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Welcome to this online store with a collection of  first class sexual improvment products for both sexes. Here are excitement and sexual ecstacy boosters, penis developers, erection and male genital response optimizers, female genital response optimizers, female and male sexual massage media, male and female performanse improvers. The products are pills, oils, creams and devices based on hebal extracts and other purified natural ingredients.

Further down on this page you will also find an educational article about fellatio, or penis sucking, including autofellatio.

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Prosolutiongel - for immediate and long lasting solid erections - A gel to apply on the penile head to make thick and hard erections come immediately and last long. You will feel an extreme arousal and intense pleasurful orgasms.

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Penis pumps and rings to make and maintain erections and for penis development and adjustment - Penis pumps togeather with a penis ring can be used to make and maintain an erection. By cautious use of a penis pump over some time, you can adjust the shape of your penis and reduce bendings and twists and, you may also make your penis larger.

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ProExtender - kit to make the penis bigger, more obust and better shaped - This is a physical traction device to wear discretely some time during the day in a period until you are satisfied by the anount of changes. It will increase the size of the penis, not only by stretching out, but even more by stimulating the penis to add more tissue and at the same time help to cure bendings, twistings and irregularities.

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VigRxPlus pills to get larger erected penis - To make the penis under erection bigger and develop the male sexual organs without surgery. You see that the erect penis begins to get larger in three weeks. Usually the penis first begins thickening more during the erections and the penis skin begins to get more robust. Then the penis starts to erect longer that before. The penis also get erect more easily and the increased erectile potency is present all the time. The herbal ingredients of the pills also make you more vigourous in your whole body, and especially in your genital area. Please click on the banner to learn more or order. VigRxplus is developed from the famous VigRx pills by adding 3 new components for enforced effect. (Bioperine, Tribulus and Damiana).

ProSolution Plus - Penis effectivizer Pills - These pills make your penis able to stand up more quickly, to stand harder and stronger and to stand a longer time. They also enhance your feelings of lust.

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Proenhance - Patches to make your penis more effective - To be applied on the skin near the penis. These patches develop the penis naturally in the same way as the pills, but do not effect body parts outside the genital organs. The patches should be considered if you allready take other herbal supplements to vigorize the body as a whole or if you do not want this effect.

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Semenax and volume pills - for better orgasms, better semen production and improved male physiology - These pills give an overall improved sexual physiology, like: Harder, bigger and more ecstatic erections. Longer, more intense orgasms every time. Bigger, more impressive loads of semen. Superior ejaculation power. Whiter, more robust semen texture and appearance. Stronger contractions and pumping. Richer and more intense good feelings in the whole genital area. Boost In fertility. The improved organic functions then give easier arousal and higher sexual excitement.

Pills to make you produce more testosterone and thereby increase your virility and sexual excitement - A stronger testosterone production will often increase your sexual drive and give you stronger potency. It can also give you stronger general physical and mental energy. It will also make it more easy to build muscles by training. If you have a lower testosterone production than an average young man, because you now have reach the age of 45 or older, or due to stressful exhausting life conditions, the effects of these pills will be especially valuable.

Testosterone enhancers to increase your libido and virility - A higher concentration of testosterone in your body can give you stronger sexual drive, make your more able to perform and help during training, like muscle building. Here is an exhibition of testosterone enhancing products. Some of these are pills, others are creams to apply on your genital zones.

Products to enhance your testosterone level

Excitement and potency balms for women

Vigorelle - cream to increase female pleasure and reactions - The female Viagra or erotic lust cream. This herbal cream for women maximizes the good feelings in her intimate zones by stimulating the sensorial bodies in the female genitals. This stimulation also boosts her sexual arousal, makes her maximally excited, and elevates her sexual ecstacy. The cream lubricates and smoothens her vaginal opening and the rest of her itimate parts. The cream also stimulates the blood supply to the pelvic area, and thus enhances the engorgement of the clitoris and genital lips, that is a women`s counterpart to a mans erection.

Hersolutiongel - to tease up her physical lust - This topical product is to be placed on the most senual zones in her vulva. It makes her blood fill into her intimate areas. It smoothly lubricates the entrance to her inside.  It instantly turns on strong physical feelings and contribute to an intense orgasm.

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Provestra ( Estravil ) - herbal lust pills for women - These herbal pills stimulate a woman's sexual excitement. They maximize the good feelings in her sexual organs and erogenous zones. They also increase the mental ecstacy that is an important component of the tolal sexual experience. The pills also optimize the female physiology, such as blood supply, clitorial engorgement, orgasmic response, lubrication and fertility. Please click on the following link to read more about this female sexual optimizer.

Hersolution - to enhance the woman's libido and virility - Optimizes all the sexual functions of a women: Increases the lust in her mind and body, betters bloodflow in her vula and pelic region, makes her feel more between her legs and inwards, enhances the building up to the peak of reactions and feelings, lets her orgasm more strongly, helps her produce more lubricating fluid and helps her fertility

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Total Curve - treatment kit to enlarge and shape up the female breasts - This package consists of herbal based pills with substances that safely stimulate breast development and vitalization, it also has a gel to be smeared on the breasts that give the same effect from the outside and there are instructions for breast development exercizes.

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Nexus Pheromones - fragrant for men to attract women - Smear a little of this substance upon your skin, and get a fragrance that instantly arouses, attracts, excites, and seduces women and greately improves your attraction power.

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Stopgrowthnow - topical hair remover for women and men - Removes unwanted hair by interrupting the initial phace of the growth of a new hair, thins out existing hair, reduces hair size. It decreases need for vaxing and shaving.

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Another good hair growth increaser using the principle of blocking dihydroxytestosterone

Shen Min DHT Blocker Hair Regrowth Formula Tablets - 60 tablets

Shen Min DHT Blocker Hair Regrowth Formula Tablets - 60 tablets

For Advanced Hair Loss & Excessively Thinning Hair* Powerful DHT Blocker* 100% Natural Herbal Blend DHT Blocker Research indicates that one of the primary causes of hair thinning is DHT (dihydrotestosterone) - the "bad" form of the hormone testosterone. As we age, DHT builds up in the scalp and damages the hair-producing follicles, which eventually die.* Shen Min DHT Blocker combats hair loss and thinning hair with a nutritional approach: a natural supplement that nourishes and supports hair regrowth from the inside-out. The benefit is thicker, fuller, healthier hair for men and women.

Equipment for sexual play and stimulation of good feelings

Erotic toys and stimulators for men and women - Through these links you can find products for pleasure, fun, erotic stimulation and therapies in all sensual zones like the vagina, clitoris, anus, breast nopples, penis and other sensual body parts.

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Eggs to put into the vagina for stimulation

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Oral sex (from Latin os, oris, "mouth") or oral sex is a generic term for all forms of sexual intercourse with at least one party uses his mouth to stimulate the other's genitals orother intimate areas, like the anal regaion or the breast nipples. Oral sex includes fellatio, that is, the suction of the man's penis, and cunnilingus, licking of the female external genitalia and clitoris. Stimulating the anal reagion with the tongue is generally called rimming in daily life.

By oral sex, also the partner doing the active act will be stimulated. Feeling the soft flesh of the intimate region feels good against the tongue and the lips and stimulate sexual feelings in the oral region. The scent and taste of the intimate organs of the partner also make the active partner excited sexually.

In this page you can read about the kind of sex where one partner uses his lips and mouth on the penis of the other partner, also called fallatio.

Please click here to read about sex where one partner licks and kisses the cunt of a woman, cunnilingus



Here are guidelines about makeing fellatio, or sucking the cock of a man. You perhaps wonder what fellatio is, what pleasures and excitements you can get from performing or taking fallatio, and how to do fallatio. Perhaps you allready peform fallatio regularly or aoccationally, but want to learn more about the art of cock sucking. These guidelines teach you the basic consepts regarding fallatio, how to do it and what you shpuld avoid when performing coks sucking.

The guidelines tell both about the skills of doing cock sucking, or giving head as it is also called, and they tell about how to do when resceiving fallatio.

What's Down There

But first things first. Let's talk about the "basic cock." LOOK at his cock. I don't mean a casual glance, study that thing you're thinking about wrapping your lips around. You've had it in your cunt and it felt good there, it just might feel good in your mouth. He'll be glad to let you look at it, if you want to look at it, you just might want to do something else with it.

Turn on a strong light and get him flat on his back on your bed. Take his cock in your hand and see if you can get it hard. Now, take a close look at it. The main part is called the shaft. There's a bulbous part near the outer end, slightly larger in diameter than the shaft, which is called the glans penis or head. The ridge where the head joins the shaft is called the corona. This is the most sensitive part of his cock.

Follow this ridge around to the underside. There's a juncture where the two ends come together. This tiny area is easily the most sensitive spot on his entire body. Just like your clit, this is where the action is. You can bring him to climax by gently tapping the tip of your tongue directly on it. The opening in the tip of the head is the meatus. Here's where that cum that's been squirting out into your cunt has been coming from.

The shaft doesn't have many nerve endings over a particular area or any special nerves. As a result, it doesn't provide a man with any high degree of stimulation when caressed, either with your hand or your tongue. The shaft will, however, respond to pressure. There is also power in numbers, so when all of its nerves are fully enclosed in a warm, wet mouth that's sucking and slipping and sliding around on it, the feeling is great. The deeper the better girls.

Getting Ready

Where should you be when you're sucking his cock? Between his legs, on top of him, in a sixty nine position? Actually, any place where you can get his cock in your mouth, a car seat, chair, him standing on his head, it really doesn't matter as long as you're both comfortable. However, because of the way his cock and your mouth, lips, tongue, teeth and throat are made and what you have to do to his cock, you can make him enjoy it more and get more out of it yourself by kneeling between his legs. This can be with both of you on the bed or with his hips at the edge of the bed and you on the floor. You can make eye contact and he can easily stroke your head with his hands in this position. Deep-throating works better with slightly different positions but we'll get to that later, lets get his cock in your mouth first.

Lets start out with both of you on the bed. The down side of you being on the bed is that holding your head up while you bend over his cock can tire you if you want to go at it for a long time but it'll be fine for these first lessons. You can stretch out between his legs and lay your head on his thigh with his cock in your mouth, but it's hard to do much with it in this position. A fairly common position, which also works well for deep-throating and throat fucking, is with him standing and you kneeling on a cushion in front of him.

Basic Playing Around and sucking

It doesn't matter what setting you choose, you can be home in bed or parked on your town's main street, just find whatever level of privacy you need to feel relaxed. For the purpose of these lessons let's say you're still on the bed where you were examining him and you managed to get his cock hard. Kneel down between his legs and take his balls in your left hand and his cock in your right. Squeeze his cock gently down toward the bottom of the shaft and get ready to suck. Run your tongue over your lips to get them good and wet and look into his eyes. Men love to watch their cock disappearing into a woman.

Now open your mouth just slightly to tease and excite him and come very close to his cock. Breathe on him, blow on him with your hot breath. Stick your tongue out again and reach for him, tease him. Making sure your tongue is dripping wet, begin at the bottom of his shaft and lick upwards, slowly. Turn your head sideways and pretend to take a bite of him, gently setting your teeth into his flesh. Wet him again with your tongue, use your hand to spread the liquid around.

A wet cock looks and sounds a lot sexier than a dry one. Your left-hand meanwhile is massaging his balls, perhaps scratching them lightly with your fingernails. After you've licked his shaft lots of times and it's all wet and hard, he's going to start squirming with frustration if you don't start getting serious. A quick look up at his face will let you know when you're stretching things out too long. Teasing is great . . . to a point. A little experience in cock-sucking will teach you when you need to go on to better things.

Taking his cock inside his mouth and really sucking it

As I discussed earlier, it's man's nature to want to thrust his cock into you as far as he can get it, particularly at the moment when he cums. If he wants all of his cock in you, can you take it all in? Do you want to take it all in? Do you even need to take it all in? Well, the length of your mouth from your lips to the back of your throat is three to three and a half inches while the average cock's length is five to five and a half inches. The laws of nature would seem to say that getting all that cock into your mouth is an impossibility. The laws of sex say that you'll want to get all of it in you. < Don't look so sad, I can do it and so can you, you can take as much of his cock into you as you want. You simply take as much of it into your mouth as will fit there, and then slide your throat down over its head until the rest if it is in your mouth and your face is buried in his bush. It's called deep-throating, and when you really get into cock-sucking you'll probably want to do it. The term was made popular by Linda Lovelace in a porno movie in the seventies. She wasn't the first woman to do it by any means. Women have been taking men's cocks down their throats for centuries, she was simply the first to give it the current popular name.

But for the time being you probably do not yet want to take his cock all the way in to the bottom of your mouth or even further down into your throut, Practically you can do as follows.

Begin by licking his foreskin. Then retract his foreskin and kiss gently his penis head. Then lick gently his penis head. Ticle him with your tongue around his penis head, especuially around the rim.

Then lick his peehole, try to penetrate a little into the peehole with your tonge. Then take your penis head between your lips and suck it gently. You can also use your tongue to licke at the same time. Then his your penis deeper inside your mouth. Suck it a little in and out.

To stimulate his penis enough, you must provide that his penis glides a little in and out. This can be done by repetedly sukinging in and slipping the scuk again by a pumping action with your mouth and throat. It can also be done by moving your head a little back and forth.

To get the right stimulation you should use some forse with your lips or your tonge against his penis. The force should be enough to slide the skin of his penis shaft a little up and down and so the penis shaft or penis head is gently squeezed.

Shortly stated, your actions should exert a milking effect upon his cock.

When you do these manouvres the man will naturally himself begin undulating with his lower body and activly begin fucking you in your mouth. It is important that he foes not push his penis too far inside your mooth or throat or do too violent actions with his penis.If he does, you loose controle and the whole action is destroyed. You can partly controle his actions by making the right degree of stimulation.

He should however also consciously cooperate with you. Therefore you should have talked together before about how you want the session to go forth before you begin, and you should give him small signals to controle his actions.

You can take his penis out of your mouth again and caress him other ways a while, and then begin licking, kissing and sucking again. This way you can keep on by shifting between stimulation with your mouth and caressing him with your hands. Eventually you manipulate him to get an orgasm and ejaculation into your wouth by gradually intesifying your actions.

What Do You Do With His Cum

If there's one thing you should try to cultivate a taste for it's his cum, you don't have to swallow it, just let him cum in your mouth. Any time you've had his cock in your mouth and he's been anywhere near cuming, some of his cum has been dribbling out of it and you probably didn't even notice it. It may seem that I'm devoting a lot of space to this subject. I am, but that's because it's currently a hot subject with many people going off on tangents about diets and using condoms and on and on. I think that his cum should be considered a part of his climax that has to occur with his cock in your mouth and that you should cultivate a taste for it. Although a lot of women like it's taste and look forward to it, it's not a pleasant taste for a number of women. However, it's a taste that can be cultivated and it becomes a pleasant experience if you just let your self get caught up in his climax and taste his orgasm, not just his cum.

It's a real letdown for him if you take his cock out of your warm soft mouth just as he's reaching the climax that you've both worked so hard for and jack him off into a wet rag. It's almost like him pulling his cock out of your cunt just as you start to cum and finishing you off with his finger. So brace yourselves girls and keep that cock in your mouth until he's finished and you've both started to come down. You really were worked up over what you were doing weren't you? Besides, that's not a bad choice. Remember, he can jack himself off and watch it shoot on the shower floor without any help from you.

Having the cock get somewhat deeper

You should do some homework before you try to deep-throat a real live cock. I don't like to get into technical discussions about anything as pleasurable and emotional as sex, however, I don't want you to run into any unpleasant surprises that will turn you off before you experience the pleasures of deep-throating. You'll need to learn some simple details that'll help you overcome your gag reflex and control your breathing before the pleasures of deep-throating can really be enjoyed.

With practice you can learn to control your gag reflex. The next thing to learn is how to relax your tongue so you can slide his cock past it and down into your throat. You also have to learn to control your tongue during the entire time you're deep-throating.

There's really not much learning involved. You've already gotten used to having his cock in your mouth, now all you have to do is get used to having it in your throat. Get a soft, flexible dildo of the proper size so you can practice with it in private at your leisure, the solid jellies are the most comfortable. Get what's called a "double dong" so that you'll have something straight with enough length to hold on to, one and a quarter inches in diameter and ten inches long is a good size to start with. Most cocks are not much bigger in diameter and you need one this long to find out how much cock you can take. If your guy's cock is bigger in diameter, then get a bigger one after you've mastered the one and a quarter. Depending on the size and shape of your throat, you may be able to breathe slowly through your mouth, maybe your nose, after you get the dildo past your pallet and down into your throat a ways. Otherwise, learn to time your breathing with the in and out strokes of the dildo.

If you don't have any adverse reaction to the medicine, dissolve one or two Cepacol or equivalent sore throat lozenges in your mouth about fifteen minutes before you start to practice with the dildo. They'll mildly anesthetize your throat and may eliminate the gag reflex until you get used to having it in your throat. Be careful though and don't get too aggressive with the dildo when your throat is anesthetized or you could bruise the lining at the back without feeling it.

Now that you know what you're pushing it into, open your mouth and slowly slide the dildo in as far as you can without gaging. Hold it there, breathing normally, until you're comfortable with it in your mouth. When you put something in your mouth, you begin to salivate. It's difficult to swallow the saliva with the dildo in your mouth, it'll interfere with your tongue as it tries to drive things out of your mouth and down your throat. You can go through the motions of swallowing with the dildo in your mouth but you probably won't swallow much if it's in very far. If you get the urge to swallow, do it, it won't hurt anything and you won't really swallow the dildo, or his cock if that's what you're working on at the time. For most women, swallowing can suppress the gag reflex, so practice swallowing with the dildo in your mouth, starting with it just past your teeth continuing until it's all the way down your throat. Try swallowing when you get his cock in your throat, it feels good to him.

The Deepest Kind of Fellatio

It's hard to separate deep-throating and throat (face) fucking. Throat fucking is simply an extension of deep-throating, so we'll discuss some things together. One of the best positions to practice deep-throating with a real live cock is to kneel in front of him with your head tilted back while he's standing. The most restful position, and the one you should use when you first start, is with him sitting up slightly in bed while you kneel between his legs with your head tilted back.

The size and shape of most cocks is normally not a problem for deep-throating, you can guide it with your hands if you have to and can normally relax enough to handle some pretty big ones, but it's a different matter for throat fucking. A big cock can be a curse. As we discussed in the last anatomy lesson, if it's much over one and three quarter inches in diameter it's going to take some lady to let him fuck her throat with that. Anything much over one and a half inches can present difficulties for the average woman. If it's seven inches or more in length, watch out, he could injure the lower end of your throat and your esophagus since a cock won't fit into your esophagus and he'll have a tendency to bottom it.

Although curved ones can be fun to play with, the curve of his cock can sometimes present a problem. When you were examining his cock, which way was it curved? Lay him on his back and work up a good hard-on for him. Which way is it pointing? Most guys' cocks will curve slightly up toward their head or point straight to the ceiling. If his does then he'll probably be able to slide it home without any problems. A nice curve in the upward direction can be a perfect fit for man on top 69, now that I think of it, it fits nicely in my cunt too. It's the downward curve that's a problem. If it curves down very much, he may not be able to throat fuck in the 69 position as his cock will tend to bend instead of sliding in. You would have to guide it in with your hands on each stroke. It would be fine though if you were kneeling in front of him where he could hold your head with his hands and fuck away.

About autofellatio or sucking one's own cock

Autofellatio is oral stimulation of one's own penis as a form of masturbation. While few human males are both sufficiently "well equipped" and flexible to carry out the desirable foreward flexing, the increased flexibility achieved through physical training such as gymnastics or yoga make it possible for some. Kinsey states that fewer than 1% of men are able to suck or lick their own penis.

The special thing with autofellatio is that the active and passive part is the same person., as by any type of masturbation. It can however be more intense than ordinary types of masturbation, because there will be strong sensual stimuli to the taste the smelling sense and the cactile senes in the lips and mouth region.

Autofellation can therefore give a special kind of ecstacy that ordinary masturbation cannot give.

The man can also feel a sexual attraction toward himself that further enhances the experience. This attraction will most likely occur in its most intense fashion if the man is homosexual or bisexual, but no man is entirely heterosexual, so it will likely occur anyway.

By autofellatio, you can begin by licking your foreskin. Then retract your foreskin and kiss gently your penis head. Then lick gently your penis head. Then lick your peehole, try to penetrate a little into your peehole with your tonge. Then take your penis head between your lips and suck it gently. You can also use your tongue to licke at the same time. Then suck your penis deeper inside your mouth. Suck it a little in and out.

Take your penis out again and masturbate gently with your fingers. Then bow forewards again and begin licking, kissing and sucking onece again. You can change this way between gentle handjobs and mouthjobs until you orgasm and ejcualate, prefrerably in your mouth.

Autofellatio is known far back in history. Archaeologists have found hieroglyphs and ancient paintings depict men who suck their own penis. Letters Keren David Lorton says that many historical texts refer to autofellatio in Egypt's religious mythology. The sun god Ra is said to have created the god Shu and goddess Tefnut by sucking himself and spit his semen on the ground. Autofellatio was apparently carried out during religious rituals in memory and honor of this.

A controversial theory that is constantly being debated by Egyptologists claim that Horus, son of the god Osiris, performed autofellatio every night, because the consumption of his own semen kept the stars in place, and thus the cosmos was maintained. Although autofellatio may have played a normal role in the Egyptian daily life have the knowledge to a large extent been held back in recent times from the public because of the theme's later tabuidisized character. Many paintings that showed the action was vandalized in victorian time for this cause.

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