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Helicopter lift is obtained by means of one or more power driven horizontal propellers called main rotor. When the main rotor of a helicopter is turning, it produces lift and reaction torque. Reaction torque tends to make helicopter spin. On most helicopters, a small rotor near the tail which is called tail rotor is counteracting this torque. On twin rotor helicopter the rotors rotate in opposite directions, their torque cancel each other.

The main rotor produces the lifting force and force for all movement. The force depends upon the angle of the rotor blades against the axis, called pich, and the rotating speed of the main rotor. But in normal use one mostly let the rotor turn at constant speed and the force is mainly controlled by the pitch.

To make the helicopter move foreward, backward, or in sidewise direction, one uses a mechanism, called swash-plate, that lets the rotor blades be twisted more when they point in the opposite direction that the helicopter is intended to move, making the force of the blades greater at that part of the turn.

This makes the helicopter tilt somewhat downward at the direction it is intended to move, giving the force of the blades a component in that direction. There will also be an extra force because the extra twisted rotor blades will push at the air horisontally when they are more twisted.

The angle of the rotor blades are also regulated during a turn to counteract gyroscopic effects and other non-symmetrical force effects.

The tail rotor in normally linked to the main rotor via a system of driveshafts and gearboxes, which means if the main rotor makes one turn , the tail rotor is also turn a definite number of times. Most helicopter have the tail rotor turn 3 or 6 times for each turn of the main rotor.

The tail rotor is also used to get the helicopter swing to right and left. This is done by letting the blades of the tail rotor be twisted more or less.

It is commonly said that the blades of a helicopter rotor acts like a wing, but it is more like a big propellar actually. When a rotor blade regulated to an angle against the rotating axis moves aroud, it compresses the air at the underside making the pressure at that side increase. Compressing air downwards mens that air is taken away from the upper side so that the air pressure here decreases. The difference of air pressure between the under-side and upper side makes a force that can be used for lifting and horisontal motion.

Techically one uses the Bernoulli equation to calculate the pressure and thereby the lift. This use gives probably right answars, but the logical explanation for using this equation for this application is usually wrong.

This equation is based on the fenomenon that air moves more rapidly at the upper side, and this increased speed happens to be proportional to thee force, but is not the cause of the force.

The rotor is allways experiencing dissymmetry of lift in horisontal flight . As the helicopter gain speed , the advanceing blade develops greater lift because of the increased relative airspeed, and the retreating blade will produce less lift, causing the helicopter to roll. This has to be compensated for in some way.

The compensation is mostly effectuated passively by blade flapping. Increased airspeed and lift on the advancing blade will cause the blade to flap up and decrease the angle of attack . The decreased lift on the retreating blade will cause the blade to flap down and increase the angle of attack . This combination equalizes the lift over the two halves of the rotor disc. But some of the effect msst be counteracted by regulation of the blade pitch.

As already explained, the force regulation is usually done on a real helicopter by regulating the angle of the rotor blades without changing the speed of the rotor. After start the rotor is accelerated up to the working speed without the blades twisted. Then the blades are twisted to the angle that gives the force one neds.

At the same time the force of the motor must be regulated up or down by adding or decreasing the gas given. This is mostly done automatically by a mechanism called governor.

The same principles depicted here are used in advanced hobby helicopters. In a simple hobby helicopter the force may be regulated by changeng the speed of the rotors because the mechanical system used here is simpler.

In a simple hobby helicopter, the movemeent in different directions can be done by tilting the helicopter main rotor so that a component of the force from the rotor points in the wanted flying direction. The vertical force component of course still is used to make the helicopter hover.

The swash-plate assembly and other technical control mechanisms

The rotor pitch is controlled by a mechanism called swash-plate assembly. This consists of two primary elements through which the rotor shaft passes, one of which is a non-rotating disc. This disc can be tilted in any direction. This non-rotating disc is attached by a bearing surface to a second rotating disc which also is tilted when the first disc is tilted. This second disc is linked to the rotor blades with handles that regulate the pitch of the blades according to the tilting of the plates.

The swash-plate can also be regulated up and down so that the pitch of all blades are regulated sinultanously, giving more orr less total force.

The pilot has a handle at disposal he can use to rise or lower the swash-plate to control total force, called collective pitch.

The pilot also has a handle at disposal that regulates the angle of the swash plate, and thus the direction of novement, called cyclic control.

An explanation for the chem-trail producing activity

For several years people in both urban and rural areas in weatern countries have frequently observed high-flying aircrafts leaving after themselves tracks that look like ordinary contrails. But they do not dissolve, but instead spread out over the sky and leave a mist shielding much of the sunrays from coming through, and thus alter the weather for hours.

Some people dismiss these observations as ordinary contrails behaving in a special way under certain meteorological conditions, while others think autorities are deliberately spreading the sky with chemical substances for one or more secret purposes.

The fenomenon as it is observed

To construct a well-founded explanation, one must first have a clear view about what is actually observed. Even though it is easy to see the fenomenon, many of the details told about are somewhat uncertain, so allready at this stage the fenomenon is difficult to assess.

Basically one observes jetplanes flying at an altitude of 10000 meters or more that lave after themselves a misty track looking much like an ordinary contrail, but perhaps have a somewhat denser appearance.

Several plane fly at the same time at some regular distance from each other and leave parallel tracks. According to witnesses one can often observe that the same planes turn and fly back to leave a new track parallel to those allready made or crossing those. This kind of behaviour has been extensively documented also by pictures raken by observers.

The tracks do not dissolve, but widen themselves whithout looking much thinner and eventually run together to make a carpet of milky-looking mist over a wide area. This carpet shields for the sun many hours. It therefore decreases the temperature at lower altitude but do not seem to cause rain or other meteorological phenomenons, at least not immediately.

The fonomenon are allways confined to a limited area, but this is wide, usually from horizon to horizon. At the border of this area, one can see that the spread of these tracks abruptly begins or ends. Before and after the same planes leave ordinary contrails. One can often observe other planes flying over the same area that only leave normal contrails.

The activity seems to be confined to limited periods on a day, at any time during the day, but perhaps more frequent from the early morning to around 4 PM. This massive, but limited, activity occur both in urban areas with normally high air traffic and in rural areas where the air traffic usually is small.

The planes leaving these tracks allways seem to be transport planes of some size so that they can carry a significant load. People have actually observed and even taking pictures of separate nozzles on the wings of these aircraft spreading out the substance.

Some people report powder of some sort occationally falling down over an area where these so-called chemtrails have been laid and that this powder tend to form thin layers on water surfaces. Some observers have undertaken chemical analyses of water from those areas and report an abnormal content of aluminium or barium in the water.

There are also reports of people feeling ill after a spraying, most often as irritation or allergy-like reactions from the respiratory organs.

Possible explanations for the chem-trails

Some explain the fenomenon conventionally that the tracks are ordinary contrails made by aircraft flying in areas where cold air is saturated with dissolved water. The water wapor from the engines will then be all converted to small icse crystals and these will not dissolve because the air allready is saturated. As this explanation further goes, the whole sky will be covered with mist because the area is higly trafficated by airplanes.

The conventional explanation has however a problem explaining the navigational behaviour of the aircrafts which involves turning and flying back over the same area again. This activity is highly impractical for conventional air traffic and also violates normal traffic regulations.

It also have problems explaining the sharp margins of the sprayed areas and the massive activity of these aircrafts during limited time periods on the day, and that this activity often occur over areas with normally little air traffic. The ability of these tracks to spread out and last for a long time also seems odd, even though this property is difficult to assess.

Some people think the autorities spray germs or toxic substances that will make people sick or unfertile and to reduce the population of Earth, or that they are using populations in epidemological experiments. The explanation is not as lunatic as it might sound, because certian authorities in certain countries have a documented historical record of using populations as unvoluntary guinea pigs. The explanation is however unlikely for the bulk of the activity, because also the authority persons and those practically performing the activity vould be in danger if this is the purpose.

Some think authorities are perfoming a mass vaxination of populations against certain diseases by spreading germs that cause a mild and mostly unmarkable variant of ths same diseases. The vaxination could be for serious purposes or be a grand scale research project to investigate the feasibility of such vaxination programs.

In case a massive epidemy of a serious disease threatening to break out, ability to vaxinate large populations so cheaply and rapidly would be highly useful, and one can be sure autorities therefore are higly tempted to develop and try out such methods. The methods have clear ethical problems, though, but historic records tell us that authorities tend to let the usefulness weight heavier than ethical conciderations in such cases. Still, it would be a waste of money to do scuh vaxinations in a grand scale before a real epidemy is threatening large populations, and such a grand scale vaxination program also has clear hazards, so the explanation can probably be valid only for a part of the activity.

There are claims that authorities spread substances that modify the feelings, thinking pattern and behavior of populations, and the elememt lithium that is in common use in the psychiatry to modify mood swings have been metioned.

NASA has admitted that this agency spread litium inorder to study the movement of gasses and plasmas in the upper athmosphere

Certain people claiming to have inside infromation tell that the military spread small aluminium particles in the atmosphere to deflect radar waves and make a zone o*-paque for insight by means of radar as a means of defence. The explanation might be valid in a minor scale, but massive spread of particles for that purpose would also make own radar equipment useless.

Some explain the activity as a grand scale weather modification project, or at least heavy research projects to test ways of modifying the weather. The main purpose for the projects is said to be shielding the earth from the sun-rays by reflecting them back and thereby reduce the atmospheric temperature to counteract the greenhous effect. Also other effects, like inducing rainfall, snowfall or modifying winds may be a part of the purpse. The effect is obtained by spreading particles that work as seeds for formation of cloads, and the misty carpet seen after a spraying session is cloads thus produced, and not the particles themselves.

The fact that the misty sheat produced by the activity actually do shield from sun-rays and decrease the temeprature, supports this explanation. It is also supported by the fact that politicians and authorities are talking about the greenhouse effect as a serious threat that necessitates grand scale countermeasures. The possible detection of substances like aluminium after such sessions or barium also support the explnation.

Great areas in Europe and North America have experienced a colder climate the latest years in pite of an increase in global temperature as a whole, which also might be explained as a result of weather modification activities.

Rain- and snowmaking by means of silver iodod crystals spread out in the air is actually done at special occations, for example to provide rain for the agriculture, and snow for wither sport arrangements, and it is not a great cocneptual leap to do something similar in a greater scalem but possible with cheaper substances than silver iodid.


The activity of the aircrafts causing misty sky over large areas is so abnormal in comparison to daily air traffic under ordinary regulations, that one must conclude that authorities perform some kind of purposeful activity not told about openly, and since this seem to occur in many countries, it is probably a kind of international project.

Most probably it is a grand scale weather modification project to counteract the greenhouse effect, or at least scientific activity to test out such a modification.This seems probable both because one can observe that the activity has such a shielding effect, and because countermeasures against global warming are generally spoken of as something necessary and urgent.

The method used seems to be spreading of small particles of aluminum or some salt in a great enough amount to induce cloud formation, but not in such an amount that it interferes with radar or is easily detectable.

Some of the activity probably also have the purpose of trying out airborne vaccines against diseases, and this part of the activity may even be combined with the spraying of weather-modificating substances. The frequent symptoms occurring after observed spreading are a strong indication for this. Also health authorities in any country have a heavy history of both secret experimentation on populqtions and of subjecting populations to secret means of treating or hindering diseases.

It is probable that some of the aerosol spreading have the purpose of modifying mental functions, and that they especially aim at making population more easy to controle and lead by reducing the capacity of critical thinking, making people more inclined to believe propaganda, more inclined to follow orders or suggestions, and have less sexual drive.

If you compare the bahavior of populations in the 1970es and the populations after 2000, the populations tend to act much more in accordance with all kind of orders and suggestions from any kind of authorities than before, tend to blindly believe anything authorities tell, and accept conditions imposed on them by authorities much more than before. Also the population after 2000 seems to a large extent to be sexually paralized. These mental changes in the populations suggest that some kind of secret modification of public feelings and behavior, making populations more easy to controle and lead, really is going on. By authorities is meant not only public authorities, but also strong private organizations and leaders of strong religious movements.

It is a fact that aerosoles containing chemical substances or microscopic particles of various kind occationally are spread by scientific organizations for the purpose of a variety of investigations. It is also a fact that the military does the same over areas for tactical purpose. These activities are mostly not secret at all. But they cannot explain the bulk of the aerosol spreading occuring masively over populated areas