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About the pubertal development of girls - down on this page

About puberty in boys

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Further down you will find some information about female puberty or the bodily development of girls during the pubertal period.

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About Female Puberty - the Pubertal development of Girls

Just like male puberty, the female pubertal development proceed in several stages that begin at different timem but one stage tend to begin before the another stage is finnished so that several things happen at the same time.

Most of the pubertal changes in girls are stimulated by a hormone produced in the ovaries, estradiol. The production of this hormon is further stimulated by the hormon follicle stimulating hormone released from the pitutitary, a gland situated just under the brain. But the release of this hormone is again stimulated by factors produced in the hypothalamus right abow the pituitary. In this way, the brain part called hypothalamus is the central controller of female and also male puberty. The adrenal glands in girls also produce male sexual hormones, and also this to a certain extend controle female puberty.

The pubertal process in a girl occurs within the age range 10 - 17, the age of onset as well as the age when it is finished vary. There is a tendecy for girls and also boys to get the first signs of puberty at an earlier age now than before, and that is probably caused by lifestyle factors such as the modern diet among young people. Therefore it is seldome anything wrong with a girl that gets the puberty in a later age than her fellow mates. she probably only have another lifestyle, and probably even a more healthy lifestyle that the average of her age level. The steadily earlier onset of puberty is probably not a good thing.

The changes during puberty, and especially of girls, tend to vary much between the different rases and individuals. Some girls will go through great chenges in the shape of the sexual organ, body shape and hair growth in the intimate sones. Others will look nearly as they looked before puberty. Therefore it is difficult and also wrong to set up any  strict normality scheme for the pubertal development and the final result.

Breast development

The first signs of puberty in girls is usually seen in the breats. The girl usually first get a tender lump under the breast nipples, a phenomenon called thealche. Also boys often get such a lump.The swelling will then soften and widen to other areeas of the breasts and within 2 years the girl has got a mature breast size. The breasts can however very gradually grow further many years after the core puberty period.

Growth of pubic hair

The next visible sign is the growth of pubic hair. It usually begins along the labia and gradually lengthens, tightens and spreads during the whole puberty period. It vary however how extensively it will develop. In some girls it only get to be a thin growth on the labia, while by others it spread to parties of the lower belly to the upper thighs and between to the anal region.

Development of the vagina and the vulva

The mucosa of the vagina will gradually become thicker and more dully pink than before, and the vaginal secretions will increase. Also the inner lips and the clitoris can grow larger, thicker and get more wrincled and will get a darker color.

Likewise will the outer lips often grow lager. Often,however, the inner lips and the foreskin of the clitoris will grow proportionally most. The inner lips and the clitoreal hood (foreskin) will also often get conciderably darker and brownish and get a folded or wrincled appearance.

Sometimes the enlargement of the outer lips is greater than the growth of the inner structures, but more often the opposite will happen. Therefore the vulva will often have a very different shape when the puberty has finnished than the shape of the vulva of the pre-pubertal girl. Often a woman gets inner lips that stick distinctly out between the outer lips during puberty, even though the girl did not have that property before.

Development of the inner genital organs

During the first two years of puberty the uterus and ovaries will gradually grow, and distinct follicular systs will develop in the ovaries.

The first menstruation and ovulation

The first mesnstruation, menarche, will usually occure after two years of the first puberty signs. The first times the menstruation is irregularly timed but regularize gradually. The development and realease of a fertile egg down to the uterus, ovylation, will also happen the first time around two years ofter the puberty onset, but might not happen allways during the first menstruations. After some time regular menstruations accompagnied by ovulation will happen.

Development of body shape and composition

During the puberty the pelvic bones will broaden and widen, giving the girl wider hips and lower stomach area. The amount of fat in the body will increase, especially at the Fat tissue increases to a greater percentage of the body breasts, hips, buttocks, thighs, upper arms, and pubis. All girls do not however get these changes to the same extend.

Growth spurt and changes in the bones

Both girls and boys usually get longer bones in a fast rate during puberty, resulting in a rapid hight increase. The growth spurt usually begins earlier in girls but also finish earlier giving girls an average 13 cm lower hight than boys when the growth is over. The latest event of puberty is the closing of the growth plates (epiphyseal plates) in the bones  so that further growh in length stops. This may happen even at a time that is no longer denoted as puberty, at the yers 17-20. In girls it tends however to happen early.and not so late.

The bones of children and teen the ends of the long bones (epiphyses) are separated from the rest of the bone by a cartilage plate, the epiphyseal plate. New bone tissue grows out from that plate and makes the bone longer. By the end of the puberty these plates develope into bone tissue, an occurance called ossification,  and then the lengthwise growth stops.

There are great changes in the pelvic bone structur during puberty. The pelvis get wider and the bones thicker. The opening in the bone structure of the pelvic floor gets wider so that a baby can pass during birth. The widening of the pelvis and thickening or the pubic bone will influence the position of the vulva. In a young girl the vulva has a high position, in some girls so high that it actually suated nostly at the lower stomach. The changes in the pelvis will replace the vulva to a position between the legs. This repositioning of the vulva differ however greatly from girl to girl. Some mature women still have the vulva in a high position at thelower stomach.

Changes in the skin

During puberty the skin of the girl useually beins to secrete more fatty and waxy substances, and the compositions of these substances will change. Also the composition od substances in the sweat will change. These changes will give the women a more adult odor and a greater tendency to develop acne. These changes are caused by stimuklation from the male hormons and are the same as in boys, but usually to a lesser loevel.

The Tanner stages for pubertal development

There is a scheme for the pubertal development that give a description of the development as several stages, each with their own characteristics. It is sometimes used to measure the normality of a teenagers pubertal develoment. This scheme has nearly no value for that purpose, since the normal development vary widely, and it was not ment for that purpose either. It is nothing more than a statistical description of the average development found in american teenagers. It can however be used as a tool to assess how far the development has come in a girl or a boy. The tanner scale for girls is as follows:

Tanner I - Prepubertal - Usually up to age 10: There is no pubic hair at all (prepubertal Dominic state) There is no palpable glandular tissue in the breasts. The breast nipples and the dark area around them, the areola, are near to the skin contours of the chest.

Tanner II - usually between age 10 and 11.5: There is appearing some long, soft and lightly pigmented hair with slight pigmentation on the labia majora. Tender lumps, called breast buds form under the areola. Glandular tissue also begins to grow under the areola and just around, making this area more elevated.

Tanner III - usually 11.5 - 13 years of age The pubic hair becomes more coarse and curly, and begins to extend laterally. A much wider area is thickening and elevating caused by glandular growth. Also the areola are widening.

Tanner IV - usually age 13 - 15: The hair gets an adult quality and is extending across pubis but sparing medial thighs. The whole of the breast is now growing. The areaoa are thickening and extending outward from the surrounding skin, making a mound with the nipples in the mid. The first menstruation usually occur at this stage.

Tanner V - usually age 16-20: The hair extends to medial surface of the thighs in girls that have a genetic disposition for strong hair growth. The breast reaches its mature glandular mass and size. The breast nipples broject even further, while the areola usually sink bak again.

About puberty in boys

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