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Natural drugs to help for reumatism and problems in the joints, nuscles and scheleton

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Natural products to help for rheumatic conditions and disease processes in the joints and muscles. Also information about the health benefits from stinging nettle.

On this site you will find natural products to treat diseases, injuries and aging symptoms in the joints, muscles and scheleton. You can also find products to relieve tension, alleviate ache and get rid of stiffness.Please click on the banners to learn more or order a product.

Further down on this page there is an article about the herb stinging nettle, about vitamine K and about rheumatism in general. At this site some stinging nettle products and K-vitamin supplements are also exhibeted.

Drugs to restore worn joints, take away joint pain and improve function and flexibility

HELP FOR INJURIES, DEGENERATION AND PAIN IN THE JOINTS and to restore function - Joint relief Solution - As one gets older and by the physical impacts of daily life, the joints tend to get stiff, painful and steadily less mobile. This medicine is formulated to generally rejuvenate the joints to former integrity, make them flexible again, take away pain and make them more robust against new injuries. It is composed of natural ingredients that do not give unwanted side effects. Main ingredients are factors used by the joints to compose the structural elements chondriotin sulphate and hyaluronic acid.

OSTEOARTHRITIS, JOINT PAIN, JOINT INURIES - Exomin - By osteoarthritis the cartilage at the bone ends in the joints is worn down, sometimes partly, sometimes completely. 50% of all people will experience osteoarthritis by the age of 65. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. Osteoarthritis is actually not an inflammatory disease, but is a condition created by constant wearing on the joints.

A strong and healthy joint is rich in glycosaminoglycans that lube the inside of the joints. In weak and unhealthy joints, levels of glycosaminoglycans and other key factors tend to be low, and this deficiency contributes to the wearing down of the joint structures.

If you are experiencing joint pain, Exomine may be able to repair the level of these key compounds, prevent further breakdown, give the joint new strength, increase the range of motion, make motion smoother and reduce pain.

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Help for lack of GABA - Moderex GABA - Trouble relaxing, insomnia, painful arthritis-like symptoms, high blood pressure anxiety - These are symptoms caused by lack of GABA. By GABA deficiency, two or more of these symptoms may occure. GABA is an important neurotransmitter. This product may help.

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Stinging nettle extract - good against problems in joints, muscles, the urinary system and the skin - Stinging nettle is a long proven general remedy for pain and problems in the muscles and joints as various kind of rheumatism. It is also used for goat, for eczema, to enhance urine production and as a remedy for urinary diseases.

Stinging Nettle Leaf 90 Caps

Stinging Nettle Leaf 90 Caps

Considered as Dietary Supplement. Laboratory Tested - Purity, Safety & Performance. Supports the Body's Natural Anti-Inflammatory Response. Vegetarian . What Better Feels Like.

Stinging Nettle Leaf Extract

Stinging Nettle Leaf Extract

Stinging Nettle Leaf Extract 60 Veggie Caps

Stinging Nettle (Fresh, Raw, Freeze-Dried) (300mg, 90  vegetarian capsules)

Stinging Nettle (Fresh, Raw, Freeze-Dried) (300mg, 90 vegetarian capsules)

Supports Healthy Functioning of the Upper Respiratory System . Eclectic Institute Freeze-Dried Stinging Nettle is a dietary supplement that delivers 300 mg of wildcrafted stinging nettle leaf. Fresh freeze-drying helps maintain the biologically active constituents for highest potency and action.

Stinging Nettle Leaf Tea (25 tea bags, ZIN: 427402)

Stinging Nettle Leaf Tea (25 tea bags, ZIN: 427402)

Stinging Nettle Leaf Tea (25 tea bags, ZIN: 427402) Type: Supplements Function: Maintenance & Prevention Size: 25 Count Gender: Unisex

Natural remedies to help for specific rheumatic conditions - especially inflammatory conditions in joints and muscles

Fatigue together with  muscle soreness and tender points or fibromyalgia - Anatrin - contains Rhodiola rosea - Many people suffer from a combination of muscle soreness, tender points in the joints and muscles and fatigue. Often they also feel depressed, sleep poorly and suffer from muscular tension and decreased well-being. The symptoms are however not combined with any anatomical abnormalities that can explain them. In the most tpypical and chronical cases this condition is diagosed as fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia is commonly defined as widespread musculoskeletal pain for a period of three months in all four quadrants of the body, accompanied by tenderness at 11-18 specific points in the body. Anatrin may aid against such combinations of symptoms by providing nutrients that have been proven to supply energy while reducing pain and inflammation. The specific effects of the product are: Increased energy, reduction of pain, reduced inflammation, better mood, less fatigue.

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JOINT INFLAMMATION and bursitis - Acusil - Inflammation in the joint wall, the tendons around the joint and the end part of muscles aeound the joint is a fairly common condition. This kind of inflammation affects the structures rich in connective tissue. The symptoms are usually dull pain, sometimes shyarp pain, swelling of the connective tissue structures and impaired mobility because of the pain and swelling. Injuries and daily wearage most often cause this kind inflammation. Acusil may help to allviate the inflammation and to get a faster healing process. This kind of inflammation must be distinguished from osteoarthritis that affect the cartilage and from rheumatoid arthritis where the process begins in the inner lining of the joint or the synovial membrane.

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RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS - Exomine RH - By rheumatoid arthritis there is an inflammation of the joints that gradually disconfigures the connective tissue structures of the joints and erodes the cartilage and bones in the joint ends. Exomine RH is specifically formulated to support those suffering from RA and to help against joint swelling and tenderness.

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OSTEOPOROSIS - Exoprin - By osteoporosis the bones gradually loose calcium and other mineral content and thus get weaker and thinner. This priduct helps to prevent osteoporosis and to give the joints new massivness and strength. It does so by supplying the building constituents calcium, magnesium, manganese, boron and zink.  It also works by supplyeing the vitamins K and D that stimulate the scheleton to take these minerals into the bones and build up the inner bone structure.

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CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME - products to help by this condition and generally by wrist pain - By carpal tunnel syndrome there is swelling in tendon sheets or other connective tissue structures in the wrist. The swelling is often due to inflammation caused by daily wearing during a long time. Then nerves that pass near or through  the swallen structures are squeezed. The nerves will then not function properly. Similar conditions can occur in the ancle. These products can help by this condition and other causes of wrist pain too.

IMAK Reversible SmartGlove Carpal Tunnel Brace Large

IMAK Reversible SmartGlove Carpal Tunnel Brace Large

Ease-Of-Use Commendation By Arthritis Foundation Reversible Smartglove® Carpal Tunnel Brace The Patented Smartglove® Encourages Neutral Positioning Of The Hand And Wrist. It Provides Flexible Support While Still Allowing Full Use Of The Hand. Breathable Cotton Lycra® For Comfort And Easy Care. The Smartglove® Is Especially Effective For Computer Work And Functions As A Portable Wrist Support For Laptop Users. Features: Designed By An Orthopedic Surgeon Relief For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Helps Prevent And Relieve Wrist Pain Provides Ergonomic Wrist Support Cushons And Protects The Underside Of The Wrist, Including The Pisiform Bone All Day Comfort Washable Latex Free

Topricin Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Cream Tube

Topricin Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Cream Tube

Effective To Treat Pains In Joints And Back. Effective For Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Lower Back Pain, Repetitive Motion, And Trauma/Sports Injuries. Made In Usa

RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME - Sedorum - - By PLS one has itching, tickling or stinging feelings in the legs and an irresistable urge to move the limb. This is due to functional defects in the sensorial apparatus of the leg and the coupled motoric mechanisms. This hebal drug helps to calm down the over-active nerves and contain nutrients that help these nerves to work better.

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Balms and ointments to reduce muscle pain, relaxe and restore worn joints and muscles

Massage balm to reduce tension and induce relaxation

PrePak Free-Up Unscented Massage Cream, 16 oz.

PrePak Free-Up Unscented Massage Cream, 16 oz.

Features of the PrePak Free-Up Unscented Massage Cream: Superb soft tissue medium works either surface or deep tissue. Great glide promotes exquisite tissue sense to fingers and hands. Excellent lubricity. Unlike oily or slick substances, does not inhibit deep tissue perception or discrimination. Will not ball up or dry out on the skin. Safe, quality formula. Bacteriostatic. Does not contain beeswax.

Pain relieving lineiments

Flanax Pain Relief Liniment - 2.3 oz.

Flanax Pain Relief Liniment - 2.3 oz.

3 active ingredients: Capsaicin blocks pain Menthol has anesthetic effect Analgesic reduces inflammation

Natural Pain Relieving Red Liniment 11 oz

Natural Pain Relieving Red Liniment 11 oz

Get natural pain relief with this very first product sold by J.R. Watkins in 1868. By removing all traces of artificial red coloring, we have successfully made this one of a kind pain reliever 96.5% natural!This formula puts all-natural camphor and capsicum to good use by stimulating nerve receptors that feel heat, masking the feeling of pain and relieving the discomfort of minor muscle aches, soreness and stiffness. 97% natural, J.R. Watkins first product, Absorbs quickly for fast relief, Red Pepper Extract (capsicum) makes this a hotter formula ? pat, dont rub!, Eco-friendly formula and packaging

Pine needle oil for refreshing and relaxing aromatherapy and massage

Pine Needle (Long Leaf) Pure Essential Oil (1.70 oz, ZIN: 305665)

Pine Needle (Long Leaf) Pure Essential Oil (1.70 oz, ZIN: 305665)

Pine Needle (Long Leaf) Pure Essential Oil (1.70 oz, ZIN: 305665) Type: Supplements Function: Maintenance & Prevention Size: 1.7 Oz. Gender: Unisex

Cream based on stinging nettle extract useful against joint pain, but also good by eczema, skin allergies and hay fever.

Stinging Nettle Herb Cream (2 oz, ZIN: 428312)

Stinging Nettle Herb Cream (2 oz, ZIN: 428312)

Stinging Nettle Herb Cream (2 oz, ZIN: 428312) Type: Supplements Function: Maintenance & Prevention Size: 2 Oz. Gender: Unisex

Balms and ointments against joint pain sure muscles and backach, and especially if caused by impacts due to training - These creams are formulated to help against pain ad bad mobility and they are special useful for athletes to use before and after activity.

Tiger Balm Ultra

Tiger Balm Ultra

Tiger Balm Ultra 1.7 Ounces Cream

Tiger Balm Extra Strength

Tiger Balm Extra Strength

Tiger Balm Extra Strength .63 Ounces Cream

Physical instruments and massage tools to treat joint and muscle problems

Equipment for therapy, support, protection, rehabilitation and treatment of the musculoscheletal system - massagers, braces, shields and physical devices for use on adults and children - Here you can find electric massagers, hand tools for massage, braces, shielding apparel, training equipment and orthopedic devices for protection, support, rehabilitation and therapy in all regions of the musculoscheletal system.

Among those ARE braces for sport activities and walking aids. You find orthopedic devices for the limbs, the back, the neck, the pelvic region or areas in these regions like albows, wrists, knees, feet and shoulders. There are equipment for cold and heat therapy, laser therapy, ultrasound equipment, T.E.N.S items, magnetic therapy and muscle stimulation devices.

You also find elastic underwear, stockings, gloves, bandages and cuffs to treat edema and problems with the blood and lymph drainage. There are also inflatable cuffs for legs and arms and electric pumps for these to treat circulation and drainage problems in body areas. Firthermore there are topical salves and creams toi take away pain and treat rheumatic problems. The shop is a general medical store, so you can find everything other medical in the shop.

A site where you can find many smart products for body contouring and firming, muscle strengthening, flexibility, skin and body beauty, relaxation and physical comfort - Here you can find smart massage tools to make you relaxed, flexible and feeling well. There are body wraps to slim and firm body areas, to pull out impurities, and rejuvenate, You find cleansing and rejuvanating bath equipment. There are training equipment for areas in yourself that usually are missed by ordinary gymnastics, like the pelvic zones. The shop has topicals and tools to taka away unwanted hair or improve hair growth. You find toolas and topicals to rejuvenate your skin.

A handy and practical massager to be used over the whole body

Thumper Sport Personal Massager

Thumper Sport Personal Massager

Features of the Thumper Sport Personal Massager: Thumper Sport is a conveniently priced, portable, "feel good" massager designed specifically for home use. It was developed for active individuals who need to relax their muscles after exercise and for those who don't get enough exercise and need to improve their circulation. It is ergonomically designed for easy self-use. Weighing only 3 lbs., it is ideal for the office, gym, home or anywhere you can plug it in.

Massager to take away stress and relax the body.

The Body Relaxer 2-Speed Massager, White

The Body Relaxer 2-Speed Massager, White

Features of The Body Relaxer 2-Speed Massager: Vibrating Body Relaxer. Relieves stress and relaxes muscles. High-powered motor has two speeds: 2,800 RPM and 3,500 RPM. 10' power cord. Sturdy plastic housing. One-year warranty.

Supplements of nutrition good for the joints, muscles and bones

Omega-3-supplement - Omega-3 fatty acids are good for the circulation, joints, intestines and help fight inflammation. Here are exhibited two good products with omega-3 fatty acids to help protect the joints and secure maximum joint flexibility.

Natrol Glucosamine Omega-3 Dietary Supplement Softgels

Natrol Glucosamine Omega-3 Dietary Supplement Softgels

Glucosamine, Which Promotes Joint Comfort, Is Combined With Omega-3 Fish Oil In This Powerful Formula For Joint Support. These Nutrients Have Been Shown To Help Repair And Regenerate Cartilage Tissue.* Advanced Formula Features Natural Lemon Oil Molecularly Distilled To Remove Pesticides, Pcbs And Heavy Metals No Yeast, Wheat, Corn, Milk, Egg, Glutens, Artificial Colors Or Flavors, Added Sugar, Starch Or Preservatives * This Product Is Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure Or Prevent Any Disease.

Feel and look younger, reverse aging: Human growth hormone secretagogues have shown to stimulate the  regain of skin thickness,  muscle intactness, a jouvenile muscle/fat-ratio and other properties of youth. The product work by stimulating the body's own production of growth hormones and the controle of this production. Here are presented anti-aging products based on this principle. Please chose the product that fits your need the best.

A generally working growth hormone production increaser for men and women:

This product will especially help to restore and build muscle mass:

This drug is formulated to restore the body and mental capabilities of men from the middle ages and older:

CALCIUM SURPLUS - Activa Coral Calcium - Calcium is a mineral needed in more than just trace amounts. Most people still get enough calcium with a good diet, but some people will need more for several reasons. Activa coral calcium gives you this extra needed amount in a form that is very easily taken up in the digestive system. If you have a need for calcium more than tne average due to some medical condition or difficulty with maintaining the appropriate diet, this is a good solution for your need.

Click here to buy or read more - Activa

Supplements and creams with vitamin K

Vitamin K 200 Tabs

Vitamin K 200 Tabs

Considered as Dietary Supplement.

Vitamin K Menaquinone 7

Vitamin K Menaquinone 7

Vitamin K Menaquinone 7 150 MCG 30 Vegetarian Capsules. The premium Vitamin K-2 menaquinone-7 used in this formula is derived from Natto, a fermented soybean food used since ancient times in Japan and currently valued as a vital source of nutrients. Menaquinone-7 is known to enjoy a longer half-life than the other forms of Vitamin K, and is therefore believed to offer unique benefits to the body.

Vitamin K Gel 7.5OZ

Vitamin K Gel 7.5OZ

For the Skin . Made in the U.S.A.. Nature's Clarifier with Aloe for Spider Veins.

Vitamin K Cream

Vitamin K Cream

Vitamin K Cream 1.5 Ounces Cream

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About stinging nettle and its usefulness against rheumatism and other conditions

Stinging needle, Urtica dioica, is generally regarded as an annoying and ugly weed, but as an ingredients in dishes it is an extremely well-tasting vegetable and it is good for your health in many ways.

The plant is to be found in nearly the whole northern hemisphaere and has been introduced by people also in south america.

Stinging nettle is a herb that shoots new spouts every year from the inferior parts of the stalks (the rizomes) or from the root that stay alive during winter time, and new sprouts grow up as soon as the snow and frost has dissapared from the ground. The plant likes soil rich in nourishment like phosphate and nitrate and wet soil. It often grows where people have abandoned organic vaste.

There are many variants of the herb, usually classified as sub-species:

Urtica. dioica dioica (European stinging nettle). Europe, Asia, northern Africa.
Urtica. dioica afghanica. Southwestern and central Asia. (Gazaneh in Iran)
Urtica. dioica gansuensis. Eastern Asia (China).
Urtica. dioica gracilis (Ait.) Selander (American stinging nettle). North America.
Urtica. dioica holosericea (Nutt.) Thorne (hairy nettle). North America.

Stinging nettle is perhaps one of the most hated weeds that people generally remove from their environment as soon as it geows up in the springtime. Instead you should harvest it and use it as a vegetable in your dishes and as a valuable remedy fro your health.

How to gather and prepare stinging nettle for use

The young sprouts coming up in the spring are best for cooking and medical use.

However, the tops of older stalks can possibly also be used, and you can possibly use the leaves of older stalks. However, some people advice not to use stinging nettle after it has entered the flowering stage because it then is said to contain ingredients that irritate the urinary system.

When harvesting stinging nettle, you should wear gloves on your hands and cut the stalks by scissors.You can also grip around a stalk and bull the leavs off by mooving your hands uppwards.

Before use you should flush the harvested material to remove sand and soil. It is then useful to cut it up in smaller parts. Then you cook your harvest. When cooked, the plant do not sting eny more. Youngsprouts need just a short kooking time, older parts have to be cooked somewhat longer. Do not throw away the water after cooking, since it contain a lot of valuable nutrients and a lot og good taste. Drink it or use it in your dishes.

The ready cooked harvest can then be used as a vegetable together with any other dish.You can also use stinging nettle as an ingredient in your soups, just as any other vegetable.

For medical uses, juice from the cooking of the herb, from pressing or extracts can be used. The plant can also be frozen down or dried for later use.

Nutrients found in stinging nettle

Stinging netle is rich in calcium, potassium, manganese and iron, and have agenerally high content of minerals. In fresh form it has a high content of vitamine K, A, C and D. The plant is also rich in fibre.

Health effects of stinging nettle

Stinging nettle helps the kidney to eork better and promotes urine production. It may therefore also help against fluid retension in the body and thereby help for symptoms of heart insufficience.

Stinging nettle promotes milk production.

The plant has an anti-inflammatory effect and is useful against diseases where inflammation is a major component, like rheumatism, arthritis, hey fever, eczema and pain conditions.

Stinging nettle has strong effects against the symptoms of prostate hyperplacia.

Extract or juice from nettle is good against bleeding due to the content of vitamin K. Dried nettle has lost this content and in dry condition the herb is good as blood thinner. The herb is good against anemia and as a blood rinser.

A top with flowers and leaves of stinging nettle - Urtica Dioica

About vitamin K

Vitamin K is a group of 2 natural substances and many cynhetic variants. One of the natural substances, K1 or phylloquinone are found in green plants and vegetables. The other , K2 or menaquinone, is produced by bacteria in the intestines.

The molecule of the substances consist of a double aromatic rings of which one of the rings has oppositely placed double-bound oxugen atoms attached and  with a side chain of various length for the variants. The substances are fat-solluble.

Vitamin K is involved in adding carboxylic groups to certain glutamate residues in proteins to form gamma-carboxyglutamate residues (Gla-residues). The modified residues are often situated within sites called Gla domains. Gla-residues help to bind calcium.

Vitamin K is necessary for the coagulation of blood by making ready blood coagulation factors - prothrombin (factor II), factors VII, IX, X, protein C, protein S and protein Z

It is also necessary for normal bone formation by makeing ready the protein osteocalcin. It is stored in fatty tissues.

The U.S. Dietary advices for adequate inntakes are:  For a 25-year old male 120 micrograms dayly,  for adult women 90 micrograms daily, for infants 10-20 micrograms, for children and adolescents 15-100 micrograms.

In 2002 it was found that to get maximum carboxylation of osteocalcin, one may have to take up to 1000 μg of Vitamin K1.  This may suggest that a higher dose can be good for the bone structure and health. The natural variants seem not to be toxic in high doses.

An individual can get deficient in vitamin K if the intestinal intake is reduced. This can occure by bile duct obstruction, by therapeutic or accidental intake of vitamin K-antagonists or. It can also occure by diet very poor in vitamin K.

Deficiency result in Calcium being deposited where it should not be, and not being depocite3d in the structires where it belongs.

The deficiency makes it difficult for the blood to coagulate that can result in frequent bleeding in the tissues and sometimes of severe bleeding.

Menaquinone deficiency may furthermore result in higher risk for prostate cancer, or risk for prostate cancer getting serious. (This cancer is often developing very slowly)

Vitamin K deficiency can result in disturbed bone development.

It kan result in calcification of cartilage, vessel valls and calcium deposits other places.

Thereby the deficiency can contribute to atherosclerosis and heart problems. Calcium deposits is a component of atherosclerosis. Menaquinone deficiency, but not phylloquinone deficiency , is associated with higher risk of CHD mortality, all-cause mortality and severe aortic calcification


About the most common rheumatic conditions

By rheumatic conditions there are chronic changes in the joints, muscles or bones that cause pain, functional disturbances or deformities. By most of these conditions there is an attack from the immune sytem upon these structures. Some experts will even include an auto-immune attack in the definition of rheumatic conditions so that conditions without such an attack are not called rheumatic.

Bursitis - This is a condition composed of wearing and small injuries in the connective tissue sheets or channels around tendons and an inflammation caused by this wearing and injuries. The inflammation may become chronic and last also when the direct physical injuries are healed. Since these connective tissue sheets are mostly located around the joints, the symptoms of bursitis mostly originate in the joint areas, but areas like the Achilles tendon can also be afflicted.

Such an inflammation will however often also attack the joint wall itself and the tendons themselves, so that the condition often will be a combination of injury and inflammation in the tendon sheets and surrounding structures.

By bursitis there is pain, ache, swelling and reduced mobility. Bursitis is often caused by over-straining during athletic activities and physical work.

Attacks at the tendon sheets by the process during rheumatoid arthritis or caused by infections are also called bursitis, but these variants is strictly speaking quite other diseases than bursitis caused by physical wearing.

Rheumatoid arthritis - By rheumatoid arthritis there is an inflammation in the lining inside the joints. The inflammation stimulate the tissue in this lining, the synovial membrane, to thicken and grow. The tissue will eventually grow into foreign places outside the inner lining and destroy structures also around the joints. The inflammation is triggered by an autoimmune reaction against the inner lining of the joints. Early symptoms are pain. swelling and stiffness. Later on there can be severe dysfunctions and deformities. The rheumatoid arthritis the worst attacks are in the joints of the limbs. The joints of the spinal column are less often or severly attacked.

Osteoarthritis - By osteoarthritis the cartilages in the joints are worn down by mechanical wearing, and gradually also the bone ends can be worn down by the resulting friction between bone ends without the protection from the cartilages. There is no inflammation in the first place.

Spondylosis - Spondylosis resambles rheumatoid arthritis, but the most severe attacks are in the joints of the spinal column and the joints of the limbs are more seldome or less severely attacked. There is an inflammation attacking the disks between the vertebrae. These will then stiffen. They may decrease in thickness but the tissues of the disks may also swell to the sides. Eventually the inflammation can attack structures also around the vertebral joints. The structural changes cause pain and stiffeness. These changes can also cause pressure on the nerves going from and to the spinal cord and sometimes on the spinal cord itself. The pressure on the nervous strudtures can cause functional dysfunctions in the limbs, the digestive system or the bladder, and can cause pain attacks that appear to originate from the limb.

Lupus erytematosus - By lupus erytematosus there is an auto-immune inflammation against many types of tissues around the body, like the tissues in and around the joints, muscles, circulatory system, kidneys, digestive system and central nervous system. Inflammation, pain and functional problems of joints and muscles are common symptoms, but severe deformities like by rheumatoid arthritis are seldome seen. Also rashes and skin irritations are frequent symptoms. However, the disease can produce nearly any type of symptom or functional failur from most organ systems. The severity of these attacks can vary from just mild to very serious with consequences like heart failure, kidney failure, svere mental problems and reduced consciousness.


Disclaimer: The health information contained herein is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace discussions with a healthcare provider. All decisions regarding patient care must be made with a healthcare provider, considering the unique characteristics of the patient.