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Some first class products to prevent and solve mental and bodily health problems

To increase your allertness, thinking power and memory capacity - Brain Pills - These pills will enhance your allertness and acuity. They will boost your thinking capacity, problem solving speed and mental endurance. They will make you able to store much more information in your memory and use less time to store and retrieve the information. These pills are constructed and endorced by neurological experts and also recommended by several celebrities that depend heavily on their mental power. Among the working ingredients are Citicoline, Bacopa monnieri, Ginkgo biloba, phosphatidylcerine, tyrosine and L-theanine. The pills are ideal for every person with a mentally demanding work, for students and anyone that have got mentally exhausted by the impacts of daily life..

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COMPLEX BOWEL AND DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS - colon cleansing and digestive adjustment package - This 10-day cleansing cure is targeted at complex bowel problems with many or varying symptoms like constipation, bloating, cramps, uneasy feelings, over-filled stomach and symptoms from the rest of the body due to colonic problems. The product helps to reestablish a good microbial content in the colon, to adjust the function of the whole digestive system and to enhance the entire bodily wellbeing.

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Confitrol24 - product for women to get rid of urine leakage and provide a totally healthy urination - This natural product rejuvenates and enforce the control physiology of the bladder, the bladder muscles, the glands in the bladder, the bladder mucosa and the bladder connective tissues, and the same for the urethra and structures around the bladder. This gives reflexes for urination when this is due, but not before, stronger abilities to shut urine flow, but strong and complete urination when this is wanted, and all this hinders leakage and otherwise gives a healthy bladder function.

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Helo to get better male sexual functions and solve problems like poor erections and premature ejaculations - Prosolutionpills - These pills are formulate to give you stronger erections that occur more rapidly and last longer, to hinder premature ejaculations and to enhance genital pleasure

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Help to get better female functions and solve common female problems - Hersolution - To ballance female functions and strengthen the female apparatus which gives the following benefits: More regular periods, less cramping during menstruation, redused hot flashes, less fever, having greater energy, more stability in the mood, stronger sexual functions and satisfaction.

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Help to rebuild muscle integrety and strength - This product helps your body to produce more growth hormon. This will make it easier for you to rebuild weakend muscles when you are training or too build big muscles if that is your aim. The product also has a general rejuvenating effect.

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SKINCEPTION Rosacea relief serum - A clinically proven topical that makes the skin less red, reduces enlared veins. It soothes inflammatory processes and associated symptoms like dryness, thickening  inelasticity and feeling of irritation.

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ACNE TREATMENT KIT - Complete acne treatment kit with a rinsing solutions for the face, a body rinser, an effective topical facial cream that work against the acne during the day, and oral pills to stimulate the healing processes in the skin and the inner cleaning processes.

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Anti-aging drugs that work by increasing your natural growth hormone production - As one ages the release of growth hormone tends to decrease and this decrease contributes substantially to the aging changes. A better growth hormone production will therefore help you regain thick and smooth skin, muscle intactness, a jouvenile muscle/fat-ratio, better condition, better senses, better blood sugar ballance and better mental and physical vitality. They will make it easier for you to slim down, give you more energy, make you feel more allert, and help restore a lot other properties of youth. Here are two generally working anti-aging products of the kind and two formulated to have a peak effect on muscle growth and male sexual potency.

Go here for Genf20 - a drug for general rejuvenation of the bodily, mental and sexual capacities and of body proportions

Go here for Genfx - a drug formulated to rejuvenmate generally body shape, strength. potency and mental acuity

Go here for Hyperggh14z - a drug formulated to restore and add more than ever muscle volume, strength and integrity

Go here for Provasyl - a drug formulated to restore the body and mental capabilities of men from the middle ages and older


Some educational resources for use by our visitors

Here are links to pages with detailled information about health and fitness topics.

Some general scientific material

Definitions of terms used in this web-site

About carbohydrates and their role in the body

About alkaloids, their effects and uses

Pain and aspects of pain

About preparations and patient management before, during and after surgery

Some commonly used drugs explained

Goals that doctors may have and their interaction with patients to fulfill those goals

About environmental poisons

About the urinary sytem and its functions

Definitions of medical equipment types

The anatomy and function of the digestive system

About the organisation of the nervous system

UFO and alien abduction stories - misinterpreted exam memories?

Information about physical diseases and their treatment

Some advices about diet and lifestyle to prevent and fight heart and circulatory diseases

About infections

About rheumatic conditions

Candida albicans and candidiasis - or yeast infection

Urinary tract infection - causes, prevention and treatments

About endometriosis

About kidney stones

Hypothyroidism or sluggish thyroid - What is this condition and what is the traditional medicine or treatment for hypothyroidism?

Hemorrhoids - What are hemorrhoids? What causes hemorrhoids? What are the conventional hemorrhoid treatment?

Irritable colon and functional colonic disturbances

Acne, whiteheads, blackheads - Why do acne occur? What are the usual medicines against acne? Herbal treatment for acne

About chronic obstructive lung disease - CODS or COLS and emphysema

About colds and flu ( influenza )and how to distinguish these

About diabetes mellitus type I and II - diabetes care products

About prostatic congestion - how to prevent clogged prostate

About the prostate and prostate problems

About optical eye problems like myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism

Information about mental and neurological diseases and their treatment

About Cerebral palcy and the treatment for cerebral palcy

About depression and treatment of depression

About fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome

About anxiety and treatment of anxiety

About poor sleep and the treatment of this condition

About addictions in a general sense

Substance abuse and addictions - properties ond consequences of substance abuse, how to cure susbstance abuse

About diagnostic and treatment modalities

Enema guidelines. how to admister enemas


Stem-cells use to regenerate damaged tissues and treat aging

About temperature taking

Radical diet cures - fasting and raw vegetarian diet cures

Some advices about diet to reduce rheumatism

What is kinesiology

About cystoscopy - how is cystoscopy performed

About sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy

Disease prevention and general lifestyle

How to keep yourself free from disease and aging symptoms

How to make a healthy sweet soda drink without too much sugar and salt and without artificial sweeterners

The paleo diet, its composition benefits and dangers.

The positive health effects or disease prevention effects of red wine

Equipment to treat and nurse babies and children

Advices about right fat consume

About macrobiotic cooking and lifestyle, also tips to help you controle your intake of fat, sugar and salt and information about avocado fruit used to improve health

Some advices about vegetarian cooking

Vitamins, minerals, nutrition and anti-oxidants

Vitamin products exhibited.

What are gluconutrients and what are their importance for the health?

Abaut the anti-oxidant glutathione

Abaut folic acid

Uses and benefits of olive oil

About omega-3-poly-unsaturated acids and chronic fatigue syndrome healing

About omega-3-poly-unsaturated acids and depression healing

About anti-oxydants

About common respiratory problems and their causes Inositol - a vitamine-like substance useful for the nervous and circulatory health

Smoking and its effect on the health

Cholesterole and its effect on the health

Herbs and natural products used to treat or prevent disease

About stinging nettle and its benefits against rheumatism and other diseases

About nutmeg and its effects to relieve pain, reduce inflammtions, take away infections, detoxify, and stimulate mental and bodily functions.

Garlic and the health benefits from garlic

About flavonids and their use to prevent and cure disease

Herbs and natural substances to improve the nerval system

A survey of erotic herbs

Some information about the herb ginseng

Information about the herbal ingredient epidemium

Information about the aphrodisiac damiana

Information about the herb hawthorn

About the herb and spice cayenne

The health effects of caffeine, coffee and tea

About the stimulating herbs guarana, and about green and black tea

The African erotic stimulating herb johimbe

The south american tonic and sexual stimulant catuaba

The South American stimulating herb muira pauma

The appetite suppressing herb Hoodia gordonii

About the sexually stimulating and muscle enhancing herb tribulus

The herb Rhiodola Rosea and its effects

About noni or morinda citrifolia

About rosemary or Rosmarinus officinalis

About the herb lamium album

Tips about using spices in your meals

About Bacopa monieri - an Indian herb to enhance cognitive fucnctions

Pycorhiza curroa - a plant effective against allergy and liver problems

Turmeric or Curcuma longa and the substance curcumin in this herb - a yellow spice and a medical herb

Physical training advices

Aerobics and fitness - training advices, how to do aerobics

How to perform jogging . benefits of jogging

Weight training and bodybuilding - some advices

Bodybuilding workout schedule

A 4 days training plan comprizing muscle building, condition and flexibility

Yoga and stretching exercises

Muscle building - some physiological secrets

About requirements for a successful fitness program

How to get enough motivated for your training program

Pain relief methods used in martial arts

About training supplements like whey proteine and creatine

Mental training, meditation and psychology

Health and meditation

The effects of colors upon the mental and physical state

About hypnosis

How to be able to relax completely

Information about herbal products and other medicines

Some in depth information about the products for cardic support

Some information about hypothyroidism and the products against this condition

Some information about the product Avatrol and Hemorrhoids.

Some information about the potency medicine Viagra - what problems does viagra cure and what not

Drugs to improve hormon level and hormone ballance

The product actimine against acne, whiteheads, blackheads


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