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Products to improve the genital apparatus of both sexes and its functions and to enhance male sexual satisfaction. Also information about sexual humor.

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Natural drugs to help for common diseases in the blood circulation, skin, digestive system, joints, muscles, nervous system, respiratory tract, and for problems like sluggish thyroid, over-weight, diabetes, edema, hemorrhoids

Main page of erotic drugs, tools and toys for women and men. Items to bring sexual ecstasy, pleasure and potency for both sexes. Menu of sex information

Please see further down to find products for men to make the penis bigger, streighter and more effective, to enehance erections, to stimulate sexual pleasure and otherwise to improve sexual functions of men

Products to intensify sexual feelings and  effectivize sexual functions

Welcome to this online presentation of herbal or otherwise natural products for men and women to intensify sexual feelings and to improve potency. Please click on the product banner to learn more or order a product. Further down on this page you will find some information about sexual humor or a list of some witty lines about sexuality.

Creams and oils to boost female lust and vitalize female sexual reflexes

Vigorelle - cream to increase female pleasure and reactions - The female Viagra or erotic lust cream. This herbal cream for women maximizes the good feelings in her intimate zones by stimulating the sensorial bodies in the female genitals. This stimulation also boosts her sexual arousal, makes her maximally excited, and elevates her sexual ecstacy. The cream lubricates and smoothens her vaginal opening and the rest of her itimate parts. The cream also stimulates the blood supply to the pelvic area, and thus enhances the engorgement of the clitoris and genital lips, that is a women`s counterpart to a mans erection.

Please click here to get Vigorelle - fenale pleasure and potency cream

Hersolutiongel - to tease up her physical lust - This topical product is to be placed on the most senual zones in her vulva. It makes her blood fill into her intimate areas. It smoothly lubricates the entrance to her inside.  It instantly turns on strong physical feelings and contribute to an intense orgasm.

Please click here to learn more or buy - HersolutionGel

Pills to vitalize and ballance female intimate functions and strengthen a woman's sexual performance

Provestra ( Estravil ) - herbal lust pills for women - These herbal pills stimulate a woman's sexual excitement. They maximize the good feelings in her sexual organs and erogenous zones. They also increase the mental ecstacy that is an important component of the tolal sexual experience. The pills also optimize the female physiology, such as blood supply, clitorial engorgement, orgasmic response, lubrication and fertility. Please click on the following link to read more about this female sexual optimizer.

Please click here to get Provestra- pils for women to increase female pleasure and reactions

Hersolution - to enhance the woman's libido and virility - Optimizes all the sexual functions of a women: Increases the lust in her mind and body, betters bloodflow in her vula and pelic region, makes her feel more between her legs and inwards, enhances the building up to the peak of reactions and feelings, lets her orgasm more strongly, helps her produce more lubricating fluid and helps her fertility

Please click here to learn more or buy - Hersolution

Products to improve female sexual anatomy

Total Curve - treatment kit to enlarge and shape up the female breasts - This package consists of herbal based pills with substances that safely stimulate breast development and vitalization, it also has a gel to be smeared on the breasts that give the same effect from the outside and there are instructions for breast development exercizes.

Please click here to get Total curve - kit for women to increaseand firm up female breasts

Oils for men to maximize sexual pleasure and stimulate the erections

Prosolutiongel - for immediate and long lasting solid erections - A gel to apply on the penile head to make thick and hard erections come immediately and last long. You will feel an extreme arousal and intense pleasurful orgasms.

Please click here to get Prosolutiongel - erection stimulator cream for men

VigRX oil - for immediate erections and stronger rising of the penis - Oinment to apply on penis head and the rest of the male genitals to maximize the erections. The oil makes the erections bigger, harder and longer lasting. The oil also stimulates the feeling of pleasure in your genitals. The oil iteslf, and the fuller erections, will also stimulate your arousal, your erotic excitement and your sexual ecstacy. The oil also also lubricates and smoothens the genitals. A couple of drops is enough to give full effect on the erections and arousal.

Please click here to get VigEXoil - oil to make immediate sturdy errections

Maxoderm - to amplify your erections and orgasms - Cream for the penis to get larger erections, longer lasting erections and more ample orgasms.

Please click here to get Maxoderm - balm for men to get big erections and amplified orgams

VigRX Delay Spray - Spray to delay the orgasm to the time you want it to occur, and give you opportunity to make your feelings intense - This spray will delay the time before an orgasm occurs. During this time your feelings will steadily grow. Then you get an ample orgasm at the time you decide.

Please click here to get VixRXdelayspray - spray for men to delay orgasm and ejaculation to the right time

Devices and kits to enlarge and improve the penis and potency

Penis pumps and rings to make and maintain erections and for penis development and adjustment - Penis pumps togeather with a penis ring can be used to make and maintain an erection. By cautious use of a penis pump over some time, you can adjust the shape of your penis and reduce bendings and twists and, you may also make your penis larger.

Penis pumps to make erections and to improve penile anatomy

Penis rings to maintain erections

ProExtender - instrument to make the penis big and straight - This drvice is to be worm descretely on the penis some time each day until it is as long as you want and also straighter. The device gently pulls along the penis. The penis will get longer, not only due to the physical force, but the penis will be stimulated to add more tissue, which also will make it thicker and more robust.

Please click here to get Proextender - instrument to make the penis as big as you want and configure it better

Pills and patches to make the penis capable of erecting itself larger

VigRxPlus pills to get larger erected penis - To make the penis under erection bigger and develop the male sexual organs without surgery. You see that the erect penis begins to get larger in three weeks. Usually the penis first begins thickening more during the erections and the penis skin begins to get more robust. Then the penis starts to erect longer that before. The penis also get erect more easily and the increased erectile potency is present all the time. The herbal ingredients of the pills also make you more vigourous in your whole body, and especially in your genital area. Please click on the banner to learn more or order. VigRxplus is developed from the famous VigRx pills by adding 3 new components for enforced effect. (Bioperine, Tribulus and Damiana).

Please click here to get VigRXplus - pills to increase potency and give larger penis during erections

MagnaRx to produce larger and harder errections and enhance stamina - In addition to producing larger and harder erections, a great effect of these pills is enhanced edurance during sex, and better ability to control your physical reactions, so that the play lasts the time you want and you can plunge into a satisfactory fulfillment at the time you want.

Please click here to see a more thorough description of MagnaRx and to order

ProSolution Plus - Penis effectivizer Pills - These pills make your penis able to stand up more quickly, to stand harder and stronger and to stand a longer time. They also enhance your feelings of lust.

Please click here to read more or buy - Prosolution Plus

ExtenZe - potency and male lust pills - Makes the erections bigger, harder, more durable and generally intensify the sexual feelings in your mind and body.

Please click here to read more or buy - ExtenZE

Proenhance - Patches to make your penis more effective - To be applied on the skin near the penis. These patches develop the penis naturally in the same way as the pills, but do not effect body parts outside the genital organs. The patches should be considered if you allready take other herbal supplements to vigorize the body as a whole or if you do not want this effect.

Please click here to learn more or order - ProEnhance

Pills to increase libido, genital feelings, semen production and orgasms - also products to enhance your testosterone secretion

Semenax and volume pills - for better orgasms, better semen production and improved male physiology - These pills give an overall improved sexual physiology, like: Harder, bigger and more ecstatic erections. Longer, more intense orgasms every time. Bigger, more impressive loads of semen. Superior ejaculation power. Whiter, more robust semen texture and appearance. Stronger contractions and pumping. Richer and more intense good feelings in the whole genital area. Boost In fertility. The improved organic functions then give easier arousal and higher sexual excitement.

Please click here to read more or buy - Semenax

Please click here to read more or buy - Volume Pills

TestRX - Pills to increase the amount of male hormons in your body - If you have a poor testosterone secretion you can get weak erections, feel less energy for sex and other physical activities, have low sexual appetite, get low mental mood, and tend to loose muscle mass. These pills will stimulate more male sex hormones to be produced. They will give greater sexual and physical vigor, and may help for the mentioned problems when these are due to poor testosterone levels in the body.

Please click here to read more or buy - TestRX

More testosterone enhancers to increase your libido and virility - A higher concentration of testosterone in your body can give you stronger sexual drive, make your more able to perform and help during training, like muscle building. Here is an exhibition of testosterone enhancing products. Some of these are pills, others are creams to apply on your genital zones.

Products to enhance your testosterone level

Cosmetic products to increase sexual attraction

Nexus Pheromones - fragrant for men to attract women - Smear a little of this substance upon your skin, and get a fragrance that instantly arouses, attracts, excites, and seduces women and greately improves your attraction power.

Please click here to read more or buy - Nexus Pheromones

An exhibition of erotic fragrants for women and men - There are a lot of erotic perfumes on the market that will give an sexual attraction on other humans by the content of deepworking pheromones or by the mere sexual scent of the product, or both. This link leads to an exhibition of many of those products.

Please go here to see an exhibition of a lot of erotic fragrants and perfumes for women and men

Stopgrowthnow - topical hair remover for women and men - Removes unwanted hair by interrupting the initial phace of the growth of a new hair, thins out existing hair, reduces hair size. It decreases need for vaxing and shaving.

Please click here to read more or buy - Stop Grow

Profollica - kit for daily hair care that improves hair growth - for men and women - This kit includes all you need for your daily hair care. The products in the kit also contain nutrients to stimulate the hair to growm and substances to block the hormon metabolites that cause balding, not only by men, but also often by women

Please click here to read more or buy - Orifollica

Another good hair growth increaser using the principle of blocking dihydroxytestosterone

Shen Min DHT Blocker Hair Regrowth Formula Tablets - 60 tablets

Shen Min DHT Blocker Hair Regrowth Formula Tablets - 60 tablets

For Advanced Hair Loss & Excessively Thinning Hair* Powerful DHT Blocker* 100% Natural Herbal Blend DHT Blocker Research indicates that one of the primary causes of hair thinning is DHT (dihydrotestosterone) - the "bad" form of the hormone testosterone. As we age, DHT builds up in the scalp and damages the hair-producing follicles, which eventually die.* Shen Min DHT Blocker combats hair loss and thinning hair with a nutritional approach: a natural supplement that nourishes and supports hair regrowth from the inside-out. The benefit is thicker, fuller, healthier hair for men and women.*

All kind of sexual toys and sex helper equipment

Erotic toys and products to stimulate in the sensual zones of women and men - Through these links you can find products for pleasure, fun, erotic stimulation and therapies in all sensual zones like the vagina, clitoris, anus, breast nopples, penis and other sensual body parts.

Please go here to see all type of sex equipment, for men, women and pairs - hetero, homo, BDSM, erotic games, erotic lingerie, books, magazines and more

Pumps to develop your penis and help rise and maintain erections

Rings for the penis to hold it erect

Condoms of all varieties and sizes

Lubes to use during sex for better glide and stimulation of feelings

Lotions and balms for pleasurable and exciting massage

Vibrating tools to stimulate the sexual feelings in the intimate zones

Dildos to massage inside the vagina and some also in the rectal opening

Lubes, dildos and vibrators for the anus and rectum

Eggs to put into the vagina for stimulation

More products to optimize sex life and health

Feel and look younger, reverce aging - A better growth hormone production will help regain skin thickness, muscle intactness, a jouvenile muscle/fat-ratio and other properties of youth. These products makes your body produce more growth hormone to the right time.

Go here for Genf20 - a drug for general rekuvenation of the bodily, mental and sexual capacities and of body proportions

Go here for Genfx - a drug formulated to rejuvenmate generally body shape, strength. potency and mental acuity

Go here for Hyperggh14z - a drug formulated to restore and add more than ever muscle volume, strength and integrity

Go here for Provasyl - a drug formulated to restore the body and mental capabilities of men from the middle ages and older

A great pharmacy of products to improve sexual life and to combat aging changes - This site has several great products to combat chronic problems and aging changes in the skin, blood circulation, joints, digestion and generally working anti-aging drugs. There are also effective products to help slimming and to develop or revitalize your muscles.

Anti-aging products for the body shape, physiology, sexual abilities and mental capacities - please click here

More products to optimize sexual life of women and men

More products to help for specific health problems - digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, rheumatic, nervous, hemorrhoids, thyroid, poor memory, fatigue, edema and more

About sexual humor

Sexual life and sexual organs are constantly objects for wit and humorous approches in the western cultures, and probably in most other cultures. The reason for this are of various kind:

Sometimes sexual organs attain shapes and appaances that are directly comical, just as any other object or happening. Such a comical situation would be for example if a man accidently gets his cock out of the vagina of his partner, gets an orgasm and gets the semen splashed on his fase and eyes.

Sometimes sexual practices also go into the comical, especially when exagerated or fail in some ways or goes into a disgusting degree, just like other types of practices.

Those kinds of sexual humor do not actually distinguish itself from other kind of humor.

However, often sexual humor is the result of psychological mechanisms that originate from attitudes, often ambigous attitudes, against sexual life in our culture.

One kind of humor originates whan you talk about some other things than sexual ones, but use words or names with ambiguous meaning, so that peoples thoughts are directed against sexual matters, for example words like pole, poke, stick, cleft, slit, cock, Willy, Dick. Also talking about smell of fish or shrimps easily make the thought wander in a sexual direction and easily be huorous.

Sexual practice is still regarded as taboo in many ways in our society. Sometimes sex are joked about or made comic to make it more axeptable. It is as in one says to oneself and to other persons: This is not sex and sexual feelings, but joke and comic, and thus transform the sex into something more acceptable.

If one wants to suggest or have to admit doing sume highly taboo-ridden sexual action, for example anal intercource, one will often mension it in a jokingly way to make it more accepted.

The attitude against jokes about sexual abuse, sexualized violence and violence aginst genitals or intimate body parts is highly ambivalent in the vestern societies. Such kind of humor should be regarded as inappropriate in either case, but is unfortunately not. Wether such humor is axepted or not, seems to depend on what person the abuse is directed against.

To make jokes about abuse or violence against grown up men and also male teens seems to be fully accepted, in either case if the violent person is of the same or younger than the offer, both in the popular culture and in official media. Numerous are those sketches or scenes where a man gets kicked or hit in his sexual organ, either as an axident or as a result of a directed action.

Joking about abuse or rape of women is highly inappropriate in official mass media, but can be found in the popular culture.

Joking about abuse of children or violence against children is strictly taboo and even punishable officially, but still exist in closed situations in the popular culture. Most of these jokes handles about an authority person, like a clergy or police or techer, being abusive or violent towards a child or teen.

Some witty lines

All right -- we'll use a water solution, Tom acquiesced.
Abundance: Big party held in a bakery.
Bashir: Aaaaaghhh! Aarrrrgggh! Aaaaaaaaahhh!
Be a corporate good citizen; hire the morally handicapped
Beer won't complain about your choice of vacation.
CAUTION: Armed, Dangerous, and off Medication
Chili waffles! Simply fine! - Crow sings
Clinton votors: just apologize and end the embarrasement
Cut life support to Wesley Crusher's quarters. -Picard
Click OK to continue
Don't ever have sex with someone in your office. Wait until you get ho
Damn! HERE'S last month's phone bi %@&^(!$# NO CARRIER
Enquiring hentai wanna know
Evil seeks to maintain power by suppressing the truth. - Samuel Butler
First-stringer on the Klingon Overhand Bowling Team
French Army rifle for sale. Never shot. Dropped once.
Fats Domino: the round of music
Grandma always said: "Don't eat blue food"
Great bouncing icebergs! -Santa
Go soothingly in the grease mud, as there lurks the skid
Hugh Beaumont!?!
Hologram at your service, baby! - Thames
Hard drive makers LOVE windows!
He created OLD fossils! Yeah, riiiight
HHGTTG: On no account allow a Vogon to read poetry to you
Hello, i love you, now tell me your name.-Doors
I'm allergic to pain... it hurts
I followed the Dog till my shovel broke.
Hest er best - mening "a horse is the best" in the Norwegian language - a common view held by most norwegian he-men and she-women.
I luuuuuuve horse manure. (Elaine)
I am Clinton of Borg. Prepare to be......well, maybe
I haven't lost my mind, its in the tagline file right where I left it!

More witty lines

If you want something badly, that is how you get it
Just remember, Sometimes the dragon wins
Jim, this man is a Klingon McCoy on Darvin
Joycelyn Elders: an unplanned and unwanted Surgeon General
Just between you and me, you can whisper in my ear
Klansperson, n. - A racist who is not sexist
Kids.......need I say more?
KID.ZIP.. Cute program...No on-line help!
Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill him!
Ken Breadner Wilfrid Laurier University, ##############
Looks like a whole buncha people jumped on that bus.
Maybe he knows the deeper secrets of their madness - Fox Mulder
My home is hell. - George C. Scott
No carrier no fun
Nirvana errupts on the scene. Canine suicide climbs 86% ..hmm.
Never say during sex: i was once a woman in a previous life
Now where did that logic go? I saw it here just a minute ago!
Never compromise your integrity.
Not only am I a master of suspense, but
Old age is not for sissies. - Larry Niven
'Once a pickled cucumber always a pickled cucumber'. (Max Glatt).
Prairies, n.: Vast plains covered by treeless forests
Quand j'tais petit, je voulais devenir moi. Et mon rve d'enfance s'est
"Rom's an idiot! He couldn't fix a straw if it was bent!" - Odo
"Kill this child, she's an abomination" Rev. Mother Gais Mohiam DUNE
"Sing a song that can't be sung without the morning's kiss" -Pink Floyd
RETIREMENT: Twice as much husband, half as much money.
Redneck: if you go to the family reunion to pick up women.
Reagan library burned! Both books destroyed! Crayons saved ,though.
Still Going!! Nothing outlasts Data. He keeps going, and
Spock and Data in '96: The Logical Choice!
Support Victims' Rights, and everybody's right to be a victim.
Scars take time to heal.
Switchblade lipstick - Tom
Today's word is "legs". Help spread the word!
The future is like the present - only longer.
That's a nice drawing. What is it?
Those who agree with liberalism are traitors
Useless Invention: Camcorder with braile-encoded buttons.
Urine: Baseball term: Opposite of "You're out."
URA Redneck If U've ever raked leaves in your kitchen.
Very well. I'll keep the two of you informed about my progress. -Odo
Volvo, Video, Velcro. (I came, I saw, I stuck around.)
Veni, Vidi, Vomiti: I came, I saw, I got sick!
Violence is the last word of the illiterate. Also the first.
Visit scenic R'lyeh! See the impossible angles! Sit on Cthulhu's lap!
Vote: "Deport All of the Above" in '96
The main reason for women enlarging their boobs is for keeping their men with a bad breath on distance.
Well. That didn't turn out so well. - Harry Houdini
We didn't come here just to put on some Scout jamboree! - Zoisite
We have nothing to fear but fear itself. That's enough
X XXXXXX bga!U bLankeq To Pgeven+ <bugN-!U> XXXXXX X
XT Nostalgia? Run Windows
XT for sale: see Marine Supplies Conference
Xmas Carol >> Frosty the Snowman is a ferret elf, I say
XO: Execute Operator
You are in a maze of twisty fries, all alike
You're not strong or smart but you're a hairy little monkey.
Y2K: Sundak, Mondak, Tuesdak, Wednesdak, Thursdak, Fridak, Saturdak
You have probably guess by now that the answer to this is yes.
Zombie interns - Crow on two dorky guys
ZIPidy do Da, ARCidy Da
A Scout is courteous but every courteous men ar scouts.
Best Cheeseburgers #20 Murphy's, Burleson, Texas USA
Being a Pilgrim totally sucks ass! - Philip
Common sense is uncommon
Clinton: A 200-dollar haircut on a 29-cent head
Captain Kirk has three ears: left, right and a final front ear!
Clinton 1040 Tax Form: How much do you make? _________ S
center for recycling.
Don't call me `sir'! I work for a living! -- Wisetongue
Don't steal; thou'lt never thus compete successfully in business. Cheat. -- Ambrose Bierce
Does your mother know you use Taglines.
Diplomacy is the art of letting somebody have your way.
Deleted because Cthulhu would otherwise return
Def: Hirsute: not to be confused with his suit (feminist term)
Elect Republicans. Get bubba to endorse the Democrat!
ERECTION..........When Japanese vote for a new government
Every child born in America can hope to grow up to enjoy tax loopholes
Eternity's a terrible thought. I mean, where's it all going to end. - Tom Stoppard
Egad, Brain! Isn't @TOFIRST@ a human? - Pinky
Eat it today. Tomorrow it will be carcinogenic
Error 96 - Tglin out of crktrs
Er um. WellHow do you define "Logical"? <G>
Eris? I don't need Eris, I have kids.
Enough Television - Go Read a Book.
ERRER #0008: Improper spelling.
Ever penned your name in blood, let possession slowly swallow you?
Everyone is weird. Some of us are just proud of it.
Eval Day 130 Cats have not forgotten they were once worshipped
Every one is more dull in his own business than in that of another
Explosive weapons cannot cause fatal injuries
Famous Last Word : "Nah, that's not a venomous snake."
GOD ERROR #01 -Universe 98% full. Delete EARTH.SYS (Y/N)
Hell, if you understood everything I said, you'd be me!
Have Barney join the circus as the human cannon ball.
I can't stand him when he's like this
I am Bart of Borg. Prepare to assimilate my shorts.
I shot the sysop,but I shoulda shot the moderator,too
I am Bugs Bunny of Borg. Prepares tos bees askimilatred.
I enjoy food more when someone else cooks it.
I don't know, maybe I was just tired. - Sinclair
Julian, go take a high-pitched sonic shower -- Dax
Jared would rather ride the Wave than wallow in QWKsand!
Kittens: Happy lawnmower sounds in a ball of fluff.
KLEPTOMANIA! Take something for it!
Life is far too short to dance with ugly women.
Let he who is stoned cast the first sin
Last garage sale I had, some bozo bought the garage!
Might as well face it, you're addicted to code
Message? What message? I thought those were extended taglines.
Made my Computer Happy, Deleted WIN, Installed Linux.
Make possible the impossible, complete the incomplete, eff the ineffible
No worry, only Robinson Crusoe got it all done by Friday
Never insult anyone you can't beat up or shoot down.
New Opcode: WSWW = Work in Strange and Wondrous Ways
Nice fella, him/her. <g> - Anna Steven
None preaches better than the ant, and she says nothing. --Franklin.
One-Adam 12. See the crullers - Crow makes cop/donut joke
Orville's A few sandwiches short of a picnic're always saying, "That'd make a great tagline!"
<F>ree <R>emoval of <A>sinine <M>essages (A)bort, (R)etry, (K)ill something?
People have all the theories, cats have all the facts
QVC: Question Valid Command
Quick @TOFIRST@, hide...It's Thanksgiving time!
Que sera, stripper: What will be, will take it all off.
"Solemnity", said Voltaire, "is a disease."
"We're a most promising species, as predators go." Kirk
"Bother!" said Pooh, as Piglet became possessed by a demon.
"Well, it's kind of cool to be feared."--Dex
REMEMBER, the proper way to exit a door is ALT-H
So, where is this Strana Mechty place, anyway..?
Sure I'm awake! I had to get up to answer the phone
Source: "Another Burned-Out Spook for Peace," S.F., CA
The middle sheep in the flock is rarely taken by wolves
There's nothing on Earth like Jazz!

Even more witty lines

Upgrade : Take new bugs out put new ones in
Useless Invention: Battery-operated nuclear power plants.
URA Redneck if you get Odor-Eaters as a Christmas present.
Vulcan Proverb: Only Nixon could go to China
Vail's Axiom: In any human enterprise, work seeks the lowest hierarchial level
Varicose veins.... Veins that are very close together.
We don't do god[s], tryant[s], hatred[s], or family value[s] here
Waiting to overcome all objections results in nothing
Wedding is destiny, and hanging likewise. -- John Heywood
When guns are outlawed, Outlaws will overthrow the government
XA: Execute Address field
Yo mama so fat she has been declared a natural habitat for Condors.
You're not allowing young Mr @LN@ in your holosuites I hope!
You'll get what's coming to you. Unless it's routed NetMail.
You may be a redneck if your mailbox is in the shape of any farm animal
You may be redneck if you're arrested for peeing in an ice machine.
Zingers? ... Hardly! The items were quite humorous.
Zen Master to hotdog vendor: "Make me one with everything."
Zenocide: The killing of ancient philosophers
Ziggyuken: Catch It!
Zoos are a necessary evil, I think, Tom said cagilyn 
A barbecue often cooks steaks rare and fingers well-done.
All the religion we have is the ethics of one or another holy person. - Emerson
Blah, blah, blah...
Barney of Borg: I love you. You love me. We're a happy Borg entity.
Crow: Tissue paper! Tissue paper!
Cooking contest we don't want to judge : C-Ko vs Akane
Confucius Say: Never eat yellow snow
Confucious say: Man who snatches kisses when young, kisses snatches when
Cats (ON FOOLS) only fools, fool with "Big - Cats!" -jkb
Cats are good for just two things: mulch and... I forget
Def: Pregnancy: A woman a swelled up over her work
Darn, it's hard being different in a room of eccentrics
Did you say that Raulph Cramden was from another planet?
Dolly Parton is famous for *2* things: The left one and the right one
Everything good in life is either illegal, immoral or fattening.
ERROR opening CATFOOD.CAN, eat mouse instead? (Y/n)?
Everybody hates a literalist - Calvin
Enythink thit ken go rong willl. -- Morfy's Law
Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.
GUI? Don't step in it!
George Stark did it! My evil unborn twin brother.
God is not dead; He's only swapped out
Gone Fishin', be back later, please leave message
Grow your own dope, plant a POM
Has anyone seen my marbles?
How come it hurts so much, mister? - Sherri
Hello, I wish to register a complaint. Hello, miss?
Homework is bad for my self-esteem. - Calvin
He was abducted by Homer Simpson's Evil Twin - Mulder
I memorized that thing from Hame-let - Crow as dumb girl
I like traffic lights, I like traffic lights, I like traffic lights
I am Bart of Borg. Assimilate my shorts, dude!
I have a bad cold. Phlegm at ten
Jeep Junk Each Eagle Produced
Jane, you say it's all over for you and me, girl
June Cleaver: Wally, if I know your father, he's out looking for Beaver.
Just wanted to get my official stamp on a few taglines
JERRY GARCIA - Crate full o'dead.
Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. - Helen Keller
Kirk, Janeway, & Sisko : The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly.
Law of Combat: Automatic weapons - aren't.
Let it go. I'll take care of you. - Lwaxana
La Cage Au Folles: Western Style - Tom
Lassie, Benji and NT = 2 stars and a dog!
Last words: "Is this one really able to breath fire?"
My wife is very angry with me. She caught me patching a tire with one of her hotcakes
May I... get you a drink, dear? - Data
More peach wyne, mye plantain? - Sir Thomas Serveau
Misspelled?..Impossible! My modem is error Correcting!
Never invite a vampire into your house, you silly boy!
No, I'm Chaos and he's Mayhem - we're a double act. <Riggs>
NEW Edlin for Windows NT!!!!!
Nothing succeeds like the appearance of success
Not much of a program." "Computer! ... Level two.
Oxymoron: vague memory
Oxymoron: political logic
A Scientific truth in psychology is everything that can make profit
Pulse not found: (A)bandon hope, (R)eincarnate, or (I)gnore?
Politicians do it in public.
Please save the branches of our trees, said Tom limply.
QOTD: "He's so egotistical he yells his own name when he comes."
Q to Picard: Morning darling! [They are both in bed.]
"How about sucking in your shoulders?" -- Hawkeye to Trapper
"Now entering Romulan space." Sulu
"Now look at the little lady." Picard/Kamin
"Disco? I'd rather be dead!" -- Sam Beckett
Real Life Ghost Busters Exorcise Pixie from Johnny Carson's home in Beirut
Ready or not, here we exist. -- Joel Robinson
RIGOR MORRIS - The cat is dead.
Six times three isn't two hundred, either! -- Crow T. Robot
The views expressed are those of the SysOp~(&#$^*)@NO CARRIER
There's nothing in the world like re-re-re-re-re-reading old posts!
There is no fool like an old fool -- J.Heywood (1497-1580)
To program anything that is programmable is obsession, an din politics it is dictatorship
The Lab called: your brain is ready.
Uhmmm...cannot say. Saying one would know, but don't know, so cannot say
Ura Redneck if you think potted meat and crackers are an hors d'oeuvre
User error - (R)eplace, (I)gnore, (K)ill ??
Von Braun; aimed for the stars... and hit London!!
What is happening, Father? Data
When you are mathematically wrong, try multiplying by the page number.
What do you put your Grey Poupon?
XXXXXXXXXX Better Taglines Through Confiscation XXXXXXXXX
XPR: eXecute PRogrammer
Xmas Carol >> With the jelly toast proclaim...
Xpressing from sunny Florida. And you thought you had bugs!
Yo' momma's so fat that when she cuts herself, she bleeds cottage cheese
You would. You have to. That's how moderators are. - Ed
You think YOU have problems? My artificial flower died!
You're in good hands with Picard.
You do chain taglines? Even Oprah is more entertaining.
Z is for Zefram Chochrane, who's invention delights me and you!n