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EROTIC OILS AND CREAMS - for massage, lust and arrosal

Here is a presentation of oils to apply om your intimate organs to intensify the sexual experience and performance. The products are based on herbal oils and extracts from herbs. The high quality products have different compositions so that each product will have some unique properties in their effects. Please read about the products and choose the product that suits your specific purposes best.

At the bottom of this page there is some general information about sexual enhancement creams and tips for women to maximize the orgasms and orgasmic pleasure. There is also some information about the medical and erotic herb saw palmetto, an ingredient in products for men presented at this page.

Creams and oils for men to increase erection strength and pleasant feelings

VigRXoil - Stimulates intense good feelings, makes your penis get erect immediately, and makes the penis stand solid all the time you want - You apply the oil at your penis head. At once you get intense feelings of pleasure in your penis and your genital zone. Very soon your penis will grow well in length and width, and rise to a solid and stable erection. The hard and rigid erection and the lubrication from the oil will make it easy for you to penetrate and glide during the act. The physical reactions will also stimulate strong erotic mental feelings. The intense feelings will last during a long act, and you will stay solid erect all the time you want.

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The oil is composed of herbal oils emulgated in a watery base and with effective herbal extracts dissolved. You massage a small amount of it onto your penis head. The rock-hard, long lasting erections are due to natural ingredients that stimulate sensorial bodies in your penis skin and pubic area, and substanses from these ingredients also penetrate into the deeper tissues and stimulate the sensorial points also here.

The scientists have developed the product by combining traditional herbal medicine and modern science. The natural ingredients blended in this product are extracts of Epidemium leaves, seeds of Cuscuta, Panax ginseng (Asian red ginseng), berries of Saw palmetto, fruits of Serenoa (Fructus serenoae), bark of Muira pauma, bark of Catuaba, berries of Hawthorn (FructusCrataegi).

ProSolutionGel - to make a good erection instantly and to make that erection hold the wanted time - This gel for your most intimate penile areas will pose your penis into the erct state quickly, and you can keep the erection the time you want without interruption by a too soon ejaculation.

The working ingredients in this topical drug is the amino acid L-arginine, vitamine C, mango butter, mentol and extracts of algae, Aloe vera and bearberry.

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Nexus Pheromones - fragrant for men to attract women - Perfume for men that arouses and attracts women,  using natural reactions mediated by pheromones. Get a fragrance that instantly awakens a woman's positive attention and improves your attraction power.

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Creams and oils for women to vigorize physical functions and enhance good feelings:

Vigorelle - A herbal cream for women that enhances the erotic lust and physical reactions. - Vigorelle is a natural herbal cream,  giving an instant turn-on, also called a women's Viagra. Massage it into your most intimate female body parts before or during lovemaking, or let your lover caress your intimate zones and apply the cream. You will then feel these effects: The physical pleasure in your clitoris, between your intimate lips and in your pubic area will turn on instantly. The genital pleasure will be intense. Then you will feel more intense sensations in your deeper bodily areas, and these effects will elevate your mental excitement to intense hights. You will then reach a higher physical and mental climax than ever before. Your orgasms will last a lont time with an extreme peak feeling. Then, after the orgasm you will pant for even more.

The effective components in this medicine for female intimate application are L-arginine, vitamins A, C & E, complex hyaluronic acid, aloe vera gel and extratcs of Gingko biloba, wild yam, damiana, suma root and peppermint leaf.

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Hersolutiongel - to amplify the physical excitement, increase lubrication and engorgement and give marvelous feelings - This topical product is to be placed on the most senual zones in the vulva. It makes your blood fill into your intimate areas. It instantly causes strong physical feelings and build up to an intense orgasm. Smear a few drops at your clitoris and between your lips for the instantaneous response. This cream is especially good to lubricate your outer intimate area, and to stimulate lubrictation inside the vagina, so that all unpleasant friction and sticking is avoided.

Effective components of this product are olive squalene, shea butter, cocoa butter, Aloe vera extract, ultrez polymer, triethanolamine, menthol, USP, l-Arginine.

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About saw palmetto or Serenoa repens

Botannical facts

Saw palmetto isd a palm-like bush growing natively in the southern part of north America. The full botannical classification of the plant is: Kingdom: Plantae, Angiosperms, Monocots, Commelinids, Order: Arecales, Family: Arecaceae, Subfamily: Coryphoideae, Tribe: Corypheae, Genus: Serenoa, Species: S. repens.

The plant has big fan-like leaves with around 20 leaflets. The petiole of the leaves is armed by sharp teeth-like spines that give the name to the plant.

Saw-palmetto have yellowish-white flowers , about 5 mm across, apppearing in dense compound panicles up to 60 cm long. The fruit is a large reddish-black drupe.

The fruit is eatan by many animal species and have historically also been used by human as food. It has however a pungent bittery taste, and the fruit has therefore mostly been used to increase the content of nutrient in the diet a

Medical uses and effects of saw palmetto

In modern herbal medicine, extracts from the fruit of saw palmetto is mostly used.

Saw palmetto have a long traditional use among indian tribes.

Extract of saw palmetto alleviates benign prostate hyperplacia, that is the enlargement of the prostate that often occures as a man grow older.

It has also been used to treat infertility in women and to treat underdeveloped breasts.

Saw palmetto is concidered as a general drug to help normalize the condition of the urogenital system of both men and women. This have the effect of strengthening tissue volum when it is atrophied and reducing overgrown tissues.

The herb also is used as a tonic to generally stengthen the whole body. For example is it used to ease recovery after diseases.

One uses the herb to ease loosening of slime in the windpipe, to alleviate respiratory cathars, to clear the windpipe and to alleviate cough.

It has further been used as an antiseptic.

Scietific studies have shown that the herb may have anti-tumor activity.

Effective substances in saw palmetto

The fruit has a high content of fatty acids and of phytosterols. It also contain sitosterole which is chemically very like cholesterole.

Possible side effects of saw palmetto

Since the fruit has a high content of the cholesterole-like substance sitosterole, consuming great prortins of the fruit as food over long time may give bad effects upon the circulatory health. This effect is however not present when extracts of the fruit is used in recomanded amounts or useed in a cream fro topical stimulation.

Saw palmetto or Serenoa repens ( A free picture from

The effects and composition of erotic oils and creams

There are a lot of erotic oils and cream to be found on the market. Most of these have the same effects, but the degree of each effect vary from product to product. The product to choose will therefore depend on what effects that are most important. Here are these effects listed.

- They induce stronger erection in a mans penis, and engorgement of the area stretching from the penile root backwards between the man's legs. Erection occur when blood vessels leading from the penis constrict to hold the blood in the penis, blood vessels in the penis relax to let blood fill into a dense network of blood vessels in the penis, and blood vessels leading blood to the penis also relax to let more blood in.

This action of the blood vessels usually occur when exposed to the tissue hormnone nitrogen oxide. The nitrigen oxide are released from the nerves leding to the male genital region. In some erotic oils, substances stimulate the nerves to release nitrogen oxide, and thereby effect errection. This is a similar action as that of the farmacologic product viagra. In other oils there is a direct stimulation on the blood vessels from substances in the oils. In oils for women the stimulation is directly on the blood vessels.

- They induce engorgement in a women's clitoris, her vulvar lips and in the deeper area under the visible female organs, stretching downward and backward from the clitoris to the vagina and around the vagina. This structure is often calle the G-spot. This structure from the clitoris down into the vaginal region has a mesh of blood vessels comparable to the erectile network in a man's penis and between a man's legs, and the structure has a lot of sensoirial bodies. In many respects, the sexual organs of a man and a women are put together in the same way, but the different parts have a very different shape.

- They increase the secretion of lubricating secretes from the glands in the genital zone. This action is especially easily seen i women that vill get a higher secretion of vaginal fluid so that sexual actions occur more smoothly. However, also men secrete fluids from small glands in his urethra and secrete lubricating substances from glands around his penis head. Also his secretions will be stimulated. The stimulation of secretion occur bote indirectly and directly. The increased engorgement will cause more impulses sent to the brain from the genital area, and the brain sends reflectory inpulses back to the genitals to increase the secretion. But substabces in the oils also stimulate the glands directly.

- They increase the feeling of pleasure in the genital organs. This happens partly because the increased engorgement stimulate more intensivly the nerve endings and sensorial bodies in a mechanical way. Some of substances in the oils olso stimulate sensirial nerve endings and sensorial bodies directly.

- They lubricate the genitals to reduce friction during the sexual act, and make the movements run more smothly

- They protect the skin of the genital organs from injury caused by physical impact during the sexual act. This protection is partly a effect of the lubrication, and partly due to a shielding effect of a thin protective oily layer that the product deposit at the skin of the genitals.

- Stimulation oils and creams generally also have a pleasant and erotically arousing scent. Sometimes special aromatic substances are added to the oils to give special stimulating scents.

- Some stimulation oils are made on an oily base. Most modern erotic oils are however made on water as a base. In this water, effective substances are soluted. There are also finely divided drops of oily substances or oils spread throughout the water medium. In these oily drops also other effective substances are soluted. The oily substances will make a thin lubricating and protecting layer upon the surface of the genital organs and lubricate them, but without feeling greasy.

- The oily substances in erotic creams and oils are natural oily fat types or oily substances extracted from plants. Apricot kernal oil is an example of an oil used in such products. The natural hydrocarbon substance squalane in very often also used in these oils. This substance, occuring naturally in human skin, has very good lubricating and protecting properties. The substance does not remain only on the surface of the skin, but also penetrates deep into the skin tissue.

- The oils and oily substances used also help to make the working substances penetrate through the skin and into the genital tissue. Squalane especially has this property, because this substance easily penetrate into the skin and carry with itself the working oil solluble substances.

- The working substances are mostly extracts of herbs with an effect confirmed by a long traditional use and modern scientific research.

Herbs typically used as base for extracts use in these oils are: Daminana, cuscuta, hawthorn, suma, motherwort, wild yam, ginkgo biloba, pepermint, ginseng, saw palm, yohimbe, muira pauma, catuaba bark and cuscuta seed. What herbs that are used depends upon the exact effect the product is ment to have, and will differ between male products, female products and unisex products.

Vitamins and minerals are also used as working substances in these products.

- Generally erotic oils and creams can be grouped it two broad cathegories. One cathegory comprizes products where the lubricating and protecting effects are the most important. These oils are also generally made to be used in fairly great quantities, and shall be applied on large zones.

The other group comprizes oils and creams that primarily has the purpose of increaseing erection,, increasing engorgement, stimulating feelings and stimulating secretions of genital fluids. These oils are used in very small quantities, they are effective in even minute amounts, and one applies them primarily on the most sensitive points of the genital organs.

Tips for women about Maximizing Your Orgasms

The willingness to experiment and to give and take is a prerequisite for having a gratifying and joyous relationship. This is perhaps even more true about the sexual part of the relationshiop than about the other aspects. Also proving and negotiating sexual methods until you find the optimal way of making sex, and find the best possible emotional sexual report betwween each other will also pay back a lot of value to the rest of your relationship.

Most couples have a good time when engaging in sex, but few couples find the optimal repart between themselves when practizing sex, so most couples have a lot to gain by adjusting the sexual pratcice in several ways. The part that often is the least satisfying for a women, is the orgasms. Many women do not achieve orgams, or the orgasms do not satisfy them fully physically or emotionally.

However, not achieveing an orgasm does not mean that the sex is not enjoyable. Sometimes tender sex without aiming at an orgasm is the best way for both for thw woman and the man, especially if both are tired after a hard day's work. But, everyone should be able to achieve a fully satisfying orgasm when aiming for just that fulfillment of the sexual act.

It is possible to learn to maximize your orgasm. There are a number of ways on how to maximize and experience an overwhelming orgasm of which some are described here. You only need to cut yourself from your goal of experiencing it to actually have it.

The Need for a Foreplay

To maximize your orgasm, you need to relax and just enjoy your intimate moment with your partner. Do not focus too seriously on achieving orgasm. If your mind is too preoccupied with thoughts and worries, the chances of reaching your sexual peak can outright dwindle. You should focus instead on your partner's body and how it connects and responds to yours. This way, you can concentrate more on the movements and sensations of your bodies. The true essence of sex is to feel, react, and enjoy.

During foreplay, especially if you have any problems with vaginal dryness, you may want to use a lubricant. Even better yet, try to use some stimulating cream specifically designed for a women's pleasure. Such a cream can help take you over the edge towards mind-blowing, explosive orgasms. On the heat of the moment, you and your partner tend to proceed to sex even without foreplay. Sometimes, the excitement of sex is so powerful it then leads to a quick sex, thus reducing the time for foreplay or to pass it eventually. Foreplay plays an essential part in reaching orgasm, for it can always bring you to a height of lasting pleasure. It involves teasing each other's bodies through fondling, kissing, and petting. In this moment, you'll feel an increased heart rate, sexual organ swelling, quicker breathing, and excessive lubrication. For you to experience a fulfilling orgasm, foreplay should not be forgotten or skipped when you are having sex with your partner.

Relaxing and Muscular Work

Good relaxation in the pelvic muscles during the foreplay and other parts of the sexual act, enhances your ability to feel both the fysical pleasure and the mental excitement. When you relaxe your intimate zones, you allow yourself to feel the caresses of your partner, and this builds up a solid excitement. It also stimulates engorgement and lubrication of your vagina and between your sexual lips.

However, just laying totally relaxed all the time is not any good idea. To rhytmically contract your pelvic muscles, and to take part of the rhytmical movements during the intercourse will add to to the stimulation of your feelings.

As you get steadily more aroused it will be good to add a gentle muscle work, to add to your stimulation. And eventually more intense muscle work will be in place.

The sexual act will perhaps be most satisfying if you changes between periods of relaxation, periods of very gentle muscular work and periods of intens muscular mork.

The most intense muscular work is often in place at the point where you decide to achieve the orgasm.

After the orgasm, the sexual act is not necessarily over. Then it is good to stimulate yourself and your partner with a gentle muscular movements, often for quite a long time.

You should also try to get your partner cooperate between periods of relaxqation, periods of gentle work and perods of intense physical work.

With the proper use of this techique, you and your partner can achieve a lot of small peak periods or small orgams, before you both plunge into the great orgasmic climaxe.

Communicating Sexual Fantasies

Moreover, having a sexual fantasy is also a perfect way to maximize your orgasm. It is a proven fact that it is normal for any individual to have private thoughts and fantasies processing on their minds every time they have sex with their partners. Aside from having intense sexual fantasies, you can also try role-playing scenes with your beloved. This way, you will not only share and actually act out your fantasies with your special someone, but you will also enjoy and achieve extreme pleasure out of it.

Communicating with your partner is another important aspect of maximizing your orgasm. By simply sharing your sexual wants and desires with your partner, it is then easier for you and your partner to achieve sexual nirvana. Talking about the things you both want to do in bed will surely make your sexual bond even more fruitful and exciting. Women are the ones who usually initiate the talking. It is best to try discussing bed issues with male partners in a gentle and indirect way.

Self-induced Pleasure

Masturbation is also one of the best ways to learn how to achieve a powerful orgasm. Self-practice is oftentimes effective in determining your body's pleasure spots as you tend to familiarize yourself with your own sexuality. Remember that the more you get to achieve pleasure on your own the better chance you'll experience the same orgasmic state with your partner. Also during masturbation some stimulating cream can be of great help to push you through the treshold towards the real intense pleasure.

Vibrators work best on women as these heighten pleasure and desire in a no-pressure situation. The emphasis on using this type of equipment is to know what feels pleasurable and good for you. Men, meanwhile, can try other ways of masturbating to have a more fulfilling orgasm. Some men masturbate just to satisfy sudden sexual urges, not knowing that it can help them determine stronger and lasting pleasure points by experimenting with their strokes. In practicing masturbation strokes, men should learn to take their time and just savor the sensation.

Good Health, Maximum Pleasure

Being in the mood and having a positive sexual energy can ensure a more fulfilling and satisfying sexual relationship with your partner. Since being healthy helps you in participating well in pleasure-filled sexual activities, it is important to keep your body always fit and strong. To maintain a healthy physique, you can try taking health supplement products that are formulated to boost energy levels and stabilize mood swings.

Overall, achieving or maximizing orgasm is not that difficult as most people thought so. What's more important is to try the most natural and easiest ways to discover your sexuality for it will eventually help you achieve a satisfying and exciting sexual relationship. Just enjoy, have fun, and never be embarrassed to share with your partner what excites you. Remember that sex with a beloved or trusted partner is supposed to be fun. Just let go of worries and take the time to relive the wonderful bond and feeling between you and your partner.

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