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Products for women to amplify sexual pleasure - and links to sites with products for men

Welcome to this online store of products for women to increase sexual pleasure, effectivize sexual functions and give greater stamina. You will also find some information about the female menstrual cycle and about birth controle pills.

Equipment to stimulate sexual feelings and make erotic fun

Erotic toys and products to stimulate in the sensual zones of women and men - Through these links you can find products for pleasure, fun, erotic stimulation and therapies in all sensual zones like the vagina, clitoris, anus, breast nopples, penis and other sensual body parts.

Please go here to browse through all types of equipment to have fun and pleasure with the initmate zones and for other types of bodily pleasure.

Lubes to use during sex for better glide and stimulation of feelings

Lotions and balms for pleasurable and exciting massage

Vibrating tools to stimulate the sexual feelings in the intimate zones

Dildos to massage inside the vagina and some also in the rectal opening

Lubes, dildos and vibrators for the anus and rectum

Eggs to put into the vagina for stimulation

Exciting sex creams for women

Vigorelle - cream to increase female pleasure and reactions - The female Viagra or erotic lust cream. This herbal cream for women maximizes the good feelings in her intimate zones by stimulating the sensorial bodies in the female genitals. This stimulation also boosts her sexual arousal, makes her maximally excited, and elevates her sexual ecstacy. The cream lubricates and smoothens her vaginal opening and the rest of her itimate parts. The cream also stimulates the blood supply to the pelvic area, and thus enhances the engorgement of the clitoris and genital lips, that is a women`s counterpart to a mans erection.

Hersolutiongel - to tease up her physical lust - This topical product is to be placed on the most senual zones in her vulva. It makes her blood fill into her intimate areas. It smoothly lubricates the entrance to her inside.  It instantly turns on strong physical feelings and contribute to an intense orgasm.

Please click here to learn more or buy - HersolutionGel

Pills to vitalize and ballance female intimate functions and strengthen a woman's sexual performance

Provestra ( Estravil ) - herbal lust pills for women - These herbal pills stimulate a woman's sexual excitement. They maximize the good feelings in her sexual organs and erogenous zones. They also increase the mental ecstacy that is an important component of the tolal sexual experience. The pills also optimize the female physiology, such as blood supply, clitorial engorgement, orgasmic response, lubrication and fertility. Please click on the following link to read more about this female sexual optimizer.

Hersolution - to enhance the woman's libido and virility - Optimizes all the sexual functions of a women: Increases the lust in her mind and body, betters bloodflow in her vula and pelic region, makes her feel more between her legs and inwards, enhances the building up to the peak of reactions and feelings, lets her orgasm more strongly, helps her produce more lubricating fluid and helps her fertility

Please click here to learn more or buy - Hersolution

Products to improve female sexual anatomy

Total Curve - treatment kit to enlarge and shape up the female breasts - This package consists of herbal based pills with substances that safely stimulate breast development and vitalization, it also has a gel to be smeared on the breasts that give the same effect from the outside and there are instructions for breast development exercizes.

Erotic fragrants for men and women

Nexus Pheromones - fragrant for men to attract women - Smear a little of this substance upon your skin, and get a fragrance that instantly arouses, attracts, excites, and seduces women and greately improves your attraction power.

An exhibition of erotic fragrants for women and men - There are a lot of erotic perfumes on the market that will give an sexual attraction on other humans by the content of deepworking pheromones or by the mere sexual scent of the product, or both. This link leads to an exhibition of many of those products.

Please go here to see an exhibition of a lot of erotic fragrants and perfumes for women and men

Hair removal and control for women and men

Shavenomore - Ultra hair away - topical hair remover for both sexes - Removes unwanted hair by hindering the growth of hair on areas where it is applied - for both men and women. Use it on areas where you want a hairfree skin. Removes hair permanantly without waxing - for both men and women.

Stopgrowthnow - topical hair remover for women and men - Removes unwanted hair by interrupting the initial phace of the growth of a new hair, thins out existing hair, reduces hair size. It decreases need for vaxing and shaving.

More products to optimize sex life and health

Genf20 - Feel and look younger, reverce aging - A better growth hormone production will help regain skin thickness, muscle intactness, a jouvenile muscle/fat-ratio and other properties of youth. These products makes your body produce more growth hormone to the right time.

A generally working growth hormone production increaser for men and women:

This product will especially help to restore and build muscle mass:

This drug is formulated to restore the body and mental capabilities of men from the middle ages and older:

A great pharmacy of products to improve sexual life and to combat aging changes - By clicking at the banner below, you will also find more products to enhance sexual life than those presented here. There are traction instruments, pills and patches for penis improvement, penis enlargement and to get bigger and more effective erections. You find tablets for better sexual performance, increased sexual pleasure, higher fertility and boosted ecstacy. There are perfumes to arouse and attract sex partners. There are systems for permanent hair removal and natural remedies to stimulate stronger heir growth.

The site has several great products to combat chronic problems and aging changes in the skin, blood circulation, joints, digestion and generally working anti-aging drugs. There are also effective products to help slimming and to develop or revitalize your muscles.

Products for men and women to increase potency and sexual satisfaction. Anti-aging medicines. - please click here

More products to optimize sexual life of women and men

More products to help for specific health problems - digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, rheumatic, nervous, hemorrhoids, thyroid, poor memory, fatigue, edema and more

Resources for use by our visitors

Here is a survey of the female menstrual cycle and information about birth controle pills. We have found a list of American cities / towns usefull for some purposes. We present this complete list spread alphabetically on the following pages, of which this page is one, so that our visitors can use it by need:  nnnn  nnnnn    nnnn   nnnn .

We also have other rescourses for use by our visitors. A complete list of the resourses is given here:  nnnn


About the menstrual cycle

A woman's menstrual cycle takes approximately 30 days. It encompasses the menstruation itself and changes in all her sexual organs to prepare for pregancy, especially changes in the ovaries and the uterus. The menstrual cycle concists of the following steps:

Day 0: - She has an intact endometrium or inner lining in the uterus.

Day 1 - 4 - Menstrual face: The outer layer of the  endometrium disintegrates and loosens from the deeper layer of the endometrium inside the uterus. There will be bleeding.  The dissolved endometrium is shed through the vagina by means of the bleeding and the secretions of the remaining inner layer. The disintegration is stimulated by lack of the hormone progesterone. The disintegration is effected by enzymes in the cells of the endometrium held in special compartments within the cells. As long as progesterone is present, these compartments are locked.

Day 5 - 13 - Follicular face: Some (typically 4) follicles in the ovaries containing an egg cell compete with each other, and usually only one matures and gives a follicle with an egg ready to be released. The maturing is stimulated by the Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) released by the pituitary, a gland under the brain.

The hormone estrogen released from the developing follicle stimulate the endometrium (the lining inside the uterus) to regenerate and  thicken.

Ca day 14 - Ovolution: An egg is released into the fallopian tube and begin a journey down towards the uterus. If the egg is not fertilized within a day, it will die. If fertilized it will proceed with its journey down to the uterus. The ovulation is stimulated by the luteinizing hormone from the anterior pituitary.

Day 15 - 26 - Luteal face. In this face the follicle having released the egg, grow and become a so called corpus luteum, and begin to secrete large amount of the hormone progesterone. The hormone stimulate the endometrium to mature and prepare for pregnancy.

The endometrium is now ready to let a fertilized egg fasten and to develop all the supportive structures around the fetus that will be developing. If an egg is fertilized, the menstrual cycles are stopped and the pregnancy begins. The prepared endometriumt resceives the ferilized egg and let it fasten. Then the embryo begins to develop. The corpus luteium develops further and is secreting hormones during the pregnancy.

If no fertilization occurs, the last stage of the mesnstrual cycle occures and the next menstrual cycle begins.

Day 27 - 28 - Ischemic face: In this face the follicle will shrink and decrese its production of hormones if pregnancy does not occure. This will cause lack of the hormone progesterone and this lack will cause menstruation in the beginning of the next menstrual cycle.

If pregnacy occure, there will not be any ischemic face and subsequent menstruation.

Appart from the bleeding other symptoms can occur before and uring the menstruation. The most common are: Cramping in the stomach due to contraction of the uterus, bloating, soreness in the breasts, Water retention in the body so that parts of the body feels engorged, Pressure in the pelvic zones, Backache, Cravings for food, Aches in the head, Feeling exhausted, Problems of concentration, Swinging and irritable mood. A women may however also feel good symptoms such as feeling generally high mentally, increased interest for sex and more intense orgasns.

It differs much when a girl gets her first menstruation. In American litterature it is commonly told that the average time for the first menstruation is the age of 12, but it can come as early as the age of 8 and as late as the age of 15. These figures are probably otherwise for other communities. In many European communities the average age of the first menstruation is rather 13, 14 or even 15. Some years ago this average age tended to be higher also in American societies. The common diet in a society and other conditions of life seem to have a great impact upon when the first menstruation occurs.

A women have menstruation until all her eggs are used. This occurs between the age of 45 and 55.


History of hygienic measures for menstruation

The use of hygienic remedies for the menstrual blledings have differed up through the history. The tampon is not any new invention. It were in use in the ancient Egypt. Later in the European countries no hygienic measures were used at all. Women wore long dresses, often in many layers, but without any underpants, and they just let themsves bleed openly and wiped themselves dry with regular or irregular intervals. The moralism created during the ear°y middle ages by the catholic church forbid people to have any kind of interaction with their own genital and rectal zones than could stimulate sexual feelings, even hygienic interactions.

Still later the traditional menstrual pad together with belts to holding them in place came into use. In the early 1900ths the tampon came into use againg and were sold comercially. The use did not take off until much later because the taboo of talking about menstruation hinderd the manufacturers from advertizing them commercially.

A lot of other more or less clever devices has been tried out to collect menstrual fluid. One of these devices stil being sold  is the menstrual cup, a funnel-shaped hollow silicone device to be placed inside the vagina with the wide open end first. This cup collects the mestrual fluid. It is taken out with regular intervals to be emptied, washed and reincerted.


About birth controle pills

Birth conrole pills (p-pills, contraceptive pills) are used to hinder pregnancy. They usually contain both the hormons estrogen and progestin (progestogen). Progestin is a group of syntetic hormon resembling progesterone. When taking these pills from day 1 in each menstrual cycle, the release of the egg cells, the ovulation is hindered. Also the mucus at the entrance to the uterus (the cervix) is thickened by the effect of the pills, so that it is more difficult for sperm cells to enter the uterus.

The birt controle pills make their effect mainly by suppressing release of the follicle stimulating hormone and lutinizing hormons from the pituitary. By the lack of stimulation from these hormones, the development of follicles containing the mature egg cell and ovulation is prevented.

The last 7 day the women does not take any pills or takes pills without hormones just to stay in the habit of taking the pills. When the hormones from the pills are laking the last 7 days, the menstruation occur. To be most effective, the pills hould be taken the same time each day.

Therefore birth controle pills come in packs with either 21 pills or 28 pills. When one uses a pack of 21 pills, no pill is taken the last 7 days of the menstrual cycle. If she uses a pack of 28 pills, the last 7 pills contain no hormones.

Birt controle pills have a history from the late fifties or early sixties, they were approved in the USA in 1960.

Allready in the 1930 the sexual hormones had been identified, and one found out that high doses of androgens, estrogens and progesterone hindered ovulation and thereby hindered pregnancy, but the practical production of contraceptive pills coukd not begin before one had learned to cyntezise these hormons or compounds resmabling the hormons and giving similar effects.

Older contraceptive pills had high doses of progestin only. Modern pills have lower doses and of a combination of progestin and estrogen.

Contraceptive pills have some additional health benefits and some side effects. The side effects are infrequent or small with the modern combination pills.

The use of contraceptive pills for 5 years or more reduces the chance of getting ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer by 40-50%. The use also reduces the risk of colorectal cancer. The pills also alleviate problems like menstrual irregularities, pelvic inflammations and premenstrual symptoms.

The most frequent side effect of contraceptive pills is breakthrough bleeding, that is bleeding at improper times, usually in only small amounts.

The pills tend to increase vaginal excretuin or lubrification, something that can be taken as positive or negative depending on preferance.

Side effects from the old type COCPs but seldome from the new type were nausea, vomiting, increases in blood pressure, and melasma (facial skin discoloration).

The most dange3ous side effect from the old type of contraceptive pills was the chance for formation of blood clots, sometimes serious ones. This side effect is greatly reduced by the modern pills, and the decreased risk of cancer from the pills is so great thet it outweights this side effect.


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 Kingsport Kingston Kingsville Kingwood Kinsman Kinston Kipton Kirbyville Kirkland Kissimmee Kittanning Klamath Falls Knightstown Knoxville Kokomo Krebsgtowth  Kulpmont Kuna La Canada Flintridge La Crescenta La Crosse La Feria La Grange La Grange Park La Habra La Jolla La Junta La Marque La Mesa La Mirada La Palma La Place La Plata La Porte La Puente La Quinta La Salle La Vergne La Verkin La Verne La Vernia La Vista Lacey Ladera Ranch Lady Lake Lafayette Lafayette Hill Lagrange Laguna Beach Laguna Hills Laguna Niguel Lajas Lake Arrowhead Lake Bluff Lake Charles Lake City Lake Elmo Lake Elsinore Lake Forest Lake Geneva Lake George Lake Grove Lake Hiawatha Lake Hopatcong Lake in the Hills Lake Isabella Lake Jackson Lake Mary Lake Milton Lake Oswego Lake Placid Lake Saint Louis Lake Stevens Lake Villa Lake Wales Lake Winola grwth  Lake Worth Lake Zurich Lakehurst Lakeland Lakeside Lakeville Lakewood Lambertville Lamesa Lamoni Lamont Lancaster Landing Langdon Langhorne Lanham Lanoka Harbor Lansdale Lansdowne Lansing Lapeer Larchmont Laredo Largo Las Cruces Las Vegas Latham Latonia Latrobe Laurel grpwth  Laurie Lawndale Lawrence Lawrenceburg Lawrenceville Lawton Layton Le Center Le Sueur League City Leakesville Leakey Leavenworth Leawood Lebanon Lebanon Junction Ledgewood Leechburg Lees Summit Leesburg Lehi Lehigh Acres Lehighton Leitchfield Lemon Grove Lemont Lemoore groqth Lenexa Lenoir City Lenox Leola Leominster Leonardtown Leonia Levelland Levittown Lewis Center Lewisburg Lewisport Lewiston Lewisville Lexington Lexington Park Liberty Liberty Center Liberty Lake Libertyville Ligonier Lihue Lilburn Lillian Lilly Lima Limon Lincoln Lincoln City Lincoln Park Lincolnshire Lincolnton Lincolnwood Lincroft Linden Lindenhurst Lindon Lindsay Lionville Lisbon Lisle Litchfield Litchfield Park Lithia Lithia Springs Lithonia Lititz Little Chute Little Elm Little Falls Little Neck Little Rock Little Silver Littlefield.

 Littleton Live Oak Livermore Liverpool Livingston Livonia Llano Lock Haven Lockhart Lockport Locust Hill Locust Valley Lodi Logan Loganville Loma Linda Lombard Lomira Lomita Lompoc London Londonderry Penis growr Lone Pine Lone Star Long Beach Long Branch Long Island City Long Valley Longmeadow Longmont Longview Longwood Lonoke Lonsdale Lookout Mountain Lorain Lordsburg Lorton penis growy Los Alamitos Los Alamos Los Altos Los Angeles Los Banos Los Gatos Los Osos Lost Hills Louisa Louisiana Louisville Loveland Loves Park Lowell Lowville Loxahatchee Lubbock Ludlow Luling Lumberton Lunenburg Luray Lutcher Lutherville Timonium Lutz Lyles Lynbrook Lyndhurst Lynn Lynnfield Lynnwood Lynwood Lyons Mableton Macclenny Macedonia Mackinaw City Macomb Macon Macungie Madawaska Madera Madill Madison Madison Heights Madisonville Magee Magna Magnolia Mahanoy City Mahopac Mahwah Maineville Maitland Malden Malvern Malverne Mamaroneck Mamou Manahawkin Manakin Sabot Manasquan Manassas Manchester Manchester Township Mandeville Manhasset Manhattan Beach Manitowoc Mankato Mansfield Mansfield Center Mansura Manteca Manteno Mantua Manville Maple Heights Maple Shade Maplewood Marathon Marble Falls Marblehead Marcus Hook Margaretville Margate City Marianna Marietta Marina Marina del Rey Maringouin Marion Marissa Marksville Marlboro Marlborough Marlette Marlton Marquette Marrero Mars Marshall Marshfield Martin Martinez Martins Ferry Martinsville Maryland Heights Marysville Maryville Mashpee Mason Masontown Maspeth Massapequa Massapequa Park Massillon Mastic Beach Matawan Mathews Mathis Mattapan Mattapoisett Matteson Matthews Mattituck Mattoon Maumee Maumelle Maupin Maurice Mauriceville Mayaguez Maynardville Mays Landing Maysville Mayville Maywood Mc Afee Mc Bain Mc Clellanville Mc Crory Mc Donald Mc Dowell Mc Farland Mc Kees Rocks Mc Keesport Mc Kinney Mc Lean Mc Leansboro Mc Minnville McAllen McComb McDonough McHenry McMinnville McPherson Mechanicsburg Mechanicsville Mechanicville Medfield Medford Media Mediapolis Medina Medway Melbourne Melrose Melrose Park Melville Melvindale Memphis Mendham Mendon Mendota Menifee Menlo Park Menomonee Falls Menomonie Mentone Mentor Merced Mercer Mercer Island Merchantville Meriden .

Meridian Meridianville Merion Station Merrick Merrill Merrillville Merritt Island Mesa Mesquite Metairie Metamora Methuen Metuchen Meyersdale Miami Miami Beach Miamisburg Michigan City Middle Island Middle River Middle Village Middleboro Middleburg Middlebury Middlefield Middleport Middlesboro Middlesex Middleton Middletown Middleville Midland Midland Park Midlothian Midvale Mifflinburg Mifflintown Mifflinville Milford Mililani Mill Valley Millbrae Millbrook Millburn Miller Place Millersburg Millersville Millington Millsboro Millstadt Milltown Millville Milpitas Milton Milton Village Milwaukee Minden Mineola Mineral Wells Minneapolis Minnetonka Minnie Minoa Minonk Minot Mira Loma Mishawaka Mission Mission Hills Mission Viejo Missouri City Missouri Valley Moberly Mobile Modesto Mohegan Lake Mokena Molalla Moline Monaca Moncks Corner Mondovi Monessen Monkton Monongahela Monroe Monroe Township Monroeville Monrovia Monsey Montclair Montebello Monterey Monterey Park Montgomery Montgomery City Montgomery Village Montgomeryville Monticello Montoursville Montpelier Montrose Montvale Montville Moodus Moorefield Moorestown Mooresville Moorpark Moosic Moosup Mora Moraga Morehead Moreno Valley Morgan Morgan Hill Morgantown Morganville Moriches Morrilton Morris Morris Plains Morrison Morristown Morrisville Morrow Morton Morton Grove Penis growth Moscow Mound Moundsville Mount Airy Mount Clemens Mount Dora Mount Freedom Mount Gilead Mount Gretna Mount Holly Mount Ida Mount Jackson Mount Juliet Mount Kisco Mount Laurel Mount Morris Mount Pleasant Mount Pocono Mount Prospect Mount Shasta Mount Sinai Mount Sterling Mount Vernon Mount Washington Mountain Home Mountain Lakes Mountain Top Mountain View Mountainhome Mountlake Terrace Mouthcard.

 Mulberry Mullica Hill Mullins Mulvane Muncie Mundelein Munford Munfordville Munising Munroe Falls Munster Murdo Murfreesboro Murphy Murphysboro Murrieta Murrysville Muscle Shoals Muscoda Muskego Muskegon Muskogee Mustang Myrtle Beach Nampa Nanticoke Nanuet Napa Naperville Naples Napoleon Narberth Narrows Narrowsburg Nashua Nashville Natchez Natick National City Natrona Heights Naugatuck Navasota Necedah Nederland Needham Needham Heights Neenah Nephi Neptune Nesconset Netcong Nevada New Albany New Alexandria New Baden New Baltimore New Bedford New Berlin New Bloomfield New Boston New Braunfels New Brighton New Britain New Brunswick New Canaan New Carlisle New Castle New City New Cumberland New Egypt New Fairfield New Florence New Glarus New Hampton New Hartford New Haven New Hope New Hyde Park New Iberia New Kensington New Lebanon New Lenox New London New Market New Milford New Orleans New Palestine New Paltz New Philadelphia New Port Richey New Prague New Preston Marble Dale New Providence New Richmond New Rochelle New Smyrna Beach New Stanton New Tripoli New Wilmington New Windsor New York Newark Newaygo Newbern Newberry Newburgh Newbury Park Newburyport Newcomerstown Newfoundland Newhall Newington Newman Newman Grove Newnan Newport Newport Beach Newport Coast Newport News Newton Newton Center Newtonville Newtown Newtown Square Niagara Falls Niantic Niceville Nicholasville Niles Nitro Noblesville Nocona Nogales Nolensville Norco Norcross Norfolk Normal Norman Norristown North Andover North Arlington North Augusta North Aurora North Babylon North Bend North Bergen North Billerica North Branch North Branford North Brunswick North Charleston North Chicago North Dartmouth North East North Easton North Noost Erecions Fort Myers North Haven North Highlands North Hills North Hollywood North Kingstown North Las Vegas North Liberty North Little Rock North Miami Beach North Myrtle Beach North Olmsted North Palm Beach North Port North.

Reading North Richland Hills North Ridgeville North Royalton North Tonawanda North Truro North Versailles North Wales North Windham Northampton Northborough Northbrook Northern Cambria Northfield Northport Northridge Northvale Northville Northwood Norton Norwalk Norwell Norwich Norwood Nottingham Novato Novi Nunda Nutley Nyack O Fallon Oak Brook Oak Creek Oak Forest Oak Lawn Oak Park Oak Ridge Oakdale Oakfield Oakhurst Oakland Oakland Gardens Oakley Oakmont Oakton Oberlin Ocala Ocean City Ocean Springs Oceana Oceanport Oceanside Ocoee Oconomowoc Odenton Odessa Odon Ogden Oglesby Oil City Ojai Okauchee Okeechobee Okeene Okemos Oklahoma City Okmulgee Olathe Old Bethpage Old Bridge Old Forge Old Hickory Old Lyme Old Saybrook Old Town Oldsmar Olean Olive Branch Olmsted Falls Olney Olympia Olympia Fields Olyphant Omaha Onalaska Oneida Oneonta Onley Ontario Ooltewah Opa Locka Opelika Oradell Orange Orange City Orange Cove Orange Park Orangeburg Orangevale Orchard Park Orefield Oregon Oregon City Orem Orinda Orion Orland Park Orlando Orleans Ormond Beach Orosi Oroville Orrville Orting Ortonville Osage Osawatomie Oshkosh Osseo Ossining Oswego Otsego Ottawa Ottumwa Overland Park Oviedo Owasso Owatonna Owensboro Owenton Owings Mills Owosso Oxford Oxnard Oxon Hill Oyster Bay Ozark Ozone Park Pacific Pacific Palisades

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