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Informatiom about basic biology and evolution


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A compact picture about the early phylogenic tree of animals or Metazoa

Here are the most basic animal groups listed. For each group, other groups that have evolved from that group are listed under it, but moved to the right.

1. Proto-metazoa (possibly monoblastic or as Placozoa)

--- 1.1 Placozoa (two germ layers over each other) - may belong here

---1.2 Ctenophora/rib manets (diblastic)- may belong here

---1.3 Porifera (Diblastic)

---1.4 Eu-metazoa (Basic group probably diblastic)

------1.4.1 Ctenophora or rib manets (diblastic) - may belong here too

------1.4.2 Cnidaria (Diblastic)

------1.4.3 Bilateralia (triblastic)

--------- Lophotrocozoa (Protostomate)

--------- Ecdysozoa (Protostomate)

--------- Deuterostomata

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