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Welcome to this online store with a collection of products to increase sexual drive, pleasure and performance. The products are herbal pills that give a constant  higher ability to perform and to have good feelings all the day and night Please click on the product banners to learn more or order a product.

Further down on this page there is some information about requirements that must be fulfilled to achieve optimal performance and maximal sexual pleasure and some information about the concept of libido.

Pills for women to improve sexual functions and add pleasure

Provestra - Herbal lust pills for women - These herbal pills increase the sexual pleasure and excitement of a woman, both the physical lust and the mental ecstacy that couples with  the physical feelings. They also improve the female physiological functions, such as blood supply, clitorial engorgement, orgasmic reflexes, lubrication and fertility.

Hersolution - to increase women's sexual appetite and physical responses - Makes a woman react stronger sexually in all ways: Enhances sex drive and excitement, promotes genital bloodflow, amplifies physical sexual sensations, accelarates the building up to her climax, strengthens her orgasms, increases her fluid secretions and promotes fertility.

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VolumePills - better internal male functions, better semen production and enhanced climaxes - These pills improve the internal functions of tha male sexual organs and the regulation of these. This effects an overall improvement of sexual performance and lust. The improvement is especially seen on the production of semen. The pills make you produce much more semen, ejaculate much more amply and improves the semen quality. From these effects follows enhaced fertility. The pills also strongly intensify your orgasms.

Semenax - Pills to improve male sexual functions and performance The pills give an overall improved sexual function and response, including: Harder, enhanced and more ecstatic erections. Longer, more intense orgasms every time.  Bigger, more impressive loads of semen. Superior ejaculation power. Whiter, more robust semen texture and appearance. Stronger contractions and pumping. Richer and more intense pleasure in the whole genital area.  Boost In fertility. The sum of these effects will help to maximize the total sexual satisfaction of a man. Please click below to learn more or buy.

ExtenZe for men - pills to enhance your sexual responce and feelings, give larger erections and increase general virility - These pills make you get aroused and respond sexually more easily and get erections more often just like a teenager. The erections becomes bigger and harder. You will stay erect longer end also otherwise endure a longer act. The pills will generally intensify the sexual feelings in your mind and body and give you ample orgasms with intense feelings.

Pills to make you produce more testosterone and thereby increase your virility and sexual excitement - A stronger testosterone production will often increase your sexual drive and give you stronger potency. It can also give you stronger general physical and mental energy. It will also make it more easy to build muscles by training. If you have a lower testosterone production than an average young man, because you now have reach the age of 45 or older, or due to stressful exhausting life conditions, the effects of these pills will be especially valuable.

Pills to make the erections longer, broader and more robust

VigRXplus pills to give you bigger erections and stronger sexual reactions - VigRXplus pills makes you get erections more easily and let the erections last longer. The penis will inflate to a longer and wider size than before during the erections. Also feelings and other sexual reactions will increase.

Prosolution Plus - Pills to give you larger, stronger and longer lasting erections and to hinder premature ejaculations - These pills will make your erections more eager to come. You will get better controle of your orgasms and ejaculations, so that you do not cum too early. Your penis will grow longer, wider and harder during the erections than before.

MagnaRx to produce larger and harder errections and enhance stamina - In addition to producing larger and harder erections, a great effect of these pills is enhanced edurance during sex, and better ability to control your physical reactions, so that the play lasts the time you want and you can plunge into a satisfactory fulfillment at the time you want.

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Genf20 - Feel and look younger, reverce aging - Human growth hormone has proved to help regain skin thickness,  muscle intactness, a jouvenile muscle/fat-ratio and other properties of youth. These improved properties will in turn stimulate also to a better sexual function.

Lubricants for silky-smooth actions and added excitement - A lot of exciting lubricants. Many of these have added components to stimulate you through your nose, at your tongue or in your genital region.

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More products for men and women to improve libido, potency, genital anatomy and pleasure - At this page you can find balms for men to achieve immediate erection and pleasure in the genitals, and similar balms for women to get immediate phyiological reactions like engorgement and lubrication and to boost pleasure. You can find pills for women to enhance sexual drive, potency, genital functions, orgasms and pleasure. There are treatment devices for men and women to improve genital and breast shape and size. The pills shown at this page are also presented so that you easily can see all the products.

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Cure or support against many diseases - Medicines to be taken by mouth and topical products: Acne, aging symptoms, AIDS, allergies, Alzheimers disease/dementia, angina, arthritis (osteoarthritis), arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis), asthma, attention deficit disorder (ADD), breast cancer, burns, carpal tunnel syndrome, cholesterol, cronic bronchitis, chronic cough, chronic fatigue sydrom, cognitive problems, colds and flue, congestive heart failure (CHF), Crohn`s disease, depression, diabetes mellitus type 1, diabetes mellitus type 2, eczema, edema, endometriosis, fatigue, fibromyalgia, hair loss, herpes simplex, hyperlipidemia, hypertention, obesity, otitis media.

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About the requicites for maximal sexual lust and optimal performance or virility

Sexual lust is the appetite for sex and the pleasure you get from sex. One main components of sexual lust is mental excitement. Another main component is physical pleasure.

When you have appetite for sex, you think about some sexually attractive person or object and sexual acts with that object or person.

The thinking make you feel a mental excitement and also a physical excitement in your imagination. The thinking also make the brain sens impulses to the sexual organs so that they get lubricated by secretions and filled with blood. These reactions also give a real physical pleasure.

These anticipatory feelings of lust make you know that getting real contact with the dezired object anf fulfilling the sexual act in reality will give you even more pleasure. This knowledge drives you to plan and make preparation for the real sexual act.

When you takes the next step and engage in sex with the dezired object or person, you will feel a steadily increasing mental and physical drive and pleasure.

The physical caresses make the nerves from the genitals and other erotic body parts send impulses to the spinal culomn and the brain that give you good feelings. The brain also reacts with higher mental excitement, and it reacts by sending even more impulses out to the body and especiallyto the sexual organs. The sexual organs then react with even greater physical reactions like engorgement and excretion of lubricating fluids.

The greater physical reaction induce even greater amounts of impulses sent back to the brain with even greater mental excitement and physical feelings. The knowledge of the connection between the physical stimulation and the lust will make you gradually perform more intensely with a steadily increase of physical reactions, mental excitement and physical pleasure.

At last the reactions and feelings go to a climax, which is called orgam. After the orgasm one no longer feels any more with increased actions, but there will be a constant remaining feeling of lust, often for a long time.

With a great virility, the lust for a new full act leading to a new orgasm can however occur both by women and men.

Since both the lust and performance is controlled by the nerve system. a well and strongly performing nerve system is necessary for optimum performance and maximal lust. First of all the brain must be allert, so that it easily can resceive sensorial stimuli, process those stimuli and react to those stimuli. Natural drugs to enhance lust and performance therefore often contain ingredients that increase allertness and processive capabilities in the brain, such as ginseng or Rhodolea rocea.

Mental problems from worries, stresses and lack of sleep will reduce the allertness of the brain and reduce the ability to perform sexually and feel sexual excitement and pleasure. In the sleep the brain performs systematization of all new experiences and maintain order. By sleep deprivation there will be disorder in the brain that reduces the abiity to keep allert and react on stimuli. Worries and stresses keep the brain constantly employed so that there remains little capcity left for sexual processes.

The nerve fibres leading impiles to and from the brain must also work effectively, and the sensorial bodies from where the impulses to the brain originate must be in good shape.

The general blood circulation and the circulation in the genital tissues must work perfectly. The blood vessels must not be narrowed from disease processes. The muscle cells in th blood vessel walls must be able to constrict and dilate when needed. Constriction of the vessels leading from the genital area and dilateion of the vessels in this area give engorgement of the female genitals and rection of the man's penis.

Not only the nerves system, but also the hormonal or endocrine system nust work well. The sex hormones stimulate development of the genital tissues and they stimulate the genital tissues to regenerate keep themselves in a strong and ample state.

About libido - components of libido

The Latin word libido is used in psychological theories, including pycoanalysis, about the dezire for connection with an object or person or for doing an act with that object, and further about the lust or pleasure derived from that connection and act.

The term appeared for the first time in the fifth canto of Dante's hell where he meets the Queen Semiramis, which he describes as one whos "libido made things legal in her law." According to the Freudian theory libido is the main if not the only human instinct, comprizing the sexual drives but also a lot more. According to Jung's theory of libido is a form of energy.

Libido according to the view of Freud and psycoanalysis

Theories on the libido underwent extensive changes, related to the progress of psychoanalytic theory. In particular, the concept of libido was greatly expanded after 1914, when Freud began to investigate the large field of neuroses and psychoses. He then stated that the libido was not intended only to satisfy the sexual drive of the individual but also for other partial drives, such as food, survival and even death.

Libido is seen as a basic principle that makes an individual perform all types of acts that are necessary for the growth and survival of the individual himself in the short and long term, and for the proliferation and survical of the species or tribe that the individual belongs to.

Acording to Freud libido passes through several stages when an individual develops from a small child to an adult. In each of these stages certain objects are mainly in focus for the libido.

Libido according to the view of Jung

C. G. Jung, Freud's student, walked away from his master for his theories on the libido and the instincts and later founded the school of "psychoanalysis", based on the concepts of collective unconscious, interpretation of the symbol and psychic energy rather than on the concepts of drive sex and death, ego, id and superego of Freudian school.

Jung highlighted the presence of archetypes in the unconscious man and proposed the libido as drives towards spiritual development and transformation. The archetypes are symbols that guide that transformation. Some archetypes represent pictures of the goals for the transformation and some depict dangers to stay away from. Libido with Jung loses the meaning of sexual drive, or sexual drive takes only a inferior role as a means to among many others to reach the goals of transformations.

Young also postulated a storaged of achetypes and experiences connected to the archetypes called the collective unconscious that everybody can access. It is however usuazlly not accessed cosciously, but can be seen in myths and floklores and in common tendencies of behavior in aby population.

Young apparantly thought that the collective uncoscious was inherited through the genes and stored in every individual's brain as a private copy. According to this thinking it has evolved through the evolutionary process just like other structures.

There are however other ways of thinking about how the collective unconscious is realized. It can be thought as a structure in some spiritual realm outside the individuals. It can be thought to be present within the individuals themselves, but in such a way that everybody can connect to the differnt parts of it in different individuals by a sort of telepathy. It may also be regarded as a common cultural structure thought and installed into each individual through the education and socialisation.

Libido as psychic energy

Libido is according to psychoanalytic theories driven by an energy that allways are there and cannot be shut down in any degree. If some manifestation of the libido is hindered, it will manifest itself in other ways, for example as drives towards some symbolic object, or as enhanced intensitivity of other natural aspects of the libido. Also Yong postulated a basic energy that supports the libido and that cannot be destroyed.

Freud at the end of his professional life had just published "Eros and Thanatos," in response to the events of World War I, but had not answered many other questions that were rising about what dirives human beeing towards their actions individually and collectively. The theory of psychic or sexual energy was a means to answar such questions.

Reduced or transformed sexual libido

The sexual libido can be reduced. This can be due to cultural or moral restrictions imposed on the individual or to bad experiences of sexual art early in life. The individual will then block the sexual drive or aspects of his drive.

However, since the energy of libido cannot be destroyed, at least not in a person that is relatively healthy physically and neurologically, the energy will manifest itself in other ways, often as unpleasant symptoms or as an increased drive towards other objects and acts.

Sometimes one type of sexual drive is blocked. Then other types of sexual drive can manifest with increased intensity. If for example the homosexual component of the libido is blocked, the individual can develop obsessions of hunting down women, but without getting real satisfaction from the excessive habit.

Mental disorders do to repressed or stagneted libido

Repressed libido and the defensive mechanisms created to block the libido can create mental symptoms or disorders like, hysteria, anxiety, depression, obsession, phobia and psychosis.

More specifically the hypotesis sais that that the society either forbids certain kind of libido outlet, or learn the person growing up to be ashamed of aspcts of his or her libido.

Then the child blocks these aspects of his libido and represses the conscious awareness of them. At the same time the child may create certain kind of defensive thoughts that have the purpose of leading the thoughts away from his or her repressed libido components. One such thought is acusing others for actions caused by such libido components. Another defensive mechanism is the creation of strong anxiety reactions against all situations that can remain the person about the forbidden lusts.

The energy behind the repressed libido components cannot however be repressed. In order to get an outlet for the energy the child may create a great interest in things or actions that in some way symbolize the forbidden material without being of sexual kind per se. The person may also try to get an outlet by strongly increasing other aspects of his libido.

The symbolically created interest may however be so strong that the person neglects other sides of life or drive himslef to exhaustion.

The same is true about increase in other aspects of the libido. A person blocking a homosexual interest may for example create a defensive interest in women that is so strong that it lead to a steady hunting for new advetures with steadily new woman.

The reaseon why such defensive feelings and actions can get so overwhelming, is that they never satisfy the person in a true and deep sense that a real outlet of the fobidden and repressed libido components could do. Such a situation is called an obsession.

If the child do not however manage to create a symbolic outlet for the libido, the energy can create chaotic situations in the mind of the person manifesting as serious depression or psychosis.

According to the theory the detection of the stagnation process will allow the cure for the patient. From this point of view, patients with mental consciousness still healthy and working, can be guided guided by his mental disease to find a cure.

The unconscious is therefore not only the place of repressed sexual impulses but also a fund inherited from ancestors rich in symbols, myths, useful for the growth of the individual that can be activated when needed, and the mental consciousness becomes the organ through which and one can update the perception of the symbols and their interpretation, and also update the reality.

Stagnation in the personal development due to blocked libido

The tree is a symbol to represent the necessary polarity (ground-air) that enables the growth and evolution of the individual. Progression and regression are two energy processes important for the adaptation of the individual. The life of the psychic world is divided into inner and outer world. When there is a demand, internal or external, the individual must be able to respond adequately adapted to proceed.

When an individual succeeds to meet the needs of the moment, hes consciousness is in ballance with hes unconscious and the ego that is in the midst communicate adequately. Libido, psychic energy, is progressing towards progressive and there is no formation of artificial symbols because the demands of adaptation are fully met.

When the individual no longer able to respond to requests from his conscious libido and his unconscious demands, progession stops and regressions are activated. The regression is a mechanism that concentrates the libido upon a symbol artificially created. The ego begins to be flooded with symbols and images comming up from the self, the mental function containing all the personality and characteristics of past and future, for better or for worse, the ċersonality. It is as if the individual is regressed to a state intrapsychic, instinctive to try and recover the right resources that had previously not thought to have. The development of the individual in terms of awareness of reality then acrashes.

Investigating and dissolving the complex

The complex absorbs energy and makes use of psychic resources. So doing it influence the emotions, thinking and acts of the individual by unconscious processes. The influence creates mental defenses as projections, rationalization, identifications, fobias and hysteria connected to some symbol. The symbol represents original objects of libido that are not allowed to figure as objects. The libido towards these objects is repressed and instead a false libido towards the representative synbol is created instead.

The symbol is formed by communication between the conscious and unconscious, in the service of psychological well-being of the individual to give a solution to the dilemma of opposite demands from teh libido and the unconscious principles. There are archetypal symbols, or symbols inherited from millennia of biology and culture, giving an overview of the status of the individual, and symbols that are spesifically personal and individual.

Symbols by definition carry a meaning. The correct interpretation may help the ego to understand the complex. The interpretation gives only a hint on which to reason, but the complex can be resolved as soon as the meaning of the symbol is widely perceived as fully introjected and the personality then undergoes a transformation in terms of improved adaptive.

Once the regression has fulfilled its task, through the material that has thrown into the hands of the ego, the progression takes over again until the next request. The individual is able to meet the demands of reality without getting lost in criticism, projections, comments and altered emotion altered.

For example if the individual isonly to meets the demands within the outside world, these will become ever more monstrous appearance and destructive to the individual (agoraphobia). Conversely, if the individual ignores the internal world, sooner or later the internal pressures will be felt more and more violent (psychosomatic symptoms).

Kundalini and libido

Libido in psychoanalysis as psychic energy has a parallel in the east with the concept of Kundalini. Regression and progression correspond to the concepts of ascent and descent of the Kundalini through the chakras. The crash of psychic energy and thus the formation of mental disorders correspond to the side effects of stagnation of the Kundalini in the seven stations in the body, the chakras. Jung when he created his theories of energy was amazed and fascinated by the similarity between the empirical data he had collected in his decades of experience with his patients and Eastern philosophy that he went to understand. For example, the kundalini is drawn symbolically with a snake of silver. Studies have shown that in mythology the serpent is usually the archetype used to indicate the messenger.