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Histories of alien abduction, an explanation based on entirely earthly ordeals done with kids and young adults, that contain many of the same handlings as the abduction stories

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ALIEN ABDUCTION - MISINTEPRETED HOSPITAL AND PHYSICAL EXAM MEMORIES? - please also see further down for a documentation of ongoing tendencies in well-child examinations

Have you read eny of those stories about children, teenagers and sometimes adults being taken on board UFOs by aliens, and there been subjected to neurological, gynchological, urological, rectal or psychological tests of various kinds?

I have read a lot of these stories. I have also seen through a lot of professional instruction material and documentories about young people being subjected to intrusive examinations and surgeries.

What I then have clearly seen is the similarity between those alien abduction stories at the ordeals going on with a child and teen that is going through surgery or is examined under anesthesia in a modern endoscopic or radiologic laboratory.

Therefore have a theory about these UFO abduction stories that may explain at least many of them: They are based on memories from surgeries or exams that childen or teens have gone through that pop up and give the basis for such a story. Specifically my theory has the following points:

- The victims have undergone surgeries of intimate examinations under anesthesia, most often during childhood, in a health center, in a hospital, and sometimes even in a medical room at school or kindergarten.

- The victim may have forgotton that he has had any medical procedure under anetshesia or a procedure he knows about can contain not revealed intimate details.

- The anesthesia did not work perfectly, and perhaps anesthesia never does. Therefore the victim have sensed parts of what was going on, but not necessarily in a conscious way. Possibly he also had feelings in body parts afterwards, or heard conversations, that made him able to decuse what was going on. This information was then stored unconsciously in his memory.

- Later the stored memories from the medical procedure reemerges in his consciousness, often during sleep or when some event revoke the memory. It happens however in a fragmented way. To make sense of it, the victim therefore reconstructs mising parts or aspects of the story and so doing produces an alien abduction history. In other cases this redonstruction can produce a false memory of sexual abuse.

In the following are listed clear similarities between the happenings during exams and surgical procedures under anesthesia and what is told in the alien abduction stories. These similarities makes the above explanation probable.


There are close parallels between the things going on when a patient, and especislly a child, has a medical procedure under anesthesia and what is alledgely going on during an alien abduction:

- Masks, hoods and glasses worn by medical staff in an operation room or an endoscopic laboratory make their heads and faces look bald, pointed and smooth, and appearing to contain great almond-shaped eyes. They wear green or sometimes white clothes, sometimes tightly sitting suites making them look extremely slim, other times wide dresses.

Thus the heads of the staff look very similar to an alien head. The variation of body shapes and colors also conform well to variations in alien stories that have not been edited to conform to a popular strerotypic belief about super-slim apparently naked aliens.

- Patients, and especial children, will often get a tranquilizing premedication before being wheeled or carried into the procedure room. The premedication will typically cause a confused state where the patint feels submissive and can get a feeling of howering.

In a typical alien abduction story, the victim is brought into a sbmissive state and then transported to the areal vehicle wth a sort of floating action. Sometimes the victim tells that he is carried upon a floating stretcher.

- In the procedyre room they lay the patient upon a table and over the table you typically find bright spherical lamps, of whih one is typically placed just over the patient. The light from in combination with the premedication, can make an impression in the patient of floating up in the air towards the lamp.

I an abduction scenario the victim is typically pulled up towards a bright sperical vehicle in the air, often apparently inside a beam of bright light which excerts a forse, also called beamed up, and often one tells about other areal vehicles or bright howering objects around.

- Once laying the patient will often be given more premedication so that he falls asleep. While this is done, the anestetist often sits inclined over the head of the patient while looking in his face or even tests his ocular relexes with a light source. After this the anesthesia is completed, typically with gas and with paralyzing medication. Then all the clotes are taken off.

In the abduction stories an alien sits behind the had of the victim, bends over his face, and hypnotizes him with his eyes or with bright light, eith the result that he gets weak, sleepy, looses all his will. get parlyzed and often unconsciousforsome time. After a while he finds himself totally naked.

- Once naked, one will often mount a device on the patient to collect his urine, which can be a condome catheter thread ofer the penis or an urethral catheter going into the bladder. And a physiological effect of the anesthesia at this point, the penis can get erect. This may also create nerve impulses that are interpreted by the memory as an orgasm, even though the patient i unconscious. At this stge the anestetist will typically still sit sit bent over the patient's face.

In an abduction story the hypnotic effect produced by the alien wil make a man erect, and make him orgasm, while a sucking devise is theread over his penis head to collect semen. Sometimes victims also tell that electrodes placed on his lower body stimulate him to orgasm and ejaculate. Alternatively the story tells that a catheter is inserted in his erect penis, and also this is often interpeted as semen collection. In a store of a women, she will often tell that her legs are spread are this stage to do some intimate procedure.

In some cases the interpretation of semen specimen taking might even be real. Sometimes one may really take semen specimens from teenage boys in an drugged state to assert their development status. For example is it a practice to assert this status in teens having been hospitalized in a psychiatric ward and possibly child protective agencies could have the same interest during some types of investigation. In some experimental settings even the interpretation of being stimulated to ejaculate with some electrodes can be real.

. - A typical occurance during examination of children is a general bodily assessment where one palpates many parts of the body, and where limbs are bent and twisted in all directions, for example to detect orthopedic problems. The spine, legs and pelvic area are most often in focus during such exam.

The stories tell that aliens examine the abductee in exactly the same way, usually in the beginning. Palpations along the spine and twisting of limbs are common ingredients in these stories.

- Injections in various parts of the body, and often series of multiple injections in a special geometric pattern are common during surgery and examinations under anesthesia, often to amesthetize speciific bodu parts in addition to the general anesthesia, and often specimens are taken of the skin, hair and other bodily structures.

In alien abduction stories, needle stings perforemed in a systematic pattern and specimen taking from bodily structures are frequent ingredients.

- Examinations done under anesthesia both on children and adults are often performed with endoscopic instruments. These are tubular devices which one inserts through body openings to look inside or take specimens, and sometimes also to treat. All body openings are examined endoscopically, the nasal orefices, the esophagus , the trakea, the urethra, the rectal opening and the vagina.

Alien abduction stories often contain histories of endoscopic procedures in all of the body orefices, of which the nasal orefices and the anus seem to be most frequent. In the year 1980-1995 endoscopic examinations of children and teens under anesthesia increased markedly in frequency. These are the very same years where also alien abduction stories became common.

- Sometimes children are tested neurologically by means of assemblies of electrodes on their head or other places at their body, sometimes in a sitting position, other times laying on an examination table. During testing sensual stimuli or stimuli by means of a structured conversation can be performed. The electrodes at the head are typically assambled in a sort of cap, or a cap is used to hold them in place.

Aliens are said to place some kind of headgear at the heads of the wictims in order to scan their thoughts, and electrodes at all parts of the body are said to be used.


Children are fairly frequently subjected to psychological testings of various kind in health centres, schools and kindergarten. At certain places such testing are often performed after that children have been drugged or sedated to make them more cooperative or to get spontaious answers or reations that are not calculated intellectually by the child. Psychological testings can be done in the same session as physial exams under anesthesia, before or after. Also here there are similiraities with alien abduction stories.

- A psychological test of a child is often initiated by letting the child play alone or togeather with other children under observation, usually only lightly clothed so that bodily reactions can be observed. A psychologist will often arrnge the playround and to some extend lead the play.

Many alien abduction histories tell that an abducted child is made to play in a playground with other children, often coached by an alien that pretend to be the child's friend.

- The psychologist will often conduct a structured convesration with the child where he is asked about his life, his interests and his opinions. During the conversation they sometimes give the child pictures to look at or even show videos to test how the child reacts.

Also here there is an exact parallel to what is told in alien abduction stories.

- The psychologist will typically also ask the child to perform specific tasks to test cognitive abilities and solution strtegies that the child chooses.

Also aliens are said to let victims perform specific tasks as a test.


Abduction stories sometimes contain rather bizzare elements. Teen girls sometimes say that the aliens implant fosters in their womb and that the foster is takan out again in a subssequent abduction. They also tell that the aliens show the babies to them at a later stage and instruct them to hold the babies and treat them as parents do. Some abducteesalso tell that they are immersed in special liquids in containers for some time.

These bizzare ingredients are not as typical of abduction stories than usually told. Gynechological procedures under anesthesia can also easily be misinterpreted like something being set in or taken out. In some cases child protective agencies or health authorities may perform secret exams on teens to test them for sexual activities or hidden pregnancy. If they find the girl to be pregnant, a foster may indeed be taken out. Since the ordeal is performed by using anesthesia as a disguize, the result can be an alien abduction story.

The apparant showing of babies may also be special psychological experiment done during certain secret projects where advanced dolls are used, and which have the purpose of testing the ability of teens to bond to babies.

Also the immersion of the victim in liquids can be special experiments performed in certaing scientific projects where teens and children are used. The immersion can also have the purpose of establishing a view of the body mass index and fat compositions in th bodirs of children and teens in a population.


Even though the abduction stories originate from the whole world, there are interesting differences between the western countries traditionally heavily influenced by an anglo-american medical tradition and eastern countries whith their own medical traditions and to a large extent dominated by a Russian tradition.

The typical abduction stories are much more common in the western cultural sphere than in the eastern. At the same time there are a much greater tendency to disguize medical procedures for the patient and his family by means of anesthesia in the western area than the eastern. Therefore people in eastern countries tend to know explicitly that both children and adults often go through procedures resembling those told about in alien abduction stories.

In the western area, medical communities tend to have a paternalistic atiitude that includes the opinion it is not good for patients and their families, and especially children, to know explicitly what is done with them. There might also be a constant fair of being sued for malpractice or abuse if patient know more than just a minimality of knowledge carefully controlled by the staff themselves.

This great difference in the frequency of alien abduction stories seen up aginst the different attitudes of the medical services in the western and estern countries strongly suggest thet many of these stories really originate from medical procedures done under anesthesia.


One can conclude that there are many striking similarities between the acts of the alleged alien abductors and real medical procedures under anesthesia done on children, teens and sometimes adult.

This conclusion strongly suggest that many alien abduction stories are caused by fragmented memories from such medical procedures, combined with lack of information to the patient, or even a deliberate use of anesthesia to disguise the procedure or parts of it.


One of the reason I believe this about alien abduction stories, is that I myself have been drugged and undergone intrusive exams. The things I remember resamble those abduction stories, but I have allways known what happened in reality, that I was drugged and examined by real doctors and nurses.

During the procedures I was hevily drugged, but I woke up several times and got clearly aware of what was going on, but I was a sort of paralyzed psychologically and physically so I did not even think of reacting in any way.

Some years ago I got interested in those UFO abduction stories, and recogized easilly the similarity with my own exam experiences. I then began wondering if those histories actually has their origine in intimate exams secretly performed on young peolple in the age up to 20.

I have gone through a lot of material, both visual and written, about things really going on with young people during intimate exams or procedures. There is not anything in those UFO stories that do not have a parallel in real anesthesia and exam procedures. Even memories of being floated and beamed up to the UFO can be explained.


Young people are often given a preliminary anestesia before being carried into the room where the real events take place. Some anestetics give the false impression of flouting in the air. When the person is carried into the surgery room or endoscopic laboratory he therefore easily get the impression of being floated in the air.

When he is lifted up upon the examination table, the impression of being floated can continue.

Over the examination table, there is often a round ufo-like surgical lamp whith a very bright light. In a drugged state this lamp can easily be mistaken as a UFO.

The light from the lamp can give a hypnotic effect upon the patient so that the impression of being floated is greatly strenghtened.

When this happens, the patient can easily get the impression of floating up towards the lamp that resambles an UFO.

The patient may not misunderstand the situation whwn it occurs. However, when the events are brought back to the memory at a later time, only the impressions of being floated and seeing that round object may be remembered, and at that stage interpreted as being floated in the air and beemed up to the UFO.


People believing they have been abducted by aliens often remember one of the aliens bending over, looking into their eyes and hopnotizizing them with their ayes. The hypnotic effect calm them down, but also make them aroused sexually and by males the penis will often be erect and then ready for sperm extraction by a sucking mashine or a sort of catheter.

Well, this is actually very near to what happens during preparation for surgery or exams under anestesia.

The patient is heavily drugged allready, but now the anestetist will induce a permanent anestesia, either by a venous line, by mask or by mask plus intubation.

During that work the anestetist will sit near the head of the patient, he will bend over the face of the patient and he will even look directly into his eyes. In a drugged state the anestetist bending over one's face and lookig into √łne's eyes will easily be interpreted as a alien bending over to hypnotisize.

When the deeper anestesia begin to make effects, all clothes are usually taken off the patient so he is totally naked, but the patient may still be conscious to some extend.

At this point the patient often gets an erectiion. This is an effect of the anestesia, but the patient that is not yet totally unconscious will interprete it as an effect of the hypnosis.

Then the patient will get catheterized, either by a condome catheter or by a foley catheter inserted into the bladder. Upon recall of memories, the catetherization can easily be interpreted as sperm extration.

It is of cource also possible that some secretly performed exams of teenage boys also contain real sperm extraction, or taking of specmens from their urethra by means of extraction equipment. In those cases the memory of sperm extraction is real, but it is performed by earthly doctors, not by aliens.


Some of the so-called alien abduction memories may originate from colonoscopies performed on children and teens without them being told what really was to happen.

Young people are often subjected to colonoscopies under general ansestehsia or deep sedation, and the pasient will experience the behaviour of the anestetist as described previously.

In the beginning of the exam, one often looks into the rectal area with a sort of speculum. Such a speculum can easily be described as some "kitchen equipment"

The exam is perfomed with a flexible scope that is inserted into the rectum and up in the stomach area.

This is very similar to what young so-called abductees describe. They often tell that some snake-like probe is sent through their rectum and into their stomach area.

Sometimes they also tell that this cotraption have some balooning device at the end. Such devices are actually used to block out narrowness in the rectum or bowel if found.

When the exam is over, the child or teen will often wake up and not remember consciously what happened. He/she will think that his/her stomach as been examined without knowing any detaills, after being told so.

But information of the ordeal may still have been deposited in deeper memory layers, and at a later time come up as elements in an abduction story.

In this respect it is very interseting that alien abduction stories began to rize in numer in the same period that colonoscopies of children and teens under anesthesia also began to be common.

Development Assessment and Pelvic Inspection as Standard Well-child Procedures - Documentation of an Ongoing Development

A yearly well-child health assessment is standard in many societies. This assessment includes typically an assessment of general bodily development. In addition there is often a genital and a rectal check that may be more or less thorrough depending on the age of the child and depending on the standard in the particular society. In many societies this check is totally omitted, or it constitutes only of outer palpation with fingers, retraction of foreskin for boys, spreading of labia for girls and spreading or the buttocks for both sexes.

There is however a growing tendency in many societies to call in children at specific age levels for a more thorrough development and intimate exam in addition to the ordinary well-child physical. This thorrough assessment is typically performed in a health center or in a hospital, and takes typically 2-4 hours.

The elected age levels for this type of exam tend to be 6-7, 11-12 and 15-16. The following is a survey of the types of specific exams that probably will be included in this special exam session within few years in many societies around the world.

In some societies the procedures decribed are allready semi-standard, performed at so wide indications that around 30% of all kids go through it, most typically at the age 11-12, and they seem to be repidly developing into standard exam protocol for all kids.

The following information is based on extensive polls made about the exam types people in various countries experience at specific age levels, and on facts regarding the technological development in examination equipment. The details specified are only meant as a documentation of an ongoing development. They are not meant as some kind of advice about what type of exams children should go through, or as any judgement weather this development is good or bad.

At no place are absolutely all of the procedures listed in the following done. Any place that perform such extensive ordeals on children will choose some of these procedures, but which of them that each site selects, seems to be somewhat arbitrary.


In some societies the parents will be instructed not to give the child food after some time the day before and to give the child some laxative agent to make his stomach empty.

This special exam is likely to start with an structured interview with both the parent and the child, and with cognitive tests. During this part the child will be fully clothed, but in a light way, so that the staff can assess bodily reactions to posed questions. At the end of this preliminary part the child will be clothed down to underwear.

The exam is likely to proceeed with anthropomorphic measurements with an assessment of the growth patern. This stage will include measurement of weight, height, leg length, and circumferance of all body parts. There will also be measurement of subdermal fat thickness. After this part the chilld is likely clothed down to only briefs around the genitals.

Then there will be assessment of body functions like gait, active flection, ballance, coordination of limb movements and muscular strength. Now there will also be a neurological assessment where the sensitivity in all body parts will be assessed by gentle stimulations. The neurological assesment will end by the lower underwear taken off so that the child is totally naked and the sensitivity of the outer pelvic areas tested. The child will remain without ordinary clothes for the next stages of the examination, but will be offered a gown or carpet to warm and shield when total nakedness is not necessary.


This stage to come now will be a thorrough orthopedic examination, where the shape, flexibility, function and development status of all muscles, joints and bones in the body will be assessed, including the whole pelvic area and the muscles in the pelvic floor. This examination wil include:

-A check of spine curvature to diagnose scoliosis or other deformities, performed with the child in standing and foreward bent posisions.

-Checking of flexibility in the schoulders, armes, spine and hip with the child in standing and sitting posision.

-Assessment of leg and hip joint flexibility with the child laying, performed by probing all possible modes of bending and twisting of the legs.

- A general inspection of the pelvic structure with the legs bent up and spread, including assessment of the alignment of the rectal opening, symmetry of the buttocks, and symmetry of the outer genital structures.

-Ultrasound examination of the major joints in the body, especially the hip joints, knees and shoulder joints.

-Additional ultrasound check of body areas where the forgoing examinations have revealed symptoms of possible problems.


In many societies the child will be given some degree of anesthesia for the rest of the exam, most likely only some calming medication through the mouth or light sedation through an intervenous catheter, or with gas through a mask. The intention of the anesthesia is to make the child calm and relaxed, and to hinder the child from remembering much of the more intimate parts that follow.


After the orthopedic examination there one will perform an outer abdominal assessment whith the following procedure

. Manual palpation and percussion all over the abdominal and renal region with the child laying on the back and laying at the sides with the legs flexed, to assess the shape of the abdominal organs, detect any tissue changes, painful points, muscular tension, masses, fluid accumulation and abnormal accumulation of intestinal content.

- Ultrasound examination of the abdomen with special attention at the bladder and the renal area.


Then there will be a more specific genital assessment with the child laying on the back with the legs flexed up and separeted. The exact posision will vary according to the development stage of the child. For girls this will include:

- Manual palpation of the outer genital area

- Separation of the labia to inspect the inner area of the genitals.

-.Taking specimens form the outer urethra and vagina to analyse secretions and microbeal content.

- Inspection of the vagina with an optical scope.

- For girls in puberty vaginal ultrasound exam.

For boys the genital exam will include

- Manual palpation of the penis, scrotum, testicles and the area down to the anus.

- Retraction of foreskin and spreading uretral opening for inspection.

- Taking specimens form the outer urethra to analyse secretions and microbeal content.

- Taking specimen of prostate fluid with a tube inserted into the urethra, and if necessary with a massage of the prostate with a finger inserted through the anus.

- Palpation of the prostate with a finger inserted through the anus.

- Ultrasound exam of the scrotum, testicles and the area down to the anus.

The child will then undergo cystoscopy where one inspects visually the inside of the urethra and the bladder, and possibly also takes small specimens from the inside walls. For boys there will be a thorrough inspection of the prostate area during this examination. Traditionally cystoscopy has been a difficult examination to undertake, but modern flexible instruments ha made it to an easy and very quick examination. Therefore this type of exam that sounds very intrusive is very likely to be included. During this exam the bladder will be filled with fluid and in that shape also assessed with an outer ultrasound sond.


The physical assessment concludes with the rectal inspection and inspection of parts of the colon, which will include:

- Examination of the anus and interior room with an inserted finger

- Opening of the anus with a speculum for visual inspection and taking specimens.

- Taking specimen from the rectum with an inserted instrument while the speculum is in place

- Flushing the rectum and lower colon clean out content with by means of an inserted tube.

- Internal ultrasound exam to visualize the organs around in the posterior pelvic zone.

- Inspection of the deeper parts of rectum and terminal colon with a flexible optical scope

The instruments used in most of these examinations will take pictures and measurements that are transfered to a computer, stored there and later taken forth for further inspection and diagnosis.


One may ask what is the reason for this development one can see if one looks behind the official propaganda.

One reason is obvious - PROFFIT. The motive for proffit has driven the steadily more extensive use of psychiatric tests and psychiatric drugs on children, where one uses an extensive battery of diagnoses, so that every difference from a strict normality standard is given a diagnosis. You has the same motive for the steadily more frequent and steadily more extsnsive orthodontic treatment children are subjected to. By opening an new field of surveillance and treatment, one increases the source of proffit.

Then there are certain other motives, that are somewhat connected to the proffit motive though.

One is the steadily greater fear of sexual abuse on children, and with the term "abuse" given a mightily wide definition, including abuse of children by the parents and other adults, children mutually abusing each other and self-abuse, an old and obsolete term that has regained fashion. One is steadily more eager to go to extreme measures to detect abuse, or even detect risk for abuse before it happens.

Another motive is a general surveillance of the population, regarding habits and microbial infections, actually the same sort of surveillance that makes NSA and the like record the communications of ordinary people. Children is an exellent source of information about the habits and microbial content in the whole family.

Modern aocieties also are sickly eager to standardize people in all ways, mentally and physicallly, to fit them into a strict social framework, and are eager to detect deviations from the standardized development at an early time, and then treat the deviations, and this motive is driving the development.

Then you have the fact that many children actually have beginning problems of orthopedic genital, urological or intestinal kind, and the pediatric community steadily more think it is important to screen for these deviations or problems and treat them before they get more manifest.


The type of ordeals descibed here are probably still not yet established as any standard on a national level for all children in any country.

In certain countries they seem to be established on a national level for children that show indications of deviation from physical, psychological and social norms, for example for all children that the child protective agencies have shown an interest for. In these countries there also sems that the standard is held secret for parents. UK, Denmark, Sweden and Norway are examples of such countries.

It also seem to be common that such exams are done on children when they are under anesthesia for other procedures or surgeries, and the usually held secret for the partents. This seems to be espcially common in UK, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Certain smaller communities troughout the world seem to have established such extensive assessments as a norm for all children, such as a town or a school in a town. Such societies seem to be especially numerous in Eastern Europe.

Some private schools also seem to offer such extended exams to be done on the children for payment, and that also seem to be the case with certain pediatric practices throughout the world.