID REFLUX (GERD) treatment capsules

Reflux Away

Reflux Away

Reflux Away 60 Capsules

TRP Company 1703461 Heartburn Relief 50 Tablets

TRP Company 1703461 Heartburn Relief 50 Tablets

Heartburn Relief is a homeopathic fast-dissolving tablet that provides temporary relief from the symptoms of heartburn such as indigestion acid (reflux) belching sour burping sensation of ulcer and burning sensations. Heartburn Relief is safe and gentle to use with no side effects interactions with other medications or contraindications. Heartburn Relief works with our other digestive products for complete digestive health.


Enema equipment

Here are enema equipments with all parts necessary to give small or large enemas to adults or children, including irrigation sets for deeper treatment of the colon and simple enema syringes to give rapid enemas.

ENEMA BULBS, pumps and syringes - By clicking at the folloving link you can find many useful enema products. The store you come into is basically a store for erotic toys. But the store also have a department of good medical enema products that you get access to through this link.

The Erotica Store - enema bulbs, pumps and syringes

Enema bags with tube

Kendall Enema Bag, Latex-Free, 24 Fr., 60 Enema Tube, 50/Cs

Kendall Enema Bag, Latex-Free, 24 Fr., 60 Enema Tube, 50/Cs

Kendall Enema Bag, 1500CC polyethylene bag with flip top slide lock closure with 24FR X 60" attached enema tube, depth mark 5" from pre-lubricated tip. Non sterile.

Kendall Vaginal Irrigation (Douche) Bag, 1500cc

Kendall Vaginal Irrigation (Douche) Bag, 1500cc

Features of the Kendall Vaginal Irrigation (Douche) Bag: 1500cc bag with flip top slide lock closure, attached 60" tube with shut-off clamp, douche tip and douche powder. The vaginal irrigation bag has a capacity of 1500 mL. Polyethylene. Sterile. 100% Latex-free.

An asvanced enema kit to give small or large enemas

Marlen Manufacturing 72MCE850 Colonic Enema Kit

Marlen Manufacturing 72MCE850 Colonic Enema Kit

We are devoted to providing the Medical products you need all affordably priced to cater your medical requirements where and when needed. Find affordable items for patients and caregivers in top quality for complete reliability.

  • For safe effective evacuation in cases of decreased sphincter control
  • Dimension: 12.5 x 6 x 3 in.
  • Weight: 0.65 lbs

Device to give enama or vaginal douche with a pump, tube and sond for deep penetration

Anal Douche Cleaner Enema Anal Vagina Deseja Kit de limpeza Anal Sex Toys Showern, Enema Bottle Pump Enema Bag Adult Sex Products

Anal Douche Cleaner Enema Anal Vagina Deseja Kit de limpeza Anal Sex Toys Showern, Enema Bottle Pump Enema Bag Adult Sex Products

Consisting of a bottle with hand-pump, a flexible tube and a flexible sond to insert into tne anus or vagina.

Shower nozzles to give enema of vaginal duche

Metal Shower Enema Water Cleaner Anus & Vaginal Cleaner Enema Butt Plug Anal Plugged for Vaginal Anus Plug Enema Washed Cleaning Kit

Metal Shower Enema Water Cleaner Anus & Vaginal Cleaner Enema Butt Plug Anal Plugged for Vaginal Anus Plug Enema Washed Cleaning Kit

this is a hot metal Ball type enema device to clean anus & vaginal . it is made of good quality alloy steel.

COUPER Shower Enema Water Nozzle 3 style Plug Head Enema Anal Cleaning Kit/Faucet,Anal Sex Toy,Anal Plug FF646

COUPER Shower Enema Water Nozzle 3 style Plug Head Enema Anal Cleaning Kit/Faucet,Anal Sex Toy,Anal Plug FF646

Free shipping, all kinds of products, competitive prices, high quality. 100% satisfaction guarantee, To buy a large number, we will provide you with a certain discount

Metal Shower Enema Water Nozzle Plug Head Enema Anal Cleaning Kit/Faucet,Anal Sex Toy,Anal Plug Sex Toys for Men

Metal Shower Enema Water Nozzle Plug Head Enema Anal Cleaning Kit/Faucet,Anal Sex Toy,Anal Plug Sex Toys for Men

Free shipping, all kinds of products, competitive prices, high quality. 100% satisfaction guarantee, To buy a large number, we will provide you with a certain discount

Ampulles or bulbs with enema fluid to stimulate bowel movement and passage of stool - By clicking at the product links you can also find other variants for different needs.

Fleet Enema Adult, 4.5 oz.

Fleet Enema Adult, 4.5 oz.

?For relief of occasional constipation or bowel cleaning before rectal examinations. ?Contains complete enema in a disposable squeeze bottle with soft pre-lubricated Comfortip. ?Latex free.Complete enema in a disposable squeeze bottle with soft, pre-lubricated comfortip. Protective shield prevents contamination. Pre-lubricated Comfortip for ease of insertion. One-way safety valve controls flow and prevents reflux. Easy squeeze bottle.

Fleet Enema, Pediatric 2.25 oz

Fleet Enema, Pediatric 2.25 oz

?For relief of occasional constipation or bowel cleaning before rectal examinations. ?Contains complete enema in a disposable squeeze bottle with soft pre-lubricated Comfortip. ?Latex free.Complete enema in a disposable squeeze bottle with soft, pre-lubricated comfortip. Protective shield prevents contamination. Pre-lubricated Comfortip for ease of insertion. One-way safety valve controls flow and prevents reflux. Easy squeeze bottle.

Other useful health and fitness products

A good shop to find equipment for medical exams and treatment, for nursing, and for training and rebahilitation - Equipment for medical treatment and nursing of many kinds: Equipment for blood sugar monitoring and diabetic articles, enema equipment, orthopaedic items, catheters and urinary support, equipment for cardiac and circulatory support, blood pressure monitors, respiratory items, exercise gears

and much more. This banner leads to a good medical supply shops. If you are looking for something special equipment to manage problems with bodily functions or to treat specific ailments, you will probably find it in one of these shops.

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How to perform enemas and colon irrigation

Enemas can be used to clean out the bowel to treat functional bowel problems, or for sexual pleasure. Here are some advices about performing enemas.

Anatomy of the Colon

The colon starts at the lower right side of the tummy and goes up at the right side, to the splenic flexure - Colon aschendens. Then it transverses the tummy in a bow downwards to the far upper left side, the hepatic flexure - Colon transversum. It then  gous downwards at the left side - Colon ascendens. Then it goes in a s-shaped fashion from the lower left side to the lower mid section where it joints the rectum - Colon sigmoidum. The rectum then goes downwards to the anus.

The following picture shows the general anatomy and placement of the colon and rectum.

The right temperature of the enema fluid

The temperature of the water you can read with a thermometer, or estimate with the tip of the tongue, or against some sensible skin area like the face.

Cool water is 30 - 35 degrees C ( 86 - 95 degrees F ) Warm water is 40 - 42 degrees C ( 104 - 108 degrees F ) Hot water is 43 - 45 degrees C ( 110 - 113 degrees F) Don't take water any hotter than 40 C or 111 F beacause it is a chance you can you can scald the colon.

Guidelines for enema solutions

Pure water enemas

Pure water can be used for small enemas with the purpose of cleaning out the end part of the colon and the anus. It should never be used in greater or prolonged enemas, because pure water will enter the blood stream through the colon wall because of osmosis. and dissolve the blood, and make the body tissues swell. Also the brain swells and the pressure inside the head increases. This is dangerous.

: Isotonic Salt (Saline Enemas )

Isotonic enemas have added salts in so that the salt consentration is in balance with that of the blood. This prevet water from being absorbed through the colon walls and dissolve the blood. For large or repeated enemas, an isotonic salt solution should allways be used. Here are some variants of salt solutions: Warm water with salt:
Warm water with 1 tablespoon of salt to each quart.

Baking soda enema: 2 tablespoons of backing soda to each quart of water. Mixed salt and baking soda: 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of salt to each quart

Soapsud Enemas

A soap solution can be used for enamas. The soap you must be a pure natural soap without any additives that may irritate the colon. Here are some variations of soap enamas:

Ivory Bar soap enema: Hold the soap bar above the top of the enema bag when filling it. For a stronger ivory bar soap enema, use a container, put some of the bar into it and whirl the water around. before taking the bar out again.

Castile soap enema: Premeasured packets of 2/3 Oz of soap can be bought. Instructions on packet usually says to dilute the contents of packet with 1 or 2 quarts of lukewarm water. This is usually too strong, and half the amount is usually enough.

Castile Liquid soap enema (Dr. Bronner's is one brand): Use about 1 teaspoon for each quart of water. Dr. Bronner's soap is available in plain (green label), with Peppermint (blue label) and with Eucalyptus Oil (brown label). The Eucalyptus oil variant will cause a very bad reaction in the colon, so do not use this for colob cleansing enemas. The plain Castile soap is recomanded. You may want to finish with a plain water enema to prevent any soap from remaining in the bowel to cause irritation.

Kirk's Hardwater Castile Soap enema: This soap dissolves very fast. If you hold it in the running water filling the bag, take the soap away when the bag is about half filled, or the solution will be too soapy.

Oil Enemas

Inject about 4-8 fl. Oz of mineral oil, vegetable oil or olive oil. Oilve oil is probably to be prefered. Hold the oil in the colon for 1 hour or more.  Then  admister a soapy water enema 3 times, and expel the oil and soapy water together. Oil enamas are good to move out hard stool.

When the oil is in the colon, do not expel gas. If you do so, you will expel a blast of dirty oil with it. If you really need to expel gas, get into the knee-chest position for one minute, and then hold a piece of toilet paper over the anus, to prevent oil release.

Coffee Enemas Coffee enemas assists the large intestine and liver in getting rid of the toxic substances that have accumulated there. It does seem to work.

Exotic Enema Solutions

Beer (usually warm) or wine enamas are sometimes used, but they may be dangerous, because you get drunk from them, and it is difficult to controle how much alchohol is absorbed into the blood stream.

Lemon Juice helps dissolve fecal masses. Use 1/3 cup real-lemon per quart, similar to a lemonade recipe.

Epsom Salts (2 tablespoons per quart) can be soothing to the colon.

Aor can be pumped into the colon. However, some reports suggest that air can cross over into a blood vessel and be transported to the brain and cause brain injuries or even death. This practice therefore does not seem advicable. If you also mix air and water you can get very unpleacent cramps.

Urine can be used for enamas and many claim that urine is stimulating and rinsing the whole body. Use your own urine to aviod getting infected.

Equipment guidelines

Standard enema equipment

A fountain syringe is the classical enema tool. It consist typically of a nozzle with a rounded bulb at the tip, a flexible tube, a container for the enema solution and a clamp or valve to regulate the flow of the fluid.

The container can be a rigid jar with open top or a rubber bag with closed top, which can also be used as a hot- water bottle. Most of these units offer 2 quarts capacity, but some hold 4 quarts.

A bulbe syringe consist of a rubber bulb and a nozzle directly attatched to the bulb. It can be used for smaller enemas.

You can get short stiff nozzles af many shapes, for example nozzles with a greater bulb to hold it in place. These devices can be called N-tips or retention nozzles.

A higginson syringe consist of a nozzle and a rubber tube with an integrated hand-pump.

Equipment for high enemas and special therapies

If one wants to install a enema solution high up in the colon, a urinary catheter of the thickest kind is a practicle device. You can connect the catheter to a bulb or a piston syringe in the other end or a container holding a greater volum of fluid. You can also connect it to a hand bulb pump and a container with a greater volume. A catheter used this way must never be used in the urinary system afterwords because of the danger of transmitting microbes form the colon into the urinary system.

You can also get colon catheters (colon tubes) with much of the same shape, but even thicker than a urinary catheter. These are rounded at the tip like a urinary catheter and the hole can also be on the sides rather than at the very tip.

Some of these are made fairly soft and are good devices for instilling fluid high up in the colon. Some are however rather stiff. These should be avoided because there is a chance for hurting the colonic wall with them.

A bardex catheter is a very practical device for more special treatments. It is a long thick flexible catheter with two channels, one for fluid going in and one for fluid going out. It also has one or two baloons to be inflated, one to be inflated just inside the anus and one to be inflated just outside the rectal opening. This kind of catheter can be used for repeated colonic flushing or for enema fluids that shall be retained for some time. This kind of catheter is typically connected to a hand pump and a greater container to hold the fluid.

Enema catheters with two baloons to be inflated at both sides of the rectal opening to hold tight are often called retention catheters.

How to measure enema devices

The thickness of enema devices can be measured in a measure unit called french size, in inches or in millimeters. Here are guidelines for convertion between these measures:

Fr.-----size Inches-----mm

Enema faucets

A faucet syringe is a enema syringe that can be connected to the outlet for warm water at the bathroom, for example  a shower hose adapter where the shower head is removed. These devices can be dangerous, and are not recommended. The water can get so hot that the colon is overheated, the pressure can rise high enough to rupture the colon, and the amount of water absorbed can be so large that the blood gets diluted so that the heart or the brain is dangerously affected.

If you against recommendation take the enema this way, you proceed as follows in order to take it as safely as possible. Set the faucets to a gentle flow, with a temperature that feels a little warm to the tongue. Sit on the edge of the tub, and ease the flowing hose against and then into your anus. You will feel the water filling your rectum. Relax the bowels as much as you can, and you don't need to worry about spilling a little water into the tub. When the bowels feel full, remove the hose and wait a moment. The feeling of pressure should pass, then insert again. When you are totally full, move to the toilet and expel the water.

Don't let the pressure rise too much in the bowel. When the pressure is strong, pull the tube out, or let the water pass out of your rectum. Don't take water that is too hot. Use some lubricant on the anus first, and after every few insertions.

Enama faucets can of cource be connected to a container and a hand pump also, and used this way they do not imply the same danger as if you connect them to the water outlet.

You should not repeat the process if you do not arrange somehow to use isotonic salty water, since you can absorb so much water that your blood gets dangerously thinned. If you have a very large colon, or have heart disease, the water absorption can be deadly. You must use water with salt of an isotonic concentration in it to avoid "hyponatremic shock" - dilution of blood electrolyte.

How to make a fluid container

Containers, bags or jugs to hold the enema soluttions can be bought separately, as a part of an enema set or can be self-made.

A 4 quart enema jug can be made from a Rubbermaid 1 gallon orange-juice pitcher. Drill a hole near the bottom of the pitcher, insert an all-thread pipe nipple of about 3/8" size, and seal with nuts pressing on rubber washers sealed with RTV (bathtub caulk) or contact cement. Attach plastic tubing to exposed end of pipe nipple, held with hose clamp, and sealed with same sealant. You will have to make or order a large diameter enema nozzle or colon tube, although the end of the plastic tube can be smoothed off and used just like that.

A 4 quart bag can be made from a Faultless brand ice bag. Drill a hole in the center of the plastic cap, and adapt as above with the pipe nipple, etc. Get an 8-32 Eye Bolt with machine screw threads, 2 8-32 fender washers as large as available, and 2 8-32 nuts.

Poke a hole in the center of the end of the bag opposite the filling mouth just big enough to take the eye bolt. Screw one nut onto the eye bolt. Place a washer on the eye bolt. Put contact cement onto the washer facing away from the ring end. Push into the bag from the outside. Coat the other washer with contact cement, and place over the exposed end of the eye bolt inside the bag. Screw the other nut on to hold the bag between the two washers. This should provide a leak-proof hanging hook for the bag. Glop some contact cement on the inside washer and nut to prevent rust. Voila! A 4-quart enema bag!


The capasity of the bowel to resceive enama fluids vary greatly individually, and from time to time for each person. The personal variations are due to factors like the size of the colon, the exendability of each  individual colon, and the muscular resistance in the colon towards filling. The colonic capasity averidge to about 7 quarts if the colon is empty and totally relaxed, but this is seldome the case. A realistic averidge colon capasity is perhaps 4 quarts. Timely variations by the same individual is due to factors like de amount of stool presented, the ampount of gas in the colon, bodily position, and variation in bowel muscular activity.

Fifty or so years ago, most adult patients receiving barium enemas were given 4 quarts of the barium solution and made to hold it during the X-ray procedure. At the same time, the enema bags sold in drugstores held 3 or 4 quarts, and many people felt that they could not be properly cleaned out unless they took the full bag.

It is not wise to take enemas that are tight up to the maximal capacity. It can in worst case hurt the colon physically, and a habit of taken very large enemas can over time make the colon distended and flaccid.

About amount and repetition

If you do not use an isotonic solution of salt you must not use a very big amount. You must not fill your colon to full capacity and you must not repeat the process.

By using an isotonic solution you can use much more of the capacity of your colon and you can repeat the enema several times. By repeated enamas using an isotonic solution you can clean out your colon totally. Let the colon get some time to expell as much content as possible between each repetition.

Guidelines about positions

An enema can be taken in many positions. The preference of position may be different if you take the enema by your own or have someone administer the enema to you.

Laying on your back, and possibly with your knees bent up and your legs spread apart is one alternative. By this position you can easily watch how the enema solution spreds in your abdomen. First you will se that the region above your groin expand when your sigmoid colon fills up. Then the left side of you abdomen engorges as your descending colon fills up. The the rest of your abdomen is pumped up as yor transverse and ascending bowel fills up. In this position you also easily can massage your abdomen to easen the distribution of the solution and to better clean up you bowel inside if you take the enema for medical reasons.

In the sims position the recipient is lying on his left side with his right leg bent up bringing his knee towards his chest. In this position the enema nosle can easily be held and supported by the right hand. In this position the sigmoid and descending colon easily fills, but some more pressure is needed to fill up the rest of the colon that is in the elevated right side.

You can also use the oppsite of the Sims's position, that is laying on your right side and bending up your left leg. In this position you ned some more pressure to make the water flow in, but then the water easily fills up the transverce and ascening colon right down to the innermost parts of your colon.

By the The Knee-chest-position the enemee is supported by the knees and the shoulders, so that the butt and rectal opening is up in the air and the breast and head down. In this position the water easily flows down filling the transverce colon. The position is good to delute deep-seated constipation and to let gas inside the colon easily float up an out.

You can stand upright while taking the enema. If you do so, you have to hold the nozzle firmly in place. This position has the advantage that it allows filling in more water that any other position.

You can lay down on your belly, but preferably with your upper body elevated by means of some pillows or just by supporting your upper body with your elbows. This position restric the amount of water you can hold because of the preassure up on the abdomen, but it may feel very stimulating.

Sitting on the floor allows you to tense certain skeletal muscles, and can lead to a powerful orgasm. The floor helps hold the nozzle in. This may not be the greatest position for filling and cleaning the bowel, however.

You can sit on a chair, in a bathtub or on the floor, bending up and spreading your legs and arching your lower back so that your rectal opening is exposed and easily at hand. This position lets your arms be free to do any manipulation you wish.

Leaning over the edge of the bathtub is similar to getting on your hands and knees, but it leaves your hands and arms free, and is a little easier to stay in that position for a while.

Insertion of the syringe or tube

Lubricate the syringe and the rectal opening well before insertion. It is wise to lubricate inside the opening also.

By an ordinary enama you insert the syringe past the rectal spincter and some more. The angle of insertion is important. When you begin inserting, let the syringe be perpendicular to the rectal opening. When it has reached through the spincter, it is often useful to bend the syringe a little up towards your genital region before inserting rurther. Be very gentle when you insert. If the syringe meets resistance, try out several adjustments of the angle, but do not use any great force.

By colonic irrigation, you use a flexible tube or catheter that has a certain stiffness. You begin inserting as by an ordinary enema, but you keep on ubtil the tube is at the bottom of the rectum, and pass it further up in the end part of the colon. You must be very cautious so you do not hurt the walls of the rectum or the colon. By inserrting very slowly, the tube will usually pass along very easily. If it is problems of getting the tube further, pukk it a little back, twist it a little and then gently push further inside.

If the tube meets stool or firm resistance, do not insert any longer. When you have done one irrigation, it is however often possible to insert deeper by a repeated irrigation.

Filling the fluid into the rectum and colon

You should let the enema fluid in slowly and gently. The method of filling will differ according to the type of equipment you use. If you use a container with a clamp, you can open the clam and shut it in several steps to let the fluid go in by the right speed. If the equipment has a walve, you just regulate the walve to get the right filling speed.

You relaxe as much as possible when you do so. Massage your stomach gently by a hand to make the fluid distribute itself within the colon.

If you do not manage to instill so much fluid into the colon that you think it should hold, you can fill the colon in two steps. First fill until the bowel feels full. Then Lay down and press gently at the lower left side of your stomach with one hand to press fluid further up into your colon. While holding the pressure at the lower left part of the stomach, take the other hand and press gently at the upper left side and then at the upper mid region. This action wil distribute the fluid better in your colon. Then you can try to fill somewhat more.


It is difficult to retain an enema in more than 5 minutes because of the pressure from the peristaltic action of the bowel. In the first of a series, the bowel is seldome clean, and this adds to the pressure. However, by intence colonic pressure, it is seldome wise to rise up and let go on the toilet seat at once. When rising up, the gravity will add to the pressure, and an accident easily occurs. It is better to wait to the peristaltic motion have passed through the whole bowel, and expell the bowel contents in a quiet moment.

A trick to use is to lie face down on the bed, and wait for three waves of cramps to pass down. After the third cramp, you can expel, and get a real good expulsion. If the cramps are extreme, however, just don't wait. Another aid in retaining the water is to get into the knee-chest position when the pressure builds. This causes gravity to hold the water in.

Another method is to lie on your back, and massage the colon with both hands. Whenever you feel pressure building, or can feel a big bulge with your hands, massage around that area until the pressure relaxes.

Some people recommend rolling from one side to the other every minute or so. The idea is that the water will flow repeatedly downhill, alternately filling the descending and sigmoid colon and then running down to the cecum. This is supposed to break up any masses in the transverse.

Need I mention that some people use a butt plug to hold the water in?

Emptying the bowel

Most often people expell the enemas taken by sitting on the toilet chair. However this position may make it difficult to get the fluid out, the ascending colon must work the fluid upwards against gravity, the transverse colon will sag down holding a large quantity of water, and the descending colon will kink at the junction by the sigmoid because of the weight of the water, and thereby  making a lock for the water. and the total effect is causing a large quantity being stuck in the bowel. You can however unlock the descending-sigmoid junction by getting up and laying down some while, getting into the knee-chest-position, laying at your left side or turn around flexing your body as if you are looking over your right shoulder.

By expelling while laying down in the bathtub, you can avoid these difficulties. This is messy however, and you will need to wash yourself and the bathtub well thereafter. If the colon becomes severely blocked, this may however be neccessary. In the bathtub you will be free to do any movement neccessary to get the water out.

If no water is comming out, do not sit to long on the toilet, because sitting long straining, can cause hemorrhoids.

How to get rid of gas in the bowel

If there is substantial gas in the colon, it may be very difficult for thecolon to lift water when large air bubbles are present. These like to collect at the hepatic flexure, high on the right side, and can be detected by a rumbling sound when you press there. If you want to get the gas out, you can sit on the floor and make sure the gas is at the hepatic. Roll slowly onto the right side, then massage the transverse, following its course with your hands. You will know that you are moving that gas by the rumbling.

When you have the gas moved to the splenic flexure, move quickly to the knee-chest position. Now massage the descending colon upward, from the ribs to the groin on the left side (you're upside down, remember) until the gas has moved to the sigmoid. Use heavy massage in the groin area, to move water out of the sigmoid, and move the gas in. When this is done, get on the toilet quickly, and you should be able to expel a prodigious gas blast. You may have to repeat this procedure several times, but when all the gas is out of the colon you should be able to expel the water quickly.

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