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Go here for sex information and for sex products for men and women, stimulating drugs and products to stimulate on the penis, in the vulva, at the breasts and in the rectal region and enhance libido and pleasure. Items to give larger and more regular erections, penis and female breasts.

Rejuvenation products for the skin, the body shape, the physiology and mental functions

A great exhibition of natural medicines to combat common problems in all body organs and systemic problems that like hormonal and methabolic ones

Natural drugs to help against genito-urinary problems of men and women and and to enhance sexual functions - Also information about the stimulating herb catuaba and about, Candida albicans and yeast infection

On this page there is a presentation of natural medicines to help for infection and functional problems in the genital organs of men and women There are also natural drugs to stimulate and improve female and male sexual and intimate functions. Please click at the banner or links to learn more or buy.

Further down you can find information about the herb catuaba, about yeast infection and about the infective fungus candida albicans.

Female urinary and genital zone problems

PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME - Menstium Premenstrual syndrome has symptoms like:  irritability, cramps,  breast pain and tenderness, edema (swelling), constipation, depressed mood, anger, and headache.  This supplement helps for these symptoms of premenstrual syndrome by givimg nutrients that the body needs to produce hormones necessary for a normal menstrual cycle.

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Endometriosis treatment drug - Fallodox - By endometriosis, the endometrium , the tissue normally lining only the inside of the uterus, grows also outside this location. This in turn leads to menstrual irregularities and eccessive bledings, deficiencies of minerals and other nutrients, loss of fertility and proneness to infections. Fallodox may be helpful for those suffering from endometriosis by regulating the menstrual cycles, remending deficiencies, promoting fertility and  boosting the immune system.

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Hersolution - for stronger and better controled female hormon system - and generally better female functions - These herbal pills help to optimize the female hormonal balance and give these benefits: Reduced mood swings, reduced flashes and nightly sweats, reduced cramping, higher energy for sexual actiivties, better secretion of lubricating fluids, being more lusty for xex, feeling greater sexual pleasure both of the mental and physical kind.

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Homeopathic medicine against menstrual cramps - This is a pure classical homeopathic product to target cramps during menstruation with a good reputation

Against menstrual cramps - Hyland's Menstrual Cramps - 100 Tablets

A strong calming and analgesic product for menstrual discomfort - This product contains the pharmacological substance acetominophene. It is targeted against discomort in several body areas that occur during menstruation.

Pamprin Maximum Strength Multi-Symptom Menstrual Pain Relief Caplets

MENSTRUAL cramps and pain - analgesic tablets for relief of menstrual discomfort - Heel's Menstrual

Certified Safety Manufacturing Certi-Fem Menstrual Relief Tablets, 125 Packets, 12/cs

Certified Safety Manufacturing Certi-Fem Menstrual Relief Tablets, 125 Packets, 12/cs

Features of Certified Safety Manufacturing Certi-Fem Menstrual Relief Tablets: 200 mg. Ibuprofen. For temporary relief of pre-menstrual cramps. 2 tablets per packet, 125 packets per unit.

Male urinary and genital zone problems

Help for prostate problems - Avistate - Help for hesitant or slow urine flow, dribbling and frequent urge to urinate due to prostate irritation and enlargement. Helps by reducing inflammation in the prostate and hindering effects of metabolic products of male hormones, both of which make the prostate swell and grow, and makes it difficult to pass urine. Three key ingredients in the product are extracts of Serenoa repens (Saw Palmetto), Pygeum africanum (Pygeum bark) and Urtica dioica (Nettle root) which has shown to give these dezired effects.

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HELP FOR PROSTATE PROBLEMS - Prostate factors - Michael's Healths Products - These pills may prevent or help against prostate infection and hypertrophy, and help to maintain optimal prostate health. They contain bee pollen, echinacea root and other factors known to support prostate health.

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HELP FOR PROSTATE PROBLEMS - Prostasan - Bioforce Of America  - This product contains saw palmetto berry extract, a herbal substance known for promoting prostate health.

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TO FIGHT PROSTATE AILMENTS - Pumpkin seed - Only Natural - This product contains pumpkin seed extract, also a herbal substance reputated for improving prostate health and get rid of prostate problems.

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TO FIGHT PROSTATE AILMENTS - Enhanced Natural Prostate W/Cernitin - Life Extension - A product containing the pollen extract cernitine, saw palmetto and other natural ingredients known to enforce prostate soundness.

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Proextender - a treatment device that can help if the penis is to small, is bent or otherwise irregularly shaped - as by Peyronies disease - You set this handy device on your penis and wear it folded upward with your penis some time each day for a period. The instrument pulls gently along the penis by a spring mechanism, stretch it, and stimulates the penis to produce more cells. Thereby the penis grows longer and somewhat thicker. The process also makes the penis straighter and more regular, and can be used to correct bendings, like for example by Peyronie's disease.

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Help for urinary problems affecting both men and women

A general medical product warehouse where you also can find all kind of products to care for the urinary and genital organs - This store contain medical and nursing products both for home use and professional settings and for care of all parts of the body. Among products for the urogenital system, you can find urinary specimen collectors, bedwetting help, catheters, help by urinary leakage, devices to help erection, products to combat yeast and bacterial infections, douche sets, speculums, dilator kits, pelvic floor training devices. You can also find products to help by special needs and disability of various kind. Another great product category are massage products for terapy and comfort.

Get checked for sexually transmitted diseases privately and with no reports to anybody than you - Once you have placed an order of the tests you vant to get done, you can immediately and without appointment visit any of a huge number of nationwide test centers in USA. Then the results will be mailed to you discretely after short time without report to anyone, like your doctor or insurance company, and without anything being placed on your medical record.

Urinary tract imptrity, disconfort and infection - Ultimate urinary cleanse - Helps against UTI by making an environment unfavourable for bacteria in the bladder and urethra, and by stimulating the immune system to fight the bacteria. Delivers the Protective Power of Cranberry formulated to flush and soothe your entire urinary system

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Urinary tract impurities, discomfort and infection - Botanic Choice Cran-Plus Herbal Supplement Tablets - Natural support for urinary tract issues. Cleanses urinary system of toxins. Supports healthy water balance. Soothes and fosters comfort. Eases water retention and bloating. With each daily you get: 250 mg of cranberry juice concentrate, the traditional bladder and urinary tract cleanser. 10 mg of potassium to encourage normal water balance and elimination. 30 mg of buchu leaf powder to support urinary tract health. 50 mg of juniper berry to contribute to kidney health. 100 mg of parsley leaf to help eliminate waste from your system. 10 mg of uva ursi leaf to support overall kidney health.

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Rapid help for yeast invation based on enzymes and other biological effectors

Rapid Yeast Relief

Rapid Yeast Relief

Rapid Yeast Relief 1 Kit

HOMEOPATHIC FORMULA to fight back yeast infection - This homeopathic formula stimulates and habilitates the immune system to fight back yeast infections and stimulate the body to clean out the microbial substances that the problem consists of.

Candida Yeast Relief

Candida Yeast Relief

Candida Yeast Relief 60 Tablets

KIDNEY STONES - Renalis - A product with nutrients that help to hinder stone formation, make it easier for the urinary system to wash out the stones and support healing from injuries due to kidney stones.

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Products for women to solve sexual function problems and make enjoy sex much more

Provestra ( Estravil ) - herbal lust pills for women - Pills to stimulate mental erotic excitement, bodily lust, intimate reactions and fertility.

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Hersolution - to enhance the woman's dezire and responses - Vitalizes all female sexual abilities: Enhances sex drive and excitement, promotes genital bloodflow, amplifies physical sexual sensations, accelarates the building up to her climax, strengthens her orgasms, increases her fluid secretions and promotes fertility.

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Vigorell - cream for women to stimulate functions in the genital region and tease up her most intimate sensations - click here

Products for men to solve problems with libido and potency and to make enjoy sex stronger

VigRXDelayApray - serum to spray on the penis to help delay orgasm and ejaculation till you have got the full excitement and it is due for an ample orgasm - By using this serum to be sprayed on the penile head, you can stay on having fun the time you wish and delay the orgasm till the time you like it to happen. During this time your excitement will grow immensely and you will get an intense orgasm when you decide the time has come.

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Testosterone level enhancer - Sometimes men have potency problems and other physiological dysfunctions caused by too little production of testosterone, which will typically occurs after age 45. For men with idle sex hormone production, these pill will stimulate more hormones to be produced and one will get the following benefits: stronger erections, more physical energy to be used during sex and other activities, more muscle mass, elevated mood, stronger bone structure.

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ExtenZe for men - potency and male lust pills - Make the erections bigger, harder, more durable and generally intensify the sexual feelings in your mind and body.

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Semenax - for improved male physiology - Optimize semen production and quality, genital functions, fertility, sexual reflexes, intimate feelings and fertility.

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VolumePills - better semen production and boosted orgasms - Make you produce more semen and semen of better quality to also make you more fertile. They also make you feel and react stronger when you have a<n orgasm.

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VigRXPlus - pills for men to enhance erection potency, increase erection size and boost good feelings - click here

VigRXoil- cream for men to give immediate hard stable erections and good feelings - click here

Rejuvenation medicines and other products to improve health and sexual life

Natural medicines to help sexual functions by men and women and to combat aging changes generally in the body and in specific organs - Here you can find many of the products already exhibited at this page, plus several other products. There are products to improve genital functions and enhance libido in males and females, and products to enhance the pleasure of sex. There are also natural drugs to take away problems around menstruation, during menopause, and to help the sexual functions in stressful periods.

You can also find generally working products to combat aging changes, and products to counteract aging, functional problems and damages in specific organ systems, like the skin, circulation, digestion, joints and muscles. Natural medicines against acne, rosacea, irritable bowel syndrome, overloaded and poisoned colon. Products to make hair grow better or to take away unwanted body hair.

Please click here to find products for men and women to maximize sexual pleasure and improve sexual abilities and anti-aging products

Feel and look younger, reverce aging - A better growth hormone production will help you regain thick and smooth skin, muscle intactness, a jouvenile muscle/fat-ratio, better condition, better mental capabilities, better senses, better blood sugar ballance. They will make it easier for you to slim down, give you more energy, make you feel more allert, and help restore a lot other properties of youth. These anti-aging products work by strengthening the growth hormone production and also by stimulating several other basic physiological mechanisms.

Go here for Genfx - a drug formulated to rejuvenmate generally body shape, strength. potency and mental acuity

Go here for Hyperggh14z - a drug formulated to restore and add more than ever muscle volume, strength and integrity

Go here for Provasyl - a drug formulated to restore the body and mental capabilities of men from the middle ages and older

Many more products to make your skin younger - Skin care and products against skin problems, like: Aging symptoms, scne, scars, rashes, sun-damage, cellulites, thin skin, edema, miscolored skin, rosacea, psoriasis, etc

Please click here to see the products

All kind of vitamins, minearals and nutrients - Also homeopathic and herbal products against theumatic ailments and other conditions - This is ageneral store of nutrition and natural therapy drugs. Here you can find products to help for digestive problems and other health issues based on wholly natural ingredients.

Natural medicines against many common diseases - to be taken by mouth: Acne, aging symptoms, AIDS, allergies, Alzheimers disease/dementia, angina, arthritis (osteoarthritis), arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis), asthma, attention deficit disorder (ADD), breast cancer, burns, carpal tunnel syndrome, cholesterol, cronic bronchitis, chronic cough, chronic fatigue sydrom, cognitive problems, colds and flue, congestive heart failure (CHF), Crohn`s disease, depression, diabetes mellitus type 1, diabetes mellitus type 2, eczema, edema, endometriosis, fatigue, fibromyalgia, hair loss, herpes simplex, hyperlipidemia, hypertention, obesity, otitis media

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About Catuaba - Trichilia catigua and Erythroxylum vacciniifolium

Catuaba is a tonic and sexually stimulating herb from Brazil. It is by now used in most countries in the world as a constituent in herbal capsules, even though the tradiotional use is as a tea.

Botannical facts: Catuaba is a group of medium sized trees found in Brazil, especially Trichilia catigua and Erythroxylum vacciniifolium.

Other genera and families called catuaba are and used for the same purposes are: Anemopaegma, Ilex, Micropholis, Phyllanthus, Secondatia, Tetragastris and species from the Myrtaceae. The infusions from the bark of these threes are also called catuaba.

Habitat and growth condition

The trees grow in western Africa in Nigeria, Cameroon, the Congo and Gabon.

Production and preparation

The bark of the treas are used. Infusions are made from the bark of the trees.

Usage and dose

The infusion is often consumed as a tea. Often 1-3 cups of tea is used daily for some days or weeks.

Effective constituents and their basic reactions

Catuaba contains the alkaloids catuabine A, B, and C, tannins, aromatic oils, fatty resins, phytosterols, and cyclolignans. Catuaba has a sentral nervous stimulating effect and this effect probably in turn causes many of teh other effects

Medical effects

Catuaba is a sentral nervous stimulant. It relieves fatigue, gives a feeling of strength and strengthen the ability of the mind and body to act. It also helps against poor memory.

Catuaba helps relieve anxiety.

It also strengthens the function of the sexual organs and the ability to perform during the sexual act. It icreases the erection potency and helps against erectile dysfunction.

It also increases the sexual lust and arousal. The sexual effects is especially strong on men, but also women feel some of the same effects. Catuaba often gives erotic dreams, and this is often the first sign of its sexual effects.

Catuaba also strengthens the urinary system and its function.

Catuaba relaxes blood vessels and helps against hypertension. It also helps against insomnia caused by hypertension.

Catuaba has antiviral and antibactverdana properties and can be of help against certain infections. Laboratory findings suggest that catuaba can help to prevent opportunistic infections in HIV patients.

When using catuaba, the general stimulative effect is often felt at once. The sexually stimulative effects comes gradually during several days use.

Side effects

Catuaba has no reported significant side effects.

Traditional medical uses

Indians in south america has a traditional usage of catuaba to give general strength, to strengthen the sexual power, to enhance libido and improve erections. Traditionally catuaba is used together with the herb muira puima.

Uses in modern herbal drugs: Catuaba is most often used in herbal drugs for stimulation of sexual lust, sexual performance and as an improver of male erections.

About Yeast Infection - Prevention and Treatments

Yeast infection is the colonization of yeat fungi in body areas in such an amount and such a way that damages or symptoms are produced. Usually the yest invades onlly body cavities and the lining of these cavities.

Yeasts most often infect the vagina and outer female genitals. Yest infection also often occur in the mouth, and is then called trash. The male genitals may be infected, but usually with less symptoms. There can also be an over-growth of yeast in the digestive tract. Skin-folds that are often swaet, warm or humid are also often affected.

Sometimes yeast infect several body areas at the same time, such a systemic infection is often called candidiatis. A systemic yest infection can develop intoa serious condition where the yeast invade the skin, the deper tissues of several organs and even the blood stream.


Usually species of the genus Candida, and especially species Candida albicans, are the infective agents. These yeasts are normally found in body cavities, but the amount is held down by the normal chemistry in these cavities and by friendly bacteria inhabiting the same cavities, for example bacteria producing lactic acid (the genus Lactobacillus).

A disturbed bacterial flora in the mouth, the digestive system and the genital can make it easier for the yeat to infect. The skin, the outer genitals and body cavities like the mouth, vagina, and the colon contain the bacteria strains Bifidobacteria and Lactobacteria together with the Candida yeasts, but these bacteria hold the growth of the yeast i check.

A too eader hygiene, using bacterial killers, can kill friendly bacteria and cause a yeat infection to occur.However, lack of washing can also cause yeast infection.

Use of antibiotica can also kill friendly bacteria and make it easier for the yeast to grow. Use of corticosteriods can also make a person susceptible for yeast infection. Asthma pasients using injaled coricosteroids often get yeast infection in the oral cavity.

A diet with an excess of sugar and other carbohydrates may nourish the yeast and cause an infective growth of the yeast.


Yeast infection in the vagina gives itching, burning sensations and a wittish bdly smelling discharge. The discharge may also be the only symptom.

I the male genitals yeast infection moost often gives itching sores around the base of the penis head and in the urrethtal opening. There may also be a smelling whittish sybstance precent.

In the mouth, yest infection gives sores covered with a wittish layer that give an itching or burning pain. There may also be large areas with a witthish slimy layer on the tongue or on other areas without any sore unde.

Yest infection in the skin wil give rashes, itching and sores with slimy distcharge.

Yeast infection in the digestive tract can give itching sores in the rectal opening. The over-growth of yeast in the digestive tract will poisen the whole body and release substances to the whole body that the body reacts allergicly against. This will often give general symptoms from many parts of the body, like headaches, fatigue, joint pain and muscle pain.

By systemic yeast infection, there will be the specific symptoms described from each infected area. In addition there will be general symptoms like rashes, mouth sores, digestive discomfort, exhaustion.


Yeast infection is diagnosed by a swab specimen from the affected area. The specimen is then cultured to investigate the microbial flora.


Yest infection is commonly treated with anti-fugal substances like clotrimazole (canesten), nystatin, fluconazole, ketoconazole, tioconazole (GyneCure), terconazole (Terazole), Monazole, miconazole (Monistat, Micozole), butoconazole (Femstat) and gentiana violet.

The medication are used orally, or locally in the form of creams, suppositories or medicated douches or flushing media.

By infection in the vagina tablets, creams or suppositories containing one or more of these substances are usually inserted into the vagina. Men having genital yeast infection or sexual partners of women with infection are often treated with local cream based on these substances.

Some of the drugs, like fluconazole, is also used orally as a systemic medication.

For more severe infections the substances amphotericin B, caspofungin, or voriconazole is often used.


Several alternative products can help to make aninner bodily environment where yeast do not thrive, or help the immune system become more effective against fungal infections. Also swallowing or inserting seeds for frendly bacteria that expulse the yeast is a way to go.

- Garlic helps to kill yeast, an dcan be used as a oral remedy for yest infection.

- Boric acid can help to kill yeast and rinse body cavities, and can be used as suppositories or as flushing media in affected areas.

- Diluted tea tree oil can kill yest and may help for vaginal yeast infection by using it locally.

- The fatty acid caprylic acid kan kill yeast and may help against yeast infection.

- Propolis is an antibacterial substance substance made by bees. An oral supplement or local application of propolis has shown to be useful against yeast infection.

- The herbs cranberry and goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis) helps against bacterial infection in the urinary tract and may also help for yeast infection. Especially cranberry makes the urine more acidic and may thereby help to kill the yeast. Bacteria can also coexist with the yeast and make the condition worse, so that enhancing the defence against infective bacteria can also be useful.

- Lactoferrin is a protein binding to iron and holds it away from the pathogenic bacteria and yeast, and thereby these microorganisms are hindered in their growth. Lactoferrin is naturally occuring in mucosal secrets, in milk, in tears and in other parts of the body. It is a part of the natural defence against microbes.

- Products containing seeds for friendly lactic acid producing bacteria can help reestablish a normal bacterial flora and be helpful against yest infection. Such seeds are often called probiotics.

-Yoghourt contain seeds for friendly bacteria. Consuming yoghourt can help to normalize the microbial flora in the digestive tract and in the genital zone. Yoghourt may also be used as a local remedy, for example in the vagina.


Many lifestyle measures can be used to prevent the outbreak of yest infection and help to cure yest.

- Avoid over-consuming carbohydrates, and especially carbohyrates that are rapidly taken up or utlilized, like pure sugar, refined floor, bread made from refined floor. Instead use full corn products.

- Do not use anti-bacterial agents when you was your genitals, your rectal opening or by mouth hygiene. For intimate wash, pure water is best.

- Avoid unnecessary antibiotic cures or unnecessary use of steroid drugs.

- Stressful elements and habits in the daily life should be avoided. Meditation is a good method to stress down.

- Clothes and shoes should give ventilation so that humidity does not aggregate at skin surfaces or in skin folds. Humid areas on the skin should be wash

More bout Candida albicans

Candida albicans is a microscopic fungus, classified systematically i this way Kingdom: Fungi. Phylum: Ascomycota, Subphylum: Saccharomycotina, Class: Saccharomycetes, Order: Saccharomycetales, Family: Saccharomycetaceae, Genus: Candida, Species: C. albicans.

The fungus can infect the oral cavity, the digestive tract or the urogenital organs and even the blood. In patients with reduced immune responce it can give serious infection. It is however best known to infect the vagina of women.

Most people have some of this organism in the oral cavity or digestive tract without suffering any symptoms. However, in some circumstances the yest can overgrow and then give symptoms of infection, and it can invade tissues wher it shall not be normally.

The fungus is diploid. It exists in a monocellular form or in thread-like, branched multicellular form. Ehen it is infecting tissues, it converts to the thread-like form.

Candida infection by women result in severe itching and burning sensations in the vulva or vagina and in whitish discharge.

Candida albicans in its infective form 250 times magnified (A picture from Wikipedia free to reuse)

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