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Natural drugs to improve sexual functions, intensify sexual feelings and help against problems with the urinary and genital organs

On this page there is a presentation of natural drugs to stimulate and improve the sexual and intimate functions of men and women.

Please click at the banner or links to learn more or buy. Further down you will find some information about the herb yohimbe, that is an ingredient in a couple of the presented supplements.

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Boost of good feelings and acting power for women

Boost of good feelings and virility for men

Genital function and fertility improvement for women

Genital function and fertility improvement for men

Penis improvement, breast augmentation  and other sexual products

Natural help against genital and urinary disorders of women

Natural drugs against prostate problems and other male problems

Help for urogenital problems of both sexes - kidney stones, UTI, yeast infection

Information about the African erotic excitement herb yohimbe



Pills for women to increase pleasure and performance

Provestra ( Estravil ) - herbal lust pills for women - Pills to stimulate mental erotic excitement, bodily lust, intimate reaktions and fertility.

Female hersolution pills - To boost the lust for sex and sexual satisfaction of women - and to give better lubrication and a less heavy menstrual period - from this product you can expect greater urge for sex and greater satisfaction from the sex act, both physically and mentally. You can also expect better sexual physiology, like more abundant lubrication and less plagues during menstruation.

Please click here to learn more or buy - Hersolution

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Pills and tinctures for men to increase pleasure and virility

These products has the main function of stimulating mental and physical sexual feelings, to vitalize erections and make the man able to perform more strongly. There are some diffeneces in the effects of the products that can make one product better for an individual than another.

Yohimbe products - to magnify potency and optimize orgasms - The exact spectre of effects of yohimbe products will vary from product to product. These are however some effects associated with the heb yohimbe: Yohimbe can increase the sex drive, it will for some men help against problems with the erections. It may increase erectile potency to higher levels. In can optimize the orgasms and help against functional problems during orgasm. Yohimbe may help persons perfroming exercize to loose body fat. Here are two good yohimbe products. If you are searching fo another special yohimbe product, you will probably find that also by going through these product links. You get into a store where you can find many more products containing yohimbe.

Natrol's Yohimbe 500mg 90cap

Natrol's Yohimbe 500mg 90cap

Used to Support Male Potency Description: ? Used to Support Male Potency ? Whole Herb Powder Yohimbe has been used traditionally for many years to help support male potency. Supplement Facts: Serving Size: 1 Servings per Container: 90 Yohimbe (bark) 500 mg **Daily value not established. Other Ingredients: Gelatin, and magnesium stearate. Directions: Take 1 capsule up to 3 times daily with meals.

Premier One's Raw Yohimbe 60Caps

Premier One's Raw Yohimbe 60Caps

Caffeine Free Description : Raw Energy Yohimbee, caffeine-free, ephedra-free, guaranteed yohimbine, dietary supplement.

Country Life's Biochem Yohimbe Wild African Bark1oz

Country Life's Biochem Yohimbe Wild African Bark1oz

YOHIMBE WILD AFRICAN BARK EXTRACT Alcohol-Free GlyceriteHypoallergenic/Vegetarian/KosherCountry Lifeメs LIQUID FARMACY botanicals are derived from the best available sources. These organically-grown and/or wildcrafted herbs are carefully processed to maintain purity and potency. They are carefully prepared fresh or shade dried. Item #: 9880Type: LiquidSize: Net wt. 1 fl. oz. (30 mL)Serving Size: 40 dropsAdditional InformationDirectionsOther Ingredients Directions: Mix twenty (20) to forty (40) drops of extract with a small amount of water and take two (2) to four (4) times daily between meals, or as directed by a health care professional. Other Ingredients: Organic grape alcohol 45%, filtered water.

Herb Pharm's Yohimbe/Pausinystalia johimbe 8 oz

Herb Pharm's Yohimbe/Pausinystalia johimbe 8 oz

"8 oz Yohimbe/Pausinystalia johimbe Extract This item is not available for shipment to Canada. We prepare our Yohimbe Extract from the bark of Pausinystalia johimbe trees which are Custom Wildcrafted especially for us in their wild native habitat in Cameroon, Africa. To assure optimal extraction of Yohimbe?s bioactive compounds, the bark is handharvested and carefully dried, and is then shipped directly to our laboratory and thoroughly extracted. Our Yohimbe is never fumigated or irradiated. Dry herb / menstruum ratio: 1 : 5 Contains certified organic grain alcohol, distilled water, dilute hydrochloric acid & Yohimbe extractives. Suggested use: SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING One to three times per day take 30 to 40 drops in a little water.

VigRXplus pills to get larger and more effective erections - These herbal pills have a main effect of making the erections larger and of letting the erections come more easily. It also have more general potency and pleasure enhancing effects.

ExtenZe - potency and male lust pills - Make the erections bigger, harder, more durable and generally intensify the sexual feelings in your mind and body.

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Pills for women to improve genital functions and fertility

Hersolution - to improve female hormone levels, female functions, lubrication and make you feel more pleasure - The basic effects on the hormonal regulation  give visible effects like reduced menstrual problems, more sexual energy, more production of lubricating fluids, and more good feelings on all levels.

Please click here to learn more or buy - Hersolution
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Pills to improve semen production, orgasms and genital functions

These products also increase good feelings, improve erections and vitalize performance. But in addition they improve spceific genital functions as for example semen production, orgasmic+ physiology and controle of ejaculation. 

VpRx - Pills to improve virility and ejaculation controle - Increase male sexual desire and arousal. They strengthen the power and endurance. They prevent premature ejaculations.

- Please click here to learn more and order - VpRX


Semenax - for improved male physiology Optimize semen production and quality, genital functions, fertility, sexual reflexes, intimate feelings and fertility.

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More items to enhance the sexual - erotic fun articles, penis improvementm breast augmenation and other things

Total Curve - set for breast amplification - The concrete results from this therapy kit are more ample breasts, firmer breasts, breasts lifted better upwards, more distinctly shaped breasts and distincter cleavage. The kit contains herbal nourishment and tissue growth stimulation products for oral use, for external topical use and also instructions for breast amplifying exercizes.

Lubricants for silky-smooth actions and added excitement and toys for cuntplay, cockplay, titplay and buttplay - A lot of exciting lubricants. Many of these have added components to stimulate you through your nose, at your tongue or in your genital region.

Please click here to see the products - quality sex tools

Penis pumps to make erections and a greater penis - With a cautious and regular use a penis pump can also be used to effectiize and enlarge the penis. If you use the pump to achiee an erection, it is usually combined with a penile ring. You can also find penile rings at the site here.

Please go here to see a fine collection of penis pumps

Balms, oils and toys for erotic fun sensual body massage - Oils, lotions, balms and equipment for sensual body massage and sexual play.

Please go here for lotions and balms for pleasurable and exciting massage

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Help problems with the female urinary and genital zones

MENSTRUAL cramps - Hylands menstrual cramps - Herbal and homeopatic product against menstrual cramps.

Please click here - Hyland's Menstrual Cramps - 100 Tablets

PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME - Menstium - A supplement that helps against premenstrual problems by supplying nutrients needed in the female regolatory mechanisms.  Please click at the links and choose what suits your need best.

Please click here to read more or buy - Menstium

Hersolution - to reduce menstrual problems and improve sexual functions - These pills help to take away problems connected to menstruation like flashes and sweats, cramps and mood problems. They also help to give  more production of lubricating fluids and stronger sexual pleasure.

Please click here to learn more or buy - Hersolution

Endometriosis - Fallodox - By endometriosis, the endometrium , the tissue normally lining only the inside of the uterus, grows also outside this location. This in turn leads to menstrual irregularities and eccessive bledings, deficiencies of minerals and other nutrients, loss of fertility and proneness to infections. Fallodox may be helpful for those suffering from endometriosis by regulating the menstrual cycles, remending deficiencies, promoting fertility and  boosting the immune system.

Please click here to learn more or buy - Fallodox

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Help for problems in the male urinary and genital zones

HELP FOR PROSTATE PROBLEMS - Prostate factors - Michael's Healths Products - . These pills may prevent or help against prostate infection and hypertrophy, and help to maintain optimal prostate health.  They contain bee pollen, echinacea root and other factors known to support prostate health.

Please click here to learn more or buy - Prostate Factors

HELP FOR PROSTATE PROBLEMS - Prostasan - Bioforce Of America  - This product contains saw palmetto berry extract, a herbal substance known for promoting prostate health.

Please click here to learn more or buy - Prostasan Softgels

TO FIGHT PROSTATE AILMENTS - Pumpkin seed - Only Natural  - - This product contains pumpkin seed extract, also a herbal substance reputated for improving prostate health and get rid of prostate problems.

Please click here to learn more or buy - Pumpkin Seed Complex

TO FIGHT PROSTATE AILMENTS . Enhanced Natural Prostate W/Cernitin - Life Extension - A product containing the pollen extract cernitine, saw palmetto and other natural ingredients known to enforce prostate soundness.

Please click here to learn more or buy - Enhanced Natural Prostate W/Cernitin

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Help for urogenital problems of both sexes and other body care products

URINARY TRACT INFECTION - Medonin: Helps against UTI by giving an environment unsuited for bacteria , and by enhancing the immune responce against bacteria.

Please click here to read more or buy - Medonin


YEAST INFECTION - Veraferm - Helps against yeast infection by giving an internal environment unfriendly for yeast and helping the immune syetem against yeasts.

Please click here to read more or buy - Veraferm

KIDNEY STONES - Renalis - A help to hinder stone production and the outwashing of manifest stones.

Click here to buy or learn more or buy - Renalis

ProShapeRx - helps slimming by lowering a too high appetite, by partly blocking uptake of calories, by increasing fat burning and by enhancing bodily activity - The slimming effect of this natural drug originates from four main principles: Decreasing of a too strong appetite, lowering uptake of starch from the intestines and storage of fat, stimulating fat metabolism so that you burn and eliminate more fat and making you feel more vital so that you increase your physical actiities.

Feel and look younger, reverce aging - A better growth hormone production will help regain skin thickness, muscle intactness, a jouvenile muscle/fat-ratio and other properties of youth. These products makes your body produce more growth hormone to the right time.

A generally working growth hormone production increaser for men and women:

This product will especially help to restore and build muscle mass:

This drug is formulated to restore the body and mental capabilities of men from the middle ages and older:

A great pharmacy of products to improve sexual life and to combat aging changes - By clicking at the banner below, you will also find more products to enhance sexual life than those presented here. There are traction instruments, pills and patches for penis improvement, penis enlargement and to get bigger and more effective erections. You find tablets for better sexual performance, increased sexual pleasure, higher fertility and boosted ecstacy. There are perfumes to arouse and attract sex partners. There are systems for permanent hair removal and natural remedies to stimulate stronger heir growth.

The site has several great products to combat chronic problems and aging changes in the skin, blood circulation, joints, digestion and generally working anti-aging drugs. There are also effective products to help slimming and to develop or revitalize your muscles.

Products for men and women to increase potency and sexual satisfaction. Anti-aging medicines. - please click here

More products to optimize sexual life of women and men

More products to help for specific health problems - digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, rheumatic, nervous, hemorrhoids, thyroid, poor memory, fatigue, edema and more

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About Yohimbe - Pausinystalia yohimbe or Corynanthe yohimbe

Botannical facts

Yohimbe is the name of several African evergreen  trees. The most important is Pausinystalia yohimbe, but also others like Corynathe yohimbe are used.  Other plants that contain the same effective substances are Aspidosperma quebracho-blanco and Rauwolfia serpentina .

Pausinystalia yohimbe is an oak-like tree belonging to the family rubiaceae.  It grows mainly in Cameroon, Gabon, and Zaire.

The full botanical specification of this tree is:
Cladus: Eukaryota. Regnum: Plantae, Cladus: Angiospermae, Cladus:Eudicots, Cladus: core eudicots, Cladus: Asterids, Cladus: Euasterids

Ordo: Gentianales, Familia: Rubiaceae, Subfamilia: Cinchonoideae, Tribus: Naucleeae, Genus: Pausinystalia, Species: Pausinystalia johimbe

It can reach a height of 100 feet (ca 30 meters) with the branches fairly heigh up in the trunk. It has narrow oval leaves. The flowers appear in a bushy manner and they produce winged seeds.

It has light-brown or grayish-brown bark with vertical and horisontal fissures with a thickness of about one inch. the brak is often cowered by lichens.


Habitat and growth condition

The trees  grow in western Africa in Nigeria, Cameroon, the Congo and Gabon. It grows in rain forests.


Production and preparation

The bark of the tree is used gound and this ground powder is used in herbal products. The effective component yohimbine is also extracted from the bark and sold to pharmaceutical plants.

The bark of Pausinysthalia yohimbe has the highest persentage of the effective components. This bark contains 0,6 - 09, per sent yohimbine which is the compound considered effective.

The total amount of alkaloids in the bark is 6%.  Ectracts from the bark are sold with  different concentrations of yohimbine, for example 45, 8% and 20%.

Pausinysthalia yohimbe has become a rare tree due to bark harvesting that destroys the trees. Therefore barks of the other trees are mostly used for herbal products.

The extract are prepared ans sold as tinctures and are integrated in capsules. Th edried bark is also used, but must then be taken with some acid additives, like vitamin C. lemon juice or fruit acids to make yohimbine easily taken up.


Effective constituents and their basic reactions

The effective component in yohimbe is the alcaloid yohimbine. Yohimbine is a selective competitive alpha2-adrenergic receptor antagonist, that is it hinders the signalling of adrenaline to certain tissues.

This action decreases manifestations of stress, and thus tend to decrease the blood sugar level, decrease the heart rate, decrease allertness against external dangers, decrease panic and anxiety reactions, decrease blood flow to muscles and increase blood flow to internal organs.

On receptors for the neurotransmitter serotonione, it mostly has the same effect as the hormone itself. Thus it will increase blood presure and increase the muscular actions in some internal organs like the intestines.

On receptors that takes signals from dopamine, it will mostly hinder these signals. This effect tend to decrease heart rate and blood pressure.

Yohimbine stimulate the production of norepinephrine in nerve endings, for example in the genital region. Noradrenaline relaxes blood vessels in this area and helps the penis to fill with blood.

Thus yohimbine has several actions that to some extend go in opposite directions. Good effects on sexual functions may be due to an over-all increase in blood flow to internal organs, an over-all increase in blood pressure and an reduction of many components of stress.

The manifest symptomatic or medical effects of yohimbine are based on the more basic biochemical effects. The symptomatic effects are:

- Yohimbine alone can counteract erectile dysfunction in some men, but not all. The substance alone do not seem to increase sexual drive. It is however effective against orgasmic problems.

- The substance can counteract sexual exhaustion in male rats. It can increase the semen volume in dogs.

- Yohimbine seems to help recall burried memories, for example memories associated with post-traumatic stress disorder.

- Yohimbine seems to increase fat loss, especially when combined with athletic activities.

Yohimbe also contains these compunds that may have medical and sexual effects: Ajmaline, corynantheine, corynanthene, quebrachin, tannins.


Medical effects and uses of the herb yohimbe and yohimbine

Much of the effects reported for yohimbe, are caused by the effects of the constituent yohimbine, but possibly also from other constituents. The herb used as a whole or as extracts, have the following effects:

Yohimbe increases the strength of erection in men that does not have any erectil dysfunction. Thus it makes an allready normal erectile power even stronger.

Yohimbe is effective in some cases for helping against erectil dysfunction, but not in all.  Combined with other drugs, it has shown to have a greater  effect against erectile dysfunction.

Since yohimbe both decreases and increases many bodily and mental reactions, it probably will be effective against erectile dysfunction where the dysfunction is caused by an inappropriate level of several bodily processes and where yomimbe happens to regulate these processes toward a more optimal level.

Some users of yohimbe often report strong effect both on increasing also a normal erection potency to even higher levels.

Laboratory experiments show that the effects of yohimbe alone on erections only occur in some cases. This is in contrast to the fairly high number of individuals that report such an effect. Probably the effect is strong, but only in combination with other drugs or certain arousing factors, such as a sexually arousing environment. Probably some of the effect also is secondary to other physiological effects and shows up after some time and primarily in normal life that is not so easily studied in laboratory.

Yohimbe has shown to be effective against dysfunctions in the mechanism of orgasms.

Yohimbe is said also to increase genital reaction and especially engorgement of the sexual organ by women. It may also be effective against lack of sexual lust by women, but it is seldome reported to be used for this purpose.

Yohimbe has the ability to keep a person awake for a long time.

Yohimbe seems to help persons loose body fat when it is combined with regular training activities. It may therefore be useful for body-builders that have a reduction of body fat mass as one of the goals.

Yohimbe can increase the production of saliva.

Yohimbe may be helpful for treatment of anxiety disorders. However, since the basic actions of the constituents are very complex and to some extend go in opposite directions, it is probable that the usefullness against anxiety will depend highly upon the cause of the anxiety.

Yohimbe can help against hypertension in some cases. However a dose of 5 mg or more will increase the blood pressure due to some causes, for example by orthostatic hypertension due to failure in the autonomic nerve system or orthostatic hypertension due to wide-spread tissue athrophy. Because of the divesified action on the blood pressure, the drug is not any more used against hypertension.

Yohimbe can also help against angina pectoris, but the use for this purpose is also probably ceased.


Side effects and cautions

Yohimbe in moderate and greater amount increases distinctly the heart rate and effectively hinders sleep. High amounts can cause seizures and renal failur in some individuals.

Even small amounts can sometimes cause anxiety, nausea, dissiness and high blood pressure in susceptible persons. Some persons get hypersensitive to light when taking yohimbe.

Therefore only small amounts of yohimbe must be used. and the drug must not be used regularly every day for a longer period.

The amount of yohimbe in commercial capsules and tinctures are usually regulated to amounts that do not cause dangerous effects if used as prescribed.

Yohimbe in great enough doses can cause halusinations and it has sometimes been smoken for that purpose.


Traditional medical uses

In African cultures the herb has been used for centuries to increase sexual drive and boost erection power. It has also been used in Africa for fever, coughs and leprosy. Yahimbe tea has also traditionally been drunk by warriors in preparation for battle. The tea has been a sermonial drink during fertilization rituals and during ritruals preparing boys for manhood. It has also been used topically to alleviate local pain. It has also been used to smoke it for halusinogenic properties.


Uses in modern herbal drugs

The herb is used in modern herbal drugs to increase sexual drive, to maximize erections, to help against erectile dysfunction and to help against orgasmic problems. However, since side effects can be very distinct in greater doses, one uses only small amounts of yohimbe in these drugs to hinder side effects. The yohimbe is also combined with other effectors, so that the combined action of yohimbe and the other drugs gives the wanted result. This combined action is greater that the action of yohimbe alone.


Uses in pharmacological products

Yohimbe or yohimbine has been a prescription pharmacy for a long time to be used against erectile dysfunction, but it is less popular now after drugs like viagra an the like got onto the makret.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is nutritional in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.