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Welcome to this online store for products to enlarge and improve the male sexual organs, boost the erections and optimize male performance. Please click on the banners to learn more or to order a product. Down on this page you will also find some information about the physiological and psychologic erection mechanisms, how these work when the penis inflates, expand and hardens.

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Further down on this page there is some information about latin words for sexual body parts. You also find some advices about healthy living and methods to optimize the male sexual organs and functions.

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The penis have three erection chambers filled with spongy tissue (corporeal sinusoids), two paired chambers laying in front of /over the urethra (corpora cavernosa), and one laying around the urethra (corpus spongiosum). These are mainly built up of a huge number of narrow blood vessels (arterioles) with smooth muscles wrapped around them. Because of the enormous number of these blood vesels, these bodies can contain a lot of blood. These structures are also very elastic and can be inflated to many times their ordinary size by blood being filled into the vessels. These chambers are not only situated in the visible penis, but continues backwards between the legs of the man nearly to the rectal opening. Therefor also this area, the perineum or perineal region, can be filled with blood and inflate.

What happens during erection

Erection or hard-on is the result of blood filling these chambers, making them swell and get hard. When this occur, the penis rises up. Because the area between the legs of the man also swell in a full erection, and the swollen bodies continue all the way from the tip of the penis nearly to the rectal opening, the penis is fixed rigidly so that it does not sway from side to side when fully erected.

The foreskin (prepuce, preputium ) of an uncircumcised man usually covers the penis head in an unerected penis. This covering is usually more complete in a young boy than a grown up man, because during growth, the foreskin grows less than the rest of the penis.

The foreskin has one layer that is covering the outside in an unerected penis, and another layer that constitutes the inside against the penis head when the penis is not standing erect. Between these two layers, there is av very soft and elastic tissue.

When the penis engorges during an erection, the penile skin is stretched and pulled, the inner foreskin layer will then be wrenched out, and the whole foreskin retracted so to uncover the penis head. In an erected penis both the layers of the foreskin will cover the outside of the penis from the base of the penis head and some distance down on the penile shaft.

When the rection rise, these events occur: Smooth muscles in the blood vessels leading from the erectile chambers constrict, making it difficult for blood to leave the erectile chambers. Smooth muscles in the vessels leading blood into the erectile chabers relax, so that more blood are let into these chambers. The smooth muscles around the blood vessels inside the erectile chambers also relax, so that these chambers are filled with blood and inflate. The nervous system and hormones regulate these events.

When the erection goes down again, these events occure: Smooth muscles in the blood vessels leading from the erectile chambers relax, allowing the blood to leave the erectile chambers. Smooth muscles in the vessels leading blood into the erectile chabers constrict, so that less blood are let into these chambers. The smooth muscles around the blood vessels inside the erectile chambers also constrict, so that these chambers are emptied for blood.

By a normal erection, the following psychological, nervous, hormonal, muscular and mechanical physiological mechanisms are working:

- The erection often begins with the sight, hearing , smell, feeling or thought of some object or situation that the higher brain areas recognizes as sexual attractive, or by nerve impulses to the brain resceived from the genital zone or other erotic zones in the body.

- The higher brain parts will then also send signals to the limbic system that resides in the inner lover parts of the brain, and engage also this system. The limbic system is responsible for psychological feelings.

- The person will now get into a state of sexual arousal.

- When a person has a sexual arousal, the higher brain areas responsible for thinking are intensively occupied by processing information about the sexual objects and sexual acts. At the same time the limbic system deep inside the brain base is also strongly excited. The limbic system has the responsibility for feelings, and the excitement of this system is coupled with strong sexual sensations. The higher brain areas and the limbic system are also intensively communicating with each other and stimulate each other's excitement.

- In this state the brain, and especially the limbic system, sends signals down the spinal cord and outward through nerves called nervi erigentes leading to the penis erectile bodies and the blood vessels in and around the male genitals.

- The muscles in arteries leading blood to the penis then relax, and these arteries expand and harden, allowing increased blood flow into the penis.

- The veins that normally carry blood away from the penis constrict, restricting the blood stream out of the penis).

- The nerves release another chemical (Nitric Oxide).

- Nitric oxide causes the smooth muscles in the vessels of the erectile bodies to relax.

- Now much more Blood flows into these relaxed vessels.

- Since the blood outlet from the penis is restricted, blood fills up in these vessels causing them to greatly inflate. Thereby the whole of the erectile bodies swell and enlarge, and the penis gets erected.

The trigging causes of the erection controlling nerve impulses are mainly two mechanisms: Direct stimulation of the genitalia, or psychologic stimuli originated from fantacy, vision, smell and other senses. Direct stimulation may be mechanic stimulation through massage or chemical stimulation through substances in oils or creams applied onto the genitals during massage.

Smells from the massage cream or oinment, and the fancy situation of being subjected to massage or tactile stimulation by a skilled partner, will also cause erection through brain-mediated nerve signals.

Anxiety or fear can prevent the brain signals from reaching the level required to induce erection. Medical conditions can block the erection arteries or cause scarring of the spongy erectile tissue and prevent proper blood flow or trapping of blood and, therefore, limit the erection. Thus, the erection mechanism is much like a tire; a firm tire is dependent upon a hose that can deliver air in adequate amounts in a speedy fashion and a valve mechanism that holds the air in place. In the penis the hose is represented by the erection arteries, which rapidly carry blood into the erectile bodies and the valve mechanism, while complicated in its structure, ensures that the blood is trapped inside the erectile bodies until ejaculation occurs or the sexual stimulus has passed.

How orgasm and ehaculation occur

When a person is sexually aroused, and the penis is erected, the person will be driven by an urge to make actions that brings his feeling to a climax and brings his genital organs to ejaculate semen. This action can be masturbation or sexual intercourse. Some of this urge and some of these actions are caused by authomatical reflexes originating in the brain and the spinal cord. These reflexes make the lower body bend itself in and out rhytmically. And the muscles in the perineal and anal region to rhytmically constrict and relax.

These movements are also partly caused by voluntary actions. Eventually the movements stimulate to orgams and ejaculation.

Genital feelings, erection and reflexive movements coupled with these feelings and the erections are not necessarily something that only have sexual inercourse as a goal. These kinds of reactions probably also have some importance for the health and development of an individual. Small boys also have these reactions, even though they are not coupled with sexual attraction towards another person. Also women and small girls have processes in their genital sone of the same kind as erection and the same kind of reactions.

Orgasm and ejaculation are not the same things. Orgasm is pleasurable feelings in the genital zone coupled by psychological sensations that increase to a point and to a scale where the total mind is concentrated upon that feeling. During the process of increase there is also a strong drive to stimulate oneself to even stronger feelings. When the peak is achieved, the feelings suddenly get weaker, and that drive towards stronger feelings also recides. At that peak ejaculation usually occur. The peak and the ejaculation can last from 17 secunds to one minute.

The nervous and muscular mechanisms of ejaculation

During ejaculation strong muscular contractions in the intimate zone pump the semen out through the uretral opening.

However, even before the real ejaculation begins, some fluid from the prostate is released through the urthra and out of the urinary opening. The purpose of this is probably to lubricate the penis so that the sexual intercourse occurs mechanically more smoothly.

The mechanism of ejaculation involves 2 reflexes: the "glans-vasal", which brings the semen from the seminal vescicals to the posterior urethra (emission phase of ejaculation), and the "urethromuscular" which ejects it to the exterior (ejection phase).

In the first reflex, the seminal vecicals and muscles around them contract to expel the semen into the urethra. Smooth muscles in the seminal vescicles contract and presses semen out.

The musclular structure just under the bladder, the urinal or urethral spincter, is constantly contracted during ejaculation and prevents urine from coming out together with the semen.

In the second reflex muscles between the man's legs and surrounding the prostate squeeze rhytmically, pushing the semen through the urethra and out of the penis.

There is a msucle on each side that goes along the structure in the mid of the zone between the anus and the penile root and wraps around the erectile bodies and the urethra in this zone - Musculus bulbospongiosus. The fibres of this msucles go across this structure from the mid to the sides. This muscle contracts rhythmically and make a pressure around the urathra in this zone and thus contribute to pumping the se3men out.

The muscle group, called the levator ani, that holds the anus and the organs around the anus up, also contracts rhythmically and make a pressure around the prostate area.

Ejaculation does not always occur in a timely fashion. It can occur before sexual intercourse is initiates, so-called premature ejaculation. It can also be delayed, so that it is impossible to get orgasm and ejculation during intercourse.

Here is a picture of the inner and outer sexual organs  of a man ( male genitals )  that are in action during ejaculation. The semional vescicles that store the semen, squeeze semen into the urethra. The muscles between the man's legs around the urethra squeeze the semen further out.

About the prostate

The prostate is a glandular organ laying just under the bladder and urethral spincter. The main function of the prostate is to produce the slimy secretion that comprizes the bulk of the semen and send it into the seminal vecicles for storing.

Another function of the prostate is to resceive back again stored prostate secretions and blend the prostate secretion with sperm-containing secretions from the testicles during ejaculation.

The urinarty tube, urethra, goes streight through the prostate. The spermatic duct from each testicle, the vas deferens (plural vasa deferentes), enters the prostate at the right and left backside of the prostate gland and joins the urethra inside the prostate.

The seminal vecicles situated at each side behind the prostate store the prostate fluid between each ejaculation. Each vscicle has a short tube for filling and emptying that joins the vas deferens just at the place where it enters into the prostate.

The slime produced by the prostate gather in the part of the vas deferens inside the prostate and is pressed backwards and into the seminal vescicles for storage.

During ejaculation the seminal vecicles contract and presses the stored fluid into the vas deferens and through the prostate and into teh urethra. Fluid from the testicles that contain sperm cells are also pressed during ejaculation from the testicular area through the vas deferens into the prostate and further into the urethra. During this process prostate fluid and sperm-containing fluid are blended to form the complete semen that comes out through the penis.

About the periurethral glands and the production of precum

Men have also nomerous glands around the urethra that open into the urethra through short ducts and that produce a lubricating slime, the periurethral glands or Littre's glands. These are most abundant in the penile region of the urethra. The slimy properties of the secrets are due to gylosaminoglycans. The slime protects the urethra against the urine. It also lubricates the urethra so that the semen can pass more easily. During sexual aroasal the production increases and some of the slime can leak out before ejaculation as pre-cum.

Two other and greater glands, the Couper's glands, are situated at both sides of the urethra just beneath the prostate. These produce a slime which is identical to the prostate fluid. These glands are especially active during sexual arousal before orgasm and produce most of the pre-cum or pre-ajeculate fluid.

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