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IMPOTENT / impotence - Unable to engage in sexual intercourse. Most often the word is used of a man that is unable to get erection, and therefore have difficulty penetrating another persons hole.

INCEST - bacically incestmeans sexual relations between family members, regardless of age. In the later years the use of this word have inflated, and is by now often used about sexual activities between an authority person and a teeneger, kid or child, such as a teacher and a student, a trainer and a young person or a doctor / psychologist and a young or preteen patient. The use of the word incest has also inflated in such a way that it is now often used about acts that are not directly sexual, but may be interpreted to have a sexual impact. There is also a tendency to define all occurences of insest as a kind of rape. Because of this, the general public often gets false pictures of the incest occurance rate and the magnitude of the incest problem, and steadily more often people or instances make up false incest stories in order to gain some echonomic, power or psychological proffit. Incest is illegal in most jurisdictions, but the definicion used by the jurisdictions can vary conciderably. For example will sexual relations between cougines not be regarded as incest in some places, while in others it sorts under the term incest.

INJURED IDOL - Injured idols is a sexual practice where a person wraps bandages around body parts to look injured, most often around the head, to attract other persons sexually. Most often women do this and it is common in Japan. The attracted person may aproach not because of any eventual sexual ettraction, but because of a feeling of sympathy and the whish to help. The person may of cource also feel sexual attraction at once to the apparently injured person, and not because of the fictive injury, but need the whish to help and comfort as an excuse for approaching. There is possibly also a basic psychological mechanism that gives sexual feelings when one sees a person that needs help and comfort. The intimacy thus created can then be used by both persons also for flirting and for initiating a sexual process.

INTERCOURSE ( or sexual intercourse) - Sex between two people where at least one penetrates a body opening of the other is called intercourse. The word may however be used in a wider meaning, for example when two persons lay tight against each other and have tight contact with their sexual body parts.


JACK OFF - To masturbate

JAIL BATE - One who is under 18/17/16/15 years of age and thus unlawful to have sex with. The age depends upon the jurisdiction of the respective community

JELQ or JELQING - Jelqing is an exercize to gradually enlarge the penis. One often begins by applying a warm wet cloth around the penis to soften the tissues. Then one stretches repeatedly the penis with milking movements. The techique must however be learned accurately to be effective and not to cause damage.

JERK OFF - To masturbate

JOHN - One who financially supports another for sex favours

JOINT - The penis


KICKS - Sexual thrills

Kelly Jackson / Rachel Darrian - A femele nude movie acttress. Born in Hutchinson, Kansas, moved to California at the age of 7. She started her career as a nude lesbian photoshoots model. Then she began participating in lesbian and later on in hetro-oriented adult films. She was working Derrick Lane whom she married in 1994, but aletr divoreced. She signed an exclusive contract with Vivid Video.

Racquel Darrian is sometimes referred to as the "brunette goddess of porn"[1] and her most celebrated attribute is her derriere. Darrian has appeared in Penthouse and Playboy magazines.

KNOCK OF A PIECE - To have sexual intercourse


LACE CURTAINS - The foreskin (prepuce) of the penis

LAVENDER - Pertaining to the homosexual lifestyle

LAY - To perform sexual intercourse

LESBIAN - A female homosexual

LIBIDO - Sexual appetite or to experience sexual attraction to someone

LOAD - The fluid from an ejaculation

LOLITA - The word detotes a person of an age just before puberty or just about puberty onset. However, the term lolita is steadily more often used on web-sites just to attract visitors, because many people use it as a search-term on the web to obtain pictures of girls before puberty. It is also by now often used about adult women or late teenage girls that still look childish. One may also encounter the expression " lolita boy " about boys just before puberty. The word originates from a romance about a love affair between a grown up perseon and a girl just before or about the puberty onset.


MAKE OUT - To succeed sexually

MANGA - Manga is Japanese comics or print cartoons read by people of all ages depicting many types of actions and figures made in a specific japanese style with a long histoy back in Japanese artwork. Manga depicting sexual actions between young persons is the best known type in the western communities and on the Internet.

MARY - An effeminate-acting male

MASOCHISM - Getting sexual gratification by being dominated, punished, coctrolled or disiplined by another part or being treated in a painful way.

MASTURBATION / masturbate / mastrubation/ mastrubate - Manual manipulation of genitals in order to get pleasure and obtain orgasm. Also called jack off, hand job.

MATINEE - A sex session in the afternoon

MEAT - The penis

Manwhore - A male prostitute

MEDICAL FETISH - Medical fetish is getting sexual pleasure from medical procedures, instruments and procedures, either by having or playing the role as the patient or the doctor or nurse. It can be a general medical fetish or being attracted to special situations like: enema fetish, catheter fetish, rextal temperature fetish, dental fetish, anesthesia fethish, aroused by urethral procedures an so on.

MEDORTHOPHOBIA - Fear of an erect penis

MENTULATE - Having a large dick

M/S -A BDSM abbreviation for master and slave.

METOPHILIA - A paraphilia where a person is extremely aroused by another person's face

METROSEXUAL - The term metrosexual is used about men having a typical urban lifestyle, often going shopping, often partying, often going, to fashionable arrangements of any kind, eager to keep up to the latest fashion, and caring extremely much for their apparance, as for the clothes, skin and body, and often in such a way that they look like young feminine homosexuals.

MILF - abbreviation for "mother I'd like to fuck" - The term milf denotes married wives that actively and openly seek other sex-partners than their husbands.

MISSIONARY POSITION - the man or boy lays on his belly upon the girl /woman laying on her back.

MULADHARA - Tantric sex term for the 1st Chakra. This chakra is situated around the base of the spine near the rectal opening. A chakra is according to Indian philosophy a station for the vital energy that distributes that energy to a section of the body.

MULIBERTY - The adoption of female characteristics by a male.

MONS PUBIS - The elevated area located just around and above the labia or above or round the penis.

MUSK (Oil) - A substance of a reddish brown color, and when fresh ofthe consistence of honey, obtained from a bag being behind the navel of the male musk deer. It has a slightly bitter taste, but is specially remarkable for its powerful and enduring odor. It is used in medicine as a stimulant antispasmodic. The term is also applied to secretions of various other animals and of plants, having a similar odor. The substance is also used as a pheromone in fragrants. The term is further used about oily substances from herbs having the same sort of smell, for example musk shrew (sorex murimus), a shrew found in India.

MUSKY - Having a smell of musk.

MUTUAL CLIMAX - When two or more individuals reach orgasm at the same time

MUTUAL MASTURBATION - Two people who stimulate each other's genitals at the same time, or who stimulate their own genitals simultaneously are engaging in mutual masturbation. N

NARCISSISM - The ability to be stimulated by one's own body. Most people have this ability as a normal property. Many psychologist will only use the word narcissism when the interest in one`s own body is of such a kind that it makes the person handicapped in his sexual or social relations to other persons.

NATAL CLEFT - The cleavage between the buttocks.

NECK - To embrace, kiss and fondle

NYMPHOMANIA - Nymphomania is to have an exceptional strong sexual drive. The word is mostly used about woman. The corresponding word used about men is satyriasis.

NYMPHOMANIAC - A nymphomaniac is a person having extremely strong sexual drive. Mostly used about woman.

NUTS - The testicles


OLD DIRT ROAD - Using the anus for intercourse.

OLD MAN - One who supports a younger sex partner.

ONE NIGHT STAND - A sexual affair between two or more people who will probably never see each other again.

ONE WAY - Will perform only one type of sexual activity.

ORAL INTERCOURSE - A sexual activity whereby the mouth of one person is used in connection with the sexual organs of another person to produce sexual gratification

ORGASM - The peak of sensation during sexual activity


PANSY - A male homosexual

PARAPHERNALIA (singular: paraphernalium) - Generally paraphernalia are just equipment used within a specific type of activity, for example specific sexual activities like fetish or BDSM or sports activities like baseball or skiing. In traditional law it denotes objects owned specifically by one member in a marriage. In the forensic field there is a strong tendency to use the word to denote equipment used for illegel sexual activities or violent activities.

PASSIVE - The fuckee PEARL DIVER - One who performs oral sex on the penis

PENIS PILLS - These are pills, usually of herbal nature, that increase the size of the penis in its erect state and fscilitate the erections. Farmaceutical preparates to induce erection, like Viagra, are not usually called penis pills.

PECKER - The penis

PEDERASTY (paederasty) - Sexual intercource between an adult man and a younger boy where the man is the active partner , usually anal intercource.

PEDERAST (paederast) - An adult that is sexually attracted to young teenagers and possibley have sex with them. It is most often used about adult men with an attraction to teenage boys. The teenager may however have reach the legal age in the society.

PEDOFILIA (PEDOPHILIA PAEDOPHILIA, PAEDOFILIA)- Sexual love of a child by an adult.

PEDOFIL - An adult being predominantly sexually attracted to children and possibly having sex with them. Having sex with children is illegal on most communities, but the age where a person is reaching the legal age vary from country to country.

PEGGING - When a women penetrates a man through his anal opening with some device strapped on herself, it is called pegging. The penetration through the anus and into the rectum of the man is mostly done with a dildo that the female has strapped on in front of her genitals. The device being used must be lubricated or the rectal opening of the man must be lubricated so that the penetration through the rectal orefice occurs without painful friction.

PEEPING TOM - A voyeur.

PENIS - The male sex organ consisting of head, shaft and base. The penis also have a hidden part laying under the scrotum and reaching far back in the perineum.

PENIS PILLS - Pills to make the penis get bigger erections, to make the penis grow bigger, get more easily erect or function better in other ways. Most producents of penis pills will not claim that the penis get more tissue mass, only that in gets able to grow bigger during erections.

PENIS TRACTION DEVICES - Mechanical devices to wear on the penis some time dayly to gradually extend the penis to a greater size or to correct miscofigurations in the penis. The devices make a gentle traction that over time makes the penis greater. PERINEUM - The area between the anus and the testicles or vagina

PERVERT - One who receives sexual gratification from abnormal or harmful sex acts. What is concidered abnormal or harmful is seldome based upon scientific knowledge, and varies from society to society. It can also be used about the abnormal act or sexual tendency itself. Nowadys only actions that clearly is hurting the actor itself or his/her partner is called pervert when the word is used in a serious manner. It is however often used in a derogatory, jokingly or mildly teesing way about strange, kinky or unusual sexual acts or tendensies, or about persons liking such acts.

PERVERSION - The state of being pervert. It is also often used in the mening pervert action or pervert habit.

PETER - The penis

PHALLUS or PHALLOS - Pallus is he penis. The word which is of Greek origine is mostly used about the fully erect penis. The greek version of the word is phallos, phallus is a latinized version.

PHALLOPHILIA - To feel attraction to an extraordinary great erect penis

PHEROMONES - Chemicals that a person have on his skin, either applied or as a natural secret that disolves into the air. When other persons senses the feromones with their sensorial organs in their nose, the substance make the sensing person feeling aroased and attracted to the person emanating the feromones. This sensing may be unconscious, but the aroasel will be felt.

PICKUP - Stranger who is induced to go elsewhere for sex.

PIRELLI CALENDAR - The Pirelli Calendar is a trade calendar issued by the Pirelli company's UK subsidiary. It presents glamour pictures of girl models, including artistic nude photos. It is only given to selected customers and VIP persons and is made in only a restricted number. Being a model and a photographer on that calendar is concidered highly prestigious.

Some of the models or celebrities having appared in this calendar are: Sienna Miller, Naomi Campbell, Eva Riccobono, Malgosia Bela, Gisele BŘndchen, Emanuela de Paula, Sonny Freeman Drane, Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Selma Blair, Lauren Bush, Elsa Benitez, Laetitia Casta, Rachael Leigh Cook, Milla Jovovich, Doutzen Kroes, Heidi Klum, Sophia Loren, PenÚlope Cruz, Brittany Murphy, Amy Smart, Julia Stiles, Karolina Kurkova, Caroline Trentini, Raica Oliveira, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Bridget Moynahan, Shannyn Sossamon, Mena Suvari, Monet Mazur, Aurelie Claudel, Fernanda Tavares, Isabeli Fontana, Frankie Rayder, Angela Lindvall, Hilary Swank and Yamila DÝaz. (This list is copied from Wikipedia and is therefore free to reuse for everyone)

PISS HARD ON - An erect penis caused by the need to urinate. The phenomenon is most frequent in young boys and teens. The erection can cause difficultis for the urination so that he erection have to get down first in order to fully urinate.

POCKET POOL - Masturbating through pants pocket.

POKE - To engage in sexual intercourse.

PORNOGRAPHY - also called porn or porno - The word denotes pictures, games, hentai, lyrics, anime photgraphs, texts, films /movies /videos that depict nude humans, sex acts or genitals and has the purpose of making the viewer or reader sexually exited. However, if the material has some artistic quality, or is ment as jokes, it is usually not called pornography, but instead erotic, literotica, etc. Also if the purpose mainly is to educate about health topics, the term pornography is not used. Often the use of words, such as boobs, big tits, pussy, cock, villey, dick, babes etc. determines if some material is called porno. If other words as breasts, penis, vagina, girls etc had been used, the same material would not be denoted as porn. Also if something appears in for example Playboy, it is authomatically called pornography. Pornographic material is often marked by the symbols xxx or xxxx or even xxxxx.

PORN STAR or porno star - famous men and women that act naked in pornographic videos, pictures, etc, such as Paris Hilton, Carmen Electra, etc. There is a difference between porno stars and erotic stars that do not show themselves totally naked like Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, etc. Also mainstream actors can act in nude scenes or even sexually explicit scenes without being tagged as porn stars as long as the scenes have an artistic purpose superior to the sexual excitement that they may provoke.

PRE-CUM - precum - or pre-cum juice - Natural lube which oozes from the penis before the full semen load comes out. It consists mostly of secrets form small glands along the urthra.

PRETEEN (pre-teen) - The word denotes a person of an age just before puberty. However, the term preteen is steadily more often used on web-sites to attract visitors, because many people searh on the web to obtain pictures of boys and girls before puberty. It is also by now often used about adult persons or late teenagers that still look childish.

PRECUM (pre-cum) - This is a fluid leaking out through the pee-hole of men and teenage boy whwn they are sexually aroused but before ejaculation. It consists mostly of prostate secretions.

PRINCE ALBERT PIERCING - This is a piercing that enters just beneath the penis head at the under-side at the place of the frenulum, goes into the urethra and comes out through the urinary orefice. It is done with a wihdrawn foreskin in an uncircumcised penis. The piercing hole is usually made at the side of the frenulum in an uncircumcised penis and in a circumcised penis with the frenulum intact.

PRINCE'S WAND - This is an elongate cylindrical object with conical shape in each end that is inserted into the penis through the urethral upening and held in place with a handle going perpendicularly from the object through a piercing hole just after and beneeth the penile head and with a sphere at the end of the handle just outside the piercing hole.

PRO - A prostitute

PROSTATE - Glands around the urethra beneath the bladder which produces the viscous fluid making up the bulk of the semen. The sperm cells from the testicles are then blended with this fluid in the two seminal vescicles at the backside of the bladder above the prostate, thus making the complete semen. The semen is then stored in these vescicles before ejaculation.

PT - A prick teaser

PUNK - A male prostitute

PUSHOVER - Easily persuaded to engage in sex

PUSSY or puss- The female external genital organs, including the vagina. Also called beaver box bush cleft crease crevice crotch cunny cunt fuckhole gash glove mound, muff quim slit snatch twat vagina vulva. Even though the pussy often is called vagina, this term is incorrect.

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