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Products to optimize male health and male sexual functions - natural drugs for prostate problems

Welcome to this online store with a collection of male development products, chosen for their quality and good reputation. Pleace click on the product banners to learn more or order a product. On this page there are exhibited products to get a longer and thicker penis or to make the penis capable of longer, thicker, steadier erections than occur more easily. Not only the penis a such, but the whole male genital area will benefit form many of these product.  This is an area that begins atyour bladder region and reaches all the way between your legs to the base of your spine. There are also products to optimize the total assembly of male functions, including the semen production.

The products will give you good feelings in your genital area that persist also when your penis is not erected and also when you are not specifically sexually aroused. The content of the products, as for example ginseng also have a strengthening effect to the whole body, making you  feel generally stronger and in better shape.

Further down there is some information about the prostate and prostate problems, and you will find a couple of natural drugs to improve prostate health. There is also some information about swinging.

Pills and patches to give solid and big erctions of the penis

VigRxPlus pills to get larger erected penis - To make the penis under erection bigger and develop the male sexual organs without surgery. You see that the erect penis begins to get larger in three weeks. Usually the penis first begins thickening more during the erections and the penis skin begins to get more robust. Then the penis starts to erect longer that before. The penis also get erect more easily and the increased erectile potency is present all the time. The herbal ingredients of the pills also make you more vigourous in your whole body, and especially in your genital area. Please click on the banner to learn more or order. VigRxplus is developed from the famous VigRx pills by adding 3 new components for enforced effect. (Bioperine, Tribulus and Damiana).

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Proenhance - Patches to make your penis more effective - To be applied on the skin near the penis. These patches develop the penis naturally in the same way as the pills, but do not effect body parts outside the genital organs. The patches should be considered if you allready take other herbal supplements to vigorize the body as a whole or if you do not want this effect.

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Pills to strengthen the overall male physiology and enhance sexual drive

Pills to strengthen the overall male physiology and enhance sexual drive

Semenax and volume pills - for better orgasms, better semen production and improved male physiology - These pills give an overall improved sexual physiology, like: Harder, bigger and more ecstatic erections. Longer, more intense orgasms every time. Bigger, more impressive loads of semen. Superior ejaculation power. Whiter, more robust semen texture and appearance. Stronger contractions and pumping. Richer and more intense good feelings in the whole genital area. Boost In fertility. The improved organic functions then give easier arousal and higher sexual excitement.

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Testosterone-UP RED - Testosterone and nitric acid enhancer to increase your libido and virility - To increase testosterone levels that then will boost general virility, and to amplify the nitric acid production in thegroin wich will especially help erections. The key ingredients of the product are LJ100® Longjack and L-Citrulline. LJ100® Longjack, is a patented extract that preliminary research suggests helps maintain testosterone levels already within a normal range. This unique formula contains L-Citrulline, an amino acid that is easily converted to L-Arginine,a raw manetrial for Nitric Oxide within the body. By this product you also get Asian Ginseng, traditionally used as a revitalizing tonic, and Ginkgo extract, traditionally used to help support blood circulation. This product can be taken daily for ongoing maintenance of men's health and well-being.

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TestRX - Pills to increase the amount of male hormons in your body - If you have a poor testosterone secretion you can get weak erections, feel less energy for sex and other physical activities, have low sexual appetite, get low mental mood, and tend to loose muscle mass. These pills will stimulate more male sex hormones to be produced. They will give greater sexual and physical vigor, and may help for the mentioned problems when these are due to poor testosterone levels in the body.

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More testosterone enhancers to increase your libido and virility - A higher concentration of testosterone in your body can give you stronger sexual drive, make your more able to perform and help during training, like muscle building. Here is an exhibition of testosterone enhancing products.

Products to enhance your testosterone level

Oils to stimulate the erctions and tease up the sexual feelings

Prosolutiongel - to make your penis instantly erect and hold it rised during the whole act - A gel to apply on the penile head to make thick and hard erections come immediately and last long. You will feel an extreme arousal and intense pleasurful orgasms.

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VigRX oil - for immediate and rock hard stable erections - Oinment to apply on penis head and the rest of the male genitals to maximize the erections. The oil makes the erections bigger, harder and longer lasting. The oil also stimulates the feeling of pleasure in your genitals. The oil iteslf, and the fuller erections, will also stimulate your arousal, your erotic excitement and your sexual ecstacy. The oil also also lubricates and smoothens the genitals. A couple of drops is enough to give full effect on the erections and arousal.

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Maxoderm - to amplify your erections and orgasms - Cream for the penis to get larger erections, longer lasting erections and more ample orgasms.

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VigRX Delay Spray - Spray to delay the orgasm to the time you want it to occur, and give you opportunity to make your feelings intense - This spray will delay the time before an orgasm occurs. During this time your feelings will steadily grow. Then you get an ample orgasm at the time you decide.

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Cosmetic products for sexual attraction and body comfort

Nexus Pheromones - fragrant for men to attract women - Smear a little of this substance upon your skin, and get a fragrance that instantly arouses, attracts, excites, and seduces women and greately improves your attraction power.

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Stopgrow- Ultra hair away - topical body hair remover for both sexes - Removes unwanted hair by hindering the growth of hair on areas where it is applied - for both men and women. Use it on areas where you want a hairfree skin. Removes hair permanantly without waxing - for both men and women.

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Increase your hair growth regain hair - for both sexes - Advecia is a new all-natural herbal supplement with ingredients proven to provide hair follicles with essential nutrients that aid in strengthen the hair follicle and the production of hair from the follicles. It may slow down or stop hair loss and may rewake dormant follicles.

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Another good hair growth increaser using the principle of blocking dihydroxytestosterone

Shen Min DHT Blocker Hair Regrowth Formula Tablets - 60 tablets

Shen Min DHT Blocker Hair Regrowth Formula Tablets - 60 tablets

For Advanced Hair Loss & Excessively Thinning Hair* Powerful DHT Blocker* 100% Natural Herbal Blend DHT Blocker Research indicates that one of the primary causes of hair thinning is DHT (dihydrotestosterone) - the "bad" form of the hormone testosterone. As we age, DHT builds up in the scalp and damages the hair-producing follicles, which eventually die.* Shen Min DHT Blocker combats hair loss and thinning hair with a nutritional approach: a natural supplement that nourishes and supports hair regrowth from the inside-out. The benefit is thicker, fuller, healthier hair for men and women.*

Stopgrow- Ultra hair away - topical body hair remover for both sexes - Removes unwanted hair by hindering the growth of hair on areas where it is applied - for both men and women. Use it on areas where you want a hairfree skin. Removes hair permanantly without waxing - for both men and women.

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Toys and tools to stimulate good feelings in your body and to have a lot of sex fun

Dildos, vibrators, vibes, vaginal and anal balls, rubber vaginas, condomes, sexy underwear, sex roleplay equipment and much more - Through these links you can find products for pleasure, fun, erotic stimulation and therapies in all sensual zones like the vagina, clitoris, anus, breast nopples, penis and other sensual body parts.

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Pumps to develop your penis and help rise and maintain erections

Rings for the penis to hold it erect

Condoms of all varieties and sizes

Lubes to use during sex for better glide and stimulation of feelings

Lotions and balms for pleasurable and exciting massage

Vibrating tools to stimulate the sexual feelings in the intimate zones

Lubes, dildos and vibrators for the anus and rectum

Devices and kits to enlarge and improve the penis and potency

Penis pumps and rings to make and maintain erections and for penis development and adjustment - Penis pumps togeather with a penis ring can be used to make and maintain an erection. By cautious use of a penis pump over some time, you can adjust the shape of your penis and reduce bendings and twists and, you may also make your penis larger.

Penis pumps to make erections and to improve penile anatomy

Penis rings to maintain erections

Proextender - a mechanical device to place along the penis that gradually will make it longer, thicker and more regularly shaped - You set this handy device on your penis and wear it folded upward with your penis some time each day for a period. The instrument pulls gently along the penis by a spring mechanism, stretch it, and stimulates the penis to produce more cells. Thereby the penis grows longer and somewhat thicker. The process also makes the penis straighter and more regular, and can be used to correct bendings, like for example by Peyronie's disease.

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Natural drugs to promote the health of the urinary system of men and the general male fitness

Drug to counteract and break up small Mineral Deposits in the kidneys - Renalis - To create a body chemistry that hinders minerals to deposit in the kidneys, to dissolve manifest deposits of small kidney stones, and thereby help against the pain in the lower back and urinary system these causes.

Please go here to get the drug against urinary mineral deposits - Renalis

Get checked for sexually transmitted diseases privately and with no reports to anybody than you - Once you have placed an order of the tests you vant to get done, you can immediately and without appointment visit any of a huge number of nationwide test centers in USA. Then the results will be mailed to you discretely after short time without report to anyone, like your doctor or insurance company, and without anything being placed on your medical record.

Tablets with probiotics to help the immune system cope with the yeast problems generallly in an effective manner, and especially vaginal yeast overgrowth. Helps to combat candida overgrowth and associated symptoms like itch, indigestion, congestion, bloating, fatigue, feeble bowel work, joint discomfort, poor memory and headaches. The tablets are however especially targeted against vaginal yeast infections.

AZO Yeast Infection Symptom Treatment Tablets - 60 ea

AZO Yeast Infection Symptom Treatment Tablets - 60 ea

Relieves Symptoms Now! Helps Prevent Future Occurrences Homeopathic Medicine Relief for Yeast Infection Symptoms In a Probiotic Base Lactose Free Pharmacist Recommended The Leading Over-the-Counter Tablet for Relief & Prevention of Yeast Infection Symptoms Relieve symptoms with AZO Yeast the homeopathic yeast infection symptom treatment to relieve symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection and helps protect from future recurrences when taken regularly.

HOMEOPATHIC FORMULA to fight back yeast infection - This homeopathic formula stimulates and habilitates the immune system to fight back yeast infections and stimulate the body to clean out the microbial substances that the problem consists of.

Candida Yeast Relief

Candida Yeast Relief

Candida Yeast Relief 60 Tablets

URINARY IMPURITIES AND INFECTION - cleansing of the kidneys and the urinary tract

Kidney Cleanse

Kidney Cleanse

Kidney Cleanse 90 Capsules

Nettle lief capsules - Nettle is used to help for urinry tract problems, including kidney stones, UTI and prostate problems, and also against hay fever

Nettle Herb

Nettle Herb

Nettle Herb 435 MG 100 Capsules

Help for prostate problems - Avistate - Help for hesitant or slow urine flow, dribbling and frequent urge to urinate due to prostate irritation and enlargement. Helps by reducing inflammation in the prostate and hindering effects of metabolic products of male hormones, both of which make the prostate swell and grow, and makes it difficult to pass urine. Three key ingredients in the product are extracts of Serenoa repens (Saw Palmetto), Pygeum africanum (Pygeum bark) and Urtica dioica (Nettle root) which has shown to give these dezired effects.

Pleace go here for drug to help for prostate problems - Avistate

Natural drugs to support prostate health

New Chapter Super Critical Prostate 5LX Vegetarian Capsules - 180 ea

New Chapter Super Critical Prostate 5LX Vegetarian Capsules - 180 ea

Dietary Supplement New! Liquid VCaps 100% Vegetarian Product Prostate supplement expertly formulated to support normal urine flow - day and night* Clinical strength saw palmetto for prostate health* High in selenium to support a healthy antioxidant response in the whole body, including the prostate* Superfoods for men: Uses only supercritical or traditional herbal extracts to deliver pure & potent saw palmetto, pumpkin seed oil, nettle and more 100% vegetarian Non-GMO project verified .

Doctor's Best Comprehensive Prostate Formula, Veggie Caps - 120 ea

Doctor's Best Comprehensive Prostate Formula, Veggie Caps - 120 ea

Dietary Supplement Science-Based Nutrition? Promotes Optimal Prostate Health & Wellness* Comprehensive Support for Prostate Health* Suitable for Vegetarians & Gluten Free Comprehensive Prostate Formula contains potent levels of synergistic herbs, nutrients, and phytochemicals that have been scientifically researched to support the health and wellness of the prostate gland.* This formula incorporates premier herbal extracts of Saw palmetto, African Pygeum bark, and Stinging Nettle root, CardioAid? plant sterols, and SelenoExcell.

Real Health Laboratories The Prostate Formula Tablets - 270 ea

Real Health Laboratories The Prostate Formula Tablets - 270 ea

Advanced Formulation - Specifically Supports: Healthy Prostate Function* Healthy Prostate Size* Free Urinary Flow* Healthy Sex Life* Now with Vitamin D & Ginger! One of the leading health issues for adult men is prostate health. Statistics show that 90% of men develop an enlarged prostate during their lifetime, some as early as age 40. 1 As men age, prostate problems may increase, so it is important for men of all ages to take prostate health seriously. 2 Long-term prostate health begins with a proactive approach to good health and recommended daily use of The Prostate Formula. This unique and comprehensive blend of whole herbs, vitamins, amino acids, and zinc naturally supports healthy prostate function.

Pills to make you younger in body shape, working capacity, mental allertness and sexual capacities - A better growth hormone production will help regain skin thickness, muscle intactness, a jouvenile muscle/fat-ratio and other properties of youth. These products makes your body produce more growth hormone to the right time.

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Go here for Hypergh14z - a drug formulated to restore and add more than ever muscle volume, strength and integrity

Go here for Provasyl - a drug formulated to restore the body and mental capabilities of men from the middle ages and older

Click here to find a great pharmacy with products to hinder aging changes , to rejuvenate and to repair damages in the body. Anti-aging and repairing drugs that work generally, and drugs that work especually for the skin, the joints, the muscles, the genitals and the mental functions. Also good slimming products.

More products to optimize sexual life of women and men

More products to help for specific health problems - digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, rheumatic, nervous, hemorrhoids, thyroid, poor memory, fatigue, edema and more

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About the prostate and prostate problems

The prostate is a gland in male mammals, including human males, located around the urethra header, which produce a secretion that is part of the semen. The prostate secret is wixed with sperm and fluid from the testicles to produce the full szemen. The fluid contains, among other substances nutrients to the sperm, so they can swim all the way to fertilize egg.  

Acute prostatitis

Acute prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate tissue. Usually the inflammation is a bacterial infection. Symptoms are chills, fever, pain in the lower back and genital area, urinary frequency and urgency often at night, burning or painful urination, body aches, and a demonstrable infection of the urinary tract, seen by white blood cells and bacteria in the urine.

One can usually cure the condition with antibiotic treatment over a few weeks. Acute prostatitis can occur in all ages and is often a component of a more generalized urinary infection.

Chronic prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis is an inflammation with a usually more slow onset and longer duration. This kincd of prostatitis is usually caused by unknown processes and not bacterial infection. Sometimes it is an infection. The main symptom is chronic pelvic pain.

Alpha-blockers and means to relaxe the pelvic nerves are sometimes used to treat the condition. Herbal treatment can be effective. This condition is usually not treated with antibiotics.

Prevention of prostatitis

An active sex life or masturbation resulting in ejaculation promotes mucus departure from the prostate, and with the mucus the germs are fludhed out. Frequent sexual activities therefore prevent the tendency to prostate inflammation due to an infection

Prostate Hypertrophy or Benign Prostate Hypertrofia

During puberty the prostate of a boy grows as a part of the pubertal maturing. In many man it keeps on growing smoothly during the whole life, in some men more than in others, a condition called Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH).

The gland is enlarging because the number of all type of cells within the prostate is increasing, but the new cells are normal cells. This continued growth is partly caused by a variant of the male sexual hormone, dihydrotestosterone. Inflammatory reactions is often also present as a causal factor or as a consequence of the condition.

In some men the enlarged prostate strangles the urethra and the bladder so that the urination is hindered or the urinary function is altered. This seldom happens before the man is past the middle ages. The specific symptoms of prostate enlargement is as follows:

- By examination one finds the prostate enlarged. Often one can feel smooth soft lumps, which are essentially enlarged normal sections of the prostate. The prostate is usually without altered symmetry and distinct irregularities. At the beginning this is the only symptom.

- The prostate area can feel engorged or tender, the man can feel burning sensation during urination, but other pain is seldom felt.

- It takes longer time for the urine to begin flowing, the flow can stop a while before beginning again, the urine flow will get weaker with less pressure at the outlet, and sometimes the urine is only dripping.

- In severe cases the urethra gets completely blocked so that the urine has to be taken out with a catheter.

- Often the bladder will not get totally empty during urination, and after some time the bladder can get permanently distended.

- The man can get more frequent urge for urination, for example during nights, because of incomplete urination and pressure on the prostate.

- Some men lose control of the urination, resulting in involuntary dripping or sudden urine outlet.

BPH is diagnosed by considering the reported symptoms and by inspection of the prostate gland. This is first done by palpation towards the upper wall of the rectum with an inserted finger. Then one often looks at the prostate by means of an ultrasound sond inserted into the rectum. One will also do urine analysis, blood sample analysis and other examinations to exclude cancer, infections or other ailments that can give the same symptoms as BPH.

During exploring with the finger throgh the rectum, the prostate will be concidered enlarged if the finger does not reach the upper edge of the gland, the middle groove of the gland is not intact or the gland is tender.

Benign prostate growth is usually only treated if it causes symptoms. There are several type of treatment:

- One often treats the condition with medicines like finesteride (Proscar, Propecis) and alpha blockers. Finesteride blocks the production of the hormone dihydrotestosterone, and will after some time make the prostate get smaller. Alpha blockers relax muscle bundles in the prostate and area around so that urine flows more easily. One is however reluctant to begin treating with these pharmaceuticals because of a great risk for side effects.

- Finesteride, but in lower and safer doses, is also used to treat male baldness, and men treated with finesteride for prostate growth will often get better hair growth as a useful additive effect.

- One can treat the condition by microwaves that reduce the prostate size by heating. A similar treatment is inserting a needle into the prostate and apply an alternating current through it, that heats parts of the prostate and evaporates these parts. By these treatments one typically uses a working sond inserted through the urethra and a sond in the rectum to get an overview of the prostate area, or to measure the temperature in this area.

- For severe problems with urination one can cut out the whole prostate or parts of it surgically, so-called prostatectomy. Such surgery can cause erectile problems or retrograde ejaculation, a condition where the semen goes into the bladder instead of out through the urethra.

Previously, surgery for prostate enlargement was done by opening low on the abdominal wall and in front of the bladder and peel out the prostate from the inside. By TUR, transurethral resection, performed with an instrument with an electric metal sling into the urethra, prostate tissue around the urine passage is carved away so that the urine has enough room to pass. It is the power of the sling and is pulled out slightly. When burned it away a bit of tissue around the urethra, and it is considerably more room for the urine through the gland.

- On the market you can also find natural remedies to reduce the prostate size and inflammatory reactions in the prostate. Many of these are based on saw palmetto or the substance cernitine extracted from pollen. By a few scientific studies so far done, they seem to be effective and without great side effects. Products based on these ingredients may therefore be a good first choice for treatment of benign prostate growth. The most important working substance in saw palmetto seems to be beta-sitosterole

Other herbal remedies often recommended for prostate problems are pumpkin seed and the bioflavonide lycopene.

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is a very common disease by older men. However, the way the cancer develops vary very much in is usually unpredictable. Often it grows so slowly that it will never cause any problem. Other times it develops and send out methastases to other organs fairly quickly.

Prostate cancer is often discovered by exploration through the rectum.

If the cancer is in its initial stage, the opstion is often to do nothing with it an wait to see if it develops further.

For more developed prostate cancer, the treatment is radiation, radioactive implants, surgical removal of the prostate and cytostatica.

Because of the uncertainties with the development of a prostate cancer and that the consequences of the treatment may be worse that the cancer itself in many instances, the recommandation from doctors vary conciderably.

About swinging

Swinging (derived from the English word swing, moving back and forth like a swing) can be defined as a regular alternation between several sexual partners, especially when members of a couple regularly engage with other partners and concent each ohter to do so.

Often the members of a couple have a established group of partners they have learnt to know and frequently meet. Swinging are done in the partners own homes, at hotels or in special establishments denoted for the activities of the swingers.

Swinging activities often occur within established clubs. Such clubs can be totally privatly estabished or can be operated by a third party on a commercial basis. Many clubs are parts of greater swinging organizations, comprizing clubs both nation-wide and international. Usually it is required to be a registered and approved member to take part in the activities, also when the activities are commercially arranged.

Although the largest groups of "swingers" are heterosexual couples, a large part of the activities are considered to be bisexual. A large proportion of female Swingers, even if they themselves not necessarily identify themselves as bisexual, act as swingers to ngage wholly or partly in female-female sexual contact. Male to Male connection also happens but is rarer.

The phenomenon of swinging may be seen as a step in the development in recent years, which has arisen as a result of improved contraceptive methods and a change of opinion about how sexuality can be lived out with multiple partners, freed from traditional constraints of marriage, but without that it can be called adultery .

Swinging is sometimes called the "wife swap", but this term is now considered to be extinct, since it can not be said to cover the sexual spectrum that swinging cover. Another word is "partner switch", which also has the advantage that it is not related to gender.

Frequent activities and practices by swingers

Swinging may include (but are not limited to:

- Exhibitionism - to show own body and attributes to others in variant positures or to have sex while others look on.

- Voyeurism - to look at other naked persons or see others having sex.

- Soft swinging - kissing, stroking, or having oral sex with a third or fourth person. This can be in a

- Group activities like Triangle, bigger groups or groups of all members in a swing club.

- Partner change.

- Hard swinging - That is to penetrate other than the regular partner, which is the most frequent understood definition of swinging.

History of swinging

Swinging has been usual in most cultures periodically from ancient times, for example in the antique roman empire.

The onset of modern swinging seem to have arizen among US Air Force pilots. These pilots and their families used to have very near relationships and there were oftem mutual agreement that the nearest mates should take care of the wives sexually and otherwise if one of them shoul perish. This agreement soon extended to care for the wife of one's own mates when one was on lieve from service.

The practice spread soon from the military to suburbs and was called wife swapping.

Eventually organizations of swingers were established in the United States and the phenomenon of organized swinging spread soon to other countries.


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