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Natural drugs to help for allergic issues and for infections and irritations in the nose, ears, mouth throut and lungs

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Natural products against allergy and conditions in the respiratory system, mouth and ears

On this site you will find a presentation of specially selected products to treat conditions in the windpipe, throut, mouth, nouse and ears. Further down on this page you will find an article about diseases in the windpipe and an article about motivation for training.

Natural drugs against asthma and bronchitis

Spray to treat asthma based on herbal extracts

Asthma Symptom Relief

Asthma Symptom Relief

Asthma Symptom Relief 2 Fluid Ounces Liquid. temporarily relieves symptoms associated with minor asthmatic conditions, such as: minor shortness of breath, wheezing, tightness in chest, mucus congestion, bronchial irritation, pain due to cough.

Homeopathic pills to treat Astma and Bronchitis

Bronchitis Asthma Aide

Bronchitis Asthma Aide

Bronchitis Asthma Aide 100 Sublingual Tablets. Relieves Bronchial Congestion & WheezingHelps Loosen PhlegmDrains Bronchial Tubes. Ingredients: Aconitum napellus 3x, hepar sulfuris calcareum 12x, spongia tosta 3x, stannum metallicum 12x. Lactose based tablets

Homeopathic liquid to help against asthma and its symptoms.

Asthma Freee - 2 oz - Liquid

Asthma Freee - 2 oz - Liquid

Asthma Freee - 2 oz - Liquid Type: For fast relief of asthmatic symptoms like minor shortness of breath, wheezing & tightness in chest, mucus congestion, suffocating sensation. HW - First Aid Ingredients: Adrenalinum, Antimonium Tartaricum, Aralia Racemosa, Arsenicum Album, Eriodictyon Californicum, Eucalyptus Globulus, Grindelia Robusta, Ipecacuanha, Lobelia Inflata, Natrum Sulphuricum, Quebracho. Each ingredient is in equal volumes of 10x, 30x, and LM1 potencies in a pure water base.

Help for bronchitis or chronic inflammation or irritation in the bronchs, trachea and nose - Airzene - Helps to counteract chronic bronchitis and bronchiolitis and inflammation in the upper respiratory tract. Increases the restistance against infections in the windpipe.

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Herbal capsules and tea to treat bronchitis base on Agrimony, Coltsfoot, Mullein and More (4 oz, ZIN: 512164): Bronchitis Formula Powder - Agrimony, Coltsfoot, Mullein and More

Bronchitis Formula - Agrimony, Coltsfoot, Mullein and More - 450 mg (100 capsules, ZIN: 512163)

Bronchitis Formula - Agrimony, Coltsfoot, Mullein and More - 450 mg (100 capsules, ZIN: 512163)

Bronchitis Formula - Agrimony, Coltsfoot, Mullein and More - 450 mg (100 capsules, ZIN: 512163) Type: Supplements Function: Maintenance & Prevention Size: 100 Caps Gender: Unisex

Bronchitis Formula Tea - Agrimony, Coltsfoot, Mullein and More (25 tea bags, ZIN: 512168)

Bronchitis Formula Tea - Agrimony, Coltsfoot, Mullein and More (25 tea bags, ZIN: 512168)

Bronchitis Formula Tea - Agrimony, Coltsfoot, Mullein and More (25 tea bags, ZIN: 512168) Type: Supplements Function: Maintenance & Prevention Size: 25 Count Gender: Unisex

Treatment of respiratory allergies and irritations like hay feber and chronic cough

Help for respiratory allergies - Claritose - This homeopathic drug is designed to help allergic conditions in the windpipe including hay fever.

HAY FEVER and respiratory allergies - By allergy, the tissue hormone histamine is too easily released  and in too great amounts,  causing the accute symptoms of allergy. Also the immune system is too reactive causing further symptoms. These actions are effected upon contact with substances that should not trigger immune response. This is a natural drug to decrease the tendency of releasing histamine and to help the immune system to ballance its action better.

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Herbal cough syrup Made with wildflower honey and extracts of thyme, licorice, plantain, pine and chestnut. Essential oils of: peppermint, eucalyptus, cajeput, wintergreen, junniper and clove. For adults and children from 12 yo and more.

Olbas Cough Syrup

Olbas Cough Syrup

Olbas Cough Syrup 4 Fluid Ounces Liquid

Herbal cough syrup for children made with organic agave syrup and thyme extract which safely coats the throat and calms coughs. Especially good by hoarseness, dry throat, and reactions from irritants.

Baby Cough Syrup

Baby Cough Syrup

Baby Cough Syrup 2 Ounces Liquid

AIr filter useful to have in rooms for people suffering from Asthma and allergy

Austin Air Baby's Breath ™ Air Filter (HEPA Pink)

Austin Air Baby's Breath ™ Air Filter (HEPA Pink)

Specifically designed for allergy & asthma sufferers. The Austin Air Baby's Breath is specifically designed for allergy and asthma sufferers. True medical HEPA and military carbon cloth make the total surface area of the carbon available for gas removal only. Cleans up to 700 sq. ft. providing effective coverage for single rooms.

Austin Air Allergy Machine & Allergy Machine Jr. Air Purifiers

Austin Air Allergy Machine & Allergy Machine Jr. Air Purifiers

This Austin air purifier was designed specifically to help allergy- and asthma-sufferers find relief. Using HEGA and HEPA filtration, it removes a variety of airborne allergens, gases, chemicals, smoke, and odors from areas sized up to 1,500 square feet. Top features include a 360-degree progressive filtering system, easy-to-use controls, a long filter life, and an impressive five-year warranty.

General allergy remedies and natural drugs to help for other allergic conditions

Spray to apply on carpets, bed equipment and other internal objects to bind and neuralize substances that causes allergic reactions and targets especially against dust mites

Mite-NIX Organic Allergy Relief Spray - 16 fl oz

Mite-NIX Organic Allergy Relief Spray - 16 fl oz

Protect Your Home And Family. All Natural Ingredients. Instantly neutralizes and renders harmless the allergens from dust mites and cats. Mite-NIX- is environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable, suitable for carpets, bedding, mattresses and all household products. Helps Relieve: Morning Headaches Runny Nose Sneezing Itchy Skin Puffy Eyes And other symptoms caused by dust mites and animal allergies. Effectively controls the major causes of Asthma and Rhinitis when they are caused by dust mite allergy conditions.

Allergic reactions in the digestive system, - food allergy - These drugs are formulated to give a help against allergic reactions in the digestive system, and especially food allery.

Natra Bio Allergy Relief(Dairy Allergy) - 1 Fluid Ounces Liquid - Digestive Issues

Natra Bio Allergy Relief (Grain & Wheat) - 1 Fluid Ounces Liquid - Digestive Issues

Eczema - Dermatine - Eczema is a chronic inflammation in the skin causing rashes, sores and rough, dry, inelastic skin. Eczema is often caused by allergy or chemical irritants. People suffering from respiratory allergy will also often have symptoms form the skin.

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Natural drugs to improve a generally weak immune responce, including susceptibility for airpipe infections

Support for people suffering from a weakened immune system - Prenox-D17 - This remedy is formulated to help the immune system get more effective and is especially good to use forpeople suffering from conditions that have degraded the immune response.

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Echinacea extract to improve the resistance against infections, including cold and flu

Echinacea Purpurea Herb (400mg, 180 capsules)

Echinacea Purpurea Herb (400mg, 180 capsules)

All Natural and Organic Immune Support. Echinacea is one of the world's most widely studied herbs. Echinacea supports the immune system and is commonly used to help prevent and treat the common cold.*

Products to hinder or get quickly healed from cold and flu

Homeopathic help to get quickly rid of cold and flu

Botanic Choice Homeopathic Cold and Flu Formula, Tablets - 90 ea

Botanic Choice Homeopathic Cold and Flu Formula, Tablets - 90 ea

Relief of symptoms of cold and flu Contains seven well-researched ingredients For relief of symptoms of cold and flu such as fever, chills, body aches and pains plus congestion and sore throat. This unique homeopathic formula contains seven well-researched ingredients including: Aconitium napellus - Combats nausea and muscle spasms. Also commonly known as aconite, Friar's cap and wolfsbane. Belladonna - Called deadly nightshade or poison black cherry, belladonna offers anti-spasmodic properties. Echinacea angustifolia - This immune-booster is America's most popular herb.

Help for kids against the symptoms by cold and flu, and especially cough

Sambucol Cold & Flu Kids Cough Liquid 120ml

Sambucol Cold & Flu Kids Cough Liquid 120ml

Sambucol Cold & Flu Kids Cough Liquid 120ml

HELP TO RESIST COLD AND FLU - Natural drugs that strengthen your immune system against the vira causing colds an flu so that you not so easily get sick and more quickly recover.

Cold & Flu -Elderberry, Echinacea, Goldenseal, Vitamin C - Quantum - 30 - Capsule

Cold & Flu -Elderberry, Echinacea, Goldenseal, Vitamin C - Quantum - 30 - Capsule

Cold & Flu -Elderberry, Echinacea, Goldenseal, Vitamin C - Quantum - 30 - Capsule Type: Supplements For Treatment Of: Energy & Stimulation Function: Performance Gender: Unisex Age: Adult

Products to treat problems in the ear

Willow garlic ear oil for kids and adults to prevent infections, sooth irritations and clean from microbes Promote a health status of the ears. This olive oil based topical oil is a combination of herbs with pain-relieving, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Contains extra virgin olive oil, vitamin E oil and extracts of fresh garlic cloves, calendula flower, willow bark an usnea lichen

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Help to cleanse the ears and remove stuffed ear wax

Kyrosol Ear Wax Removal System

Kyrosol Ear Wax Removal System

Kyrosol Ear Wax Removal System 1 Kit

Murine Ear wax Removal System, 0.5 oz.

Murine Ear wax Removal System, 0.5 oz.

Murine Ear wax Removal System, 0.5 oz.

A supplement to enhance the health of the sensorial organs

Clear Eye and Sharp Ear 60 CAPS

Clear Eye and Sharp Ear 60 CAPS

100% Natural. Considered as Dietary Supplement. Formulated Under Supervision of China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Improve Sense of Balance & Remove Ringing in the Ear. Improved.

Natural drug for adults to help maintain a good ear health and ear function an hinder disturbances like for example tintinnus

Walgreens Ear Health Plus Caplets - 100 ea

Walgreens Ear Health Plus Caplets - 100 ea

Contains lemon bioflavonoids, which may help maintain capillaries. These microscopic blood vessels are key in maintaining healthy ears.* Contains vitamins and calcium to promote overall health.* Supports capillary health and circulation in the ear*.

Products against problems in the mouth

BAD BREATH / halitosis - This product counteracts microbes or chemical processes leading to bad breath, or neutralizes bad smelling substances in the oral cavity.

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MOUTH SORES / cold sores / canker sores - A preparation of vitamins and minerals that have shown to reduce the frquency of cold sores and help healing.

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More products for respiratory health and other conditions

A package of product to help you quit smoking and stay avwy from smoking successfully - The package contains natural drugs that reduce the craving for smoke and cleans your system from smoking-related toxins. Both drugs used during the process of cessation, drugs to maintain smokefreeness and an emergency drug to be used when the craving gets accutely strong.

Stop Smoking Naturally

PRODUCT TO HELP FOR IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME - IBS is a choronic condition that does not make detectable visual change in the intestines, but gives a lot of sympoms like bloating and bowel gas, stomach cramps, hard or loose stool, irregular bowel movements, constipation, diarrhoea, general fatigue and genral bad feeling. The symptoms are constantly changing, aggravating and alleviating. The causes of the condition are complex with both bad nutrition, allergic components, reaction against food, nervous factors and other actors as possible ontributers. This natural package is formulated to give a help against this difficult complex of problems.

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Medical products for professional and home use - Equipment for medical treatment and nursing of many kinds: Blood pressure monitoring equipment, Support for diabetics, enema and colon health equipment, orthopaedic items, catheters and urinary support, equipment for heart and circulatory support, respiratory support. Also a lot of massage and training equipment. Items for ulcer and injury nursing, and much more.

Disease prevention and enhancement of well-being:

Help to restore youthful physical capacity, allertness, skin integrety and body appearance - This anti-aging products work by strengthening the growth hormone production and also by stimulating several other basic physiological mechanisms. It makes your skin younger, helps you to get slimmer with a more youthful fat tissue distribution, helps to restore muscle mass and integrety, gives you sharper senses and a more allert mental status, help your sexual abilities, gives you better physical capcity and many other physiological improvements.

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Resources for use by our visitors

Here are some information about disease in the windpipe and advices about motivation for training. We also have other resourses for use by our visitors. A complete list of the resourses is given here.

About causes and manifestations of common respiratory problems

Diseases in the respiratory organs are often caused by virus infecting the tissues. Viruses most often attack the upper respiratory tract, for example flu or cold viruses.  Diseases caused by bacterial infections are less common, but may occur.The most common bacterial infections occur in the tonsils and the throut. The thrachea, broncs and lungs are more seldom attacked by infections, but when this occur, they can be both of bacterial and viral origine.

Another cause of problems in the windpipe is allergy. By allergy the immune system reacts against chemicals or biological materials  in an exagerated way and react when it shoud not do so. biological materials  Chemical can also cause irritations of non-allergic type.

Chronic respiratory problems are often of a complex origin. A person suffering from allergy have often weakened tissues in the respiratory tract and can more easily be attacjed by an infection. A virus infection can weaken the tissues so that bacteria can infect in addition and thereby prolong the period of sickness. This often occur by influenza.

A common reaction by respiratory diseases are asthmatic reactions. By this reaction, the broncs and the trachea contract muscularily so that it is difficult to breath, especially the inhalation is difficult. When this is the most prominen symptom, the disease is called asthma. Astma is most often of allergic origine.

Infections, allergy and irritation cause inflammation. Inflammation is a complex of immune reactions and tissue reactions to foreign substances, foreign bodies or injury. Inflammation is actually a process of defence in the first place and repair of dammage thereafter. But if the inflammation exaggerates, the inflammation itself can cause injury and strong pain.  Inflammation is often the most prominent symptom of respiratory diseases. The symptoms by inflammation is redness, swelling, higher temperature in the tissues, pain and increased production of slime. Becauseof the swelling and slime production, the airpipe gets narrower and it gets heavier to breath.

The tissue hormone histamine and related compund play a great role by inflammation. Cells in the mucosa, mast cells, have stored histamines inside themselves. Upon triggers of various kind, these cells release the hormon into the tissue. This causes small blood vessels to swell and also cause the walls of the wessels to leak fluid into the surrounding tissues. Then the area gets swallen, hot and red.

A disease where inflammation is the most prominent symptom is often called inflammation whit a precization of where the symptoms occur. Often one also uses the name of the body part with the ending -itis, for example bromcitis, pharyngitis, otitis, tonsilitis- inflammation in the broncs, throut, ear or tonsils.

But inflammation allone is not a disease. There is allways an infection, an allergy or an irritation from some agent that cause injury and inflammation as a respons to the irritating agent and the injury.

A specific diagnosis of an inflammatory disease should therefore specify the site of the disease, that it is an inflammation and the agent or process causing the inflammation - for example bacterial pulmonitis - inflammation of the lungs caused by a bacterial infection

When one sais just throut inflammation, for example lung inflammation, on usually mean an infection with inflammation as a prominent manifestation.

Microbes, irritating agents and the inflammatory process will often after some time cause tissue destruction, resulting in soreness or distinct sores (ulcers). Such ulcers most often occur in the throut and at or aroud the tonsils. These ulcers may persist a long time after the infection has gone.

Some advices about motivation and training

Without motivation, any training program will fall to the ground after some time. Logically motivation consist of the following components. You must have some goal that have a value for you. You must feel that the value of your goals must be greater than the costs, effords and risks of your training program. When you are training, you must feel a pleasure that is greater than any pain also associated with your training effords. Here are some advices about motivation for training.

Set clear final goals: To know what you actually aim for, is a basic motivational factor. Many people begin training without actually knowing what results they want. Having a clear conseption of results aimed at, is an important motivation factor. Without a clear goal, your training program also will tend to be arbitratily composed. If you still manage to keep that program, you will get results, but not neccessarily results that give you any value, and when you see that the training give results you actully do not like, you will tend to give up your training program. You should consider several types of goals, for example:

- Feeling greater wellness

- Get rid of a specific disease or make it easier to live with some cronic disease

- Get a more flexible body, get rid of stiff muscles and joints

- Loose excessive body fat

- A more beautiful or handsome body. Define exactly what parts of your body you wish to be broader, slimmer, straighter.

- Get stronger muscularly:

- Greater speed, for example when running, swimming or cycling

- Better condition so that you can keep on a physical activity a longer time

Set clear intermediate goals: Your final goals probably cannot be achieved at once, but need perhaps many years to fulfill. Therefore set some intermediate goals that you can hope to achieve in a couple of months, and goals for the next couple of months, and so on. By setting intermediate goals you more easily can measure your achievements and you get better motivated to go on,

Analyse the realism in your goals and moderate them to what is realistic: After having set some goal, you need to analyse what is realistic for you to achieve, and what is not. Are the sort of goals you have set realistic? If you for example want to look like Arnold Swarzenegger, this may be unrealistic because you just have quite anothe type of basic body shape in the first place. You cannot magically transform into something different than you actully are.

Analyse the costs of your goals and moderate them if those seem to be too high: Allright, now you are pretty sure that your goals are realistic. But how much will these goals cost in terms of time, pain, money and risks? Try to make a realistic judgement about these cost factors. If they seem to be too high in comparizon with the value of your goals, or too high for you to endure at a dayly basis, then moderete your goals so that the cost factor is not getting too high.

Visualize your goals: After having defined a realistic set of goals, then try to make a picture in your mind of how you will look like when the goals are reched. Also make a picture of what new abilities you will have, once the goals are reached. Also try to make a clear picture bout changes this will bring about in your life.

Compose an adequate program for your intermediate goals: Having set goals, you must compose a right program to achieve your goals for the next couple of months. List your intermediate goals for the next couple of months and list the tasks you must do on a daily and weekly base to achieve these goals.

When these intermediate goals are reached, then compose a new program for the next couple of months, and proceed that way.

When your final results are reached, then do not give up training. At that time you must compose a program to preserve what you have achieved, and stick to your training habits.

But, perhaps you at that time find it feasable to increase your final goals and compose a program for even more ambitious results?

There are always some programs of fasion that are advertized and propagated by commerial interests, often combined with some fancy, but basically worthless training equipment. These aproches seldome fit a personal sets of goals. You must analyze every goal you have set, and find out what training modality fit each of these goals, and make the right combination. If you want to increase heavily in muscle mass, then you must use weight training as a body-building modality. If you primarily want better condition and losing weight, then aerobics or jogging are more appropriate.

Define Success on Your Own Terms: Just because someone you know defines success as bench-pressing 350 pounds or building 20-inch arms doesn't mean you should, too. Define success for yourself and be prepared to celebrate once you achieve it. People who take time to savor small achievements en route to greater success are usually more motivated to continue with their training than people who are never satisfied.

Understand What motivates you and what demotivates you: When you begin training, you soon find out that on certain days you feel very motivated, and on other days you will feel that your training brings you nowhere, or that it is no value in it, or you just feel psychologically echausted even before doing your exercises. Try to write down what events cause the one or the other feeling, such as: Bad or negative comments from other people, being hungry or having eaten a big meal, just the time of the day, the weather pain from diseases you may have, and so on. Then try to evade those circumstances that demotivate you and on the opposite try to make your exercises under those conditions that you feel motivating you. Sometimes you will encounter people that do not want you to succeed, and try to demotivate you by purpose, often by giving you advices that are camouflaged like common sense, but actually have the purpose of moderating your efforts to such an extend that you get nowhere if you follow them. Make it a motivating factor to beat those people, showing them that their negative comments or ill-purposed advices have the exact opposite effects of the intended ones.

Tell a Friend: Make a list of the most significant people in your life -- those individuals whose opinions you desire, value and respect. Rely on these people to help you stay focused on your exercise program. Something as simple as a few words of encouragement, or companionship during your workout, can really help. And to the extent that these significant others understand your exercise regimen and nutritional strategies, they can become far more effective supporters. Who knows -- maybe they'll follow your lead and start training themselves.

Study what others do, but be skeptikal: Elite athletes live and breathe their sport. You may not need to reproduce that same level of dedication, but those individuals can still teach you a valuable lesson. Read as much as you can about weight training, bodybuilding, aerobic exercise and nutrition. Attend fitness seminars and clinics hosted by exercise specialists. Knowledge enhances motivation, which leads to a deeper commitment. Be however skeptical about what you hear. Some people will only sell you products or programs to get your money.

Connect Your Mind and Body: Your nervous system has an amazing, sophisticated relationship with the rest of your body. Any time you move, your brain is inundated with thousands of signals. It then makes decisions and sends signals back through the nervous system, where they're broken down into simpler, more precise messages intended for each muscle fiber. That helps explain the mind-muscle connection to which so many champion bodybuilders allude. To improve your workouts, learn to listen to what your body is telling your brain, and vice versa. When you become more aware of this mind-body connection, you'll be better prepared for the workout to follow.

Reward Yourself: You work hard in the gym, busting your tail after you've already invested yourself in work or school. Why not bribe -- er, reward -- yourself with a gift for sticking with the program? I recommend that all beginners reward themselves at least once a month, regardless of results. Setting a Herculean goal (for example, losing 25 pounds) that you must reach before you reward yourself misses the point. By sticking with your training, you're making exercise part of your regular lifestyle. The weight loss will eventually take care of itself.

Have enough and reular food intake: You should have 3 , 4 or 5 well composed and big enough meals every day. In this way you get enough energy to carry through your exercizes and the exercizes will be effective. The number of meals will vary according to what fits you individually and how much active you are throughout the whole day. With fewer meals you must eat more at each meal.

Take the necessary time to achieve results: Any type of training is not about overnight success or automatic changes -- it's about making a commitment to a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and sound nutrition. Don't look at the professional bodybuilders or athletes in the magazines or the news and become disillusioned when you don't look like them after six months of training. Most elite sporters have been committed to the athletics lifestyle for many years. Having great genetics is merely a bonus for them. Stay the course and you'll see significant changes in the shape of your body, condition or wllness. Keep a logbook of your workouts and body measurements and, over time, you won't even need a mirror to see the improvements your training and diet have brought. They'll be staring back from the page in black and white.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information is nutritional in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.