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Products to combat aging changes in the skin, joints, muscles, circulatpry ststem, mental functions, digestion, and for general body appearance and function.

Go here for natural drugs against common health problems: Edema, hemorrhoids, hypothyroidism, prostata, acne, rosacea, vitiligo, PMS, UTI, candida, allergy, poor memory and other problems in the skin, circulation, urinary system, digestion, respiratory system, joints, mental functions, senses and more.

Products to care for the body and sexuality - products for women and men to enhance sexual satisfaction and abilities

Welcome to this online store with a collection of high quality sexual optimizer products for men an women. There are products to increase the sexual excitement and feelings, to boost performance, optimize sexual functions and items to develope the male genitals.  Further down on this page you will also find a vocabolary with definitions of sexual words, terms, expressions or concepts.

Toys for sexfun and products to perform sensual body massage

Equipment for sex fun, condoms, lubricants and erotic massage products - Through these links you can find all kind of equipment for sexual stimulation, for erotic massage and protection during sex. You can find: Condoms, dildos and vibrators, lubricants, massage lotions, perfumes, penis pumps, sexy underwear, toys for sexual roleplay, sex DVDs and magazines and much more.

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Penis pumps to make erections and to improve penile anatomy

Penis rings to maintain erections

Condoms of all shapes and sizes

Lubricators for a smooth, soft and senual action

Oils, lotions and tools for sensual massage

Vibrating stimulation tools

Dildos - mostly for the vagina, but some wil also fit the rectal entrance

Anal and rectal toys and lubricants

Eggs to keep in your vagina or other intimate areas

Creams and oils to boost female lust and vitalize female sexual reflexes

Vigorelle - female pleasure cream - To increase the pleasure in the clitoris, genital lips and vaginal area, to lube and to boost a women's intimate reactions like: vaginal lubrification, pelvic blood supply and engorgement. The increased intimate reactions will then also increase general excitement and erotic ecstacy.

Hersolutiongel - to tease up her physical lust - This topical product is to be placed on the most senual zones in her vulva. It makes her blood fill into her intimate areas. It smoothly lubricates the entrance to her inside.  It instantly turns on strong physical feelings and contribute to an intense orgasm.

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Pills to vitalize and ballance female intimate functions and strengthen a woman's sexual performance

Provestra ( Estravil ) - herbal lust pills for women - These herbal pills stimulate a woman's mental excitement, good physical sensations and endurance. They also optimize intimate blood supply, engorgement in her vulva, lubrification and sexual reflexes.  They will then also improve her genital pleasure, orgasmic strength and fertility.

Hersolution - to enhance the woman's libido and virility - Enhances her mental desire and enjoyment, enhances the bloodflow in her genitals, and boosts the responces in her intimate regions, like lubrication and good physical feelings, and the orgasmic process.

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Products to improve female sexual anatomy

Total Curve - treatment kit to enlarge and shape up the female breasts - This package consists of herbal based pills with substances that safely stimulate breast development and vitalization, it also has a gel to be smeared on the breasts that give the same effect from the outside and there are instructions for breast development exercizes.

Oils for men to maximize sexual pleasure and stimulate the erections

Prosolutiongel - for immediate and long lasting solid erections - A gel to apply on the penile head to make thick and hard erections come immediately and last long. You will feel an extreme arousal and intense pleasurful orgasms.

VigRX oil - for stronger erections - Oils to make erections larger, harder, longer lasting, and more sensual, and to lubricate the penis. 2-3 drops are enough for full effect.

Maxoderm - to amplify your erections and orgasms - Cream for the penis to get larger erections, longer lasting erections and more ample orgasms.

VigRXDelaySpray - serum to spray on the penis to help delay orgasm and ejaculation till you have got the full excitement and it is due for an ample orgasm - By using this serum to be sprayed on the penile head, you can stay on having fun the time you wish and delay the orgasm till the time you like it to happen. During this time your excitement will grow immensely and you will get an intense orgasm when you decide the time has come.

Devices and kits to enlarge and improve the penis and potency

Penis pumps and rings to make and maintain erections and for penis development and adjustment - Penis pumps togeather with a penis ring can be used to make and maintain an erection. By cautious use of a penis pump over some time, you can adjust the shape of your penis and reduce bendings and twists and, you may also make your penis larger.

Penis pumps to make erections and to improve penile anatomy

Penis rings to maintain erections

Proextender - a mechanical device to place along the penis that gradually will make it longer, thicker and more regularly shaped - You set this handy device on your penis and wear it folded upward with your penis some time each day for a period. The instrument pulls gently along the penis by a spring mechanism, stretch it, and stimulates the penis to produce more cells. Thereby the penis grows longer and somewhat thicker. The process also makes the penis straighter and more regular, and can be used to correct bendings, like for example by Peyronie's disease.

Pills and patches to make the penis capable of erecting itself larger

MagnaRx to produce larger and harder errections and enhance stamina - In addition to producing larger and harder erections, a great effect of these pills is enhanced edurance during sex, and better ability to control your physical reactions, so that the play lasts the time you want and you can plunge into a satisfactory fulfillment at the time you want.

Please click here to see a more thorough description of MagnaRx and to order

VigRxPlus pills to get larger erected penis - Pills to make the male sexual organ longer, thicker, more robust and more stable in its erected state.  The pills also generally vigorize the male sexual feelings, endurance and  orgasms.

ProSolution Plus - Penis effectivizer Pills - These pills let you get quicker emerging erections, harder erections and longer lasting erection. They help you to avoid too early ejaculation They also enhance the sexual appetite. These effects are achiebed by making the body able to produce hormones and signal substances more effetcively and at the right time.

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ExtenZe - potency and male lust pills - Makes the erections bigger, harder, more durable and generally intensify the sexual feelings in your mind and body.

Proenhance - Patches to make your penis more effective - To be fixed onto the skin near the penis. They give you greater ability to achieve erections and the erections will be larger and more durable. The patches have the same effect at the penis and genital area as the enhancement pills, but do not influence other body regions directly. They are the solution for men that only want a genitally focused effect or that allready take other supplements to stimulate the body as a whole.

Please click here to learn more or order - ProEnhance

TestRX - Pills to make you produce more testosterone and thereby increase your virility and sexual excitement - A stronger testosterone production will often increase your sexual drive and give you stronger potency. It can also give you stronger general physical and mental energy. It will also make it more easy to build muscles by training. If you have a lower testosterone production than an average young man, because you now have reach the age of 45 or older, or due to stressful exhausting life conditions, the effects of these pills will be especially valuable.

Semenax and volume pills - for better orgasms, better semen production and improved male physiology - Give you stronger and longer orgasms. Optimize semen production and quality, genital functions, sexual reflexes, intimate feelings and fertility. Please look at these two good products for these purposes and chose that which fits best your needs.

Cosmetic products to amplify erootic attraction and body comfort

Nexus Pheromones - fragrant for men to attract women - Perfume for men that arouses and attracts women,  using natural reactions mediated by pheromones. Get a fragrance that instantly awakens a woman's positive attention and improves your attraction power.

An exhibition of erotic fragrants for women and men - There are a lot of erotic perfumes on the market that will give an sexual attraction on other humans by the content of deepworking pheromones or by the mere sexual scent of the product, or both. This link leads to an exhibition of many of those products.

Please go here to see an exhibition of a lot of erotic fragrants and perfumes for women and men

Shavenomore - Ultra hair away - topical hair remover for both sexes - Removes unwanted hair by hindering the growth of hair on areas where it is applied - for both men and women. Use it on areas where you want a hairfree skin. Removes hair permanantly without waxing - for both men and women.

Increase your hair growth regain hair - for both sexes - Advecia is a new all-natural herbal supplement with ingredients proven to provide hair follicles with essential nutrients that aid in strengthen the hair follicle and the production of hair from the follicles. It may slow down or stop hair loss and may rewake dormant follicles.

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More products to optimize sex life and health

Natural drug to amplify your memory, acuitness, wakedness and logical capacity and to get rid of mental exhaustion - Brain Pills - This drug contains nutrients and natural stimulants with the opurpose of improving the functions in the brain on a general scale. It makes the brain functions nore alllert, more raapid, more able to solve complicated tasks and less prone to errors. You can expect better ability to sense and recogize patterns, better memory store and retrieval, better abilities carry throigh thinking and get less prone to get mentally tired.

ProShapeRx - helps slimming by lowering a too high appetite, by partly blocking uptake of calories, by increasing fat burning and by enhancing bodily activity - The slimming effect of this natural drug originates from four main principles: Decreasing of a too strong appetite, lowering uptake of starch from the intestines and storage of fat, stimulating fat metabolism so that you burn and eliminate more fat and making you feel more vital so that you increase your physical actiities.

Feel and look younger, reverce aging - A better growth hormone production will help regain skin thickness, muscle intactness, a jouvenile muscle/fat-ratio and other properties of youth. These products makes your body produce more growth hormone to the right time.

A generally working growth hormone production increaser for men and women:

This drug is formulated to restore the body and mental capabilities of men from the middle ages and older:

A great pharmacy of products to improve sexual life and to combat aging changes - This site has several great products to combat chronic problems and aging changes in the skin, blood circulation, joints, digestion, mental functions and generally working anti-aging drugs. There are also effective products to help slimming and to develop or revitalize your muscles.

Products for men and women to increase potency and sexual satisfaction. Anti-aging medicines. - please click here

More products to optimize sexual life of women and men

More products to help for specific health problems - digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, rheumatic, nervous, hemorrhoids, thyroid, poor memory, fatigue, edema and more

Dictionary with definitions and explanations of sexual concepts a-c

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ADULT - Adult basically means a grown up and mature person. It is however also used about materials or products suited only for adult persons or thought being suited only for these. More specifically it is used about products for sexual use and about stories, pictures and movies with a sexual content. The origine of this use of the world is the common opinion that sexual material, products and practices only are suited for grown up persons.

Eductation and educative material about sexuality are however often not regarded as adult as long as the material do not depict sexual organs or sexual situations fully realistically.

ADULTERY - Sexual relations between a married person and another married to someone else

AGATE - A small penis

AIDS and HIV - AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease attacking the immune system of a person, and making him susceptible to a lot of other diseases. These diseases will often after some time kill the person. AIDS is caused by the HIV virus. To be HIV-positive (or have HIV) is the same as having the HIV-virus in the body, but a HIV-positive person is not necessarily yet sick from AIDS. There is no curative treatment for HIV and AIDS, but there exist medications that can slow down the progress of the virus.

APHRODISIACA - singular aphrodisiacum (afrodisiacum afrodisiaca ) - These are Substanses that increase sexual drive, sexual lust or virility for men and women. Aphrodisiaca of natural origine have been a part of most cultures since many millennia. Most afrodisiaca are of herbal origin, but some are derived from the mineral realm, the zoological kingdom, the fungal kingdom or from microorganisms. Since the commancement of the pharmacology based on chemical syntesis, synthetic aphrodisiaca have also been manufactured, but in the reasant years naturally derived aphrodisiaca has again gained popularity.

ANACLITISM - to be attracted to being treated as a child with child care objects, like: Breast sucking, enemas, toilet training, spanking, diapers, being bathed, being nurtured, infant apparel, playing with dolls, spanking, rubber pants, rubber aprons, etc.

ANAL INTERCOURSE - Sex between two persons where one of them penetrates the anus (anal opening, rectal opening, rectal orefice ) of the other, most often with the penis.

ANAL BEADS - These are a series of beads thread on a string or sometimes casted together as one object. Often the beads are of different size with the smallest in one end and the thickest in the other end. The beads are to gently be inserted into the anus and as long up in the rectum or lower colon as possible without meeting resistance. The beads can stimulate just by residing in the rectum, one can move them genly out or in or pull them gently out.

ANAL STRETCHING - This is a technique where objects is inserted into the anus and possibly all the way into the lover colon in order to strech the anal opening or the inner anal walls to a wider size. The purpose is sometimes just to get a sexual pleasure from the stretching of the anal opening and the anal wall, other times it is done to dilate the upening or the anus permanently. Anal stretching can be a medical procedure or it sometimes done as a sexual play, for example a medical fetish play. It is sometimes often done with dildos or conical medical instruments, and somtimes with medical specula. Stretching out the anal opening to permanently dilate it or make it more elastic can give functional or sexual advantages if done cautiously, but to overdo it can cause injury. Streching out the inside of the anus or colon to a permanently wider size can cause rupture or other dangerous injury or cause functional problems if not done in a strict medical setting and with medical purposes. The object used for anal stretching must be smooth and well lubricated.

ANALINGUS - Kissing, licking and penetration of the anus by the tongue

ANISONOGAMY - To be sexually attracted by a person much older or much jounger than oneself

ANIME - Anime is japanese animation movies or comics made as an animation movie as the origine of the material. In the3 west it is most often used about Japanese animation with a sexual content or even about Japanese comics with a sexual content, that is instead of the word Hentai.

ANGEL - Male who pays for sexual acts

APHRODISIACS - Apphrodisiacs are substances, for example herbs. with the ability to increase sexual arousal, dezire and performance. Some of these are general enhancers of allertness and performance like ginseng. Ordinary coffee or tea are also aphrodisiac media because they enhance allertness and that includes also sexual allertness.

ANUS - The opening of the rectum. The anus is surrounded by two circular muscles, the outer and inner anal spincter, that usually close the anus, but relaxe by defecation, and also relaxe by anal intercourse in an individual used to anal penetration.

AROUND THE WORLD - The act of kissing the entire body as a prelude to sex

ASEXUAL - Absence of sexual feelings, either the psycological emotions of attraction to another person or the physical genital feelings by sex. Zoologically or botanically the term ia used about species or individuals that do not engage in sex or do not need sex for reproduction

ASEXUAL - This adjective means "without sex" or "without gender". It is used in several circumstances, for example: About a person without sexual drive or emotions. About a living being without sexual organs. About reproduction not dependent of sexual interactions.

ASPHYXOPHILIA - To be sexually exited by lack of oxygen. To explore such techiques i is very dangerous, and may lead to spontaneous unconsciousness and suffocation

ASS - The buttocks and rectal opening together. Is also called arse, backside, behind bottom, bum, buns, butt buttocks, can, derriere, fanny, fuck fundament.

ASSHOLE - The anus or opening of the rectum

Assballs - Lumps of dried stool sticking to hairs around the anus. The word may however in some social environments be used about the buttocks. The word is also used about an obese stomch that looks like two stomachs, one below the beltline and one above it.

AUNTIE - An aging male homosexual

AUTO-EROTICISM - To feel attraction to oneself and doing sexual acts with oneself- including masturbation. Auto-erotism is a normal part of a normal sex-life. Autoerotism is of importance to every human beeings sexual and psychological development in the childhood and preteen period, and is neccessary to achieve a good self esteem.

AUTO-FELLATIO - To suck on ones own penis

AUTO-SADISM - The ability or tendency to be sexually arosed by inflicting pain on oneself, or the act of doing painful acts with oneself in order to gain sexual pleasure

AXILIARY INTERCOURSE - Sexual stimulation by moving the erect penis back and forth in the armpit of the partner.

AVN - Adult Video News - This is a magazine for presenting, advertizing and trading adult or porngographic videos. It is mostly targeted against porn retailers. Each year AVN arranges a comptetition to give the best porn video an award in the style of the Oscar statuette competition of the film industry. AVN arranges an anual adult convention in Las Vegas in Nevada where the famous pornstars is a part of the show where also the vinner of the award is presented.

AXILLISM - Using the armpit in sexual play

BACK SCUTTLE - Performing anal intercourse

BAG - The scrotum

BACK YARD - The buttocks

BALL - A wild sex activity

BALLS - The testicles. Somtimes the word is also used about the whole scrotum and its content. In some languages or social environments the word ball or balls, derivations of it or compositions with it are used about a buttock or the two buttocks together, for example ass balls, assbajls, butt balls, buttballs.

BALLOONING - Ballooning refers to several activities where one inflates intimate body parts with air, water, urine, or a an inserted ballon, for example: Restricting the tip of the perpuce so that it is inflated during urination, injecting sterile water into the scotum, pumping up the vagina with a inserted balloon, pumping up the anus with an inflatable object.

Bam, bang, thank you, mam - This is a saying about a man performing a rapid and simple fuck so that he gets a quick climax, and leaving the women in an unsatisfied state.

BANANA - The penis


BASKET - The bulge made by male sex organs in jeans, briefs and trunks

BASKET SHOPPING - Observing the male genitalia through clothing

BDSM - stands for "bondage & discipline and domination & submission and sadism & masochism" BDSM is to get sexual satisfaction of and taking part in activities where one part exert dominance, disiplinary actions, humiliation, punishment, spanking or other painful actions over the other part. BDSM activities are usually strictly controlled so that the sexual gratification for both parts are greater than the painful feelings from the actions and so that noone is hurt by the action. BDSM is usually perfomed as a sort of roleplay with use of costumes and tools appropriate for the role played. Playing the dominant part in these activities are denoted sasism and playing the dominated part masocism.

BEAT OFF Masturbation

BEEFCAKE - Male possessing sex appeal

BENT STICK - An unerectable penis

BELLS - In the Scandinavian language the testicles are often called by the word for bells. This expression "the bells" may somteimes also be heard in English about the testicles.

BI-SEXUAL - One who enjoys both sexes. Scientifically it also denotes a person, animal or plant with both masculine and feminine sexual organs.

BIG BROTHER 2006 2007 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 - Big Brother is a reality television format. In each series, which lasts for around three months, a number of people (normally fewer than fifteen at any one time) live together full-time in a 'Big Brother House', isolated from the outside world but under the continuous gaze of television cameras. The houseguests try to win a cash prize by avoiding periodic, usually publicly-voted, evictions from the house. The 'real life soap', was invented by the Dutchman John de Mol and developed by his production company, Endemol. It has been a prime-time hit in almost 70 different countries. The show's name comes from George Orwell's 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, in which Big Brother is the all-seeing leader of the dystopian Oceania. Having get used to the life together and the fact that everybody can watch their dailly life, the participants steadily more also exhibit sexual behaviour openly, and this is perhaps the most important attraction of the show.

The show has created a lot of special versions, off-springs and copies in many countries, for example Celebrity Big Brother, and Teen Big Brother year 2006 2007 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 .

BITCH - A loose woman or feminine male

BLIND - An uncircumcised penis

BLOW - To perform oral intercourse

BLOW JOB or BLOWJOB - The act of oral intercourse

BLUE BALLS - Severe need to experience sexual orgasm

BLUE MOVIES - Porno movies

BOOBS - Female breasts

Boner - A slang word for erection

BONKERS - Female breasts

BOTTOM - The word can mean the buttock and rectal area. It is also used about a person being dominated in a BDSM roleplay or relationship.

BURLESQUE - Something is burlesque if it has big parts, strong colours, sharply defined geometrical profiles and other strong properties, but in such a way that it feels rediculous and brings laughter. A bourlesque women wil for example have great and fat breats, broad hips, broad shoulders, large and fat buttocks, thick and fat thighs, a fat and over-sized sexual organ, and jet be distinctly slim in the mid. Furthermore she he will dress herself in thight clothes with some big and outstanding accessories, and with horribly strong colors.

BRING OFF - Ejaculation in the male

BRONCO - Young male who is difficult to restrain during intercourse

BROWN - To perform anal intercourse

BROWNIE QUEEN - Passive partner in anal intercourse

BUBBLEBUTT, bubble butt - Bubblebutt is buttocks that are extraorinary round like bubbles or balls. Some persons have such butt naturally, others have aquired in by sport or training activities.

BUKKAKE - A ceowd of many naked persons clinging tightly together and doing sexual actions with each other.

BUGGER - To perform anal intercourse

BULL-DYKE - A masculine female homosexual

BUTTBALLS - The formation of buttballs is made when a man inserts his penis fully into another person's anus so that his testicles press into the person's buttocks. In some languages or social environments the word may also be used about the buttocks.

BUTT PLUG - A butt blug is a conical object to be inserted into the anus and remain there as a sexual stimulatnt. The end which is not inserted usually has a narrowed area and again a much wider shape at the very end so that the plug is locked in place in the anal upening. Buttplugs come in a vaiety of shapes and sizes.

BUMMER - Active partner in anal sex

BUNS - The buttocks


CAMP - Behave in an effeminate manner

CAN - The buttocks

CANDY MAKER - A woman or man who masturbates a male and then consumes the ejaculated semen

CASTRATION - To remove the testicles or render them ineffective by surgery or injury.

CAHETER AND CATHETERIZATION AND CATHETER PLAY - Catheters are flexible or rigid tubes that are used to empty the bladder with, by inserting it through the urethra all the way to the bladder. Catheters are sometimes used for sexual stimulation or in sexuasl role-play. Catheters must be absolutely clean before use and the genitals must also be well cleaned.

CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER 2006 2007, 2005, 2004 2003 2002 2001 - Originally created as a one-off tie-in series by Channel 4 in association with the BBC's Comic Relief charity telethon, Celebrity Big Brother is now a full spin-off of Big Brother UK, shown on Channel 4, S4C, E4, E4+1 and Internet live streaming and downloading, backed up with email and sms text news reports to subscribers. The series features a number of celebrity contestants living in the Big Brother House, trying to avoid eviction by the public with the aim of winning a large cash prize to be donated to the winner's nominated charity at the end of the run. The show uses the same house and presenters as the non-celebrity version of the most recent series, but the time length is shorter than a normal Big Brother UK series. The celebrities are normally paid for their appearances, on the basis that they don't voluntarily leave. Having get used to living together and showing themselves and their dayly life to everyone, the participants steadily more also exhibit sexual behaviour openly, and this is perhaps the most important attraction with the show.

CERVICAL CAP - A cap-formed object inserted into the bottom of the vagina to cover the cervical opening as a contraceptive device

CHANGE YOUR LUCK - To engage in a gay sex act for the first time

CHASTE - To engage in the most orginary sexual activites

CHEAT- To be unfaithful to one's regular sex partner

CHEEKS - Fleshy portions of buttocks

CHERRY - One who is still a virgin

CHICKEN - A young, attractive male

CIRCUMCISION - Surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis. It is used for religious, hygienic or medical reasons. Even though male circumcision is a practice of long traditions in many cultures, it is highly controversial. In some cultures smaller or greater parts of the female organ are also removed of religious or traditional reasons. This is called female circumcision. It is generally regarded as a criminal practice, except in the communuities where it is common.

CHLAMYDIA - This is a sexually transmitted bisease caused by a bacterium. It attacks the sexual body parts, but also sometimes the eyes. The disease has often very little symptoms, and can be undetected, but can cause sterility. It is cured by antibiotica.

CLAP - Gonorrhea or other venereal disease.

CLIMAX - To achieve the high point of feelings by sexual activity. Often refers to ejaculation by the male

CLIT - The clitoris

CLITORIS - Anatomical structure of the female genitalia between the upper part of the female lips. It is developed from the same structures as a man's penis and it gives sexual feelings upon stimulation just as a man's penis. The clitoris have four deep inner extentions, the crura of clitoris, that reach under both the great female lips and around the urethra and vaginnal area.

CLOSET QUEEN - A male homosexual who hides his desires for other men

COCK - The penis

COCKSUCKER - One who performs oral intercourse on the penis

COCKTEASER - One who excites a male wihtout carrying on to actual sexual relations

COITUS - Sexual intercourse

COITUS IN ANO - Anal intercourse

COITUS INTERRUPTUS - Withdrawal of the penis prior to ejaculation

COLD - Unresponsive to sexual suggestions, stimuli and relations

COME - To achieve sexual orgasm

CONDOM - Rubber sheath worn on the penis to catch up the semen and prevent it from entering the vagina

CONTINENCE - To refrain from sexual activity.

CONTRASEPTION - to prevent pregnancy.

CONTRASEPTIVE - preventing pregnancy.

COPROPHAGIA - To be sexually stimulated by tasting or eating stool. Most people find the taste and smell from secretions in the anal opening exciting and the small degree of smell and taste from stool that remains in that area when cleaned normally every day will also be exciting to many. Coprophagia, howebver, is the drive to taste and eat real amounts of stool.

CORNHOLE - Anal intercourse

CORONA- Rim of flesh which forms the base of the head of penis

CRABS LICE - This is a small parasite, resambling a very small crab, living in the pubic area of a person and that also can spread to other areas. They are often transmitted by sexual contact.

CROTCH - Juncture of the thighs with the body; the genitals and anal area. The word is used difusely about the vulva, the area between the legs and the cleft between the buttocks or about this whole area. It is seldome or never used about the male genital organ separately.

CRUISE - The hunt for a sex partner

CUNDRUM - A rubber sheather worn on the penis

CUNNILINGUS - Stimulating a woman's genitals with your mouth

CUM Semen

CUNT - The female external genital organs, including the vagina. This is actually the old traditional word for the female organ.

CYBERSEX - Use of sexual video, audio, pictures or stories made available through internet, or conversations with other persons about sexual matters through the net.

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