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Dictionary with definitions of sexual terms - q-z


QUARTERLOAF - A sexual act so deviant and disgusting that it is nearly unbelieveble.

QUEEN - An effeminate male homosexual.

QUEER - A queer is a homosequal, bisexual and trandgender person. Originally the term was used derogatively, but by now it is often used by members of these groups to denote themselves. The word can also be used about strange sexual practices or attitude or about persons that are very pecular for some reason.

QUEEF, QUIFE or QUIFING - A queef is a stream of air expelled from a voman's vagina, sounding like a fart. It can result from air being pushed into the vagina when the penis goes in and stays there during intercource and then is released after intercource. The reason for this happening can be a lax vagina that is partially open before the penis is going in. Some women use their pelvic muscles to inhale air and expell it again as a kind of play.

QUEFF - Queff is when air goes in an out of the vagina, especially durinhg intercource.

QUENDO - A quendo is a homosexual male. The term is sometimes used to make an easy tone, sometimes in a derogative sense. It is also used about a person acting without thinking first.

QUIM - Quim is an old term from the Victorian age used to denote the secrets from the vagina or the rest of the vulva, especially those fluids abundant during orgasm. It is now more often used about the vulva or vagina itself and usually derogatively. It is most common in certain variants of British slang and especially Welch slang.

QUIRPER - A man that likes to sniff at the bicycle seats of females.

QUICKIE - A very brief sex act.


RAPE - Forcibly performed sexual intercourse. The word is stedily more, but erronously, used about any act one person does with another that is not appreciated by the person acted on or by the society.

Traditionally the term was used only when the intercourse involved penetration or attempt of penetration. In the later years the word steadily tends to be used of any kinds of sex with one involuntary partner.

RECTUM - The ending part of the intestinal tract, between the colon and the anus. The rectum and the anus are themselves sites for strong sexual feelings in both sexes, and by pressing against the rectal walls it is possible to stimulate also nearby internal genital organs.

RECTAL INTERCOURSE - Sex between two persons where one of them penetrates the rectal opening (anus) of the other, most often with the penis. Also called anal intercource.

RIM / RIMMING - (Also called Anal-oral contact as anal-oral sex, rimjob, salad tossing, butt/ass licking or eating, eating out, or anilingus) - Rimming is to use the tongue in the rectal opening (anus) or on its peripherial surroundings. Ways of rimming are: Kissing, licking, sliding the tongue in and out of the anus. The person being rimmed will tyically stand on his knees and elbows, or lay on his side with his legs flexed up, positions that separate the butt cheeks and exposes the rectal opening. The person rimming will also often further held the butt cheeks apart with the fingers.

ROD - The penis

RUBBER - A condom


SADISM - Sexual stimulation associated with the desire to inflict pain, physical or mental on another, or stimulation by knowing than one has power over another person.

SADOMASOCHISM - s&m - s & m - Both sadism and masochism existing in the same person. The word is also used about the roleplay or relationship between a sadist and a masochist, both acting out their own role. Furthermore, the word is used when talking both about sadism and masochism in the same speach. Thee word BDSM is also used about these combined roles, but BDSM has as somewhazt wider meaning than sadomasochism.

SATYRIASIS - Satyriasis is a man having exceptionally strong sexual drive.

SCHLONG - Schlong is a word for a long penis, especially when somewhat snake-like, used in American urban settings. It may have originated in Yiddish speaking comunities and is related to a Yiddish word for snake. Other source says it originates from the the name of a man, Arthur D. Clarke Schlong, a donkey breather or Swedish origin. SCORE - To achieve sexual intercourse

SCROTUM - The pouch or sac with contains the testicles

SEA FOOD - A sailor as a sex object

SEMEN - The fluid produced during ejaculation of the male. The bulk of the fluid is produced in the prostate gland, and the rest, including the sperm cells, originates from the testicles.

SEXUAL ADDICTION - a sexual desire of such a kind that it sets aside other important aspects of life. The term is overused nowadays by psychologists or other instances that have an economical gain from diagnosing and treating sexual addiction. A person that is much more interested in sex than the averidge is not a sex addict if the increased sex interest adds to the enjoyment of life.

SEXUAL ABSTINENCE - Sexual abstinence is to have no sex or less sex in a period than one have a need to, ans o that one feels hunger for sex. Sexual abstinence can be voluntary for some purpose or forced.

SEXUAL ABUSE - Sexual abuse is a sexual act from one person upon another person that is done without consent, or is painfull, frightening, physically harmfull or mentally harmfull. In most countries sexual relationships between an adult person and a minor under a certain age is prohibited. The minor age varies from country to country. It can for example be 18,17,16 or 15 years. Sexual relationships breaking this age rule, and thus breaking the law is often authomatically called sexual abuse of the minor person, regardless of the act was consented or not, and regardless of the act resulted in injury or not.

SEXUAL ECSTACY - A condition with an immense mental sexual arousal and pleasure combined with strong coupled bodily sexual feelings. Other kinds of feelings are strongly decreased. The concentration is solely pointed at the mental and physical sexual feelings. But the concentration do not need any effort. It is authomatic. The peak in an orgasm will often get so strong that in results in an ectacy, but this ecstacy goes away after the orgasm. By continous sexual stimulation in a relaxed manner and a relaxed concentration upon the feelings caused by this stimulation, a sexual ecstacy can be achieved without orgasm, and this ecstacy can exist for a long time.

SEX DOLLS - Sex dools are dolls, most often with a human and female shape, with orefices like mouth, vagina and anus and that can be used for intercource.

SEXUAL INTERCOURSE - Sex between two people where at least one penetrates a body opening of the other is called intercourse. The word may however be used in a wider meaning, for example when two persons lay tight against each other and have tight contact with their sexual body parts.

SEX SYMBOL - A sex symbol is a celebrity that the averidge community interpretes as sexually attracting, or a person that corresponds to standards that the common culture has defined as sexually attractive. Examples of persons held as sex symbols nowadays are Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt.

SEXUAL INTERROGATION TACTICS - The police in some coutries or areas use the sexual drive of the person interrogated to get him/her to give information or to admit things.

SEXUAL HARRASMENT - Sexual comments, suggestions or smaller acts against a person that he or she finds offending or unpleacent. Sexual harassment is often an expression of power, and not of seriously ment sexuality.

SHOOT - When a male person achieve semen ejaculation, it is called a shoot.

SEXUAL MAGIC - these are techiques with the purpose of creating a high physical or mental ecstacy and possibly a state that makes a person capable of infuencing other persons or things in a paranormal way. By the words sexual magic one often mean the same as tantric sex.

SEXUAL MYSTICISM - This is several traditions taht use sexual acts as a means of religious practice. The acts can be direct physical sexual acts or it can be ritual or mental acts creating sexual feelings. The purpose of the acts is to come in contact with god or in contact with cosmos, where the total cosmos is thought of having divine properties. Sexual mysticim of various type have secretly been practiced in christian judaic, gnostic, paganic wiccan and other religions since antiquity.

SEXUAL ORIENTATION - an enduring emotional, romantic, sexual or affectional attraction to a chategory of persons. Sexual orientation constitutes a continuum from exclusive homosexuality, through bisexuality to exclusive heterosexuality.

SEXY - to be attractive sexually or erotic to other persons of the opposite or the same gender. The word is borrowed to many other languages, and may appear in different forms, for example finnish seksi. Other writing ways are sexi, or secsi, yet another secsy, or seksy. Scandinavian languages may use sexig or seksig.

SIXTY-NINE (69)- Genital oral intercourse performed on each other simultaneously by two partners

SLIT - The room between a women's genital lips. Often used about her whole outer sexual organ.

SNACH - The outer sexual organ of a women.

HOTA OR SHOTACON - (Abbreviation for the Japanes phrase Shotaro complex (??????????, Shotaro konpurekkusu) - This is Japanese artwork or comics (Manga, Hentai) that depicts sexual relations between a young boy and persons older than the boy. The boy can be of an age illegal or legal in the western communities. The characteristic of the genre is not the exact age of the boy, but the age and maturity difference betwen the boy and the other person. Possessing artwork of this kind can be legal or illegal in Western communities dependent on the exact age of the boy depicted and the nature of the jurisdiction.

SMEGMA - This is a white matter which collects under the foreskin of the penis or between the genital lips of a woman. It is partly a secrete of glands in those areas and partly epitelial cells that have been scaled off. The function of the smegma is to lubricate the penile head or vulva to ease intercource. It also contains pheromonic (smelling) substances to arouse the partner.

SOUNDING and SOUNDS -Sounding is the act of inserting rod-like instruments (sounds) into the urethra to stimulate urethral feelings. Sounds are used medically to widen the urethral diameter and tear up strictures. Sounds usually are more or less curved smooth rods with conical and rounded ends so that they easily negotiate narrow passages, and easily follow the curvature of the urethra of a man or a boy.

SPANISH FLY - Nowadays this term is used about herbal extracts that enhances the psychological sexual feeling and the feelings in the genitals. Originally the term denoted extract from a crushed beatle , Lytta Vesicatoria or Cantharsis Vesicatoria. This extract irritates the urinary tract causing inflammation, and this in turn may stimulate the genital sexual feelings. However the inflamatory process from this kind of spanish fly also causes pain and may be dangerous.

SODOMY - The insertion of the penis into the anus

SOUNDS AND SOUNDING - Sounds are rod-like instruments with rounded ends that is used by doctors to widen the urethra and brake strictures inside the urethra. They are used by some men adn women to stimulate the urethral area from the inside to achieve sexual pleasure. Sounds used this way must be absolutly clean and the genitals must be thorroughly cleaned before this is done.

SPAM USING SEXUAL WORDS - Many internet-sites use sexual words, and especially taboo-words or words hinting at something illegal to attract visitors, for example terms like preteen, lolita, rape underage pedo, kiddie.

SPERM - The fluid that erupts from the penis during ejaculation. It is a blending of prostate fluid, sperm cells and secretions from the testicles.

SQUICK - To disgust someone with an activity past the limit of his/her tolerance

SQIRT or SQUIRTING - Squirting can denote female ejaculation. During orgasm women tend to release a fluid from the paraurethral glands at both sides of the urinary opening or also from other glands. The realease can sometimes be so strong that it is comparable to a man's ejaculation. It can also denote ejection of urine by a woman so that it squirts a long way forewards.

STALLION - A male who posesses a very large penis

STRAIGHT - A heterosexual

SUBLIME DIRECTORY ( sublimedirectory.com) - Sublime directory is a great directory of sexual maeterial like porographic videos, pictures and dating opportunities organized in a logical and neat fashion.without disturbibing functionality. All kind of sexual media materials are listed here, but it is most heavily oriented about material showing women and girls and especially porn celebrities.

STUD - A person that agressivly conquer sexual relationships with other persons and that usually gets what he/she wants due to the techiques of persuation. The term is most often used about men having an aggressive demand for women, but may also be used about women with the same type of behaviour, especially lesbian women.

SUCK OFF - To suck the penis of a partner to make the lover orgasm

SUGAR DADDY - A man who regularly get sexual favors or services from a younger person, and regularly give the younger one some money or gifts as compensation.

SUBLIMETE SEXUALITY - The meaning of sublimate is to abstain from sexual activities and instead use the energy that otherwise had been used sexually to do work and create feelings that some think is more high-valued than sexual activities, like religious activities and charity. It term is also used when the energy is used to create strong spiritual feelings that resemble sexual feelings, as by some variants of yoga and meditation.

SUBLIME DIRECTORY ( sublimedirectory.com) - Sublime directory is a great directory of sexual maeterial like porographic videos, pictures and dating opportunities organized in a logical and neat fashion.without disturbibing functionality. All kind of sexual media materials are listed here, but it is most heavily oriented about material showing women and girls and especially porn celebrities.

SWINGER - A person that changes sexual partners casually, and chooses partners that accept this kind of life-style and do the same.

SWISH - A male who behaves in a feminine manner

SWITCH HITTER - A bi-sexual

SYPHILIS - This is a sexually transmitted disease. It attacks primarily the organ of the sexual contact where it makes a sore. Later on the bacteria spread throughout the body and attack the nervous system and other organs. It is cured by antibiotica.


TANTRIC SEX or TANTRA- These are techiques with the purpose of creating a prolonged physical and mental ecstacy. in some variants of tantra orgasms and ejaculations are avoided and seen as a process that stops the pleasure and deplete the body for energy. The techiques are based on certain variants of Indian hinduistic or Buddistic traditions. The word tantra is also used about bodily techiques in that tradition that are not directly sexual.

TEA ROOM - A public men's rest room

THE HUNS YELLOW PAGES - thehuns.com - This is a porn site with free materials. The Hun's Yellow Pages site is especially exhibiting pornographic videos and pictures of very explicit, shocking or vulgar type. It also have some other material of non-prornographic kind, but of the same degree of shockingness, explicitness and vulgarity. Much of the material on the site is new each month, and the materials of the month is listed in a big numberd list at the index page.

TEEN BIG BROTHER UK 2003 2004 ( 2005 2006 2007 lacking) - Teen Big Brother was a UK spin off of the popular television program Big Brother in which teenagers inhabited the house. presented by Dermot O'Leary. This version of Big Brother had restrictions on sexual activities and alcohol use that the original Big Brother did not have.

TESTICLES - The glands that produce sperm cells situated in the scrotum of the man.

TRACTION DEVICE - This is a mechanical device that using gentle spring power to increase the size of the penis permanently, especially the length and to correct penile misshaping. The device is worn some hours ech day under the clothes until the dezired results are reached.

THIRD SEX - This is a term some homosexual organizations use about homosexual men and woman. The term imply that homosexuality is a natural variant with a special role in the muman species and society necessary for the optimal wellness of the species and the society. Study on other animal species and on the role of homosexual persons in many cultures throughout the society seem to confirm that the concept has some validity.

TONGUE (VERB) - To perform oral intercourse

TOOLBOX - The male genitals

TOP - A person having the active or dominant role in a BDSM roleplay is called the top.

TRADE - A passive male prostitute who caters to homosexuals

TRICHOPHILIA - Being sexually attracted to hair of a certain style, size, length or color.

TRIPSOLAGNIA - Being arosed by having the hair washed or shapooned

TRICK - A partner in sexual activities

TURN A TRICK - To take on a sex partner for money


URETHRA - The duct which carries urine from the bladder and out and semen from the seminal vesicles. URETHRAL LOVE - Getting pleasure for stimulating inside the urethra, usually by inserting objects.

URETHRAL Play or urethral fun - Using objects inside the urethra for sexual stimulation. The object can be catheters, sounds or other smooth objects. Some people engage in a practice of gradually inserting bigger objects so that the urethra is gradually widened. Urethral play must only be perfomed with absolute sterile equipment and after good wash of the genitals.

URETHERAL PLAY - This is most often a misspell for urethral play. If not, it means playing with the tubes between the kidneys and the bladder. This is both difficult and dangerous.

URETHRAL STRETCHING - This is a technique where objects is inserted into the urethra and possibly all the way to the bladder in order to strech the urethra to a wider size. The purpose is sometimes just to get a sexual pleasure from the stretching of the urethral walls, other times it is done to dilate the urethra permanently. Urethral stretching acn be a medical procedure or it sometimes done as a sexual play, for example a medical fetish play. It is sometimes done with catheters and sometimes with smooth metallic rod-like objects with rounded ends, called sounds. If one decides to do urethrat stretching, the genitals must be absolultely clean, so must also the instrument and the instrument must be smooth and well lubricated with a clean and antiseptic salve or lubricant. It must also be done in a very gentle way to awoid hurting te inside of the urethra.

UROPHILIA - the same as urolagnia

UROLAGNIA - Sexual pleasure from urine or activities involving urine. The physiological act of urination may have a sexually stimulating effect. One may like the taste or smell of urine, the color of urine, to watch other persons urinate, to be urinated on, urinate on another person, or drink urine. Some people also like practise sex in a bath tub and urinate during sexual activities. Some pople experience that drinking some amount of urine each day, also have general healthy or stimulating effects.

URTICATION - Use of stinging nettles to stimulate the skin. Usually this is a method used in althernative medicine to make an inflammatory responce that in turn help healing of a disease. Physical sexaul pleasure can be one of the feelings caused by the mild inflammation induced by the nettles. The pain from the nettle stings may also give a psychological effect that excites sexually.


VACUUM CLEANER - One who applies great suction during oral sex.

VAGINA - The canal of the female sexual organ leading from the orifice up to the uterus. The whole sexual organ of a woman is often erronously also called vagina.

VAGINISM - Vaginism are spasms in the muscles around the vagina at the time of intercource so that it is difficult or impossible to penetrate the vagina for the partner. Vaginism can either be caused by a phobia against sex or by a lack of lust for having sex or intercource with the actual person.

VAGINAL INTERCOURSE - Vaginal intercourse is sex petween two persons where one of them penetrates the vagina of the other. Usually the word is used about a man penetrating the evagina of a woman.

VAMPIRISM - sexual play inolving blood as an ingredient, espesially tasting or drinking blood. Is also used about feeling an sexual attraction towards blood.

VANILLA SEX - Any non-kinky sex acts

VASECTOMY - Making a man sterile by cutting out a small part of both the vas deferens (sperm leading tubes) in the scrotum.

VERSATILE - Bi-sexual

VIBRATOR - Vibrating equipment to be used in the intimate area. Originally the term vas used about devices where the vibration was the sole purpose. It is by now often used about dildos having a vibrating mechanism.

VICTORIANISM - The repressive attitude towards sexuality characteristic of the last part of the 18. century. It is aslo used about contemporary restrictions of sexual activities, both within marriage and outside, due to moralistic and educational standards.

VIRILITY - The sexual power and capacity of a male lover. It may occationally also be used about a female lover. The word is of latin origine and basically means "manlyness".

VOYEUR - One who gains sexual satisfaction from watching others undressing or engaged in sexual acts.

VULVA - The outer sexual organ of a women. This is a word of latin origine mostly used in medical litterature. Other flexional forms or derivations often used: Genitive: vulvae - of the vulva. Vulvar - conected to the vulva or being situated in the vulva.


WATER SPORT or watersport - Sex play involving urine. Also called piss play

WHAM BAM - Rapid and hurried sexual activity

WORK OFF - To masturbate, that is rhythmically stimulating the sexual organs of oneself or another person with other means than by intercourse. Usually the sole hands are used.

WHORE - Basically it means a female prostitute, that is a woman thet have sex or does sexual acts with someone and is payed money for her actions. The term is however used derogatively in many circumstances. A man can use it about a woman that have sex with many men around, but not with himself. It can be used about a woman that have sex with nearly anyone. Sometimes a woman use it about another woman she knows is much more beautiful than herself.

WIENER - The penis

WORK UP - To create sexual interest in a person and make her or him enough aroused to be willing to engage in a sexual act.


YELLOW SHOWER - Yellow shower is tu urinate on each other to obtain sexual pleasure.


ZOBB - Penis. The worl id of Maltese origine.

Z JOB - A z jobb is to get another person suck one's own penis when one is sleeping

ZOOFILE - A zoofile is a person that is sexually attracted to animals and where this attraction is the major sexual attraction of the person.

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