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Natural advices and drugs against fatigue and exhaustion

Natural restoration and anti-aging drugs working generally or aimed at specific organs like blood circulation, joints and muscles, digestion, genitals, mental status, skin and hair. Also good slimming products.

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Natural drugs against fatigue and fitness improvers.

Also information about fatigue, its causes and methods to combat fatigue

Fatigue can originate from many types of ailments. Sometimes a specific physical illeness is the origine of the symptom. Chronic fatigue should therefore allways be investigated to find the cause of the problems, and when necessary medical treatment against the specific cause should be initiated.

Sometimes the origine is diagosed as chronic fatigue syndrome. Sometimes there is a deficiency in the hormonal system, or some nervous problem. Chronic fatigue is often a side effect of medical treatment of various kind.

Fatigue can also be caused by lack of vitamins and minerals. Fatigue may further be caused by bad condition due to lack of physical training or due to poor sleeping habits. Too hard training or work during a period can also cause fatigue.

Often however one do not see any obvious reason for physical and mental fatigue. Further down there is even more information about chronic fatigue, and about the benefits of fish oils to combat fatigue conditions.

In this page there are presented supplements formulated to combat the feeling of mental fatigue and the feeling of being physically exhausted. The products also are formulated to increase the mental and physical abilities to perform during work and sport activities.

At the bottom of this page there is information about chronic fatigue syndrome and about the omega-3-oil EPA as medicine for fatigue.

Products to help for fatigue in the bodily and mental functions

Bio-Strath formula to take away fatigue and stress, and also to increase energy and endurance, enhance memory, improve concentration and strengthen the immune system, capsules or liquid



BioStrath 500 MG 100 Tablets



BioStrath 8.4 Fluid Ounces Liquid

A tonic to combat physical and mental exhaustion, resist stresses and impacts, and enhance the immune protection, based on ginseng, alfalfa and eleuthero

Futurebiotics Vital K Plus Ginseng Extra - 16 Fl Oz

Futurebiotics Vital K Plus Ginseng Extra - 16 Fl Oz

Futurebiotics Vital K + Ginseng Extra is a Potassium Iron and herbal energizing liquid supplement. For centuries cultures have recognized the value of herbs for their remarkable energizing tonic and adaptogenic benefits. More recently modern science has established the importance of minerals. Now Futurebiotics combines the best of old-world herbal tradition with the findings of modern nutritional science to create Vital K + Ginseng Extra. Includes: Korean Ginseng American Ginseng Eleuthero root Chamomile Sarsaparilla Dandelion and Alfalfa.

Therapy for chronic fatigue, exhaustion, muscle ache, weakness, memory loss and insomnia

TRP Chronic Fatigue Therapy - 70 tablets

TRP Chronic Fatigue Therapy - 70 tablets

Chronic Fatigue Therapy Fast Dissolving Tablets is a homeopathic product developed to address the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue such as fatigue insomnia exhaustion memory loss weakness and muscle pain. This heomeopathic formula assists the bodys natural ability to relieve the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue. Ingredients: Active IngredientPupose Adrenalinum HPu 7x 12x Aurum metallicum HPu 8x 12x 18x Carcinosin HPu 24x Echinacea HPu 3x 6x 12x Gelsemium Sempevirens HPu 6x 12x 18x Ginkgo biloba HPu 3x 6x 12x Influenzinum HPu 12x 24x Phosphoricum Acidum HPu 6x 12x 18x Scutellaria Lateriflora HPu 6x 12x 18x.

Therapy for fatigue and stress based on aged garlic

Kyolic Stress And Fatigue Relief Formula 101 - 100 Capsules

Kyolic Stress And Fatigue Relief Formula 101 - 100 Capsules

Kyolic Anti-Stress and Fatigue Formula 101 is a unique blend of Aged Garlic Extract gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and vitamins B1 B6 and B12 designed to naturally promote mental emotional and physical balance in an increasingly hectic world.

  • Aged Garlic Extract has been shown to reduce fatigue and assists in fighting stress. GABA and Vitamins B1 B6 and B12 combine to support healthy relaxation and increased alertness. Taken together these nutrients help to strengthen the immune system and create a sense of well-being.
  • Free Of Dairy Preservatives Gluten Artificial Colors and Flavors.

    Good sources of EPA Omega-3. THis fatty acid is good or the blood circulation, the joints, the digestion and the nervous system. Scientific results shows that it can help against fatigue.

    Carlson Super Omega-3 Gems 500mg EPA & DHA - 180 ea

    Carlson Super Omega-3 Gems 500mg EPA & DHA - 180 ea

    Dietary Supplement Promotes Heart, Brain, Vision and Joint Health* In Fish Gelatin Soft Gels Fish Oil Concentrate Gluten Free Specializing in the finiest Norwegian fish oils since 1982. Medical Scientists Internationally are encouraging people to eat more fish. Fish body oil is the only major source of the polyunsaturated Omega-3s EPA and DHA. For those individuals who do not eat an oily fish diet, Carlson offers Omega-3s in easy-to-swallow soft gelatin capsules. Carlson Super Omega-3 Gems soft gels contain 1000 mg (! gram) of a special concentrate of fish body oils from deep, cold water fish which are especially rich in the important Omega-3s EPA and DHA.

    Mega EPA/DHA (120 softgels)

    Mega EPA/DHA (120 softgels)

    Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acid Formula From Fish Oil Concentrate. Molecularly distilled MEGA EPA/DHA by Life Extension contains twice as much EPA and DHA as most commercially available fish oil capsules.

    Help for sluggish thyroid which gives - Fatigue, weight gain, depressive feelings and constipation - An ineffective production of thyroid hormons can give a lot of symptoms, of which the mentioned are the most common. Here are two good products to stimulate a lazy thyroid gland. Please go through the links, look at the specifications and choose the product that fits your needs best.

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    Prosolution Plus - Pills to help for fatigue and poor potency in the sexual functions of men - These pills make your penis able to stand up more quickly, to stand harder and stronger and to stand a longer time. They also enhance your lust for sex and gives you more vital orgasms.

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    Provestra - pills to help for fatigue and poor potency in the sexual functions of women - Pills to stimulate and vitalize appetite for sex, mental erotic excitement, bodily lust, lubrication and other intimate reactions, increase fertility and enhance orgasms.

    Products to combat structural and functional aging changes

    Seabuckthorn oil - To enhance youth, vitality and to prevent diseases - to be used on the skin or taken orally - Seabuckthorn works against aging, stimulates repair of damages on the cells in the body and stimulates tissue development and repair. Seabuckthorn improves the immune system. It gives you more general energy and stamina and improves the function of many vital organ systems.

    The specific actions of seabuckthorn oil that lie at base for these general actions are: Vitalizes heart functions, makes the stomach work more efficiently, helps regrowth in the skin, antioxidant actions, counteracts fungal overgrowth, reduces inflammations, protects white blood cells and other tissues against radiation, helps for constipation, maintains healthy cholesterol levels, makes blood vessels more elastic, reduces blood fat, promotes circulation.

    Seabuckthorn Seed Oil 10 ml

    Seabuckthorn Seed Oil 10 ml

    Acts Quickly. Cruelty Free . Helps Relieve Symptoms of Rosacea, Eczema, Acne and Dermatitis. Is Certified Organic. Is Readily Absorbed . Organic / All Natural. Sources Traditional Asian Beauty Treatments . USDA Organic. Works for All Skin Types.

    Anti-aging body cream based on seabuckthorn and meadowfoam

    Seabuckthorn Body Cream 6 oz

    Seabuckthorn Body Cream 6 oz

    All Natural. For All Skin Types. Instantly Hydrates, Softens and Rejuvenates Skin. With Sea Bunkthorn Shea Butter & Meadowfoam Oil.

    To increase your allertness, thinking power and memory capacity - Brain Pills - These pills will enhance your allertness and acuity. They will boost your thinking capacity, problem solving speed and mental endurance. They will make you able to store much more information in your memory and use less time to store and retrieve the information. These pills are constructed and endorced by neurological experts and also recommended by several celebrities that depend heavily on their mental power. Among the working ingredients are Citicoline, Bacopa monnieri, Ginkgo biloba, phosphatidylcerine, tyrosine and L-theanine. The pills are ideal for every person with a mentally demanding work, for students and anyone that have got mentally exhausted by the impacts of daily life..

    Supplement to stimulate vitality and reestablish youthful properties - These products are formulated to combat all aging changes in the whole body, but three of them are especially made to give a strong juvenation effect on special body aspects. A main working principle of these products is to make your body produce more growth hormone. An ample production of this hormone is a main property of youth and is essential for the intactness of the whole body and all its functions. Please choose the product that will fit your needs.

    Genf20 generally working anti-aging drug for men and women

    Hypergh14x for men - formulated to vitalize the muscle apparatus and help muscle building

    Prtovacyl for men in the andropause face to revitalize the male sexual functions

    Phyto350 anti-aging pills for the skin - to stimulate repair of aging changes and other damages in the skin

    Learn yoga, meditation and pilates from uploadable books or lesson - Yoga, mediatation and related practices increase the general condition and feeling of wellness. They make your more resistant against diseases. They help you to relaxe mentally and physically. They make your body more flexible and improve the body stature. They also give you greater mental, physical and sexual performance and abilities. These books can be uploaded through the internet, Through this link you get into a boostore with books about all other subjects too.

    Yoga for Dummies

    Yoga for Dummies

    The long-awaited update of the trusted yoga book. A decade since its initial publication, Yoga For Dummies, 2nd Edition has been updated and revised to include coverage of the newest concepts and practices that have emerged in the yoga community over the past ten years. Still maintaining its emphasis on safe approaches to the physical practice of yoga, Yoga For Dummies, 2nd Edition breaks down the concepts and poses, making yoga easy-to-understand and easy-to-apply for everyone. Yoga has been bringing health and peace of mind to millions of people for five millennia-and it can do the same for you.

    15 Minutes Everyday Pilates

    15 Minutes Everyday Pilates

    A128-page book with an hour-long DVD introducing readers to Pilates. It features four 15-minute sequences that improve posture, tone and stretch muscles and increase core strength. It is written and demonstrated by Alycea Ungaro, owner of Alcyea Ungaro's Real Pilates,which is New York's largest Pilates studio. Clear step-by-step photographs demonstrate every move and there is a gatefold at the end of each sequence which reveals the whole programme at a glance.

    Every Woman's Yoga

    Every Woman's Yoga

    Yoga truly is for every woman. Its therapeutic and healing powers are vast— its benefits range from strengthening and toning to stress and pain relief, from childbirth preparation to easing through the menopause transition. Every Woman's Yoga focuses on specific yoga practices that are most suitable for women. Whether you are already into yoga, or just getting started, this informative guide will help you nurture your mind, body, and soul. Come discover how yoga can: ·Help reduce signs of aging and decrease stress ·Relieve the discomfort of pregnancy, menstruation, and menopause ·Build strength and promote flexibility to support bone health ·Support recovery from breast cancer treatment ·Ease incontinence, digestion, and elimination ·Reduce fatigue and depression ·Promote inner beauty, build confidence, and manage weight From the Trade Paperback edition.

    Ellie Hermans Pilates Props Workbook

    Ellie Hermans Pilates Props Workbook

    Pilates is one of the fastest growing exercise trends. Now Ellie Herman, a renowned Pilates instructor and author, shows how to make Pilates more interesting and enjoyable. In this book, she introduces the reader to popular workout accessories that expand and amplify Pilates matwork exercises. This book details each prop's unique characteristics and explains how it can enhance Pilates in its own way: the magic circles tone arms, the small ball held between the legs shapes thighs, the foam roller stretches the chest and shoulders, and the large exercise ball builds core stability. The author guides the reader step by step through photo sequences of specially designed exercises as well as variations on traditional Pilates movements. Each series takes full advantage of the different props' abilities to produce results in less time and with less strain.

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    Here is an article about omega-3-poly-unsaturated acids and chronic fatigue syndrome. We also have other articles for use by our visitors.  A complete list of these resourses is given here.

    Always Tired - You Could Have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    By Nigel Lee

    It can be difficult for any doctors to actually diagnose fatigue, this is especially true in the case of chronic fatigue syndrome. Fatigue is considered to be a symptom of something else, and not a condition in its own right. However, chronic fatigue syndrome is wreaking havoc on the lives of so many people. Chronic fatigue syndrome can result in depression, and the individual being unproductive. ` This condition doesn’t just take its toll on the sufferer alone, it can also affect the whole family. It can cause family members to become impatient because they get so frustrated! It can also put a strain on friendships if after work, university or college you don’t have the energy to meet with your friends.

    It’s normal for people to feel tired, especially when you’ve just had to entertain the in-laws! But chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is much more serious than normal tiredness. CFS is when the tiredness actually starts to interfere with the normal day to day lives of sufferers and their friends and family. Tiredness doesn’t last as long as CFS. CFS normally lasts a minimum of 6 months without any apparent illness causing it.

    CFS is often said to simply be a problem that the patient has made up in their own mind, however anybody suffering from this condition can vouch for it being real! Many more women suffer from CFS than men.

    CFS sufferers may notice headaches, problems sleeping, irritability and depression. There are also some physical symptoms that affect some sufferers including fevers, sore throats, or even aching muscles.

    Fatigue is commonly caused by another underlying disorder, this could be diabetes, PMS, serious infections, low blood pressure, or low blood sugar.

    More and more doctors are starting to realize that CFS is a condition in its own right, however, the experts cannot agree on a cause. Some experts believe that previous viral infections, high or low blood pressure, mercury poisoning, and even drug use can cause an onset of CFS.

    If you are somebody who is suffering from excessive tiredness then there are things that you can do so that you won’t feel so tired. It is possible to fight against your fatigue, the best way is to exercise often and also get plenty of rest. You should avoid taking drugs, and drinking alcohol or caffeine.

    If you are tired all the time and constantly asking yourself “why am I always tired?” then make an appointment with your doctor. Get yourself tested to see if you are suffering from a low thyroid function, hypoglycemia, or any allergies.

    You should take vitamin supplements which should improve your body’s balance of vitamins and chemicals. Vitamin B is commonly used to treat patients suffering from low energy. Vitamin B is found in sardines, beef, salmon, and milk.

    Magnesium is a natural mineral that is important to encourage extra energy. Any deficiencies in magnesium can cause weakness in the muscles. To increase magnesium intake you should eat more wheat germ, almonds, pecans, tuna and hazelnuts. Make sure you also eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, you should eat more citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables and potatoes.

    You can treat chronic fatigue syndrome by drinking chia seeds soaked in warm water. You should be able to find these seeds in your local health food shop and can be added to oatmeal if desired. Native Americans used these seeds to improve their energy levels.

    If you take any artificial energy boosters make sure you consult your doctor beforehand. If you do start to notice any side effects you must immediately stop using it. tiredness

    Article Source:

    Omega 3 fish oil EPA and chronic fatigue syndrome

    Since the release of a book called" beat chronic fatigue the natural way" many people are turning to the natural substance omega 3, and in particular pure ethyl epa  to help treat the debilitating condition known as chronic fatigue syndrome.


    We all get tired. Many of us have felt depressed at times. But the mystery known as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is not like the normal ups and downs we experience in everyday life. The early sign of this illness is a strong and noticeable fatigue that comes on suddenly and often comes and goes or never stops. You sometimes feel too tired to do normal activities or are easily exhausted with no apparent reason. Unlike the mind fog of a serious hangover, to which researchers have compared CFS, the profound weakness of CFS does not go away with a few good nights of sleep. Instead, it slyly steals your energy and vigour over months and sometimes years.

    Who gets chronic fatigue syndrome?

    Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) affects both men and women, and its incidence cuts across a wide gap of age, racial and socio-economic groups. It was first described in the 1930s; CFS received a flurry of publicity in the mid-1980s when the syndrome was erroneously associated with the Epstein-Barr virus. In the early to mid 1990s it was being described as "yuppie flu". Symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome

    . muscle aches and pains, especially after physical exertion
    . feeling depressed and emotional
    . poor sleep, difficulty getting off to sleep, frequent wakings, and not feeling refreshed after sleep
    . nausea and loss of appetite
    . a recurrent sore throat, feeling of enlarged glands in the neck which come and go
    . running a slightly high temperature for no apparent reason
    . feeling of faintness and dizziness

    Omega 3 fish oil EPA and chronic Fatigue syndrome

    The most recent study that has been performed was published in the journal Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica. In the study Doctors from London found that in the brains of people with chronic fatigue syndrome there are high levels of two key chemicals, choline and creatine.
    Choline is important for controlling fat levels in brain cells while creatine provides energy.

    The doctors said the findings suggested CFS patients had abnormal phospholipid metabolisms. Phospholipids are special types of fats which are an essential component of cells. They are protected by certain types of fatty acids.
    The Doctors in London believe fatty acid supplements could help to restore the chemical imbalance in the brain and alleviate the symptoms of CFS. EPA which is found in omega 3 fish oil supplements may be particularly useful.
    The lead Dr said: "This study suggests that if patients with CFS take a high-EPA fatty acid supplement, then this should have a beneficial action on the chemical imbalances in the brain which we have identified.


    Since this study was published more and more people are turning to high grade ethyl EPA fish oil to help with this debilitating condition. Whether this will lead to a main stream treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome remains to be seen. However a large majority of people who are trying this as a form of treatment are reporting some very interesting and very good results.
    About the author

    By Dave McEvoy

    A great resource for high grade ethyl EPA with a concentration strength of 90% visit

    Disclaimer: The health information contained herein is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace discussions with a healthcare provider. All decisions regarding patient care must be made with a healthcare provider, considering the unique characteristics of the patient.