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Further down at this page there is an article about social standards for body shape and constitution.

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Resources for use by our visitors

Here are some philosofical wisdom about the tendency of the society to standardize people and there is an erotic story story.  A complete list of articles and stories is given here

About the society and standards for body shape and constitution

People are different from the genetic heritage and everybody is also formed by the way one prefere to live, and by the interests one has. As long as the body is functioning well and the constitution of the body do not increase the chance of getting serious disease, any body shape and type is all right.

A person may also want to change and develop his own body in a special direction by treaining and other means. This is also all right as long as one do not engage in a risky practice, and as long as this is the choise of the person himself. To work in order to be more perfect bodily and otherwise is healthy and good when the standard for perfection is one's own deeper choise.

However, the institutions of the society often forces people into body standards that are not of the person's own wishes and wich is not the person's own standard for perfection. The society also often forces people away from improving their body or otherwise improving their life, because the improvements are not according to the wishes for profit or power of the institutions in the society.

The preferance for body type of the lover or sexual partner also vary very much from person to person. Some like more firm and weighty partners and others like them slim or even thin.

The institutions of the society have a bad tendency to standardize people and often set up ideals for a right body type and try to force each person into those ideals that usually are neither natural for the individual or according to the deeper wishes of each incdividual. These standards are not necessarily beautiful functional either.

The different kind of institutions have however different kind of ideal body standards that they try to force  people into, and those ideals also vary from time to time according to waves of fashion and what kind of theory that is actually fashionable in the sector. The type of body shape they set up as ideal is however predictable when one concider what will bring most echonomic profit and power to the institutions.

The institutions or sectors pressing for standardization of people, including body shape are: The school system, the fashion industry, the sport sector, the entertainment branch, the health sector and the psychological community.

The school system regard itself as the servant for other authorities in the society, or is expected by these other authorities to act as servants for their wishes. Therefore the school system tend to internalize standards given to them from those other authorities.

The school system tend to set up the typically heavy masculine shape as the ideal for men. The reason for this, is that the school system historically has had a strong incitament for producing individuals that are fit to serve the production industry and  the agriculture sector as workers and the military sector as soldiers. Even though this ideal do not have that practical value for those sectors of the society that it had, the school system has not left those standards. On the contrary, the system has enforced those standards in the recent years.

The school system tend to set up busty over-developed women as the ideal type. This also has a historical base. The role of women in society have traditionally been to bear kids, rise kids and be the support for the male part of the society when those were not outside working to build the society, protect the society and serve the society. There have also been the thought more or less explicitly pronounced that busty and strongly shaped women would bear strong male kids that could grow up to be strong supporters of the society. Even thou ghmuch of these thoughts are obsolete, they still tend to shape the ideal standards for women set up by the educational system.

The sport sector have varying ideal according to type of sport, varying from the sturdy type to the very slim light-weighted type. If one is of the the standard type according to one's natural shape and constitution, the ideal body type in the sport sector where one is engaged is something all right. For others the press of fitting into a special bodily standard can ruin the health and happiness.

The fashions sector tend to favorize the hyper-slim feminine types as an ideal, both or men and women. Some persdons are of this type naturally, and like to be so. For those persons this is all right. But most persons will not be of that extreme type from the nature's side, and those that try to make a living in this sector or are heavily influenced by the fashion industry will often be forced into practizes that are not good for themselves.

The entertainment industry has been wiggling from time to time regarding what body shapes they prefere as standard. Right now they seem to prefere women with extreme female attributes and extreme curvatures and men with strong and over average developed muscular attributes but withourt curvatures or other well developed attributes that bring the thoughts towards the subject of sexuality. The contemporary ideal seem to be the traditional western standard of women as exagerated sex objects and men as the protectors of the family and society that ocationally have an uncontrollable hunger for sex when they have a small brake in their role as the cornerstones of society. Also sectors in the entertainment industry as the ballet and other branches of dancing seem to have fallen into that stereotipy right now. You can often see sex scenes in the products of the entertainment industry nowadays, but the sex act is never depicted as something they do for pleasure, but rather as an act of conquest by the clever, strong and over-masculine man and of the woman surrender for the power of that masculine man.

Psychologists and psychiatrist tend to favorize the heavy type and tend to categorize slim or thin persons as unhealthy psychologically and physically. This sector also strongly tend to cathegorize persons that do something themselves to be healthy and have a fit body as psychologically deviant and in need for consulting and care. This sector also tend to caracterize any person that are different from the average, be it in body shape, intersts, feelings, political opinions or knowledge as unsound. The deeper reason for this attitude of that secor is complex. One reason is probably the fear of creating anorexia in young persons an the illogical overinterpretation that every thin person is anorectic.

The wisdome one can draw from these observations is this: It is good to have ones own natural shape. It is also good to develop one's own body shape and and abilities in the directions that are according to one's own natural wishes. If the society has suppressed the development of a persons body so that he has not reached the goel that he feels is natural for him, it is all right to stribe to fullfill this goal. It is however not good to let authorities press onself to changes in body type or otherwise that are felt unnatural an not according to one's own deeper wishes. And it is not good to let authorities press oneself from working to fullfill ones own bodily goals and other goals.


A sexy story to tease up our customers

Judy has this pink halter top that has holes in it. It is not exactly mesh, but, it comes close to it. There is enough material that she can wear it in public. She likes to wear it around the house when my friends come over. When she gets aroused and her nipples get hard they push against the holes and stick through. Creating quite a sight. I often caught the guys staring at her when she was in the room or when we were out with them.

I told her how this affected the guys and she said that I must be kidding. I said to watch the next time they came over. Well, it didn't take long for her to notice and when she did her nipples really got hard. After that she seemed to wear that top whenever any of them came over. When we were having sex I asked her if she wore it because she enjoyed showing off. She was hot and ready to tell the truth and told me how horny she got knowing that they could see her nipples. I told her that when we had Jimmy over next time we should really give him a show. She said that she couldn't. But, we fantasized about this the next several times we made love.

Several days later I called her and told her that Jimmy was coming over to watch some TV. When we arrived Judy was wearing her favorite halter and a pair of cut offs that were really cut off! We ordered pizza and drank beers while watching a game. Judy hung out with us and I could tell she was already hot. She went into the kitchen to get more drinks and I went in after her. I came up behind her and squeezed her tits and pinched her rock hard nipples that were exposed. I started to loosen the tie around her neck and she asked what I was doing. I said that I was just loosening her top a little bit to give us a little better view. She had already had a few beers with us and said "like our fantasy"?. I said "like our fantasy". She asked if I was sure. I just continued to loosen her tie. When she turned around her breasts were barely held in by the top. I also pulled up on her cut offs and saw the front cut into her exposing both sides of her lips. Her cut offs were already wet on the edges.

We went back into the living room and Jimmy caught the changes right away. He couldn't take his eyes off Judy. When she was in front of him she bent over to set his drink down and gave him a great view down her halter. When she stood his eye level was right at her exposed lips. He said that he liked her cut offs. She was swaying to some music from a commercial and replied that she had cut down an old pair of jeans...and asked if it was too short. We both said no. She sat in a chair across from us and was putting on a much better show than the game. Jimmy told her that she really looked hot. I guess we were all feeling pretty good. I said that I agreed with Jimmy and told her she looked good swaying to the music and asked if she'd do a little dance for us. At first she said no, but, I got up put a cd on and told her to come on. She got up and swayed a little to the music and was soon into it. I got up and put my hands on her hips and swayed with her. I was running my hands all over her and unsnapped her jeans and pulled the zipper a little. They hugged her hips and she looked even sexier. I reached behind and untied the halter and she grabbed it before it fell. I sat back with Jimmy to watch the rest of the show.

Jimmy got up to dance with her. He had his hands on her hips as she swayed , too. As she moved her jeans slipped over her hips and was exposing her pubic hair. He reached behind and untied the lower string on her halter and now the only thing holding it on was her hand pressed against her chest. He stood behind her and her bare back was pressed up against him. He had his hands back on her hips but the jeans were much lower. He reach around and was holding her stomaching. She let go of the halter and it fell to the floor and put her hands over his guiding him up to her chest. Here I was sitting watching my friend fondle my wife's bare mammies. She guided one of his hands down her front inside her jeans and pressed it against her swollen lips. With his other hand he slid her jeans down and she stepped out of them. Now she was completely naked in front of Jimmy who was rubbing her titties and pussy. She pressed tightly against him, grinding her naked ass into the bulge in his pants. She reached behind and started to undo his belt. She looked at me and I could see the questioning in her eyes. I gave her a slight nod and she smiled and continued to undo his pants. When she pulled them down far enough she opened her legs and let his dick slide between her legs. It was up against her cunt and the head was showing. She pushed the head against her clit and was using him to masterbate. She turned around and pulled his shirt up and soon Jimmy was naked too. She pulled him down onto the floor and they started to make out. I got up and got several condoms and set them on the table. Judy took one and put it on Jimmy looking at me the entire time. I mean total eye contact. She continued to look right at me as she raised herself and slid down onto his dick.

She was fucking my friend with my permission right in front of me just like in our fantasies. Jimmy fucked her from behind and in the ass while I watched. She leaned on the coffee table just inches from me as he entered her ass. I nearly came then. She was being fucked in the ass and looking me straight in the eye. She came several times during the evening. After one very intense orgasm she looked at me and asked if she made me happy. I was in another world!

When they were done they took a shower together. Both came out wrapped in towels. Jimmy started to dress when Judy said that she had one more fantasy of mine to fulfill. She had Jimmy sit and she knelt between his legs and began to suck him. She sucked him until he was hard again and kept sucking him until he came; swallowing every bit of his juices. She got up, kissed me and went back to the bathroom to clean up.

After Jimmy left we had our greatest sexual encounter ever. While we were fucking we relived nearly every moment. She told me how everything felt and how she started doing it for me but really got into it. We even made plans for our next encounter. But, she wanted to do it with Dennis next time. I came just thinking about it. I think we awoke a sexual giant!


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